Chapter 226 – You Don’t Deserve It

◈ Episode 226. You Don’t Deserve It

The Crystal Hall.

A panoramic view of the Demon King Castle.

Hoyeol’s magic gave the players a sense of vertigo.

“……But doesn’t it feel a bit like a movie theater?”

“Kind of, but it looks straight from any angle.”

“In other words, it’s a magic streaming broadcast……?”

But not for the Arcanians.

It was the appearance of the enemy of the Holy War, the Demon King.

It was not a situation for laughter.


I burst out laughing.

I couldn’t help it.

The true value of this seemingly simple magic.

It was so clear in Marcelo’s eyes.

The complexity of the interference process is almost pedantic.

Just maintaining a magic manifestation at such a distance would take considerable magic power. As if that weren’t enough, his vision was shifting all the time.

Each time it changed, the process of searching, interfering, and manifesting was repeated.

‘It’s almost embarrassing to be called the same chief.’

Even Marcelo held his tongue.

The reactions of the senior and adept mages were indescribable.

But that was only the beginning.

The purpose of the lecture.

An outdoor demonstration to help them understand reversal magic.

Bensch whispered softly.

“That building looks precarious, doesn’t it, Senior Vangrit?”

“Yes, it certainly does.”

“Not just with fire magic, but with any of the twenty magic spells…….”

You can never fully protect a crumbling building.

Even if you make a concession and stop the building from collapsing.

Delicate magic that could protect people didn’t even exist in magic towers.

But what if it was a new kind of magic?

Soon, a vision of Hoyeol’s form appeared.

The jacket on his shoulders fluttered, and the magic around him radiated frighteningly.

Then everything reversed.

The collapsing building stands upright.

“What, what is that magic?”

“Is that the reversal magic you were talking about……?”

“Wait, it’s not just standing upright, the broken windows, the collapsed exterior walls, they’re all back to normal, like nothing ever happened……!”

“The light that was turned off is coming back on!”

Even the hearts of the onlookers.

There was a quiet shock in the Crystal Hall.

There was no longer any concern.

As if the Allied Forces of the Holy War were not enough, even Hoyeol joined them.

A mere demon king would not be able to stand against them.

“It’s unbelievable.”

“How many interference processes were carried out in a single moment?”

“I don’t think you can follow along, but…….”

“But at least I can get the concept.”

That’s right.

The flowing shock was solely due to the demonstration of the Reversal Magic.

Chief, senior, adept, apprentice.

It was a moment when all the mages in the Magic Tower were immersed in the afterglow of the conference.

Only the cat.

Only the tower master harbored different feelings.

His tail twitched nervously.


The question marks in Tower Master’s mind were endless.

During the time I’ve been trapped in the cone hat.

What was happening on the Arcana Continent?

How dare that name come from the mouth of a demon?

How dare a demon speak of a past that no one should ever reveal……?

Tower Master shuddered.

‘Whatever. You are pitifully foolish, demon.’


The gates open.

A large army pours out of the Demon Castle.

The building restored by reversal magic.

Even the last survivors have been safely evacuated.

Yes, this is the beginning of the real Holy War.

Harkon speaks in a strong voice.

“Commander-in-Chief, please give the order.”

……You sure know your stuff, Harkon!

After all, I was the commander-in-chief of the Holy War Alliance.

I guess that means you can’t call me Sir Hoyeol in an official setting without being formal. Of course, as I was listening, I felt like I was going to die from the burden!

And again.

However, it was a treat that was undeserved.

This is Grandfell, who shamelessly enjoys all kinds of rhetoric.

Naturally, I didn’t hesitate to move to the front of the line.

I nonchalantly declared.

“I’ll take care of the demon king.”

Actually, I feel like I’m being honest.

I just wanted to pour out my magic and blow away the Demon Castle and the Demon King with one blow.

With the [Natural Enemy] effect boosting my combat power several times over, I was confident that I could unleash the highest level of magic, Meteor Strike.


