Chapter 418 – Fight

◈ Episode 418. Fight

Power moves.

“If it’s him…….”

“Your Majesty also highly evaluated Sir Hoyeol.”

“Sir Harkon, thank you for making the first move.”

There is a glimmer of joy on the faces of the courtiers. However it is Joan, the Imperial Maid of Honor, who is the most despairing of all. Joan strode through the palace with a brisk pace.

“Sir Harkon…….”

Force to defend the Empire?

Political power that spanned the Arcana continent?

A personality to lead people?


“You said it was pride……?”

Unfortunately, she didn’t have the sense to recognize the great thing. At best, it was Joan’s job to manage the palace maids and serve the Imperial family.

She bit her lip.

‘……I can’t follow.’

Adventurer, Lee Hoyeol.

The status is well known.

If it weren’t for him, the Empire would have fallen long before it did.

Especially when the rebels led by Sword Saint marched on Antonium.

Without his salvation, he…….

‘Would have been beheaded and his body never found.’

She noticed the rising tide at the imperial palace.

In her head, she already knew.

His Majesty the Emperor has passed away, and His Majesty the Empress, as well as His Majesty the Prince, will be estranged from power. Meanwhile, the forces had returned to the Empire, and the Knights of Lionheart were appointing the adventurer as the new emperor.

Joan muttered.

“……I’ll be lucky if I don’t get kicked out of the palace.”

No, she thought more soberly.

There will be a new Emperor in the future.

Why would he spare the prince who would be a threat to him?


At that thought, Joan’s pace quickened.



She opened the door to the private chamber and saw.

It was the prince who was sleeping soundly and the empress who was taking care of him next to him.

The Empress replied in a low voice.

“He fell asleep a little while ago, exhausted from crying.”

The corners of the empress’s eyes were slightly wet as she spoke.

Perhaps she has heard the news from the Emperor.

The Empress turns to Joan, who stops dead in her tracks.

“I take it the situation has been resolved?”


“It’s been four long days.”

The Empress looks relieved.

Not wanting to break the peace, Joan opened her mouth.

Yes, it was all for the Empress and the Crown Prince’s safety.

“More than that, we need to evacuate.”


“I am deeply concerned for your safety……!”

She didn’t want to say it.

But she had no choice.

Joan explained the situation succinctly.

The Empress has grown up like a plant in a greenhouse. I was worried that she would be shocked. I was wrong. The Empress nodded, her expression unchanged after hearing the whole story.

“So, that’s what happened.”

“Yes, that’s why you should avoid it!”

His Majesty the Crown Prince was the belated fruit of the efforts of the two of them.

Only five years old this year.

That was why Joan was determined to leave the palace in a hurry.

“Now that His Majesty has closed his eyes, unable to complete the succession to the throne. He doesn’t have enough reason to claim the throne. I know it’s not easy for you, but please wait until he’s grown up……!”

At his age, you are no more than a child.

He’s the blood of Seric Rose.

One day, when he’s old enough.

He will have the power to take back the empire.

Joan had already made up her mind.

“Until then, I will take care of you both.”


“You needn’t feel sorry for me, Empress.”


She walked alone through the crowded palace to her chambers. But she’ll need to pack a few things. Joan had just turned to leave the palace when the Empress summoned her.

The Empress stopped her.

“Hasn’t he already gone to his private room?”

……Of course!

If it’s him.

Lee Hoyeol, that Adventurer……?

“What?! More than that, Empress, are you safe?”

The Empress smiled gently at the alarmed Joan.

“How could I, in a private room away from the Imperial Palace, have received news of my lord? You have nothing to worry about, Joan. I had it in mind that this day would come one day.”


The Empress had not crumbled at the news.

As a mother of children, she could not be broken.

Suddenly, the Empress’ gaze fell on the table top.

On the table was a dagger for self-defense. The Empress smiled to herself. A dagger like her own would pose no threat to the great Adventurer, Hoyeol. Good thing she picked it up, she thought.


The Empress gripped the dagger with trembling hands.

Hoyeol said to her.

-“Good posture.”

He reminded her of a burden she’d forgotten.

-“You must be wary of everyone from now on.”

Why did she raise her dagger to the empire’s benefactor?

It was because her mind was in turmoil.

Now that my lord has closed his eyes.

She decided that she was the only one who could protect the prince in his bed. Maybe……. giving up her life in the process wasn’t a bad idea.

If she closed her eyes now…….

she thought she could follow him.

But it was a great mistake.

-“You should be suspicious of everyone’s words, including mine. From this hour, you are the sole judge of all judgments. If you allow yourself to be swayed by the words of others, the Empire, its people, and others will be swayed by you.”

-“What is that?”

Hoyeol’s gaze was unconcerned with the dagger.

His gaze was on the bed.

His eyes were warm as he gazed at the sleeping prince.

-“And the prince is no exception.”


Of course, the next words were chilling.

Are those truly the things that a person can protect?

Just hearing it made her feel nauseous from the pressure.

Hoyeol continued.

-“However, if there is someone you can trust.”

The Empress turned to Joan and spat out the rest of Hoyeol’s words.

“For your sake, you may trust anyone who doubts me…….”

“……Empress, what are you talking about all of a sudden?”

“No. It’s nothing, Joan.”

The Empress looked at Joan, who was clearly puzzled.

Her head must be spinning, too.

Fearing for her and the prince’s safety, she had rushed to the private room.

