◈ Episode 521. We had a lot in common (2)

‘……That’s not what you’re supposed to say, is it, Grandfell?’

I guessed it from the nervousness of Sunrise Warrior.

Indeed, his name is as extraordinary as our Grandfell.

He seems like a strange fellow.

Of course, I remained steadfast.

“How is it possible that a mere yokai is worshipped as a god?”

Despite my sarcasm, the Sunrise Warrior nodded.

“To our shame, the Great Monster Godkiller Eight Head Viper was more than we could defeat on our own, and the Eastern Continent was forced to offer live sacrifices to keep him in line. Until he destroyed himself along with his shrine.”

They offered sacrifices to survive.

It was a common story.

It’s like I heard it for the first time in my life.

“Youkai, they are beings that deserve to be hunted just as much as demons.”

Of course, my class is [Demon Hunter].

So [Natural Enemy] is not triggered.

But isn’t that enough?

Why, look at the powers beside me.

There are two Transcendents.

The Sunrise Warrior and the Lightning Child.

“Ugh, I guess I followed you for no reason.”

The Lightning Child was not without a sense of entrapment.

The Sunrise Warrior’s demeanor changed.

His sword surged with energy.

“I have already begged for your forgiveness, but I must ask for it again. I have faced a Yokai in the past, a Yokai who has wreaked havoc in my hometown. I must destroy all eight of its heads.”

I wonder if there’s a story behind this.

The determination in his stance seemed to me to be very reassuring.

So I didn’t hesitate.

He said, moving his shoe one step at a time.

“Then follow me.”

What does that mean, you both ask, out of nowhere?

Well, to translate it in Grandfell-speak…….

It means to use what needs to be used.

‘Cause I can give you a buff.’

The set effect of the Dawn Jacket.

It gives a significant morale boost to allies.

I’ve gotten some pretty good use out of it.

Sunrise stuttered.

“You don’t mean……. I can’t be in your debt anymore…….”

Don’t be mistaken again.

No, there is no need to be grateful.

We simply served a purpose.

In that sense, I was glad the Lightning Child existed.

“Bro, why are you being so corny? Just say thank you, I’ll follow you, and that’s it. Why are you talking so much……! I would like to thank you on your behalf. Hehe.”

At that point, my vision flashed.

[Transcendent, ‘Sunrise Warrior’ has acquired command.]

[Transcendent, ‘Lightning Child’ has acquired command.]

[The morale of allies increases significantly.]


The effect of the morale boost was felt by both of them.

Both seemed to feel it instantly.

Perhaps their senses were sharpened.

Soon, the Sunrise Warrior searched the surroundings.

For a long time.

“I apologize again.”

No, there was nothing to apologize for.

“I never thought it was possible that creature would abandon the shrine and run away.”

Isn’t it strange that it actually exists?

‘Gabriel is from a few years ago.’

In real time, he’s decades old.

On the Arcana continent.

I’m many times that old.

‘It’s strange that it’s been here all these years.’

Even if it was just in Orgratium.

As you can see.

The eastern part of the Arcana continent, torn apart by tectonic shifts.

‘It doesn’t look like a human shadow.’

How could a creature that ate live sacrifices survive in such conditions? He must have left to save himself from starvation, and he had the most compelling evidence of all.

-Search for Gabriel’s remains in the Ruined City, Orgratium. (Ongoing)

●Hunt down the Ogratium Yokai, the ‘the Great Monster of the valley where the blood never stops flowing, the cruel Godkiller, eight-headed killer mother snake.’ (Pending)

●Hunt down the Great Monster that has disappeared from Orgratium, ‘the Great Monster of the valley where the blood never stops flowing, the cruel Godkiller, eight-headed killer mother snake’. (Ongoing)

A system message that never lies.

I have a new quest objective coming up.

So I guess that means I don’t have to be so nervous anymore.


The Sunrise Warrior sheathed his sword and spoke to me.

“I apologize for wasting your help.”

I reply, nonchalantly and brazenly.

“A mere creature fled in terror.”

You know, the one that ravaged the Eastern Continent.

Its unspeakable full name alone suggests its power.

