Chapter 393 – Nothing Can Stop Us (2)

◈ Episode 393. Nothing Can Stop Us (2)

Discus has been resurrected.

Upon receiving the news, the Holy War Alliance immediately gathered aboard the Iron Castle.

The only one who didn’t was Skal.

“He found traces of a dragon?!”

Nam exclaimed.

Lorenzik, a living legend and Romantic Explorer who accompanied Skal. Lorenzik had passed on his exploration secrets to Skal and had just returned to the Iron Castle.

“Yes. It’s always fascinating to see a man obsess over something. And Skal, I sensed in him a similar madness to my own. That’s why I taught him how to follow in the footsteps of dragons.”

Lorenzik shrugs.

“Well, it’s not much of a trick, isn’t it, dragons that make all things tremble, and the marks they leave on the ground, mountains, fields, and seas are unmistakable.”

Swallowed the evil fruit.

It was a dragon that would not be surprised to turn evil at any moment.

Someone would have to look into their condition.

In fact, a Dragon Knight, Skal, would be the perfect person.

Leonie muttered.

“……But, why was he speaking informally earlier?”

He looks so much younger than her.

Leonie’s gaze at Lorenzik was not kind.

Considering Leonie’s absolute short stature and Lorenzik’s aged appearance.

They looked more like friends than anything else.

Lorenzik laughed like a grown man.

“Haha. Those who do not lose their dreams never grow old, so don’t think me a fool. When I reach the end of my dreams, I too will grow old according to my destiny.”


Truth be told, Leonie didn’t really care.


“The skeleton resurrected?

Leonie was busy sharpening her two-handed sword.

She had just finished slaying demons all over the Arcana Continent.

However, the Demon World Lich that our great Commander-in-Chief Lee Hoyeol has been hunting has been resurrected. Hisagi, who, like Leonie, had been sharpening his dull spear with magic, spoke up.

“As a Lich, he can revive himself.”

The dwarves winced at his words.

“Our leader said we were more than capable of doing it. I need to get rid of my doubts and move forward……. that skeleton guy, he’s no match for us.”

The dwarves’ fighting power?

Objectively considerable.

Individually, they were not particularly skilful in combat, given their superior equipment, but as an army, they boasted firepower that could be counted on one hand even on the Arcana continent.

Such dwarves could be so intimidating.

“Are you saying we are not compatible?”

Nam Taemin asks, and Wallswale nods.

“I am confident that the equipment I have forged can withstand any attack from the Arcana continent, for it is made from the legendary mineral adamantium, but that skeleton is a demon world being. As you can see, the damage hasn’t been repaired after several forges.”


Walswale tapped the corroded helm. The adamantium helmet, corroded by Discus’ breath, had not been fully repaired by the best Dwarven smiths.

The dwarven leader, Chainwalker, spoke up.

“But we can’t afford to play favouritism. If he’s given the order, then we’ll do as he says, and trample the resurrected creature in the name of the Holy War.”


The Iron Castle immediately leapt across the Arcana continent in a spatial leap. Behemoth’s Maw, leading the Holy War Alliance to that horrible place once more.

Lorenzik rejoiced.

“It’s been a long time coming. To witness the Mouth of the Demon World.”

By the way……. Sure enough, the Demon World Lich that Hoyeol had slain had risen and was calling forth his legions. Nam Taemin raised his greatsword at the sight.


“Time is on his side. As time drags on, he’ll call forth his undead legions at an exponential rate. Don’t you think we have a chance of winning if we put our full strength into it from the start?”

“Full force.”

Chainwalker recalled the firepower of the Iron Castle.

But he dismissed the thought with a curt nod.

Because he wanted to face it.

He wanted to experience it all over again.

‘We need experience.’

Before entering the Demon World.

Experience in combat with demonic beings would be invaluable.

And they needed to know their subjects.

‘We need to know if we will be a help or a burden.’

The Commander in Chief had defeated the Demon World Lich.

Even if he doesn’t overwhelm him, he doesn’t borrow his power.

We have to be good enough to kill him.

Chainwalker said to Wallswale.

“I’m giving you control of the Iron Castle, Wallswale. You will be able to harness the power of the Iron Castle when the time is right.”


“However, if you can, please trust us.”


