Chapter 417 – Pandora’s Box (2)

◈ Episode 417. Pandora’s Box (2)

The Emperor’s image and voice drifted through my vision.


An urgent voice was heard at the same time as the bustling footsteps.

“Master Harkon!”

Should I call this a fortunate accident……?


She must have found something in the palace.

Suddenly, Harkon’s gaze turns to me.

The Emperor’s image and voice were only valid to me, the manifestor.

It just stings me for no reason.

That was the end of my manifestation of the 『True Illusion』.

What question did he ask of the Warlord’s library, which was said to answer all questions? Which was supposed to be able to answer all questions, and what was the answer? Why he hide it?

At the last moment, he could smile so brightly……!

‘It’s very ominous.’

This gives me one more reason not to scream myself to death.

I wouldn’t have the courage to face the Emperor in death.

At least.

‘Until I go to my grave in this dark history.’

I must live to see the Emperor’s share.

That was the moment I made up my mind.

I heard someone muttering.

“What on earth is this hideous thing?”

A room in the Imperial Palace.

The entrance was crowded with servants.

Harkon bellowed.

“Will you all please make way?”

“Oooh, Master Harkon!”

“They say this is the room where Pride used to stay.”

Yessica led the way.

Following behind Harkon, I also entered the room.

You’re good at demonic subjects, Pride.

You must have deceived the Emperor with your treatment here.

Harkon gritted his teeth.

“A vile insult.”

Seven vials of blood painted on the outside wall of the room.

The vast expanse of wall was completely covered in blood. Whether it was animal blood, human blood, or demonic blood was unknown, but……. It was enough to cause negative emotions to surge just by looking at it.

Matisse responded to Harkon’s angry mutterings to himself.

“It’s more than an insult, it’s a curse.”

You recognize it, Matisse.

Well, I’m not surprised.

He’d seen curses like this all too often in his travels across the Arcana continent in his quest to establish Black Magic, though with varying degrees of severity.

A Healing School mage.

Bellier was naturally accustomed to blood.

She didn’t seem to mind it.

Bellier, who had been watching them closely, opened her mouth.

“It doesn’t look like it’s a common script on the continent.”

“It’s not enough that he’s insulting His Majesty, he’s insulting the Imperial Palace.”

“It’s not just an insult, for curses always carry intent.”

I nodded at Matisse’s last words.

“Yes, a curse is a message of impure intent.”

From the repetitive quests of the days when Arcana was just a game.

From the curse left by a demon worshipper who was an elder mage.

And then the Understanding Darkness.

I’m no stranger to curses, having faced them myself.

I’m used to pretending now.

So I answered with my usual confidence.

“But this is not a message for the Emperor, nor for you.”

“Then what is it?”

“It’s a message to me.”


It was written clearly in the flashing message from earlier.

[Curses: My one and only flesh and blood]

Grandfell, you’ll never admit it.

To be bound to the same Claudi as this guy.

But don’t be too hard on yourself.

I’m just as disgusted as you are.

I hear the servants chattering.

“The hair is exactly the same, only the length is different.”

“Are you sure they’re the same Claudi?”

“Do you think he might know something about the man……?”

Harkon’s brow twitched.

The corner of his mouth twitches as if he’s about to lash out.

But my response was a little quicker.

I turned to the servants.

“You are right.”

“……, of course!!”

“He was Claudi, too.”

I added sharply.

“And at the same time, a traitor and high criminal to Claudi, who colluded with the Empire’s previous Emperor to bring Claudi to his doom, though he is now my prey.”


The previous Emperor.

Not the emperor that Harkon and the servants here served, but the emperors of generations before him. Yes, there is a time difference between reality and the Arcana Continent, isn’t there?

‘It was ten and several years ago in real time that I suffered from syndrome in my second year of middle school.’

It was decades ago in Arcana time.

By the way, I completely changed the mood with just one word. The eyes of suspicion that were directed at me have gone, and now everyone’s faces don’t know where to focus.

Harkon, of course, was no exception.

“Even though Sir is aware of that fact…….”

No, you’re not mistaken, are you?