But it’s a tiny thing, anyway…….

“It’s not your fault.”

But perhaps a snout like that is meant to ease the other party’s burden in a situation like this, and the Sunrise Warrior is trying to capture the image of his hometown restored by reversal magic.

“……Thank you for saying that.”

And with those words.

I stared at the shrine for a while, my eyes filled with emotion.

It’s complicated, and I’ve been thinking about my hometown a lot lately.

‘What should I do with Seoul?’

The land of the anomalies.

Seoul with the colors of the Arcana continent.

And I will be the ruler of such a Seoul.

‘…… What do you want me to do?’

I, Lee Hoyeol, declared proudly in my parents’ dumpling house.

When I think of the bullshit that will unfold in the future.

I meant that my head was already throbbing……!

But let’s forget about that for a moment.

‘My purpose is yet to come.’

I had more important things to do than lament my debt.

The shrine was magnificent, as it was said that the Great Monster resided there.

It was not a door for people, but a door for monsters.

Especially the doors and windows, anyway.

Everything in sight seemed to be several times its normal size.

I walked around the shrine, using the shiny quest objective as a beacon.

And then.

I spotted it in a place where the blinking became more dynamic.


Gabriel turned into a skeleton.

The skeleton, and the gear that fell around it, was unmistakably the uniform of an Akshan demon hunter. There was more evidence than that. The sound of my voice drew a gasp from the two men who rushed over, wondering if something had happened.


“Bro, brother, isn’t that his head?!”

Yes, it is.

Nothing gives up for a corpse demon hunter except persistence.

Even if it’s an enemy he can’t defeat.

Even at the cost of his own life.

Even if it means becoming a demon and falling into hell.

Because that’s what our Akshans did, never giving up the hunt.

Gabriel was the same.

The bones of a giant snake lay at Gabriel’s side.

The Sunrise Warrior spoke.

“The Great Yokai, Godkiller Eight Head Viper. It has eight heads, just like its name, but its power is not divided into eight heads and eight arms.”

That was valuable information that I had no way of knowing.

“That’s because it’s a Great Yokai born from the intertwining and fusion of eight different Imoogi, so cutting off one of its heads means that…….”

“You mean he took down one of them……?”

“That’s right.”

The Sunrise Warrior looked at Gabriel’s body.

“May you forgive me if this is the least I can do to pay my respects to you, a nameless man from the Arcana continent, for you have done what no other brave warrior on the Eastern Continent has ever done.”

He bowed his head in silence.

Did he then think that he was just immersed in his own sentiments?

He turned to me and spoke.

“The Imoogi I spoke of is the serpent that failed to become a dragon…….”

Of course, I didn’t need the explanation.

“I know.”

“Ah, so you know…….”

“The existence of Imoogi, and the name of that great man.”


I stared at Gabriel’s remains.

As if being a demon wasn’t enough, he died hunting youkai.

It was a fitting end for a demon hunter.

That’s why.

“Gabriel, you were truly a great demon hunter of Akshan.”

My condolences go out to that pride.

I bowed my head, a bow I rarely make.

And so did the Sunrise Warrior.

The Lightning Child also bowed his head.

For a moment, there was a silence.


“I didn’t realize you had such a story.”

The Lightning Child fidgeted in front of the campfire.

“Oh well. Then I guess I should apologize for my ugly appearance. I thought you were from the backwoods of the Arcana continent, but if you’re from the Eastern Continent, then…….”

“Shut up.”

“What, are you still pouting?”

Sunrise said with a glare.

“Your fussing is distracting.”

I crunched the numbers, keeping the embers alive.

How many times do I owe you, especially since you already knew of the existence of the Great Yokai, the Godkiller Eight Head Viper, whom you were so determined to capture.

I never realized that hunting it down would cost you your precious friend’s life.


The Sunrise Warrior repeated his benefactor’s name once more.

Then he turned to the Lightning Child.

“Gabriel, the benefactor has struck down one of the heads with his own life. The remaining seven heads must be hunted by our lines.”

“……Uh, us?”

“Yes. We can’t owe him any more.”

