Chapter 227 – Confrontation

◈ Episode 227. Confrontation

Commander-in-Chief Hoyeol joins forces.

Bringing the last civilian to safety.

And then the advance.

With morale at an extremely high, the Holy War Alliance is not about to back down.

The Knights of Lionheart and Paladins of the Goddess Church expertly move across the battlefield, and as they pave the way in the vanguard, players join in.

“Let’s not let them rest!”

“The bastards are trying to overwhelm us!”

“Stay quietly in the Demon Castle!”

Wolf stuck his tongue out at the fierce rush.

“That’s quite a feat, our commander-in-chief.”

Even if we consider the Shadow Mercenaries an exception because they are so arbitrary.

It was never easy to lead someone.

And to risk your life on the battlefield?

Loyalty doesn’t last long.

But the Holy War was different.

“This is not the level of leadership.”

Leadership, a step above.

Everyone was voluntarily committed to the cause.

No matter how overwhelming the force.

Casualties are inevitable on the battlefield.

But even the wounded did not retreat.

Some even smiled.

“Tsk, I feel like I’ve finally paid off my debt.”

It’s the pride you always talk about.

Wolf laughed bitterly.

Pride, it seemed, was a far cry from himself.

But apparently not to stone head, Rockid.

“Move. Move. I’ll take care of that bastard!”

At first glance, it looked like he was going on a rampage, driven mad by his exploits.

Wolf’s keen eyes scanned the adventurer that Rockid had pushed aside.

If Rockid had not stepped forward, the injury would have been fatal.

‘You’re becoming quite soft, Rockid.’

Rockid, having been wounded himself, he was sympathetic to the wounded.

Maybe it’s because he’s a stone.

If not, do you really have pride in your heart?

I had no way of knowing, and no desire to know.

“It’s just unbelievable, and I should just move on, right?”

Wolf’s musings didn’t last long.



Crossbow bolts raining down as many enemies as there were.

Even if he did not realize his pride, he is a mercenary.

Regardless of the reason, this means that you must properly pay for your meals according to your employer’s wishes.


It was the moment the Holy War Alliance entered the Demon Castle.

The demons will also fight to the death to stop the advance.

However, the scene was not what they expected.

“……What is this?”

Silence descended on the demon castle, which was filled with shouts.

Harkon, who was leading the charge, spoke up.


The demons hadn’t disappeared.

The Allied forces were facing a demonic army right in front of them.

What was strange was their reaction.

Harkon called out as if to double-check.

“Are you sure there are no mages among the allies?”


“I’m pretty sure there aren’t any except for me…….”


There were no mages, except for Pimby, who raised his staff.

Then what.


“What did I do to get them to strangle themselves with their own hands.”


Harkon was right.

It wasn’t just silence.




The demons dropped their weapons and shields and grabbed their throats with both hands. One by one, they fell to their knees, unable to make a sound, not even a cackling breath.


Yessica turned to Harkon.

We can’t let our guard down, not when they’re demons.

According to principle, we should have taken advantage of their collapse and quickly won the game.

“Power up.”

However, this was an unfamiliar battlefield, one that even Harkon had never experienced.

Not to mention Arcane common sense.

It was a sight that even a player’s common sense couldn’t comprehend.

Leonie spoke up.

“It’s not just one or two, is it?!”

Tens of thousands.

Seventy thousand to be exact.

The Named Monster, the Demon Legion Commander, was no exception.

All the demons panicked, unable to even resist.

They were paralyzed by something more fearful than their own blades.

Hisagi gazed at the soaring castle and muttered.

“Could this also be Hoyeol-sama’s ability…….”

There was only one possibility.

In Hisagi’s knowledge.

There was only one person who could strike fear into the hearts of seventy thousand demons.

It was Hoyeol.

But, then…….

“It seems like the emotions you are feeling are coming through.”

If only Hoyeol had always been the same.

There was a quiet anger in him now.

But it was understandable.

If we look back at what the demons did.

It wasn’t enough that they disrupted a regular conference.

Putting civilians in danger.

And for one last reason: …….

Screaming loudly in a manner that goes against formality.

And let’s not forget that you shouted out an unknown word, Claudi.

Hisagi nodded.

“That’s exactly how I felt, too.”

So I won’t hesitate either.


Hisagi dragged his spear forward.

“Demons are not the ones the Alliance will have mercy on.”

The spear swung without hesitation.

Starting with Hisagi.

Those who had stopped began to move once more.

“Sir. Hoyeol…….

“What the hell is going on, Sir……!

‘Don’t get distracted, focus on the battle in front of you.’

Hoyeol and the Demon King tried to ignore the fortress where they would have faced each other.




The Magic Tower.

The Crystal Hall.

As expected, Bensch was in a frenzy.

“What the hell is that?! Nasrow, isn’t that your field?”

The demons were strangling themselves with their own hands!

Illusion magic was all he could think of.

But Nasrow shook his head.

Yes, at first glance, it could be mistaken for illusion magic.

“It’s definitely not illusion magic.”

“……Not? How come? Isn’t it possible for someone of Senior Nasrow’s stature to manifest such a level of Illusion Magic? You were a prodigy of Illusion Magic, you!”

“Senior Bensch, think back to what you said.”

“……Eh, what did I say?”

“The evaluation of my illusion magic that you spouted off.”

Bensch was a man of many words.

An evaluation of illusion magic…….

Clearly, he was on to something.

As Bensch pondered, Nasrow spoke up.

“There is an extreme amount of unnecessary consumption of magical power.”

“……No, did I say that?”

“I remember it clearly.”