She’s just been told that the one she feared most has already left.

But the empress was just as confused.

‘I have never heard such advice in my life, adventurer.’

Trust those who doubt you, rather?

That is to say.

Adventurer Hoyeol had no interest in becoming Emperor. The prince was not recognized as a crown prince, until he came of age. As empress, she was to fill the emperor’s void.

Suddenly, she remembered the Emperor’s words in passing.

-“It seems like they are talking about a true monarch.”

I didn’t know why he said that at the time…….

A bittersweet smile tugged at the corners of her mouth.

The Empress spoke in a low voice.

“I think I understand a little bit why you said that, Your Majesty.”


What is a Dark Dragon?

For your information, this is not a Black Flame Dragon.

I’m referring to a different kind of Dark Dragon……!

According to the Dragons, Claudi is called a Dark Dragon for a reason. Claudi was the one who watched and orchestrated the Arcana continent from the shadows, from behind the scenes.

‘I’m ashamed. Really.’

At the time, my tastes were pretty much unspeakable. I would only read manga and novels where the main character hid their powers on recommendation.

I don’t know if it was a reflection of my taste or not.

It was thanks to that troubling taste.

‘This time, it saved my life.’

I turned down a position as Emperor that could have been mine.

Yes, the Emperor.

It was a great position.

Me, Lee Hoyeol.

I am a small town citizen who dreamed of a life of wealth but not fame.

Now that Arcana has become a reality.

Can I welcome the position of Emperor of the Empire……!

In that sense.

I’ve never been more pleased to have such a dramatic agreement with Grandfell.

“How dare I say something?”

Harkon had an indescribable look on his face.

It was a reaction I hadn’t expected to hear from him.

“It is true that I am concerned. I do not know if the Empress can handle the weight of the throne, but if that is your judgment, I will trust it.”

As I told the Empress.

I had hoped that in the future, a prince would take the Emperor’s seat.

That is the rule of the Empire.

Of course, considering the Arcana Continent…….

As he grows up, I, the Great Dark Dragon, will have to observe, coordinate, and help the empire without his knowledge. Wouldn’t that be just as tiring as being the Emperor?

‘Even if I’m tired, I should be able to just get over it.’

Did you say five this year?

In the private room, the prince was asleep, exhausted from crying.

Yes, everything was not up to the crown prince’s standards.

The younger prince’s face was a reflection of his age.

My only nephew, Arang.

‘I’ll just say I have another nephew I know.’

Let’s see, given the time difference.

He’ll grow up four times faster than Arang.

But that’s a good thing.

After that, it was added in a moderately Grandfell style of speaking.


I felt like I’d put a lot of pressure on the Empress…….

‘Seeing as she’s got a dagger to me.’

But I’m sure she’ll pull it off bravely, won’t she?

I strolled through the palace, chatting with Harkon about it.

Harkon chuckled.

“I’m sure they’ll all give you a funny look.”

“I see.”

“I could hear their eyeballs rolling. Without mentioning anyone, I was also prepared to fight secretly.”

“That’s very human, not bad.”

“It is. Regardless of their personalities, they are the truest of men when it comes to their hearts for the Empire, for those who are not would have changed their minds and left the Empire long ago.”

Harkon was right.

Either the subjects saw me as the new Emperor, or they didn’t.

They would have thought their choice was for the good of the empire.

‘Just as the Emperor tried to pass the throne to me.’

But my words are the same now as they were then.

‘Let us carry our own burdens, please.’

I am real and Akshan. And because the weight of the Claudi family alone is enough to crush me to the ground……! Soon, Harkon and I reached the top floor of the palace.

Nash, the Imperial Mage in waiting, bowed to us.

“I’ve been expecting you two.”

“I see you are ready.”

“Yes, Sir Harkon.”

I looked at the lined up soldiers.

Each held a horn in his hand.

Yes, as if nothing had happened.

The time had come to deliver the news to the bustling city of Antonium.

Nash nodded.

“We’ll raise the banner, then.”


A pull on the cord, and the Imperial flag rises.


followed by a reverent blast of horns.

With that, everyone in Antonium knew the emperor had died.

The news will reach the recovering Empire.

And not only that.

‘They’ll be salivating.’

The forces that have come back from the Bad Omen, the demons, and even Liu Zunqun himself. With the emperor’s position empty, it was no wonder they would do any harm to the empire.

Really, not everyone can be a nobleman?

Flickering Vision.

[World Quest: Usurper’s Cause]

[World Quest: Age of Magic]

[World Quest: For Chaos]…….

Not just my vision.

It’s in front of every player’s eyes.

A lot of quest messages must have come to mind.

There will be many players who will be tempted by the quest rewards.

‘This smells like the days when Arcana was just a game.’

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the days of the pre-Arcana continent, where players would kill each other for rewards, are back. The only difference is that this time, they’d actually have to risk their lives.

In that sense.

My struggle was just beginning.

The fluttering Imperial flag.

I smoothed down my equally fluttering Dawn jacket.

“You said you were ready for a fight, Harkon.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Perhaps you were right.”

From the shadows.

From behind the scenes.

As Claudi.

The time has come to orchestrate the Arcana continent.

If I were to give a long answer about that, would it only make my snout tremble?

In the end, I finished in Grandfell’s usual style.

“I will present it to you as the infinitely deep darkness.”

……If you can’t really say anything!

“The true darkness that envelops the Arcana continent.”