◈ Episode 45. Surprise after surprise (2)

Mathis Dean Karl.

He was also a magic tower Wizard.

A Wizard who seeks the truth and explores the unknown.

In a way, Mathis’ desire was stronger than that of any other Wizard in the Tower.

Mathis had followed the path of the black magic.

“Like a deep darkness. You can’t see the end of it.

Black magic.

Before Matisse defined black magic.

“Oh my God. If that’s magic, then my dog pooping is magic. Poop-making magic!”

Black magic was treated badly.

Folk witchcraft in some places.

In some places, an unspeakable curse.

In some countries, it was even called sinister magic.

That stimulated Matisse’s desire.

“Is it all true?

Matisse immersed himself in black magic.

As a result, he founded a school of black magic, became a senior Wizard in the tower, and at one point was a strong candidate for the position of chief.

Ultimately, the position was taken by Marcelo, but…….

‘He deserves it.

Against the expectations of the other senior Wizards.

Mathis didn’t think much of it.

Or, more accurately, he couldn’t afford to dwell on such trivialities.

‘I’ve come this far. I must not be good enough.

Suddenly, he hit a wall.

No matter how much he thought about it, he wasn’t making any progress.

What’s more of that, it’s a pity.

Worldview interference had set in.

The self-pity only worsened.

‘Black magic might be able to help…….’

I thought, “What the hell……!

Then I heard a voice.

“Mr. Mathis, have you heard the story? No, Did you know!”

Marcelo, the chief wizard.

That he had chosen an adventurer to be his co-researcher.

“It’s Marcelo’s choice.”

I wondered if hitting a wall had freed him up.

I was genuinely curious about that choice.

Unlike many Wizards.

A Wizard who silently walks his own path.

In a way, a Wizard with many similarities to himself.

Marcelo’s decision raised questions.

“What kind of adventurer is he?

Until, of course, the question made sense.

It didn’t take long.

An adventurer.

Ho-yeol’s first impression was not a good one.


The majestic stride echoed through the Council Hall.

And then a bold declaration.

-I am not idle enough for your pranks.

As if that weren’t enough [Sage’s Boredom].

The fact that you were able to solve such a vexing problem so quickly.

That alone is a testament to your abilities.

I can understand Marcelo’s choice.

So this is pure greed.

It was a desire to explore.

‘Such an adventurer existed.

Curiosity about the unknown, the unseen.

Most curious of all, his sensitivity to black magic.

It was for this reason that Mathis made an appointment with Ho-Yeol.

That’s why he wore a ring on each of his ten fingers.

‘A single sensitivity can tell a lot.

Why was black magic considered witchcraft?

It was simple.

Black magic was distinctly unorthodox from other magics.

The main difference was that it was deeply involved in the inner life of the practitioner.

“More specifically, it was influenced by the past.

While normal magic is based on manifestation.

Black magic was only sensitive to the the appropriate magic.

The the appropriate magic.

It came from the manifestor’s life and background.

Of course, the adventurer Ho-yeol’s story.

He didn’t know, and he didn’t want to know.

It was a simple act of curiosity.

Therefore, I had no expectations.

So I put a ring on each finger.

“This way, I’ll be able to detect even the slightest sensitivity.

And then.

…… An unbelievable thing happened.

The rings on all ten fingers turned black.

“I’ve never seen …… such a color!

Black to the point of no return!

Like the essence of black magic.

Matisse muttered to himself.

“What is this sensitivity……?”

It was beyond explanation.

It seemed like it could tear down any wall that stood between them.

Mathis’s astonishment was interrupted by a questioning voice.

“Answer wisely.”

Yes, there was no hiding in that.

Mathis told it like it was.

And I thought to myself.

“What kind of past does this man have…….?

to have such a high sensitivity to black magic?


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I tilted my teacup at Mathis as he rambled on about black magic and the current situation.


……I’m sure I’m going to embarrass myself and look it up.


Magic based on the past?!

There’s no such thing as magic!

