◈ Episode 523. A True Disaster (1)

El Dorado (Golden Fragrance).

The 3rd Legion Commander Silver.

The 2nd Legion Commander Gold.


The two demons stirred.

‘It must be stopped.’

My lord, the noble Paimon.

Even if it means the end of my life.

I dare not even describe it.

I will not allow such an unearthly being to approach you.

Golder and Silver.

The two legion commanders quickly left the original battlefield.

Ice Dragon’s Cold Breath.

A transcendent strike that cannot be overlooked.

A bombardment of magic?

It was good.

‘Don’t let him get close to the curse.’

The Lord Paimon has given everything he has to add the western part of the Demon World to this land. If such an unearthly being were to approach the curse…….

‘No matter what I call you, my lord.’

With so much of the power of the Ten Thrones drained from you, you will be unable to respond.

As reluctant as they are, Goldes and Silver have come to a decision.

First Legion Commander, until he manifests on earth.

We must hold him at bay.

Golder caught sight of it.

Hair of brilliant silver.

There was no mistaking its noble appearance.

‘It’s the New Ten Thrones.’

I’m familiar with the weight of the Ten Thrones.

However, my lord is one of the ten thrones, who is of a different rank from Bael. If the commander of the 1st Corps was recognized by the lord, he might be able to stop that man.


‘We can only stall for time……?!’

I was mistaken.

The two Legion Commanders, who had faced off against a demon hunter, an ice dragon, and several transcendents and had not suffered any damage, froze in place.

“If……? if……? if……?”

They froze in place as they repeated the stupid sound.

『Black Crown』

Black magic that robs the senses.

All of their senses were swallowed up by an indescribably dense black magic power. It included the five senses and even the sense of time.

It could no longer be called an ordinary Black Crown.


He turned to those who had been captured by Mugan.

The black grip was overwhelming.

It wasn’t a figurative expression, it was just what it looked like.


More than just visible, it was tangible. Black mana, condensed to the point of mass, slowly strangled the two demons like a great, giant grip.


Golden Fragrance’s armor vanishes the moment it touches the black hand.

Paimon’s power, the effect of Golden Fragrance, was not nullified.

It was crushing it with overwhelming destructive force.

The battle was over.




[You have killed Silver, 3rd Legion Commander].

[You have killed Golder, 2nd Legion Commander].

[You have leveled up].

[You have leveled up].

[You have leveled up]…….

Flashing messages.

Especially the one about leveling up.

It meant I’d made a small contribution to the battle.


“…… Fuck.”

Leonie couldn’t be happy.

She couldn’t shake the feeling that she’d opened her hand to Hoyeol once again.

She couldn’t shake it.

“Well, I can’t be the only one who’s pissed off, can I?

Leonie’s eyes widened.

“It’s different.”

Nam said meaningfully.

“Different? Mr. Taemin, may I ask what you mean?”

“Snake Eyes is right, what are you talking about?”

“You’re not the usual commander-in-chief.”


Nam Taemin didn’t hide it.

Hoyeol first.

Because he didn’t hide it.

“I think you’re in the same condition you said last time.”

“In that state……?”

“That’s right. A new power that even Commander-in-Chief cannot control.”

[Runaway] of the [Heavenly Infant Solitude].

The person didn’t say the name of the skill, so Nam Taemin didn’t know the exact name either, but……. but he was certain. Nam Taemin frowned at the bridge of his nose, which had become even more sensitive.

‘It’s subtly different, but unmistakable, that strange smell.’

And then came information that was even more certain than his sense of smell.

-The pattern has changed.

“…… Cheolmin hyung?”

-It’s completely different from the commander’s usual pattern.

He hasn’t even revealed his class.

He possesses a wide variety of attacks.

Therefore, he’s currently only using the black magic power.

On the contrary, it means that he’s not the usual Commander-in-Chief.

Nam Taemin got to the point.

“Could it be that the Commander-in-Chief decided that it was necessary to use that skill?”

-I think it’s possible. It’s a high-ranking Demon King Raid.

“It was definitely different from other raids.”

The final boss, Paimon, didn’t even appear. Even with Skal the Dragon Knight and Frostnax the Ice Dragon as allies, it didn’t seem like it was going to be much of a victory.

“……So, can we rest easy now, big brother?”

Hoyeol’s appearance on the battlefield changed the tide of the battle.

He simply grabbed the target with the black magic power.

He had killed the Golder and Silver that they hadn’t been able to capture.



Beyond the noise, not just Nam Cheolmin.

Everyone on Jeju Island was feeling it.


The upcoming First Legion Commander.

It didn’t mean that the final boss, Noble Paimon, was dangerous.


If, even more than the curse of Paimon that is burning Jeju Island.

If the Commander-in-Chief’s black magic power feels threatening…….

……Isn’t that something he shouldn’t do?

The top-tier players gathered on Jeju Island, were always at the forefront of the threat of the Rift. Having crossed countless battle lines, their senses had been warning them.

More than any other threat, they were wary of the black magic.

Still, they didn’t want to believe it.

“No, why would the Commander in Chief show up on Jeju Island, after all, he’s clearly out to save it, so why bother thinking about it at all?”

