Chapter 46 – Cowardly.

◈ Episode 46. Cowardly

The Kingdom of Yusra was developing in real time.

The speed of its reconstruction was beyond common sense.

The amount of money spent was enormous.

After the cataclysm.

Non-combatant players were forced to take a backseat.

As the Kingdom of Yusra began to rebuild, their faces lit up.

“Is the day of the production workers finally coming?”

“It’s been a long time of humiliation and persecution. I was no better than any other player in the Rift, but the day is coming when I’ll be making money as a player for the rest of my life!”

“Hey, Mr. Kim. Stop talking and start throwing bricks.”

The first Arcana nation to appear in the real world.

The amount of capital invested in the Kingdom of Yusra was unimaginable.

First, a guild as large as any corporation.

Gaon and Berserker’s investment alone was too much to ignore.

“Aggressive investment by Gaon and Berserker. What do you think, expert?”

“A wise move for the future. I guess you could say it’s not even that far in the future, because even at this very moment, Gaon and Berserker are growing their influence in the Kingdom of Yusra.”

“The money we’re investing now is not wasted in the slightest?”

“Yes, it is.”

Indeed, even if you exclude Gaon and Berserker.

There were guilds, players, and even countries that came to the Kingdom of Yusra with huge investments.

One of the most aggressive was China.

“We want to establish a close working relationship with the Kingdom of Yusra. A guild from a large country, the Unification of Heaven and Earth, could be a stronger ally for the kingdom than Gaon or Berserker.”

Faint sincerity with such an offer.

But who is Hakuna, King of Yusra?

He knew the horrors of greed better than anyone.

And what he’d learned from watching Ho-Yeol.

Hakuna coldly dismissed all the tempting offers.

“I will not change my mind.”

Only Ho Yeol could change that resolve.

Besides, wasn’t the Kingdom of Yusra a legendary treasure island not so long ago?

In fact, the minerals it harvested could be sold to pay for its reconstruction.

They knew that better than anyone.


Leonie scratched her head.


A scream escaped.

The silent guild members whispered amongst themselves.

“Sis, what’s wrong with you?”

“It’s obvious, she’s thinking about something else.”

“Oh, what’s he thinking?”

The chatter was deafening.

Leonie’s feelings were complex and subtle.

How should she explain it?

“……something is going really well.”

What does it feel like to be in debt in real time?

She wasn’t talking about material debt.

What Leonie felt was an emotional debt.

Yes, as the guild members had said, it was the fever.

“Why? What the hell? Ugh.”

It was too much of a reward for a simple favor, wasn’t it?

It didn’t make sense to pay him for the help he’d given.

Leonie bit down on her fingernails.

“What? He’s not human, really?”

Maybe I shouldn’t like him so much already.

Leonie pursed her lips and shook her head.

Her first encounter with Ho-yeol came naturally.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, he’s a b*tch.”

The one who wouldn’t share a cup of tea.

He couldn’t have done this for nothing.

Leonie tugged at a stray hair.

“What would you take from ……?

Something from himself.

Is there anything Ho-yeol lacks……?

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t think of anything.

So I thought, “Just in case.”


Leonie’s hand stopped running through her hair.

“……No, no, no, really?”

……Is that tea that precious?

That you can’t even give me a cup?

No, you can’t.

‘What kind of tea is it?’

Leonie thought about it, then shook her head vigorously.

Then he turned and shouted.

“F*ck, this is all because of you!”

“……What do you mean, all of a sudden?”

“Sis, what’s wrong, are you hysterical?”

Leaving the dumbfounded guild members behind.

Leonie was in agony again.

” …… When do you pay your debts and when do you get your ass kicked?”

“Get what? Oh, you mean the car?”

“Sh*t up.”

“Sis, can’t you just ask for it, buy it, and eat it?”

“That’s not the same as buying it. What do you know?!”

“…… I don’t know whose sister you are, but this is the real deal.”




“Hyung, what do you think?”

Nam Tae-min asked his older brother, Nam Chul-min.

Brothers don’t have to say much to be understood.

“I just think about how to pay him back, that’s all.”

Arcana’s official website.

The newly updated guild rankings.

The brothers double-checked their ranking.


1. Shining (-)

2. Heavenly Unification (-)

3. Gaon (+2)

4. bohemian (-1)

5. inazuma (-1)…….


The guild rankings have risen by a whopping two spots.

Not only have you surpassed Inazuma, but you’re now in third place.

