◈ Chapter 43. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a sword. (3)

I take a moment to sip my tea and check my emotions.


I put the teacup down.

In essence, it was like this.

“It’s a shame.”

First of all, there was no way to lower the level limit of an item in the Magic Tower.

[Vampire Count’s Orb]

[Rank: Unique]

[Limit: Lv.400]

[Effect: When attacking, has a high chance to deal additional damage].

[Description: An orb filled with vampire blood that bursts out whenever it comes into contact with magic, dealing damage to the target].

Each attack has a high chance to deal additional damage.

I realized it might be a good match for me.

“Because magic can be a creative outlet.

Imagine shattering a chunk of stone into small pieces.

Imagine throwing it at an enemy.

Imagine throwing it at an enemy, and each little chunk would do extra damage.

The damage would be more than doubled.

I asked for an appraisal to see if I could salvage the effect.

“Level 400 is too far away.

I’m only level 226.

“I’m out of luck.

When I thought that, my eyes naturally went to the postscript.

-“The [Vampire Earl’s Orb] has effects that are hard to find in the Magic Tower, and I doubt that its disparate effects are related to the Demonic Tool. Therefore, I am formally requesting to borrow the [Vampire Count’s Orb] for research purposes.

“A borrowing request?”

Demonic items were certainly not common.

Moreover, the [Vampire Count’s Orb] was of a high level.

I didn’t think long about it.


I immediately scribbled a feather pen on the parchment.

I will accept your request.

Regardless of its immediate effect, it was only an inventory item for me, and above all, the Magic Tower wouldn’t eat it.


“To everything there is give and take.”

Yes, there is give and take.

I glanced down at the brooch.

” …… they must have something else to say.

When I asked to return the Sixth Sense brooch, just in case.

Maybe if I offered him the [Vampire Count’s Orb], he could put it off somehow?

Considering the level of magic tools in the magic tower, it’s possible they’ll just forget about it.

‘It’s my loss, but I’ll forgive you until level 400. Be generous.

Who knows?

Maybe some good research will come out of it and benefit me.

Let go of that unrealistic expectation.

Let’s move on.

[Pure Emerald Crystal].

A material item that can be crafted to fit my needs.

As expected, it’s a Magic Tower.

But not before crafting.

There was a description of what it would do.

-As a result of appraisal, it is confirmed that it grants the effect [When hit, recover health].

Once upon a time, when Arcana was a game.

How a magic tower could take players’ money.

I could see why.

“You can see the effect before you craft it!”

It meant you could craft the right gear for the right effect.

There was a reason players were spending so much money on those things.

I can’t believe I’m getting this advanced service for free.

“It doesn’t hurt to feel like a little bit of a winner.

On hit, heal.

Most of all, I liked the universality of the effect.

It’s not really a class-specific effect.

‘Thinking about buying it back later…….’

It’s definitely better to craft it as a [Trinket].

The appraisal results also recommended crafting [Trinket].

I’ll be able to wear it right away and the level cap will be at my level.

“I suppose I shouldn’t hesitate.”

I take a moment to pick up the feather pen again.

The last item, [Island Treasure, Giant Lava Carp Scale Silk].

I checked the results of the appraisal I was most curious about.

[Island Treasure, Scale Silk of the Giant Lava Carp]

[Rank: Unique]

[Limit: None]

[Effect: When crafted, grants the crafted item increased Fire Affinity / increased Evasion Chance / opened Aesthetic Stat].

[Description : It is a silk that cannot be exchanged for a gem of the same weight. It is so rare that no one would dare to estimate its value].

What I was most curious about.

It was the [Aesthetic] stat.

“I searched the internet, but it didn’t come up.

I was sure that Magic Tower would know about it.

But it was a surprise.


……Matap doesn’t know about it?

The parchment clearly said ‘unconfirmed and unknown ability’.

It’s like him to seek the unknown and the truth.

[As with the Orb of the Vampire Count, there was a note.]

It was a polite request for a borrowing.

Yes, you’re curious.

An unknown ability.

Only when I see the effects of [Aesthetics] will that intuition be resolved.


“I’m sorry.”

I guess I can’t concede on this one.

“This is for survival, not research……!

Of course, the lower the level cap, the lower the absolute performance of the equipment.

Who am I to choose between cold and hot?

Whatever it is.

If it was going to be of any use, I had to make it and use it.

And above all, the aesthetics of the Grandfell.

“I’ve already decided where to use it.”

His high mind had already thought of what to make with the scaly silk from the very beginning. Soon, my eyes drifted to the empty pockets of my jacket.


I finally scribbled a reply on a piece of parchment.


[Vampire Count’s Orb] – On Lending

[Pure Emerald Crystal] – Jewelry Making

[Island Treasure, Giant Lava Carp Scale Silk] – Crafting Hankerchiefs



‘……I never would have guessed.

A handkerchief.

After all, it was an item that could be both formal and aesthetically pleasing. If only it could be made to have a plausible effect.

“What, you don’t know what you’re getting until you see it?

The effect of the [aesthetic] stats.

That wasn’t up to me.

All I can do is.

Just a few words as a postscript.

-I want the best results, no matter the cost.


That’s very me.

-I expect nothing less from you.


. https://pindangscans.com


…… Anyway, I thought something was missing.

Mathis Dinkarl!

I had forgotten about that message from the senior wizard.

I checked it out in hindsight.


I would have felt better if you’d given me a proof like [Sage’s Boredom]. Isn’t that just a simple favor?

-……I’ll be waiting for you in the floating garden.

Of course, I didn’t recognize him or know what he was doing.

In a broad sense, we’re coworkers, aren’t we?

Technically, I’m an irregular temp, but whatever.

