Chapter 228 – I Told You So

◈ Episode 228. I Told You So

[Class Quest: Summoning All Dragons]

An old dragon shouted.

The Great Family has returned to the Arcana Continent.

All dragons want to know the truth of the matter.

Witness the dragons gathering on the continent. (Optional)

Skal’s Dragon Knight class quest.

There’s something about the word ‘great family’.

There were some very uncomfortable words written there.

When I realized it, I desperately denied it.

There could only be one great family on the Arcana continent. There was no way the Claudi family could exist. It was a common sense reaction, even in retrospect.



The possibility I had so desperately denied.

It seemed to be real.

Because that was the only time I realized it.

That day.

‘A transcendent on a broomstick.’

Assuming she said the name Claudi.

It all made sense.

Why Eunaxus had mentioned a great family out of nowhere.

Why Gluttony had brought up the name Claudi.

And finally.

And how the mess was cleaned up.

……I admire you, second-year middle schooler Hoyeol.

What the hell were you thinking?

What kind of setup did you take and paste?

‘The news of Claudi’s return caused the dragons to call a meeting, the great evil to move because they couldn’t find enough demons, and the elves and transcendents to turn away……!!!’

A common drama storyline comes to mind.

The story of a hidden child of a chaebol who turned out to be the heir.

In a broader sense, isn’t that what happened to me?

However, I was not happy at all.

I was busy sweating inside.

‘Granfell alone is too much…….’

What would happen to me if the Claudi were real?

Right now, I have the pride of the last survivor of Akshan, the pride of the Magic Tower, the pride of the general manager of the Yusra branch, and the pride of the youngest son of a rich daughter……. Anyway, I’m suffering from all kinds of pride.


The pride of the fallen Claudi Family?

Take it easy on yourself, Grandfell!

‘No more dark history, please…….’

Still, should I call it a blessing among misfortunes?

There, I felt like I connected with Grandfell.

“Foolish, indeed.”

The words were not spoken to the demon, Andras.

It was addressed to Gluttony, the demon who held and shook him.

I spoke coldly.

“You’re trying to see into the past through shallow rhetoric.”

Gluttony, it was wickedly clever.

But as a demon hunter, I know the nature of demons better than anyone.

Gluttony, he could not trust anyone.

Demons are by nature untrustworthy.

‘He wouldn’t even believe that Claudi was back.’

That’s why he put the Demon King in charge.

By making the name of Claudi go around.

To put it simply, it means throwing bait.


“The past is not for inferior peoples to glimpse.”

You think I’m going to meekly acknowledge my past, my dark history?

Do you think I’m going to show any of it?

Moreover, once a word is spoken, it is a Grandfell that will always keep it.

He once declared.

-“I will not believe it until I see it with my own two eyes.”

With his own two eyes.

Until I see proof that the Claudi are real.

Even if the dragons are making a big deal about it.

No matter how many elves and transcendents and demons rant.

I will never believe it.

Andras opens his beak.

“I am, I am, I am just…….”

In the exorcism ritual, the sense of the demon is not complete.

They see the smallest magic as the greatest.

In that sense, I wonder how Andras sees me now.

‘For your information, I am quite angry.’

This time around, Grandfell’s ever-present mind is even more like a sword, which is to be expected. The Claudi family, whether they exist or not.

『Heirs to a great family, but the family was destroyed by a demon. The sole survivor of the family, Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo, hereafter known as Grandfell, is…….』

It was not a story to be told lightly.

“Shut up.”

It may not show on the outside.

The disparate magic that flows more wildly than usual.

you can tell how he feels.

So I’m sorry, Andras.

The Demon King.

A level 888 demonic boss monster.

However, there is no need to stain your ears with blood.

Nor does it need to manifest any great magic.

It can choke Andras with mere foreign magic.

I’ve grown up.

I guess I forgot because it’s been a while since we reunited.

Such is the nature of enemies.

[Death occurs to the Demon King, Andras.]

I said coldly.

“Ask for forgiveness in hell.”

Of course, you don’t owe me one.

