◈ Episode 522. We had a lot in common (3)

[Lucifer’s Chains of Atonement]

[Rank: Legendary]

[Restriction : Lv.1000, Demon Hunter]

[Effect: ‘Suppresses’ the Demon Race.]

[Description : An artifact of Akshan that is said to have been used to suppress the demons. Its authenticity cannot be confirmed, but its appearance is so extraordinary that no one can doubt its authenticity].

The more you look at it, the more Akshan it is.

‘It’s a shame, isn’t it?’

Well, it looks pretty good on the outside…….

But when you look at it, there’s a hole in it.

Look at the description.

Lucifer, a fallen angel from the Arcana continent.

‘I must have misinterpreted Akshan’s way of speaking, right?’

Why, even a system that doesn’t lie can’t tell the truth.

But I was not in a position to choose between hot and cold.

I’ve been working on the Akshan artifacts I’ve acquired since the Shadow Mercenaries ripped them off……. No, I looked at all the Akshan artifacts I’d been handed over.

‘Isn’t this the first equipment item like this?’

Moreover, the artifact was used by Gabriel, the only named NPC in Akshan, and it was of quite a high rank.

Not only was it [Legendary] but it was also capped at one thousand levels. On top of that, it was a class-restricted item.

‘The harder the restriction, the better the performance…….’

However, I’ll have to see for myself how it performs, as the silver Akshan weapon is made of silver, so I won’t be able to test its performance on normal mobs or trigger its ‘Suppression’ effect.

‘Still, it’s more than I expected.’

I don’t even bother opening the diary, which might contain Gabriel’s secrets. Lucifer’s chains were more than enough of a reward. Besides.

“New connections on a new continent.”

Grandfell’s words were grandiose.

In other words, we’ve put the past behind us and forged a mutually beneficial relationship with the Sunrise Warrior. Of course, the green tea of the Eastern Continent had a lot to do with that.

‘What kind of viper was it?’

Anyway, we’ve only had time to track down the long-named youkai after we’ve been to Hell, so it’s time for some real last-minute preparations. All right, let’s get to the Magic Tower.

‘One last scrap from the Garnet Hall.’

Magic tools for decisive battle that can be used in actual battle.

Why, I saw last time that the use of magic tools for decisive battle was fully permitted.

They seemed to be quite useful, didn’t they?

‘Especially the one Senior Bensch used to use…….’

Soon, I had raised magical power to a different level.


Now that the city has been somewhat restored with Reversal Magic.

It shouldn’t be too hard to find it next time I stop by.

I hope so.


I glanced at Gabriel’s grave one last time.

“Next time, I’ll bring flowers for you.”

The only flowers I have right now are [Blood Grown Lycoris Flower], senior Gabriel. Don’t be too sorry for my early departure, why, it’s our Grandfell, who never fails to keep his word once uttered.

I’ll be stopping by Ogratium again in the near future.

With the scenery in my mind, I stepped through the portal.

It was halfway through the portal.


My smartphone began to vibrate loudly.



“Should I call this a relief?”

“Of course I’m relieved, sis! Do you say horse?”

“No, I’m relieved because I’m sorry.”

No. 1, Lee Eunhye looked at the calendar.

Today was her wedding anniversary.

She was supposed to be on Jeju Island with her husband and Arang.

But no.


Their only daughter, Arang, had come down with the flu, and they had to cancel. Usually, she was the one who said she didn’t need her mom, asked when Uncle Hoyeol was coming, and picked on me.

“She was crying so hard, I never thought this would happen.”

Lee JiEun lightly patted Arang’s sleeping cheek.

“I shouldn’t have been so foolish.”

“Sisters, please be quiet.”

“What’s all the fuss about? Did you see any familiar faces?”

“Yes, I did.”


The only familiar face.

Did Hoyeol, the youngest member of the family, make an appearance?!


Lee Eunhye and Lee Jieun gathered in front of the TV.

But soon, Lee Yerim is bombarded with criticism.