The brothers could have been dancing with joy, but they were calm.

“Let’s take it as a sign to do better.”

They realized that it was Ho-yeol, not them, who was responsible for their rise in the rankings. It makes them giddy to think about it. If they hadn’t met Ho-yeol, they would have never made it to the top of the rankings…….

“None of this would be happening, and my brother wouldn’t be here.”

From that beginning until now.

I felt like I’ve been receiving nothing from Ho-yeol.

How can I repay him?

The thought made his eyes water.

Nam Tae-min steeled his resolve.

“Let’s finish the rebuilding of the Yusra Kingdom that Mr. Ho-yeol entrusted to us. Brother!”

But Nam Chul-min’s expression was serious.

His gaze was still fixed on the monitor.

Nam Tae-min also looked at the monitor, wondering what was going on, and then frowned.

“…… You as*holes. Are you starting to get f*cked up again?”


[At this time, the National Assembly said] “Entering the third place in the guild rankings, something to really celebrate…… But it’s a shame about the non-cooperation with the Shinhwa Guild…… It’s times like this that we should join forces…….”


Terrible press play.

It wasn’t just one or two times.

Mythic Guild.

It was no secret that they had close ties to the political world.

It’s so blatant that even netizens have noticed.

-Here comes the hate again, Shinhwa assholes.

-They’re not good at it, so they’ll do anything.

-Why does Gaon have to lead them?

From simple profanity.

There were also comments that raised serious questions.

-If you’re a politician, why are you so desperate that you can’t hit the Mythic Shield?

Nam Chul-min, who was reading the comments together, spoke up.

“This is a bit out of line.”

“I agree one hundred percent. But I don’t understand.”


“No, I mean, how did those Shinhwa bastards get hold of those old guys? Well, I’ve been hearing rumors for a while that they’ve been pulling shit for a long time……. They’ve been a little too blatant lately, haven’t they?”

“I hear and see.”

Nam Chul-min nodded at his brother’s point.

How image-conscious are politicians?

Even if they were well paid, their recent behavior was beyond comprehension.

It’s a reaction, just look at the angry comments.

I can’t believe they continue to perpetuate myths in the face of such public sentiment.

Nam Tae-min clenched his fist.

“It’s the little things that bother me. Really.”

If this was Arcana, I’d just leave the guild. I said.

“I would’ve just left them alone!”


A fist in the air.

Nam Tae-min’s mouth twitches in disappointment.

Nam shrugged.

“Whatever it is, we need to make sure of one thing.”

“Huh? Like what?”

“That you don’t start a fire with Ho-yeol.”

“Oh, that’s obvious, but it’s ridiculous. Really?”

Tae-min laughed heartily.

“You guys have it all wrong, Shinwa, politicians, whatever. In the end, it was Ho-yeol who defeated the Great Evil, and all we did was spoon-feed him.”

“I know. I’m sick to death of it, too. Tae-min.”

The great evil, the Seven Sins of Greed.

Ho-yeol’s power over a level 650 monster.

But the world didn’t know the truth of that day.

If you’re frustrated, watch this.

He wanted to show the world a video of Ho Yeol’s battle.

“At first, I was worried about what would happen if his battle patterns were analyzed……. Actually, there was nothing to worry about. I’ve never seen him use a skill like that before.”

Competent analyst Nam Chul-min.

Ho-yeol had hunted the beast with a skill that even he didn’t know about.

The moment this recording is released.

the world will be turned upside down once again.


“No matter what, Ho-yeol’s condition is the most important thing.”

“Right. Speaking of which, should I leave a text?”

“Text? Why don’t we talk face to face?”

Ho-yeol is too busy.

Even if he stayed in the Kingdom of Yusra, it was hard to see Ho-yeol’s face.

Nam Chul-min folded his fingers and checked Ho-yeol’s routine.

“First of all, you’re on a quest at the Magic Tower, so the morning is gone. In the afternoon, come to the Kingdom of Yusra and visit……. But wait, now that I think about it, Ho-Yeol, you’ve been hanging out with Harkon a lot lately, haven’t you?”

Knight Commander Lionheart, Harkon.

Nam Tae-min asked curiously.

“……Another quest? Oh, you don’t think so? There’s no connection at all. Mr. Ho-yeol is a mage, and Mr. Harkon is a knight.”

“Well, I don’t know, let’s go for it. Tae-min.”

“Ugh! What if my brother says that too?!”

Nam Tae-min screams in frustration.

