Chapter 419 – Merciful Darkness (1)

◈ Episode 419. Merciful Darkness (1)

“…… This isn’t a dream, is it?”


“This and this?!”

Isn’t the expression ‘eyes rolling’ really something to use in times like this?

World-class quests sparkle below and beyond.

Arcana Continent, players rolled their eyes.

“That’s a lot of buffs.”

“If only we could get World Quest rewards on top of that……!”

“Isn’t this just a one-shot life reversal?”

No, it wasn’t life-changing.

It’s about the back-and-forth between players.

If you let this quest slip through your fingers.

“…… In other words, you become a beggar in an instant..”

A split second.

After some furious brainstorming.

Some muttered quotes.

“Yeah. It’s quite unfortunate that the Emperor’s closed his eyes, but at least he saved the Empire and Antonium, which means he’s certainly put out the fire.”

“What a great Adventurer……. So, since you said that Lee Hoyeol, and no one else, is about to be crowned, we honestly don’t have to worry about the empire falling apart, do we?”

“Exactly. There’s no need for us to make a fuss.”

It was obviously a reasonable explanation.

“This is Arcana, after all, and when you go to Rome, you have to follow Roman law. Shouldn’t we follow the common sense of the pre-Arcana era? Since when did players get along so well with each other?”

“From what I’ve heard, it makes sense, doesn’t it?”

“Why, look at the World Quest.”

[World Quest: Age of Violence]

[World Quest: Age of Death]

[World Quest: Golden Age]…….

“Just looking at it, most of the quests are competing with each other, right?”

It’s a different feeling when you go into the restroom than when you come out.

They’ve discovered that the Arcana continent is more peaceful than they expected.

The Holy War Alliance, driven solely by pride?

Affiliation rather felt cumbersome, like shackles.

Words coming from the portal in the back.

Seo Jungyeon shivered.

“What a bunch of bastards!”

Even gnolls, low-level monsters that were only level 30-50, had a sense of camaraderie……! How could they become human and change their minds with the flip of a palm?

Choi flashed a rotten smile.

“It’s obvious.”

“Obvious? Like what?”

“The favors keep coming, so I think it’s a right.”

Han Sungwook nods in silent agreement.

“The Holy War Alliance decided there was nothing more to be gained.”

“Nothing to gain? I mean, look at all the favors players are getting in the Frost and Yusra kingdoms, getting in and out of Magic Tower that they wouldn’t normally be able to get into! Yeah, well, that’s true in real life, but ……. Hey, what about the free food and shelter at Claudi’s mansion?”

“Humans are animals of adaptation. They’ve already adapted, haven’t they?”

Choi added.

“They don’t know what they’re doing, they’re just looking for a bigger reward.”

“That’s really too much…….”

Seo sulked and looked at the quest.

Many world-class quests came to mind.

They all had one thing in common.

-Join the Irresistible Violence. (Ongoing)

-Join the Eternal Death. (Ongoing)

-Join the Infinite Gold. (Ongoing)

You have one goal: turn the Empire into an enemy.

“Anyway, it’s true that Antonium is shaken, and the Emperor is dead. I don’t know what kind of bastards are after the Empire, but it’s a sure thing.”

“So what happens? What about him, Commander-in-Chief?”

“That’s even if you ask a low level person like me…….”

I’m not experienced.

That was all Choi could answer. But back when Arcana was just a game, Ranked players who had experienced similar quests knew the gravity of the situation.

Second Sun.

The Guild Master, Schreig, bit his lip.


The situation was complicated.

Even if the Commander-in-Chief had earned the right to be crowned Emperor of the Empire.

It was only natural that there would be a lot of noise inside the Empire for a while.

That’s the way Arcana’s system is designed.

Zachary, the executive, racked his memory.

“Even when we took small territories, there were factions that tried to stab us in the back, if we had enough connections and influence.”

“Because you can’t run a territory with only relationship or influence.”

“But, the Empire? When you become Emperor, there’s bound to be a huge backlash……!”

Even now.

Even the players are up in arms.

Even you, Commander-in-Chief. It would be impossible for you to quell the internal strife with so many interests at stake in such a short period of time. However, in such a situation, forces targeting the empire are attracting players.

Schreig concluded.

“For now, let’s join the Great Alliance.”

Nam Taemin, Hisagi, and Leonie.

With the exception of Liu Zunqun, who had taken the independent route, they were all used to this kind of situation. If they put their heads together, they’d come up with something.

Zachary nodded.