“Ae-si. What, it’s not Hoyeol?”

“When did I say it’s Lee Hoyeol? I said it’s a familiar face.”

“Aren’t you both saying the same thing? Isn’t this a pun……!”

“Oh, Jieun, you didn’t hear that, did you?”

“……What, sis, is there something I don’t know?”

Eunhye says nonchalantly.

“The last time I was at Mom and Dad’s shop, Mr. Nam Taemin from TV came by. Did I mention that his brother’s name is Nam Cheolmin? He came with our Hoyeol.”

“What, what?!”

No, who brought who?!

I wasn’t surprised by the Nam brothers.

Jieun was more surprised that Hoyeol had invited someone.

She caught Lee Yerim’s scowl while she was watching TV.

“Ya. You’re such a heavenly sister, aren’t you? Mom is working on the store. Even if the big sister was busy with Arang and couldn’t contact you, you should have told me……!”

“Shh! Big sister, Arang is awake.”

“Ao-si, if you can’t talk to her……!”

Jieun cut the minutes and watched Today’s Arcana with Lee Yerim, who was paying attention. No matter how many times she rubbed her eyes, she couldn’t believe what she saw on the screen.

“Oh my God, Jeju Island is completely on fire.”

“I can see why my big sister said that.”

“……, right?”

I was too relieved to be angry that our anniversary trip had been canceled…….

The visible damage was too much.

The only good news was that there were fewer casualties than damage.

“Less than 10 deaths. Sad, but a miracle.”

“They say it’s because Magic Tower moved early.”

“Hoyeol’s colleagues worked hard.”

The three sisters huddle on the couch in front of the TV.

They’re not talking, but they’re focused on the breaking news.

In fact, they were thinking the same thing earlier.


“……eumnya, uncle Hoyeoli.”

Even Arang was talking in her sleep.

Eunhye opened her mouth like the eldest.

Her face was filled with worry.

“Hoyeol, I hope there’s nothing wrong……?”

“Of course, there’s something wrong, there’s so much to do.”

“No, there’s nothing to worry about, sisters.”


Unlike her worried sisters, Lee Yerim was calm.

“If Hoyeol knew what he said in front of Mom, Dad, and brother Nam Taemin, you sisters would flip out. Really?”

With a snap, Jieun grabbed Lee Yerim’s stretched-neck tee again.

“Why? What did he say, Hoyeol?”

Lee Yerim pondered.

‘……Say this or not?’

It’s called the ‘Master of Seoul’ project!

Mom and Dad told me not to tell my sisters because Hoyeol might feel embarrassed. If he was embarrassed, he wouldn’t have brought it up in the first place.

“You know what, it’s a big name…….”

Yerim was about to say.


Lee Eunhye’s face turned white.

I thought she was in trouble.

Anyway, my big sister.

“I think I left my phone at the convenience store!”

“……Sister, all of a sudden?”

“I mean, I’ve been really forgetful lately.”

“Are you sure you left it at the convenience store?”

The sister was searching for her phone in the middle of nowhere.

Lee Yerim clicked her tongue.

Arang gently lifted the blanket that was covering her.

Then, Lee Eunhye’s smartphone appeared.


“What, were you there?”

“Oh, thank God. I thought I’d completely forgotten it.”

“Well, I’m glad you found it. So, Lee Yerim, what do you have to say?”


Lee Yerim was about to say something.

Lee Eunhye checked her phone.

Her face was even whiter than before.


But I didn’t have time to pay attention to Lee Eunhye’s expression.

Her face was even more familiar on TV.

The same awkward, but still flattering, silver hair.

Hoyeol, our youngest, had arrived.

But I was more worried than happy.

I’ve seen Hoyeol for longer than anyone else.

I could tell just by looking at him.

“……, Hoyeol, what’s wrong with him?”

I realized that Hoyeol wasn’t himself.

And the reason wasn’t far behind.

Lee Eunhye opened her mouth to speak.