“Except for the Demon King, I’ll leave the rest to you.”

As I said, I am self-aware.

My position as Commander-in-Chief of the Holy War Alliance.

It’s part of my job as commander-in-chief to know and trust the abilities of my allies, and to help them gain experience in combat.

‘……How is it that no matter where I go, work never stops?’

I almost sigh, but I hold it in.

Besides, there was a more important reason.

I couldn’t just blow it off.


My name…….

No, that name.

How the hell did he know it?

Because I had to persistently interrogate!

Although it is said not to talk to demons.

I made an exception for this one.

My life, my disgrace, is at stake.

“As ordered.”


“All units, prepare to charge!”

Harkon shouted, raising his sword, and the Allied forces surged forward.

It was a sight to behold.

Still, it doesn’t seem like all my efforts were in vain.

‘Not compared to the old days.’

The main reason players were so helpless against demons was because of status abnormalities.

[Fear] was the most vicious effect of status abnormalities.

However, even in front of the Demon, players didn’t show any signs of fear.

That’s right.

There was an emotion in their hearts that made even fear seem insignificant.

It existed in their hearts.

[Sublime’s effect causes a small change].

“This is the moment to prove our pride!”

Yes, pride.

I realize it all over again.

You’ve colored it all, Grandfell.

‘In that sense, you have a great responsibility.’

I wasted no time in manifesting a portal.

The coordinates are right under the nose of Demon King Andras, Lord of Demon Castle.

If you ask me how I can pinpoint specific coordinates.

I will reveal my class.

[Demon Hunter]

It’s not that I know the coordinates.

I simply follow the scent.

The scent of a prey that has no fear of my dark history.

I make my way to the manifested portal.

Time to answer for that big mouth, Andras.



. . .

Demon King, Andras.

Andras stared at the unfamiliar landscape.

The owl’s beak moved.

“This is unbelievable, great evil.”

Not the Arcana Continent, not the Demon World.

A completely different world, one he didn’t recognize.

He could guess.

“Are you saying that this position has become embroiled in a rift?”

Just as the Zero Mountains had disappeared from the Arcana Continent overnight, perhaps he and the other Demon King had been caught in the rift.

Hadn’t Akshan’s resurrection taught him that there are no absolutes?

If it was a mere coincidence, it was understandable.

There’s always room for the unexpected.

But this was no coincidence.


The name given to me by Glutony, The Great Evil.

The moment I said it out loud.

A moment when the past is revealed.

His vision had shifted.

Andras realized.

What was the history behind the name?

How could the mere mention of it cause such ripples?

“It seems like there is something involved that cannot be described in words.”

The owl’s head twists at a right angle.

“So it must be true.”

If you can survive a confrontation with Claudi’s truth.

That he could gain power equal to that of the Demon of the Ten Thrones.

Andras pushed himself up from his throne.

“The throne is mine.”

The 63rd Demon King.

But hierarchy is only a number.

As he had told Gluttony, Andras had reached his limit.

In other words, it could be said that he had become stronger to his limit.

The reason for his strength was simple.

As he had said.

He had built mountains out of corpses and rivers out of blood.

The proof of this was his confrontation with Gluttony.

In the past, I would not have been able to utter a single word in the face of the great evil. But his current self was able to make a deal with him. He was on equal footing with the great evil.

‘And if I survive.’

Andras’s pupils flashed.


I was able to gain the power to slaughter that arrogant guy.

Andras grinned sinisterly.

“Rampage, cry out. Bring up the past.”


Burn with desire for that name.

Soldiers of the Throne.

“I will lead you.”

It was the moment Andras was about to take a step with his mace.


A cluster of lights flashed in the air.

It was unmistakably magic.

Andras’s owl head snapped back to a right angle.

“This is strange.”

Was this world also a world of magic?

If not, then he had crossed over from the Arcana Continent just like me… Well, it didn’t matter. If it appeared before the throne, it must have a purpose.