Looking over my shoulder for magic to learn.

I found myself scouring NetTube quite a bit.

Naturally, I had seen Wizards of all classes.

But as far back as I can remember, I’ve never seen a player claim to be a black Wizard.

“Maybe a Necromancer.

So I might have been suspicious.

Black magic.

Is there really such a thing as black magic?

But at this point, there’s no need for doubt.

Mathis Dean Karl, Senior Black Magician.

His very existence was the greatest proof of the existence of black magic.

Which meant that everything he said was true, not bullshit……!

“The blacker the gemstone in the ring, the greater the sensitivity to black magic. I wore ten rings to find the slightest hint of sensitivity. I had no idea all the gems would turn like this……!”

Excellent sensitivity to black magic?!

Unfortunately, that wasn’t a compliment to me.

It was a kind explanation that made it clear.

‘… … My cause of death must be a shame.’

In his words.

The source of black magic is ‘the appropriate magic’.

The appropriate magic is

comes from your past.

That’s why my sensitivity to black magic is so high…….

“It’s all because of my black history!

I thought rationally.

‘Yeah, the setting is depressing.

“Heir to a great family, the family was destroyed by a demon.

The sole survivor of the family, Grandfell Claudius Arpheus Romeo, hereafter referred to as Grandfell, has become a demon hunter to avenge his family’s demise.”

You’re telling me that this backstory makes him exceptionally sensitive to black magic.

‘Okay, let’s put the embarrassment aside for a moment…….’

Let’s think about it calmly.

First, it was good news for me.

I’d even dabble in the black magic.

Not that I didn’t appreciate Grandfell’s talent.

Still, it was good to have something to work with.

Especially in my position.

“It seems to be more free of magic than most.

I would have said it only responds to “appropriate magic”.

Magic and appropriate magic are two completely different things.


One possibility flashes through my mind.

“Is it possible to use black magic while drained?

……If it can!

It was worth enduring this shame and entering black magic.

No, I should be initiated.

I racked my brain in that sense.

Just as I had a good teacher, Harkon, who helped me to quickly emit sword energy.

One would need a good teacher to quickly master black magic as well.

In that sense, there is no better teacher than Mathis.

I opened my mouth after thinking about it.

“I am deeply displeased. Senior Wizard Mathis.”

Not for me, not for Grandfell.

Of course I’m offended.

Even if I didn’t know the full story.

Mathis had caught a glimpse of the past.

It’s a terrible past that Grandfell can’t forget.

For me, it’s a black history that I want to hide.

“I have nothing to say about that behavior. It was my fault.”

Mathis said, adding.

“I will ensure that you are held accountable for this disrespect. I will admit all wrongdoing, even if it means bringing the matter before the High Council and the Senate. Please, forgive my deception.”

This is the very definition of an apology.

There is not the slightest hint of formality or etiquette.

Even Grandfell’s cranky personality softened slightly.

“I accept your apology.”

Of course, I had no intention of letting the words slide.

It wouldn’t be quite right.

I added another word.

“Black magic, I’ve developed a small interest in it.”

“…… Is that true?”

It’s not like I was going to bury a bone.

I just said I was intrigued.

Mathis was delighted.

His face brightened just a bit.

“To make up for today’s indiscretion. I’ll give you all the help I can when it comes to black magic!”

Was he sure?

He’d offer all the help he could?

I rose from my seat, remembering the words clearly.

It was then.


The quest window flashed.

Prove your abilities. (in progress)

Convince a majority of the senior wizards. (9/20)

Eight or nine people now.

If there was one person who was convinced, it was Mathis, of course.

As if my guess was correct.

Matisse bowed to me.

“No, I’ll be careful with that title from now on, because to collaborate with the Chief Wizard is to be on the same level as him.”

……So much respect all of a sudden?

Such an abrupt change that it’s understandable to feel uncomfortable.

But I didn’t let my expression change.

“We’ll save that for another time. Mathis.”


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……I’m guessing.

