◈ Chapter 44. A series of surprises (1)

Harkon said.

-You must walk the path of the sword.

But that’s because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

“His innate magical talent was such that he could mimic any magic he saw. And the physical potential to match.”


The setting of Grandfell was a combination of everything that was good at the time.

It would be a waste of talent to give up either one.

Of course, I can’t afford to give up either……!

‘One well short of the line.’

It was the Demon Hunter, his beloved and hated class.

As I said, except when hunting demons, he was missing not one, but several screws.

A class whose ambiguous performance led to ambiguous stat allocation.

It’s a vicious cycle.


The downside of being nowhere special.

I’ll turn that disadvantage.

I’ll turn it into the advantage of having no weaknesses.

I had set my sights on it.

Above all, I had the talent of the Grandfell.

That’s why I chose him.

[Silvery Mane Leopard: Lv.300]

Level 300.

It wasn’t one of the strongest monsters in the Yusra Kingdom.

But I was only level 226.

Considering the level difference.

It would be impossible for me to defeat it alone.

Not to mention the fact that I hadn’t even triggered Natural Enemy.

Most of all, I was missing a screw.

Why did I choose to go up against him?

It was simply pride.

“Your cheekiness is no different than a cat’s.”

He bared his teeth first.

He showed his fangs to me before I did.

It’s just a way of putting things together.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t like cats.”


I drew my training sword.

It was a training sword, so the blade was dull, but it was a rare item, so its attack power was not inferior to swords of the same level. Besides, I had sword energy.


I felt like I became one with the sword.

I slowly raised my sword energy.

……to kill.

A faint glow appeared on my sword, and I felt my stamina drain away.

But my stance doesn’t waver.

“You’re pretty calm for someone with your tail between your legs.”


Do animals understand my words?

The silver-maned leopard roared wildly.

But it wasn’t going to be easy.

Perhaps it was because of this impenetrable stance.

“But I can’t afford to wait for him to lower his tail.”

Not exactly stamina……!

If it won’t come to me, this is the only way to go.

But I didn’t move a step from my seat.

“Staying on topic, that’s one thing I’m good at.

I don’t care if you say you’ve realized swordsmanship.

I won’t be able to defeat him with my sword skills alone.

Unless he’s got some sort of natural enmity triggered.

‘That’s just a matter of looking at his stats.

Two stats that affect swordsmanship.

[Strength and Dexterity.]

I spent all my leveling points on magic.

Even with stats boosted by class quests, you’re still going to lag behind other swordsman classes at the same level in absolute numbers.

“The moment I make a rash move, I’ll be hit back.

You’ll get your head bitten off in an instant.

That’s what the level 74 gap was like.


‘I knew that, and that’s why I went through all that trouble. I did!’

As I said, I don’t intend to sell you just one well.


An immediate manifestation of magic.

The possible reason was that the interfering object was a stone.

I don’t have to go through the trouble of searching for it.

I was familiar with the stones of this Yusra Kingdom.

Kya, kya-ling-?

A gushing stone pillar.

The panicked creature scrambled back and forth.

So he didn’t get it.

“I wish I could have understood you when you were saying nice things.”


I realize the distance between us is closing.

I maintain my stance and refine my sword.

“I must end this as quickly as possible.

I was in no position to slack off now.

I could see it in my energy consumption.

I could have had dozens of stone pillars erupting at the same time and still be fine.

‘…… You’re really far from done.

Now, with the screws out.

Just dealing with a few stone pillars was causing a noticeable decrease in my power.

Once again, I realize the importance of the temple teeth.

If it weren’t for the [Sixth Sight Brooch], I’d already have to worry about depleting my magic.


The leopard approaches me, drifting against the rising stone pillar.

I steadied my breathing and raised my sword.

My breathing and stride mimicked Harkon’s behavior.

Therefore, there is no room for error.


By the time I realized it, it was too late.


A diagonal slash.

The faintly blackened blade meets the leopard.

A sensation on my fingertips.


It wasn’t an illusion.

The blade was indeed vibrating.

At the same time, Harkon’s words echoed in my head.

-On the battlefield, where life and death are at stake, the sword’s power grows stronger and takes on its own color.

From now on, you must learn by doing.

I thought I understood why Harkon had said that.

I knew what that little tremor was.

I could recognize it.

“……Your sword is growing.

This must be due to Grandfell’s talent.

It was a moment of realization.