Although you, with your steady demeanor, would say that there is nothing to worry about……. The Sunrise Warrior had guessed. Why your mourning is prolonged.

‘Perhaps you need time to compose yourself.’

You wanted to offer your deepest sympathies.

He didn’t feel qualified to do so.

So the Sunrise Warrior prepared the best he could.

Boiling water.

He boiled water over a campfire and prepared tea to quench the overwhelming emotions. The Lightning Child’s brow furrowed.

“……sniff, what is this?”

“It’s tea leaves from the Eastern Continent.”

“Tea leaves from the Eastern Continent……? Do you think it’s to his taste?”

The Sunrise Warrior didn’t argue.

It would be greedy to want it to be palatable.

Just as you have not yet adapted to the food of the Arcana continent.

It would be greedy to expect you to welcome the tea leaves of the Eastern Continent.

Nevertheless, the Sunrise Warrior continued.

“…… Because this is all I can offer you.”

All he had was his sunrise sword and a few tea leaves. Since the Sunrise Sword had already decided to be used for you, the Sunrise Samurai was ready to give you everything else he had.

Then it happened.


Hoyeol finally emerged from the shrine.


The sight of him left them both speechless.

That look in his eyes.

There were so many emotions in those eyes.




……, are you crying?

‘Oh, my gosh. Senior Gabriel, I’m so sorry for your loss.’

The Sunrise Warrior from the Eastern Continent.

The familiar aroma of tea leaves wafted from his brewing pot.

Yes, that’s definitely green tea.

‘Yes, you would be worthy of tears!’

From the beginning of my green tea withdrawal.

How many hours have passed, now?

Me, Lee Hoyeol I don’t know about other things, but I can guarantee one thing.

It’s delicious.

I tilt my teacup and think.

‘Sunrise Warrior, won’t it be a hassle in the future?’

A favor from our Grandfell, that is.

It’s not something to be taken for granted.

There is give and take in everything.

You should return Grandfell’s favor in some way!

‘…… I’d rather not receive it, that favor.’

In that sense, the Sunrise Warrior was wise.

He handed me some dried green tea leaves and left.

I asked him where he was going, and he replied succinctly.

-“We are going to track down the Godkiller Eight Head Viper.”

I had no reason to argue.

‘I don’t have time to track him right now.’

I had a promise from hell.

Besides, Sunrise Warrior and Lightning Child.

They were transcendents of sufficient skill to be entrusted without worry.

‘If nothing else, we can enlist the help of the spirits.’

The spirits are well versed in the news of the Arcana Continent. It’s a stretch, since they’ll have their hands full trying to distract the other Ten Thrones.

But, more than anything.

‘I didn’t want to look like this, actually.’

The reason for the belated mourning?

It was simple.

I was horrified when I retrieved Gabriel’s artifact.


I’m just sipping my tea. The ringing in my ears reminds me of how shriveled up Gabriel’s artifact is.


I checked the artifact with a resentful gaze.

It is.

Gabriel’s artifact was made of.

A chain made of silver!

It wasn’t just skimpy, it was so gorgeous that Grandfell would have worn it immediately. Even its name.

[Lucifer’s Chains of Atonement].

I’m almost afraid to say it out loud.

But that wasn’t all I found on Gabriel’s remains, for in one of the pockets of the robe I found a parchment-bound journal of some sort.

[Gabriel’s Diary]

But I, Lee Hoyeol, did not dare to open it.

There is give and take in everything.

What if the karma of opening someone else’s diary comes back to me? What if my dark history notes are discovered by someone……?

‘……I’m sure, even if I check.’

Let’s retrieve the dark history notebook from my home before we read it, Hoyeol.

I ignored the jingling silver chain.

I tilted my teacup.

Architectural magic.

Aesthetically pleasing.

I gazed at Gabriel’s tomb and murmured.

“We had a lot in common.”

My heart sank, Gabriel.

‘Well, I’m sure the teacup is empty. Let’s check it out.’

The stats of the artifact you left behind!

But against my wishes.

My hands once again turned to the tea leaves.

To the teacup.

Hey, Grandfell…….

“Gabriel, I offer a cup for you.”

……Honestly, it’s just because you want another drink?!