However, the vision is mercilessly blinking.

[※Warning: Mental strength is too low.]


The implications of that one-line message were huge.

With no black magic power around.

It meant that it was running around with the sole intention of tearing Paimon apart.

The players were not the only ones who felt this.

[Primordial Satan, the Commander of Golden Fragrance’s First Legion, appears.]


The final gateway from the Curse to Paimon.

Paimon’s henchman appears.

The momentum was unexpected.

Ice Dragon, Frostnax.

“Kid, maybe we should get out of the way.”

“……What do you mean, dodge?”

“The battlefield from now on.”

Even the King of All Things would be outmatched.

“It will be different.”

4th Legion Commander Copper.

3rd Legion Commander Silver.

2nd Legion Commander Golder.

They were not the same beings who made a grand entrance every time they appeared.

Beyond the glowing circle of Curse.

All that could be heard was a regular sound.


Nam Taemin’s ears perked up.

“……The sound of something like a metal being dragged across the floor.”

His guess was correct.

[First Legion Commander, ‘Primordial Satan’ transforms the field.]

The thing was huge.

And flashy.

But it was strange.

“What the fuck?”

Leonie stuttered.

She couldn’t help it.

The gleaming metal wrapped around his body.

It wasn’t armor, and it wasn’t a weapon.

“Uh, why did he show up with his arms and hands tied?”

That’s right.

Those were seals, restricting movement.

It wasn’t just the only limbs.

The primordial Satan was blindfolded with a gold-embroidered eye patch, and his mouth was gagged. Analyst Nam Cheolmin relayed his briefing to the three panicked men.

-Be careful, everyone. The pattern will probably change drastically from phase to phase. I’ve seen that kind of gimmick before. Every time we break a phase, it breaks his seal and a new pattern pours out.

Indeed, it was a convincing analysis.

But the three couldn’t be happy.

Nam Taemin frowned as he raised his greatsword.

“…… One pattern for one seal, right?”

One, two, three, four, five…….

He couldn’t easily count the number of sealing spheres.

I wondered if it was possible to unleash its true power like that.

While I was questioning it, I realized something.

Hisagi bit his thin lips.

“Even in that state, he’s stronger than those guys earlier.”


And the being who had subjugated such a primordial Satan and filled the seal was the high-ranking demon king, the Noble Paimon. It began to make sense.

“I understand the commander’s feelings.”

Why you.

You have once again taken a power that even you cannot fully control.

And yet you blame yourself.

‘If only we could look at your feet…….’

Hisagi shook his head.

“Still, we must face them.”

Even if he was the Commander-in-Chief in his current state, it might be too much for him to face the Primordial Satan and Paimon alone. That was the overwhelming feeling he could not help but judge.

As you can see.

【Primordial Demon, you look terrible】

Even Frostnax’s provocative words did not deter him.

Nor did it stop walking.

Soon enough, the creature’s full form was revealed.

Literally, a light movement.

But the aftermath was anything but light. The sealing sphere hung loose. With the snap of a finger, he had changed the way everyone saw the world.

“……What else is this?”

Like a movie.

In everyone’s mind, the vision of the primordial Satan is shared.

It was pretty simple to summarize.

A golden army that never ends.

A battle that lasted for what seemed like eons.

At the end of it all, the Primordial Satan was brought to his knees, and Paimon was recognized for his prowess and made the commander of the First Legion. He was imprisoned, or more accurately, imprisoned underground in the western part of the Demon World, with countless seals.

It has been sealed ever since, for what seems like eons.


In the midst of such disgrace and humiliation.

The primordial Satan pondered his anger.

Finally, there was a chance to release that anger.

They found themselves in the presence of such a Satan.

The Ice Dragon, Frostnax, called out.

【Fall back】.

It was not a word directed at Satan.

It was a primordial demon who was unsure of his own victory. It would be pointless for the children to approach. It was a word he spoke to protect his allies after making a judgment call.

It was then.


The sound of something huge being crushed.

The one that ruled the Demon Realm.

The primordial Satan, who had battled the high-ranking demon king Paimon for eons.

The Primordial Satan had begun to falter.

The identity of the being who did such a ridiculous thing is revealed.

This time, it was the black magic.

Hoyeol had defeated the Primordial Satan, who was evenly matched with Paimon, in a single blow.

But no one could cheer.

The players could see it.

A flashing message.


No one could read it.

At least as much as Nam Taemin.

Ever since the day he first smelled the unfamiliar scent.

He’d been wondering, and now he was sure.

This moment.


The greatest threat to us is.

Wasn’t the primordial Satan, nor was it Paimon.

It was the commander-in-chief, Mr. Hoyeol.

It’s obviously Mr. Hoyeol.

At the same time, it’s someone who can’t be called Mr. Hoyeol.

“……That’s a side effect of a simple skill?”

But that was as far as the thought went.



Soon, the primordial Satan exploded mercilessly.


Someone other than Hoyeol.

Grandfell wiped the drops of blood from his cheeks.

There was no emotion in his actions.




[□□, ‘□□□ □□□□ □□□□□ □□□’ becomes □□□□□].