The leopard trotted across the floor…….

What the hell?

……No way, is he dead?

I looked back at the battle in disbelief.

‘I manifested a stone pillar to lure it away.

But the pillar didn’t do any direct damage.

There was no reason to draw my sword.

I lured it in, and only once.

I slashed at it with my sword.

Then it fell with a thud……!

‘Even so.

Even if the sword is the pinnacle of swordsmanship.

Is this even possible?

My combined strength and agility is only 70.

But as if to prove it was real.

A message pops up.

[You’ve leveled up].

At ……, I couldn’t help but get excited again.

That lofty goal, maybe it’s possible?

But there was no joy on my face.

Even this is natural to me.

As if to say so.

I checked the spoils of war.

[Pure Silver Hair]

[Rank: Magic]

[Limit: None]

[Effect: None]

[Description: It looks like fur, but its essence is pure silver. Because it is silver, it has no absolute value, but it may become highly valued depending on its use].

Pure silver.

As the description says, it could be useful depending on its use.

It wasn’t immediately obvious.

He had just witnessed a possibility that was more valuable than loot.

‘Still, it’s not an easy road.


His hands trembled like a maniac.

It was the after-effects of the sword energy.

“Nevertheless, I have no choice but to follow sword path.”

It was the only way to keep from sinking into pride.

Besides, hadn’t I already witnessed its potential?

‘Sword energy is nurtured on the battlefield where life and death are at stake…….’

A whopping 74-level gap right now.

For me, every battle was a life-and-death battlefield.


I thought, faster than I expected.

Maybe I could reach that goal?

I thought about it for a moment.

I opened my mouth, shamelessly.

“Not bad for a warm-up.”

Yes, one day this bravado will become reality.

I’m just scared of who might hear me, really.

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Shadow Mercenaries.

One of the three largest mercenary organizations on the continent of Arcana.

But now that they’ve been summoned to the world of adventurers.

What’s the point of having a reputation that’s long gone?


The leader of the Shadow Mercenaries, Kichi, stretched.

“Still, this place smells a bit like home.”


He let go of his ponytail.

Kichi felt a new sensation.

Her long, black hair fluttered in the wind.

“Who knew, really.”

The Yusra Islands, the treasure island of legend!

It had been at the top of the Shadow Mercenaries’ request list for generations, and she would find it in the world of adventurers.

Kichi ran a hand through his hair and smiled.

“B*tch, I need to get paid.”

He was joking, of course.

Mercenaries were sensitive to rumors.

That was true even in the world of adventurers.

Kichi was talking about the Yusra Islands.

No, he knew the truth about the Kingdom of Yusra.

“So it was an ancient kingdom?”

It had reappeared, along with its king.

The Shadow Mercenaries.

When you’re the leader, you hear a lot of rumors and requests you wouldn’t believe……. but this was one of the biggest.

I mean, the mercenaries, the whole gang, came to me.

“But where did they all go, you guys?”

The small elite, the Shadow Mercenaries.

There were only ten of them.

Still, it’s a bit much for them to scatter as soon as they arrive, don’t you think?!

In the end, it was Kichi, the leader, who suffered.

She bit her well-toned lower lip.

” …… I’m not used to this.”

Why had Kichi come to the Kingdom of Yusra?

It was simple.

He was planning to make Yusra a base for the Shadow Mercenaries, and he didn’t mean a base on the continent of Arcana.

“Things are different now than then, aren’t they?

The Shadow Mercenaries were open to any request.

For them, a base was just a temporary home that they could abandon at any time.

But now that they’ve been summoned to the world of adventurers.

They could no longer live like that.

“A fresh start!”

There was no chance for a clean slate.

Businesses, debts, even grudges!

The shackles that held the Shadow Mercenaries together had been summoned, leaving them all behind on the continent of Arcana.

Of course, I was also summoned with the mercenary organization’s funds in a secret vault……….

“……Anyway, a fresh start!”

Wasn’t the Kingdom of Yusra an ancient kingdom that was just beginning to rebuild?

Kichi had grandiose dreams.

The Shadow Mercenaries were credited with founding the Kingdom of Yusra!

Easy money you don’t even have to look at!

Kichi’s eyes turned golden.

“……I’ll give it a try, even if I’m not familiar with it.”

Kichi was going to meet with the King of the Kingdom of Yusra.

He was confident in his abilities.

Of course, he had some rivalry with the Knights of the Lionheart.