“Are they still waiting?

I can’t believe I’m reading an internal message instead of going to an appointment.

“Wait, if it’s a floating garden…….

It was the social center of the tower.

It wasn’t hard to find.

Among the books in the lab was a book on the structure of the tower.

Of course, that’s where I got my prior knowledge of the social hall.


I sat at my desk and didn’t move an inch.

Anyway, you temperamental, procedure-oriented bastard!

There was no flexibility in it.

Not even with coworkers, unless it was a mutually agreed upon appointment.

Even if you’re waiting a long time at the meeting place.

There was no reason to meet.

I thought again.

‘No matter how much I think about it…….

It was an act of kindness that I quit my job!

I can’t follow his instructions.

Imagine me fighting against my boss.

Even his hair is silver.

“……I can’t even imagine it.

I’m sorry for Mathis, who’s waiting, but it can’t be helped.

He’s stubborn.

I know this from experience.

He refuses to do interviews.

I’ve had players go through etiquette training.

I could go on and on, but I’ll leave you with the experience…….

-That’s awkward.

It was.

Just four letters.

That was my response.

But then I remembered the words on the parchment.

-Is tomorrow afternoon free?

He replied as if he didn’t care about the rejection.

At this point, I wondered what the purpose was.

Senior wizard, surely you’re going to ask me about my credentials.

I raised my quill.

-That’s a problem too.

But that, too, is troubling.

Afternoon appointment.

I was scheduled for swordsmanship training.

Once again, I conveyed my refusal.

But this time, the reply was immediate.

-What about the next morning?

…… It’s not like I’m going to be able to get up until then, right?

I can see why Zhuge Liang’s mind was made up.

Of course, Grandfell’s stubbornness was no match for Zhuge Liang’s.

He wasn’t swayed by sentiment, but simply by the fact that the appointment had been moved to the morning.

“I’ll be at the pagoda in the morning anyway.

It seems like the positions of Gak and Eul have changed.

I opened my mouth as if it was obvious.

“I can meet you in the morning.”

……Yes, I’m good. I am.



I grip the sword.


Swing the sword.

Repeat the sequence of actions.

“Damn you, demon hunter.”

Unfortunately, simply repeating an action does not create a [skill].

In Arcana, skills were the preserve of each class.

“You don’t get what you work for.

Even if it’s not necessarily a class-specific skill.

It meant that skills from other classes were generally unattainable.

But I do know.

There’s something else that can’t be explained by a skill.

That there is something else.

“Magic was one of those things.


I think this sword technique is one of them.


I stared at the light emanating from the sword.

My suspicions were confirmed.

“It won’t be easy, but I want you to think of yourself as one with the sword.”

There was no understanding, no deep realization.

“You are the sword, the sword is you…… Huh?!”

Intuitive learning, like magic.

Just watching and doing.

I was able to radiate sword energy as well.

Harkon was stunned.

” ……, no way, I didn’t think that was truly possible!”

Of course, my sword energy paled in comparison to Harkon’s.

More accurately, it was faint.

Even compared to Yesica and Enoch’s, it paled in comparison.

“Lord Ho-Yeol, do you even realize how great this is!”

Harkon exclaimed, his excitement evident.

But even if he didn’t put it that way, I could still feel it to a certain extent, because I was experiencing how amazing sword skills were.

‘……I can see why he focused on physical strength.

I said, “I can see why you focused on physical strength.

I could totally understand that.

I feel like my stamina is being sliced away with a stick……!

I could feel the sweat running down my spine just by emitting the Sword Energy.

The feeling of physical fatigue accumulating in real time was a bonus.

I was suddenly aware of reality.

‘It’s like skipping an intermediate step.


It must be something close to the pinnacle of swordsmanship.

I’ve filled it with poison from the bottom.

It’s going to be extremely draining, whether it’s stamina or whatever.

Add to that my level.

I’m only level 226.

That’s a huge gap between me and level 430 Yesica and level 400 Enoch, let alone Harkon.

The difference in strength and agility?

I don’t think we need to talk about that anymore.

I’ve been spending all my points on mana.

But I don’t let that stop me.

I’ll make up for it.

I already knew that.

“……Class Quest!

It was the perfect solution to boost my health, strength, and agility stats at the same time.

So I don’t feel bad about it.

I drew my sword and said shamelessly.

“The sun is unusually warm today.”

Using the weather as an excuse, I wiped away the sweat.

……It’s a trick when you’re this shameless.

Harkon’s rant didn’t end there.

“I’ve been convinced before, but only today can I say it with confidence. Lord Ho-Yeol, you must walk the path of the sword. What’s with the five fingers? At least on the continent, within three fingers……!”

After talking for a while, Harkon said.

“In fact, I suppose it’s safe to say I have nothing to teach you.”

Wait, what does that mean?

It’s only been a few days, and he’s already done!

Where else am I going to find a teacher like him?

“There’s still ……. No, I have so much more to learn!

Regardless of whether I had mastered the sword technique or not, I felt a sense of injustice.

I was tempted to show him my broken foundation.

But thankfully, I didn’t have to.

“From now on, you’ll learn in real life.”

“Real life.”

“Yes, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The kingdom of Yusra is full of demons, and in a life-or-death battle, the sword will become even more powerful and take on its own unique color.”

Aha, so that’s what he meant.

I guess I shouldn’t feel sorry for myself, then.

Even so, I wondered to myself.

“What if Natural Enemy wasn’t triggered?”

How much power do I have?

I honestly didn’t have high hopes.

After all, I knew my subject.

I knew my class.

Demon hunter.

Except when hunting demons.

A class that seems to be missing a few screws.

By the way.



I looked at the falling monster and thought.

This is what I expected, and more.

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