I didn’t always know. Why, I suspected there were many forces involved in Claudi’s destruction, but it was only recently that I heard the details.

-“Forgive me for my neglect. Dark Dragon.”

Hatchelings love to talk.

Through Frostnax, a little chick.

When I heard it all, it made sense.

‘Unless the Empire says otherwise.’

The Shadow Mercenaries, public enemies, could not roam the Arcana in broad daylight, nor could the Scavengers swarm the continent.

Emilio had said something about that in passing.

-“Even if the Empire, the continent, the world had abandoned Claudi. We Scavengers were told long ago that no one should betray him more than us.”

But of course.

Harkon and the others could not know my true feelings.

I can’t believe the way they’re all looking at me.

‘……It’s a burden, really.’

The gaze seems to be looking beyond the great man and towards a saintly gentleman.

Are you saying that you don’t consider past grudges?

You’re showing mercy when it’s not enough to repay your enemies.

I’m proud of you.

‘Well, I suppose that’s what you think.’

You might be embarrassed.

There was no message in this guy’s iron face.

As always, I just lay out the main point calmly.

“I beg your pardon. I’d like to be alone right now.”

Was it the bombshell he’d just dropped?

Including Harkon, Matisse, and Bellier.

Not a single one of them retreated from the room without a word.

The reason why I immediately declared that I wanted to be alone is simple. Shouldn’t we purify the gloomy curse just by looking at it? Because I never know what you might see or what nonsense you might say in the process.

‘Why, even in the last Understanding Darkness.’

We should kill them all.

I remember muttering to myself, murderously.

I don’t want to be misunderstood again and again.


I walked straight to the curse Pride had left behind.

[Enter curse, ‘My one and only flesh and blood’].

“Never again shall your ugly mouth speak of blood.”

A cold voice responded to the flashing message.



Isn’t it dangerous?

I will ask again.

When have I ever been in no danger?

‘I’ve been in trouble from the start, for crying out loud.’

This means that I survived despite fighting against demons whose level was several times higher than mine. So I wasn’t confused even by the unfamiliar curse.

I could stare straight ahead.


And his human self, with not a hint of demonic scent.

By the way, the background is familiar. It looks exactly like Claudi’s mansion, the one I restored with the Reversal Magic. I stare at Pride as he climbs the stairs from Claudi’s mansion.


He heads upstairs, and suddenly, he turns to me.

“Congratulations, Grandfell.”


I thought something good had happened.

I was stunned by the next words.

“My dear brother.”

So, it was the man in line, after all?

So, you’ve been holding a grudge against Grandfell for being chosen as the next patriarch of the family.

He must have done something ridiculous.

‘Maybe we can get a concrete clue.’

I take a moment to compose myself.

In the moonlight.

His silver hair shining even brighter.

Pride continues.

“But I have my doubts, whether you can bear Claudi’s weight. What do you think, my brother?”

Hey, look at this talking bird?

I don’t know how much older he is than Grandfell.

I’m Lee Hoyeol, who has three older sisters.

The difference between love and just plain hatred is huge.

‘You’re being nice, but what you’re saying is obvious.’

If it was me, I would have responded with a verbal attack.

Is it to maintain that same formality in the past?

Grandfell replied politely.

“I’ll take it.”

Yeah, I’ll give you a hundred concessions and say that’s what my brother said.

Good luck with that, then.

Even an empty word would come back as a virtuous one.

“You can handle it? Hahahaha!”

The cheapskate is laughing so hard it’s almost breathless.

“I see you have an unusually good sense of humor. No, I mean, you’re about to take over as the next patriarch. Is that the kind of thing that comes naturally to you now that you’re in charge?”

Grandfell didn’t answer.

Neither did I.

Why bother answering?

Pride’s temper was exactly what I expected.

The silence was not silent, but sarcastic.

“I like the way you glare at me, Grandfell. Perhaps you are more worthy of the Claudi family patriarch than I am.”

The smile vanished from his face in an instant.

“But remember, brother, you know nothing. The weight that Claudi carries. It means that you have no knowledge of that cruel burden.”