“Let’s get along well with the people from our hometown. shall we.”

The Shadow Mercenaries had common sense.

As well as the Knights of the Lionheart.

They didn’t have a grudge against the Empire.

There wasn’t much reason for the Knights of the Lionheart to antagonize them.

Of course, there had to be adventurers.

“Ah, well, at least they’re not competitors~”

Maybe in the future.

For now, the adventurers weren’t much of a threat…….

That was what I thought until just now.

“……What is that?!”

For a moment, Kichi’s wide eyes narrowed.

I must have been looking at the wrong ……, right?

After being stuck in the middle of the dense buildings, he finally saw a view that looked like home.

I’m pretty sure my eyeballs have been knocked out of my head.

But when I squinted and looked closely, it was clear.

A faint light emanating from a sword.

That was definitely Sword Energy.

Kichi was genuinely shocked.

“……It’s an adventurer, isn’t it?!

The adventurer was emitting sword energy.

This is why I have no choice but to take back what I just said!

Still, let’s approach him just to be sure.

‘Don’t get too close.’

If it’s a sword energy user.

His senses would be even more acute.

Who knows, it might even be able to detect his concealment.

Nudge, nudge, nudge.

Kichi approached with breathlessness.

And he saw.

An even more unbelievable sight……!


It was certain.

That was a sword.

But what was that pillar rising from the ground?

“That’s magic, no matter how you look at it!

Emitting sword energy.

At the same time, it’s manifesting that level of magic?

An adventurer?!

“Not bad for a warm-up opponent.”

He hadn’t given it his all either.

Even if he spoke in front of the troupe, they wouldn’t believe him.

But what was in front of me was real.

And Kichi could recognize it.

‘… … The sword has noticeably thickened.’

The unbelievable rate of growth.

It was a wake-up call.

He looked at the adventurer, the man.

“Who the hell are you?”

An adventurer of his caliber.

Surely his name would be known on the continent of Arcana.

There were no adventurers like him that Kichi knew of.

‘……That’s a good thing.’

He was right to come to the Kingdom of Yusra so quickly.

If he’d waited any longer, the adventurer who’d popped out of nowhere might have taken over the position as the country’s first official!

Kichi hurried his steps.

“Hurry up!”

To a brilliant new start.

To a life of honestly earning and spending.

The Shadow Mercenaries will remain loyal to the Kingdom of Yusra.

To make their intentions known, they ran toward the Golden Palace.

“……Whoever you are, don’t ever let us see you again.”

An adventurer whose name makes me shudder just thinking about it.

Under the authority of that adventurer, Ho Yeol.

Unaware that the future of the Shadow Mercenaries lay in…….

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The after-effects of Sword Energy.

The body that had become exhausted thanks to the sword energy did not recover easily.

I literally felt drained.

……I really don’t want to get out of bed.

“There’s no such thing as time off at Magic Tower.”

But this body that lives and dies by formality and etiquette.

I can’t break a promise.

Upon arrival at the Magic Tower, I head to the floating garden.

The floating garden.

The Matap, the only social center.

It lived up to its name.

It was also an unrealistic landscape.

The overgrown flowers and grasses were too beautiful.

I aesthetically appreciated the scene to the fullest.

But then.

There was a shape that seemed out of place.

It was black, as if it had been painted with ink.

It was a middle-aged man who didn’t look like he belonged in a colorful floating garden.

I had a feeling.

It was the senior mage of the Black Mages.

Mathis Dean Karl.

As we approached, his attire became even more impressive.

Most impressive were the rings on his ten fingers.

Every single one of them must be a magical tool.

“Those jeweled things look expensive.”

I turned to face the man.

I wanted to get straight to the point.

Most of all, I wanted to get rid of the annoying Matisse from the floating garden.

Aesthetics are so tired.


It was then.

The gem in Matisse’s ring began to glow.

For a moment, the gem turned black.

It was not jet black, but an otherworldly black.

I didn’t say anything, but I couldn’t help but stare.

It’s pressure control, what is it?

But it didn’t seem to be a pressure control.


Matisse was even more surprised than I was.

He looked at the tarnished gem and muttered.

“What is this sensitivity……?”


What the hell does that mean?

Whatever it is, I asked nonchalantly.

“Senior Wizard, Mathis Dean Karl.”


“Does the ring have anything to do with your appointment?”


He raised his teacup.

“Answer wisely.”

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