You owe it to the life of the Arcana continent that you have trampled upon.

Well, I doubt our Akshan seniors will let you off easy.

[Leveled up].

[Leveled up].

[Leveled up]…….


The Demon King, Andras, has been slain.

Just as the Holy War Alliance was finishing off the last of the Demon Army.

A message pops up in the player’s field of vision.

[You have cleared the Demon Castle of Conflict].

The clear message.

What it meant was simple.

After disabling the madness, Nam Taemin regained his senses.

“I see, you finished it first.”

He wasn’t surprised.

Considering the monsters Hoyeol had defeated and the level of the Rift he had cleared, Andras was nothing to sneeze at. But at the same time, he couldn’t help but feel creeped out.

‘…..Sir. Hoyeol, your demeanor is different than usual.’

It wouldn’t be strange to call him a beast.

That’s why Nam Taemin noticed.

No matter what.

Hoyeol’s emotions, which had been unwavering, had become slightly rougher.

Of course, rougher didn’t mean bad.

He scratched his head.

“It’s a compliment among us Barbarians…….”

Regardless, questions were bound to follow.

‘Why in a battle like this?’

As I said before.

He had faced worse enemies and circumstances than Andras.

In the battle to retake Frost alone, he had seen countless Frost residents die. He had even recovered their bodies.

Nam Taemin muttered to himself.

” ……Did he say Claudi?”

In the end, that was the only thing that was out of the ordinary.

An unknown word that the demons were chanting.

Perhaps Sir. Hoyeol knew what the word meant.

Maybe he had some reason to be sensitive to that word.

Nam Taemin gritted his teeth.


He was glad to be recognized as a colleague by Hoyeol.

He’d always been indebted to him.

He’d never actually helped Hoyeol.

“What’s a give and take, really.”

This is what a coworker is.

A burden.

Nam Taemin’s sagging shoulders.

Hisagi spoke up.

“I don’t think this is the time to be pathetic.”


“Have you forgotten that word?”

Hisagi said, tending to a cut on her cheek.

“If you realize you’re not good enough, you just have to get over it.”


“We didn’t have much time to get over it, did we?”

“I agree.”

Leonie cut in, covered in blood like a berserker.

He swept his gaze over Nam Taemin, then spoke.

“Tsk, if I were that big, I would have already reached level 700.”

“What do you mean, out of the blue?”

“Stop drooping your shoulders already.”


Leonie looks up.

Following her gaze, they saw a helicopter and a camera pointed at them. Suddenly aware, Nam Taemin hurriedly composed himself. He spoke in ventriloquism.

“When did you grow up?”

“Whatever. Shut up.”

“By the way, you’re getting more and more impressive by the day, Sir. Hoyeol.”

If only for myself.

The attention was sometimes overwhelming.

The pressure on Hoyeol was unimaginable.

With this new realization, I muttered.

“…… Now that I think about it, you’re a little more human.”

“Who are you talking about?”

“There is such a thing.”

“You’re holding this shit all by yourself.”

“Whoa. I’m talking about Sir. Hoyeol. Okay?”


I could feel it even without explaining it.

The three of them fell into silence as they looked around the demon castle that Hoyeol had swept away.

A cautious voice spoke to them.

-……I’m sorry to interrupt such a touching conversation.

It was the voice of Nam Cheolmin, the analyst of the Great Alliance.

“Uh, brother, I’m listening. What’s going on?”

-That’s Sir. Hoyeol’s story…….

“Hoyeol?! So where is Ho-yeol now?!”

Even if we can’t help you directly.

I could always be a confidant to share my worries.

Even if Claudi had a story behind it.

I was willing to listen and empathize.

Of course, even with all that determination.

-Sir. Hoyeol, I heard he just returned to Magic Tower.

“What, what, what?!”

-He said he was wrapping up the conference as usual.

‘……, Did I overdo it for no reason?’

‘Ha, am I really an asshole?’

‘Are you saying it was all just a presumptuous misunderstanding?’


Three people at a loss for words.

Nam Cheolmin was the last to speak.

“…… Cancel the comment about being humane.”