If nothing else, those words seem genuine.

I can only assume Grandfell in the past felt the same way.

Grandfell’s mouth opens.

“Still, I’ll take it.”

Of course, he says nothing more. Pride must have realized that Grandfell wasn’t in the mood to talk anymore. Then, as he climbs the stairs, he adds briefly.

“You are as arrogant as ever, Grandfell.”




[The curse, ‘My One and Only Flesh and Blood’ has been purified].

[The relationship with Akshan has increased].

[Your Influence in Akshan has increased].

I recall Matisse’s words.

Every curse has an intention.

Okay, let’s think about the questioner’s intentions.

‘I hope he’s not trying to sell memories now.’

Then it’s simple.

‘Is this a foreshadowing of the trials and tribulations to come in the future?’

The weight of Claudi is too much to bear.

Now that I have declared Claudi’s return to the Arcana continent. I have no idea what the aftermath will be. But I have no intention of shrinking from your intentions, Pride.

I, Lee Hoyeol.

For fighting to stay alive, whether you meant to or not.

Because Grandfell was no longer alone.

It wasn’t like that day when he was abandoned by the continent.

He has allies who will stand by him through every trial and storm.

So it’s time for me to make some trouble.

Pride has left Antonium in shambles.

I’m sure he’s watching from somewhere.

I’m going to give it back with intent.

“It’s a meaningless act.”

I muttered to myself, looking at the cleaned-up exterior walls.

“In the past, present and future.”


The flood of thorns.

The buildings that collapsed in its wake were restored by Reversal Magic. Nash, the Imperial Palace Mage, could not believe his eyes as he watched and took notes on the structure of the Reversal Magic.

“Bro, big brother. Is this really the magic I know?!”

Bensch nodded grimly.

“Don’t blame yourself, little brother, there are only two mages in the Magic Tower who understand Reversal Magic, Chief and the Tower Master. It’s not for nothing that he’s considered the most pedantic mage in the history of magic.”

“A magic that even Brother Bensch doesn’t understand!”

“……No, I’m afraid I can’t even speak empty words in front of Chief Lee.”

Dredsen’s Survivor.

Lansha watched Hoyeol from a distance.

Suddenly, Gardner spoke up.

“This reality isn’t so bad, Lansha.”

“Isn’t it?”

“Yes. It’s a shame you’re so far away, but…….”

Of course it is, isn’t it?

It was a miracle that Hoyeol’s hand had even reached Dredsen Village in the first place. Considering that villages and cities far larger than Dredsen had been destroyed by demons.

Lansha clasped her hands together again.

‘Please, may the Goddess’ mercy be with you.’

And then her eyes opened.

Had her fervent prayer been answered?

The Goddess was there.

No, to be precise.

“Hi, Hiel?!”

At first glance, one could easily mistake her for a Goddess. There she was, in all her noble glory. She nodded lightly, returning Lansha’s greeting, and then opened her mouth.

“My lord wishes to speak with you.”

“About what?”

“The village of Dredsen, is everyone safe?”

……She had overlooked it.

Even if they were far away.

That He was watching them everywhere.

Lansha nodded, her face overwhelmed.

“Yes, thanks to all of you!”

Antonium did not appear to be on the brink of collapse.

No matter what kind of scheme you play.

He seemed to be saying it was pointless.

Yes, as if nothing had happened.

The intention of the test taker was clearly communicated.

“A ray of light…….”

For Pride, of course.

“This is Antonium, right……?”

“I thought you said it was under blockade and at war?”

“War? Not a festival?!”

To the players who showed up late.

But even in peacetime.

There was one man who had not forgotten the burden he carried.

It was Harkon.

“I have something to tell you.”

My apologies, Your Majesty.

But all for the good of the Empire.

Please be gracious and forgive my remorse.

“From now on, the Knights of the Lionheart are at your service.”

He turned to face his subjects.

“I hereby declare Adventurer, Sir Lee Hoyeol, as the new Emperor of the Empire.”


Degurrrr, it seemed like the sound of rolling eyeballs could be heard.