Apparently Mathis has a lot of influence among the senior wizards.

Scared he would vote yes.

The quest window flashed several times.

─Prove your ability. (Ongoing)

Convince a majority of the senior wizards. (20/20)

And in the end, it was complete approval.

The message that followed.

[You have met the conditions].

Mathis’ vote in favor skipped the whole cumbersome proof process……. I had let go of Mathis at the last minute, leaving him without a title.

‘……That’s so me.’

After such an incredible act.

I was back in my lab, casually flipping through my spellbook.

I’ve done worse to Marcelo.

How can I be so relaxed?


Suddenly, there were words on the parchment.

For some reason, they were all long.

Slowly, I read the first line and realized it was a message of congratulations.

Starting with Marcelo.

Bellier, Maia, Naslow…….

From the senior wizards whose names I’d heard.

To journeymen mages whose names I had never even heard.

To me, who had been formally inducted into the Order.

Congratulations were in order.

But nonchalantly.

I immediately tore my gaze away from the parchment.

It was so obvious.

I’m not even worthy of congratulations.

Because I genuinely thought so.

What good does it do to be honestly happy?

I’m tired of living, even if I think to myself.

Let’s not lament for a moment.

[You will be rewarded].

A message flashed in my vision.

[Your relationship with the Wizard’s Tower has increased significantly].

[Your influence in Wizard’s Tower has increased significantly].

[New features in Wizard’s Tower have been unlocked].

……Wait, that’s a lot of rewards.

In some ways, the Wizard’s Tower was more influential than any other city or nation in Arcana, so to have your relationship and influence with it greatly increased.

‘I didn’t have this when I was just parachuting…….’

I feel like this gorgeous lab is definitely mine now, or did it just happen?

By the way, a new feature has been unlocked.

My thoughts naturally turned to the Kingdom of Yusra.

‘The privilege features were incredible.

Relationship and Influence.

The [Authority] feature only activates when both of those numbers are maximized.

The limit of that power was simply not much different from the king and Hakuna.

“I saw it clearly during the Shadow Mercenaries.

NPCs flocked to the Kingdom of Yusra.

I had the power to grant or deny their requests.

Of course, with Hakuna as king.

It’s unlikely I’ll ever wield that much power.

‘……In fact, given Hakuna’s attitude towards me.

I’m embarrassed to say it.

Hakuna considers me a benefactor.

If I were to say it, it would be possible to reverse the decision.

Of course, it’s not to the maximum.

I can’t compare to that [power].

“But it’s a big jump.”

I wonder what the newly enabled feature is.

Suddenly, I remember Mathis’ words.

“The same status as the Chief Wizard.”

What kind of status is that?

“What kind of access does a Chief Wizard have to the Tower?

I pondered inwardly.

A knock.

Someone knocked on the lab door.

I didn’t need to ask, I heard a voice.

“This is Vanguard Tom, Senior Wizard of Pure Magic. I’ve come to offer my congratulations and a small message of goodwill. Do you mind if I come in for a moment?”

A feeble gesture of goodwill…….

I could recognize it in the words.

“That, a bribe.”

Equal status with the chief wizard.

Being in a position to be bribed by a senior wizard.

A bribe.

A normal person would love it.

Anything is possible, isn’t it?

Above all, it’s a weak gesture.

It’s also not human to ignore good intentions.

‘That’s why you get so many of them.

But, alas.

Grandfell was no ordinary man.

Not even the seven deadly sins of greed could defeat him.

He was the embodiment of integrity and innocence.

So my answer was firm.

“Senior Wizard, Vanguard.”

“Ah, you are here, thank goodness!”

“Well, before you offer your congratulations and best wishes, you might want to learn some manners.”

“Yes, well, will you excuse me for a moment……. What? manners?!”

From the other side of the door.

A voice with a hint of panic in it.

I didn’t argue.

“I don’t make unscheduled meetings.”

I sighed.

“Get out of my way and go home.”

If he wants to meet with me, he’ll have to come back at least three more times.

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