“Considering the efficiency of the portal, I think we should head a little further south. An hour or so? That’s enough time for the last three to join us. We can use the portal to reach Antonium in one fell swoop.”

“Okay. I’ll do that.”

But the steps they took were not enough.

Soon enough, everyone stopped.

A relaxed voice said.

“Stop, stop.”

Despite the condescending tone, Schreig couldn’t help but feel the pressure. The pressure was immediate, as his vision began to flicker in front of him.

[Status abnormality, ‘atrophy’ occurs.]

He could feel it in his gut.


If the opponent was a monster.

Just facing it would be a high-level abnormality.

It wouldn’t be strange if ‘fear’ occurred.

That such a gap existed between them and themselves.

“Adventurers, what is your destination?”

Why do you ask?

‘No way.’

Consider this in the context of a world quest that came to mind earlier.

At this moment, I can’t count on my fingers the number of factions that would seek the Empire.

Couldn’t it be one of them?


His mouth goes dry.

‘If I pick the wrong answer here.’

Maybe we’ll end up fighting them.

The pressure is making my hair white.

Will I be able to overcome the status abnormality and properly face them?

‘There’s no way.’


“We are on our way to Antonium.”

Schreig would not be deterred.

If they were enemies of the Empire.

Which meant they were enemies of the Commander-in-Chief.

Whether there was a chance of victory or not, the Holy War Alliance could not back down.


Was it a wrong answer after all?

Increasing pressure.

An even colder voice continues.

“Then what is the purpose?”


Schreig’s hand reaches for the foil at his waist.

It’s there, ready for an attack at any moment.

Then, through clenched teeth, he shouts.

“Lee Hoyeol, we are here to support our Commander-in-Chief!”

The Second Sun and the other members of the Great Alliance Guild echoed in response.


It was a sorry thing for Seo Jung-yeon and her group who were caught up in it.

They seemed to have made up their minds.

Each of them raised their weapons.

They looked straight at the warrior in front of them.

Then, for some reason.

His vision returned.

Perhaps their determination had overcome the status abnormality, the ‘atrophy’.

Schreig shook his head inwardly.

‘No, if it can be solved through will alone, it is not Arcana game.’

There must be a reason why the pressure was gone.

It didn’t take him long to find it.

The warriors blocking his path.

Their eyes were as red as ever.

The leader, a man, spoke up.

“Then we are allies in the same boat.”


“Because the purpose is the same.”

The Red-Eyed Clan, the Dune.

The leader, Shahin Dune, smiled in amusement.

Although it is still ridiculously weak.

Isn’t that determination enough to serve Claudi?

“The Infinitely Deep Darkness.”

“……Infinitely Deep Darkness?”

“They deserve to survive a noble battle.”

“……Noble battle?”

“Good, you pass.”

“……Ha, pass?!”

“We will escort you to Antonium.”

The Infinitely Deep Darkness

A battle.


No, who are these monsters in the first place?

Schreig shook his head furiously.

He had a growing list of questions for the Commander-in-Chief……!




If there are people who do not overlook pride.

There were some who did not realize pride in the first place.

Guild ranking 84th, [Apocalypto].

The Guild Master, Tyrano, twitched his muscular body.

“Holy War Alliance, it was a boring fence for us.”

Damn discipline!

Now that they had entered the Arcana continent, and with World Quests on the horizon, it was the perfect time to break out of the Holy War Alliance’s fence. Mammoth, an executive, laid out the options.

“Wouldn’t the forces that suit us be the primitive tribe Ares Zone and the Berserk Society, Captain? More than anything, I like the fact that I can achieve everything through strength.”

“Even if that wasn’t the case, I was thinking of heading to the Berserkers.”

“The Berserker Society……!!!”

A legend of Arcana’s underworld, the Shadow Mercenaries.

The Berserker Society was an organization that, along with the Shadow Mercenaries, once divided the underworld of Arcana. Of course, it was just a setting for a setting from the days when Arcana was just a game.

“The system doesn’t lie. The fact that it’s popping up as a quest means that the Berserker Society is definitely back. I don’t know how it came back, though.”

Tyrano balled his fists.

“The moment we turn against the Holy War Alliance, and against Lee Hoyeol. We must become a force so great that it swallows the Berserker Society whole. Even the players who will flock to the Berserker Society with the same intentions as us!”

The guild members nod.

“Sounds like we need a solid first strike, Captain!”


The guild’s ranking is stuck in the 80s, but there’s a reason for that. Everyone in the guild is used to fighting against players, not monsters.