I got my crotch ripped open trying to chase a stork……!




I can’t see the growth in numbers with the skills.

But I can see it with my eyes.


My swordsmanship is noticeably sharper.

I’ve been training to the death for days, and it’s paying off.

I fall into a short reminiscence with an expressionless face.

‘It was literally a real struggle, really…….’

Once again, I realized the value of the [Natural Enemy Relationship].

A life-and-death battle with a level 300 monster.

I couldn’t say it, but it wasn’t easy, really.

“Your growth rate is unbelievable. Lord Ho Yeol!”

Harkon spat out in pure admiration.

“No way…….”

Not only Harkon, but also Yessica and Enoch, who were also sword users, looked surprised.

Yeah, they didn’t think so.

They hadn’t realized that the faint sword energy had reached their level.

“I wish you would recognize my student.

Sword energy thickens on a battlefield where life and death are at stake.

What do those words mean?

It means that this kingdom of Yusra is a battlefield of life and death for me.

At least at level 300 and as high as level 400!

Every single monster that roamed the land was a formidable foe.

‘There was no such thing as a struggle…….’

Those guys.

Without [Natural Enemy] triggered.

Defeating them with just swordsmanship?

It was impossible, even if he emitted sword energy.

Strength and agility stats.

Maybe if I had some physical strength.

‘Maybe later, but not now.

The reality was that he was drained of stamina before he could unleash his sword energy……! That’s why he was struggling to manifest his 『magic』.

‘It was lousy, really.

Of course, I wouldn’t say that with my own mouth.


I sheathed my sword in its scabbard and spoke nonchalantly.

“That was an excellent lesson. Lord Harkon.”

I had learned all there was to learn.

Harkon shook his head at the brazen declaration.

“What have I taught you? All I have done is give you a little nudge to awaken your talent with the sword, Yessica, Enoch. Do you see?”

Harkon looked at the two knights and ranted.

It was a kind of spiritualism.

“Even Sir Ho-Yeol, a man of such talent, cultivated his swordsmanship in combat. What does that mean? It doesn’t matter the circumstances. What matters is this mindset……!”

There’s a reason he talks to me so well.

“We’re both as*holes.

One is formal, the other is mental.

If I listened any longer, I’d lose my mind.

I left the room.

It was time to leave the office.

As I headed to the portal, my phone vibrated.

“Nam Tae-min?

Gaon’s guild master.

I was about to check his text.

Someone spoke up.

“Hello, you must be Mr. Lee Ho-yeol from the Maeil Business Daily. I’m reporter Jung Man-seok. I know it’s rude, but I have a quick question for you!”

Like I said.

An as*hole who values formality.

From his first words, my mood was set.

Purely out of curiosity.

I pointed it out.

Why do humans keep repeating the same mistakes?

“As a fellow Korean citizen……. And the day the Kingdom of Yusra was revealed to the world. I would like to ask Mr. Lee Ho-yeol, who was also there, one question. What do you think about the growing voices of criticism against Gaon……?”

Jung Man-seok was trembling as he asked the question.

Yes, I’m different from ordinary players.

The reason why I was able to be free from the media was all thanks to my tough personality.

There’s no way he doesn’t know that.

That’s why he swallowed his nerves and spoke to me.

“I think I know what you mean.”

He was criticizing Gaon.

As did other media agencies.

I’m guessing the Korean Daily is paid for by the Shinhwa Guild.

This wasn’t some kind of crap that only those in the know knew.

“It’s a blatant push.”

It was an obvious trick, one that could be seen by simply reading the news and comments on the Internet.

I looked at Jung Man-seok.

Fear was in his pupils.

‘I know how you feel,’ I said.

If it’s from above, you can’t help but lay it down.

Even if you don’t want to, you have to.

That’s the woe of an office worker.

So I opened my mouth.

“Tell him right away.”

It wasn’t an act of compassion.

It was simply unacceptable.

The Shinhwa Guild, whatever.

For their own gain.

Behind the scenes.

Manipulating people and the media.

We cannot stand by and let it happen.

“I don’t care who it is. Do you want something from the kingdom of Yusra, and if so, don’t be so mean as to hide it. And don’t play ridiculous games.”

Such behavior was the complete opposite of nobility.

I said coldly.

“Show yourself in front of me.”


“I have full authority over him.”


The sin of losing my temper.

Even the Three Great Sins would not be enough.




A few hours later.

The world was turned upside down once again.

“……, it’s a true story. This video?!”

Nam said.

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