It was just a homen…….


I guess it’s better to show once than to explain a hundred times.

Flashing Message.

[Quest: Founding a School]

You have accomplished great magical feats.

Prove your accomplishments at a regular conference.

Announce the creation of new magic.

Present ‘Reversal Magic’ at a regular conference. (Success)

I returned to my office after the successful conclusion of the regular conference.

When did I return to the Magic Tower?

Surprisingly, immediately after defeating Andras.

So, a compulsive workaholic.

[You have fulfilled the condition].

[You’re rewarded].

[Your relationship with Magic Tower has increased].

[Your influence in the Magic Tower has increased].

“I thought you guys would understand.”

As expected, it’s not easy, Magic Tower.

I guess I haven’t activated the [Authority] feature yet.

I wasn’t interested in being a tower master.

‘This announcement should make me a Tower Master.’

This probably means that even if you are the tower master, you cannot control the magic tower as you wish.

Well, the cat isn’t immune to the rules of the magic tower.

Speaking of which, I’ll make another promise.

In the future.

Even if I can control the magic tower as I wish.

I will never take on the role of tower master.

‘It’s too much. Now.’

Up until now, I’d been able to handle it.

But the moment I faced Claudi, my mind went white.

I thought I could handle everything else with pride.

[Name: Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo]

That damn name is……!

I didn’t think I could handle the reality of the world.

In that sense, I hope that day never comes.

‘With my own two eyes.’

I hope the day never comes when I can confirm Claudi’s evidence.

Yes, if that day comes.

There will be no more excuse to stop the big mouth of Grandfell.

‘…… Should I be thankful for that?’

Why, I’m sure rumors of Claudi are flying around Arcana by now, and it’s the first time I’ve ever been grateful for the disconnect between reality and Arcana.

‘It’s just news from the real world.’

Just as we defeated Andras, the Demon King.

It was a matter of desperation.

Of course, it did bother me that the dragons had rallied around Claudi. I couldn’t tell if they’d be friendly or hostile to me.


‘Isn’t it a bit much to clash with dragons……?’

If I ever have to face a dragon, I’ll try to convince them that I’m the youngest in the genealogy of World Tree.

I’m used to being the youngest.

While I was at it, I opened the status window and checked my progress in clearing the Demon Castle.

[Level: 621]


Strength: 142 / Agility: 139 / Magic: 517 / Luck: 12 / Aesthetics: High / Tenacity: 2

[Points held: 20]

Still, the boss monster level is worth it.

I guess it wasn’t for nothing that he was talking straight to my face.

I can’t believe I gained 20 levels in one fell swoop, even considering the level 600 wall.

“There is no need to be happy about mere shame.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

‘You should rejoice in your lack of shame, Grandfell.’

Call it realizing the importance of fundamental ability.

That doesn’t mean the level isn’t important.

Above all, I need to reach level 700.

‘This jacket.’

This thing flaps around my shoulders.

Shouldn’t I at least put my arms through it?

That way we can see the effect of the fancy dawn set.

By the way.

“I had to make it happen.”

As set.

Every word spoken is picked up without exception.

Why, that day when heavenly luck followed with the siren’s blessing.

I used to say that.

-“I don’t believe in luck.”

Thanks to my increased luck, I didn’t even know what was going on.

Even though I’d survived a crisis, I was shameless.

And then.

In the name of Claudi.

If it’s true that I cleaned up that mess…….

-“Luck and destiny are something you create yourself.”

Because it wasn’t bullshit anymore.

……In that sense, I’d better watch my language in the future.

I reached for the teacup with the green tea bag steeped in it.

Sweet tea.

I must have suffered a bit of a mental shock.

The importance of tea time has never been more apparent.

However, I’m afraid to take a sip of green tea.

Its snout spits out words.

“But it’s not something to be overlooked.”

……No, not overlooked.

I want you to think about it and get it out!

If you don’t like that, at least take a breath and talk!

But my pleas fell on deaf ears, and I rambled on.

“Everyone, please wait.”


“I’m going back to the continent.”

I can’t live up to my name……!