“……Oh my? I didn’t pick up a single call from Hoyeol.”

[Missed calls: 17]


I even forgot my birthday, but it’s my sister’s anniversary.

‘I would never have remembered.’

If it weren’t for you, Grandfell, who thinks so terribly of his flesh and blood.

I stared out at the burning Jeju Island.

‘Paimon’s Domain,’ the curse that popped up as an emergency update.

I suppose the scale of the curse changes as one becomes a high-ranking demon king.

Utilizing the curse as a ritual space.

You’ve done a good job of concealing the sign of the Ten Thrones.

‘What did you sacrifice?’

What did you sacrifice to manifest this curse into reality.

For what purpose did you manifest it?

I wondered.

It seemed like it would take a lifetime to answer.

‘Because I’m not listening.’

Today is my oldest sister’s wedding anniversary.

The memory of that day was still clear in my mind.

On that good day, our family head Lee Joonwook, and Mrs. Choi Kanghee.

The two people wept loudly.

‘I didn’t know it then, but…….’

I can only imagine the tears of relief that the momentum that had been so rapidly lost had been restored by your efforts.

My eldest sister had said.

-“A trip to the Yusra Kingdom? Won’t it be a burden if I go?”

I want to celebrate this wedding anniversary with Arang lightly.

I suggested that we go to Yusra as a family trip.

The destination was Jeju Island.

As I gaze at the burning island, I realize my contradiction.

I thought no one was immune from the threat of the rift.

Secretly, I thought my family would be spared.

Even if we were caught in it, it would be a natural disaster.

I thought I had to come to terms with it, even if it was hard.

But I was wrong.

‘This was unacceptable.’

They said the Magic Tower moved quickly. Thanks to this, even though Jeju Island suffered damage that was close to total destruction, but only a dozen casualties have been reported so far.


At times like this, I wanted to believe in numbers.

But at the same time, I didn’t want to.

[Missed calls: 17]

I realize.

I realized how softly I’ve been responding to the erosion of Arcana. Raymon, from the time he mentioned balancing. When the Ten Thrones began its rampage. This could have happened at any moment.

Suddenly, the realization hits me hard enough to make me grit my teeth.


Even if it was a demon.

I was an idiot for thinking there was room for conversation.

Demons, after all, the greater they are, the more viciously they deceive humans. Our Akshan seniors had told me that.

I muttered to myself.

‘You were right, Grandfell.’

As you said.

Demons were just demons.

Then, my vision flickered.

[※Warning: The concentration of black magic power is too high].

The Demon King of the Ninth Throne, the noble Paimon.

You may be an enemy I cannot face in my current state.

But if it is Grandfell, not me, Lee Hoyeol, then it is possible…

[※Warning: The concentration of black magic power is too high].

Status Abnormality, a precursor to [Blackening].

I held onto my blurring vision.

Then I stared at the blood-colored graffiti over Jeju Island.

I stared at the curse drawn in blood.

Then my lips opened.

It was no longer my voice that leaked out.

It was the cold voice of Grandfell.





Now that Hoyeol’s consciousness was fully asleep.

Grandfell said.

Because the light was asleep, nothing was hidden.


No one had ever heard Grandfell’s voice like that before.

“What is it? My head is going to explode!”

“I can’t understand a word……!”

“No way, like that mosaic message……?”

Because it’s different.

An equally different being.

Only Paimon could understand it.

Grandfell turned to Paimon.

“We have a lot in common.”

Many things.

At those words, the curse that Paimon had unleashed burned brightly.

I believed that you would also understand my heart……! It is only now that the ‘ray of light’ that dazzled you has disappeared that you understand my heart……!

As if from beyond the realm of the curse.

It seemed like he was shouting out in joy.

But it was an illusion.

“Just as you were hiding your true feelings, I was also hiding it.”

“Just as you tried to harm me, I tried to harm you.”

“Not even for a moment.”

The uncontrolled surge of black magic.

“I haven’t forgotten about tearing you to pieces.”