Andras opened his beak.

“What is your name?”

There was no answer.


But it was recognizable.


Instinctively, the feathers on the owl’s head twitched.

‘……What kind of bastard is this?’

A sensation he had never felt before, not even in the Demon World, not even on the Arcana Continent.

Andras felt uncomfortable.

The owl, a symbol of wisdom, was self-aware.

He recognized the unfamiliar sensation as fear.

“This is a position that has remained calm in the face of great evil.’

Such a position is in fear……?

Andras realized.

There was only one being that could cause him to feel fear.

” ……Demon Hunter.”

This must be the last survivor of Akshan.

Andras immediately raised his mace.

He reiterated his desire.

‘The purpose of this seat is Claudi.’

To reach his goal, he would do whatever it took.

I am Andras, the Demon King of Conflict.

When it comes to disruption and incitement, no one can match me.

Andras shouted.

“You are foolish, last survivor of Akshan. Even if you are hunting me, this fight is mine to win.”

The main gates of Demon Castle have been opened.

It’s been a while since I ordered the Demon Legion commanders to advance.

By now, they’ve begun to slaughter the surrounding area.

As if that weren’t bad enough.

All the demons would be calling out for Claudi.

“Can’t you hear me?”


Because even at this moment, I could vaguely hear a scream.

Andras vowed to endure.

Claudi, just saying the name brought him to another world.

It was only a matter of time before another turbulence occurred.


It was strange, though.

Surely, the last survivor of Akshan, who should have reacted in some way, did not open his mouth. Soon, there was only eerie silence in the Demon Castle…….


No, that can’t be right.

Didn’t I just say it a moment ago?

That my soldiers would call out Claudi’s name.

I’m going to reveal the past.

And yet, somehow.

It was silent.

No voices were heard.

‘A whopping seventy thousand.’

Seventy thousand soldiers, all elite soldiers who had survived countless battles.

Were they facing an enemy so formidable that even they could not defeat it? No, but even if they were, it didn’t make sense.

I didn’t hear any screams.

There was silence.

It was as if everyone had shut up.


Andras swallowed dryly.

The last survivor of the Akshan opened his mouth.

His voice was cold.

“I have no intention of imposing formality on an inferior race.”


“You are not even worthy of learning.”

……What are you talking about, suddenly.

Andras rolled his eyes, trying to figure it out.

Then he realized.

‘So, are you saying that this position was a hindrance?’

There was no way to know what was disturbing it.

But this was an opportunity.

There might be room for conversation.

Andras was about to open his beak.

“But that does not mean I condone it.”


Andras’s beak stopped dead in its tracks.

It wasn’t surprised by the next words.

Andras grabbed his throat.

No voice came out.

Then he realized.

The reason for the demon castle’s sudden silence.

‘You took away the voices of seventy thousand people in an instant……?’

It was him.

In a moment of realization, I saw it.

Akshan, the last survivor.

An otherworldly aura emanating from him.

And I was horrified.


What the hell was that?

An aura that seemed to suffocate even the demon himself……?

A darkness that seemed to engulf him just by looking at it.

Even all the negative energy he had accumulated as a Demon King.

In front of that infinite darkness, I felt like I couldn’t even be a grain of sand in the desert.

But the surprises were just beginning.

The last survivor of Akshan.

Andras realized in his next words.

“I did not give you permission.”


“Don’t you dare utter that name.”



……I didn’t give you permission?

‘No, no, no way……!!!’

As expected, being a wise owl, I noticed it.

Akshan’s last survivor.

That he was none other than Claudi……!




I’m guessing you figured it out by the look in your eyes?

If so, I’m sorry to hear it.

I don’t know about anything else, but I don’t want anyone to know the truth!


“Disposal will begin from this time.”

What I mean is, don’t even think about returning alive, Demon King.

note: Hoyeol is very angry at this chapter