“It’s not just this world quest, in Berserker Society, you’ll be doing Berserker Society-specific quests, and if you do them successfully, the rewards and loot will be copied.”

I might get some blood on my hands in the process…….

It didn’t matter.

I’ve gotten blood on my hands dozens and dozens of times before.

‘I just pretended it wasn’t.’

Lee Hoyeol, you’re too naive.

Too much trust in the ugliness of humanity.

I’m here to teach him a bitter lesson.

“The partridge’s head will be cut off by the axe of trust.”

Tyrano sneered.

“Let’s go, then, to the lair of the Berserker Society.”

But Apocalypto couldn’t move from their position.

Since when did……?

There were those who had been listening in on their conversation earlier.

“Did you hear that, old man?”

“I still have my ears, so speak softly.”

“Oh, yeah? Glad you corrected me.”

It was the Shadow Mercenaries.


Tyrano’s muscles looked scrawny.

A man of extraordinary size.

Rockid smirked.

“How are you doing, you bastard? Is this your first time seeing an assassin kill someone? Anyway, I heard those who eat swordfish are not rude. Look at how you start speaking informally.”

“You’ve had enough of experience, Rockid.”

“Yeah. That’s why I’m talking back to you, old man, hahaha.”

Shadow Mercenaries.

With their leader, Kichi, missing in action, they numbered only nine.

But players recognized players.

Tyrano’s face was colored with despair.

‘Dead or alive, we can’t win……!’

If this was the usual Shadow Mercenaries.

At this point, it wouldn’t have been strange to blow the heads off all of Apocalypto.

But the situation was different.

Vice Leader.

No, the leader, Wolfe, spoke up.

“I, too, will give you two choices.”


“You can either obey me and tell me the whereabouts of the Berserker Society.”

His eyes were uncharacteristically fierce.

“Or you can tell me just before you die, at the end of your torture.”

Tyrano’s eyes rolled.

His thoughts were clear.

He’s probably trying to use his status as an adventurer to mention Hoyeol, a fellow adventurer.

But alas.

Because it was none other than Hoyeol who gave them the order.

“Don’t think nonsense.”


A loud noise from a fist.

Rockid speaks directly.

“It’s not a matter of pride, it’s a matter of work to open your mouths!”




The Four Families.

They, too, had been roused to action by their master’s will.

Shivering Acamond.

Patriarch, Letel Acamond.

The player kneeled down in front of her.

Letel sat down, using the player as a chair, and spoke.

“Adventurer, do you have no intelligence?”

I didn’t understand.

“Unlike the Arcana continent, it seems that in your world, His name resounded early on……. Adventurers, why can’t you see His greatness more clearly than we can?”

Letel snapped her fingernails and blew on them.

Once again, Claudi was too merciful. He had so generously forgiven the Four Families, including herself, for their misdeeds, so why not repay his mercy?

“We’ll need to sort out the continental disturbances on our lines.”

Secretly and grandly like Claudi.




Five Stars.

One of Liu Zunqun’s five stars.

Baek Seong-ryun was carrying out his master’s orders. He had left the territory to search for a faction that was suitable for Heavenly Unity to swallow up, among the factions that had emerged from the World Quest.


Baek Seong-ryun was also confronted by Hoyeol’s arrangement. Whether it was unfortunate or fortunate, the other party was alone, just like Baek Seong-ryun. Baek Seong-ryun asked the man in front of him.

“What is your purpose?”


In an instant, the scimitar was aimed at the man’s neck.

However, the man asked back without any sign of intimidation.

“Tell me where you are going.”

Baek Seong-ryun sensed something was amiss. In times like these, it was best to play it cool. Even if it’s only to fulfill his master’s orders. Baek Seong-ryun swallowed his pride and replied.

“Do you think a stranger wandering alone has a destination? I just want to find the nearest town. Now that a stranger is in my way, I have no choice but to draw my weapon.”

From outside, not from within.

This is the man who has survived all this time with his identity hidden.

His tactics were remarkable.

Except for the standard.


The problem was that it was limited to ‘humans’.


Soon, a man appeared through the branches.

The man had a beautiful appearance.

Except the ears are too big for a human.

Baek Seong-ryun’s pupils dilated.

He recognized him immediately.

“But why?”

But before Baek Seong-ryun could react.

A man spoke.

No, the leader of the elves.

The High Elf continue speaking.

Yes, at this moment.

The Heavenly Unity fled from their homeland to the Arcana continent to avoid Elsidor.

A catastrophe that surpasses Elsidor in their eyes.

“Does you smell Elsidor?”


Agentress shouted.