Nasrow’s words had bone in them.

Fire magic had one of the worst mana efficiencies in all of elemental magic, and to hear such a thing from Bensch, a senior fire mage, was beyond ridiculous.

Bensch opened his mouth hesitantly.

“It’s just that I was a little immature at the time…….”

“I don’t say that to get an apology, because it’s true.”

“Then what did you say?”

It’s because of being hit here and there.

The senior mage in the Enchantment Department’s eyes widened in surprise.

Kiko Armin spoke up.

“Are you sure it’s not an illusion magic……?”

Nasrow stood up from his uncomfortable seat.

“Yes, that’s not illusion magic. It’s magically impossible, regardless of the amount of power or manifestation. I assure you, even if you were Chief Lee, you would not be able to…….”

Nasrow had a point.

Vangrit’s pupils glistened.

He was as good at picking up magic as he was at sensitizing it.

“I don’t see any noticeable magic in the area.”

What if it was really an illusion magic that deceived tens of thousands of demons?

There must have been uncontrollable magic power flowing around the Demon Castle.

Marcelo looked at the cat, at the Tower Master.

‘It’s not like the illusion magic that appeared on the tower master’s body.’

So then what on earth is the reason?


Even the tower master scratching his head with his hind foot.

No one could guess the cause of the phenomenon.

Only Matisse narrowed his eyes.

‘Black magic.’

Matisse looked at his hands.

A magic tool that responds to foreign magic power.

The ring was blackened and cracked.

Matisse felt it again.

‘Even though we are not facing each other directly.’

I was simply seeing an illusion projected by magic.

An unmeasurable amount of foreign magic had destroyed the tool.

Matisse swallowed hard.

‘Sir, what the hell are you…….’

An foreign magic power from your past and background.

‘What kind of past did you have?’

Matisse dared not guess.

No, he didn’t even want to guess.

As the founder of black magic, he knew better than anyone the dangers of foreign magic, so he was only concerned.

‘If the past flows back.’

If the Lord becomes 『blackened』 because of that.

The aftermath would be unimaginable.


‘I know this may be rude. however.’

Such a past.

A past that no one but you would have been able to handle.

I’m glad that it happened to you and not anyone else.

‘How dare I, Matisse thought.’




It was more urgent to get him to shut up.

All of a sudden Claudi, Claudi, Claudi……!

My name must have been echoing around the world and up to the Magic Tower.

But it’s not like we can sit on our hands, right?

Take it a step further and recite the full name.

“Even if I can endure everything else, but not that fucking Romeo……!

On TV, in the news, in the forums.

It’ll be all over the place.

I’m proud, I’m naked, and I really can’t bear to carry my face in shame! So I manifested black magic, the 『Black Crown』. I banned the Demon King, Andras, and others from using their senses.

And now.

If you were quick-witted, you would have guessed what I said.

that I am the Claudi you’ve been looking for.

That’s why I showed up like this.

So, why did you come looking for me by mentioning that name?

It goes without saying, but I’m not the one answering.


Exorcism: Inviting demons into a consciousness.


In the space of consciousness, we can communicate without the senses.

I turned to Andras, who was shaking with fear.

No, I questioned it.

“It’s not a name a mongrel who doesn’t even know fractions would recognize.”


“Tell me where you heard that name.”

Was I a little harsh?

But, honestly, I have every right to be angry.


Andras blew a bubble in his beak.

I haven’t even begun to question him, and he’s already freaking out?

I wonder if this is how I’m going to get the answers I want.

Still, Andras blurted out the words.

“To the evil……. To the great evil……. I heard…….”

Great evil?

Yeah, that name didn’t get into your ears for nothing.

Anyway, smooth talkers, demons.

That’s a nice thing to do, really.

That was a good move to shut him up, Hoyeol.

After a moment of self-congratulation, I continued.

“Which of the ‘Six’ are you?”

The Seven Deadly Sins.

Of those, I sent Greed to hell with my own hands, so it’s six.

It’s a story Andras must keep hidden.

However, no matter how hard you try, it will be impossible to keep your beak closed.

This is the space of the Exorcism Ritual.

I was in control of the consciousness.

If I ask a question, they have no choice but to answer.

“Glu, glu, Gluttony……!!!”


Andras spews blood from his mouth.

It looks like they signed a contract to keep it a secret.

‘Anyway, great evil or demon king.’

It is not for nothing that they say that those who have more do more.

‘So we’re supposed to be happy about this?’

It was the Seven Deadly Sins of Gluttony that I was familiar with.

Why, on that day when I was blessed by the Siren.

I witnessed Gluttony with the [Telescope of Evil Eyes].

Well, what does appearance have to do with demons whose daily possessions are common?

I’m a demon hunter, after all.

I might be able to recognize one by sight.

‘By the way.’

The question came naturally.

‘So, Gluttony, the bastard used my name…….’

No, how does he know my name, Claudi?

‘I can’t stop asking questions.’

I swallowed hard and searched my memory.

‘…… Wait a minute.’

I remembered.

That lucky day.

I had only one question left.

It was.

Elder Dragon, Eunaxus.

An elven clan led by Agentress.

Urs, the Transcendent.

The Seven Deadly Sins, Gluttony.

It looked like it was going to explode at any moment.

I remembered the Transcendent on the broomstick who had organized the situation.

Then the questions began to click together.


A quest for the Dragon Knight class in Skal.

The ‘Great Families’ it mentioned.

And this moment.

To Gluttony, who was there.

Andras, who had heard the name ‘Claudi’.

Soon, I came to a conclusion.

……That mess was organized in Claudi’s name?!