With those words, Chainwalker, the dwarves, and the Holy War Alliance, led by the Great Coalition, teleported through the magic stone to Behemoth’s maw.

They stood face to face.

“What, what! These skeletons?”

“The bones are stuck to each other?!”

“You look even more bizarre than before, Captain!”

The army of Discus was both familiar and unfamiliar.

Their shapes are jagged, as if they were assembled incorrectly.

They looked like broken graphics.

Class, Magic Spearman.

Hisagi, familiar with the flow of magic, noticed the change.

“It looks like the magic is unstable.”


The greatsword shattered bone with a snarl.

Nam Taemin asks as he crushes a charging skeleton.

“So what do you think is the reason for the unstable manifestation?”

He asks.

Hisagi charges in the direction of the army of death.

He stares at Discus in the corner of his eye.

Bringing back so many undead means there’s not a problem with the manifestation. If so, it was the process of searching, interference, and manifestation that was the problem.

Hisagi muttered.

“Are you saying that Lich made an error in the manifestation process……?”

For a moment, Hisagi couldn’t think of a good reason.


Suddenly, a cheerful voice said.

Turning his head, he saw that his innocent expression was not enough.

It was Lorenzik with a twinkle in his clear pupils.

“Oh, I forgot something I shouldn’t have forgotten. It was such a horrible memory, I must have put it out of my mind.”

“What was that…….”

“That’s probably not a resurrection.”


Lorenzik recalled a hazy memory.

In the past, when he had accidentally stepped into the Demon World.

Lorenzik had experienced a separation of body and soul.

There they were, face to face.

With beings he dared not even look at.

Just thinking about it gave him goosebumps all over again.

“You say you want to know why the magic manifestations are unstable? Perhaps it’s because the Lich of the Demon World, that thing, has no soul. That means he’s raising the dead using only his physical instincts!”


There was a more trivial reason than what he expected.

Nam Taemin frowned.

“You’re saying it’s just a shell of its former self?”

“Yes. As you have seen, he has already met his fate at the hands of your Commander-in-Chief. Perhaps that is another body he has reserved for his survival in the Demon World.”

“Another body? Is that even possible?”

Hisagi nods at Leonie’s question.

“It’s a Lich, so it should be possible.”

“No, why do you do such a troublesome thing in the first place?”

“Because it’s a Demon World. It should be like that.”

Lorenzik shrugs it off. He felt like he was imitating Hisagi for some reason, but no one in the room doubted his experience.


“Lorenzik, I need to talk to you more.”

Chainwalker cracked a skull to clear the air.

“So you’re saying that what you told us through Hiel wasn’t wrong, then? That we’re just a shell of Discus, and that we’re more than capable of defeating him.”

Nam Taemin smirked.

“I think it’s more likely to be interpreted that he’s saying we’ll only be able to take him back to the Demon World if we’re able to do this much, though it doesn’t change the fact that we’ll have to do our best.”


[The skill, ‘Frenzy’ is activated.]


Nam Taemin charged at Discus shell with all his might.

Frenzy was a skill that greatly amplified Barbarian’s unique stat, [Barbarism].

In exchange for a massive boost to his physical abilities.

He had to pay the price.


Hisagi’s snake eyes widened.

It was Nam Taemin, the man in charge of the Great Alliance’s deficit.

Every time he activated [Frenzy], he would destroy his own greatsword, but the greatsword that he should have thrown away long ago was still in his hands.

That too.



“……No way.”

Hisagi was stunned.

“Have you succeeded in controlling it, Beast?”

Hisagi’s guess was correct.

“Whoosh. Whoosh. Whew.”

Rough, but regular, breaths.

Nam Taemin was not ruled by the wilderness.

He was controlling the surging wildness according to his will.

Is this a reward for faithfully completing class quests?

No. Don’t treat it as a mere quest reward.

[Greatsword Mastery (Master)]

The mastery of the greatsword, which had stagnated at 99 per cent, has reached Master.

The achievement of cultivating sword aura, which was never neglected, has increased. The state of divine sword union, where the sword and body become one, as mentioned by Master Harkon, still seemed far away…….

‘Never let it slip from your hand.’


Nam Taemin was now able to wield a greatsword with wildness.

Why was this growth possible?

Once again, it was thanks to Hoyeol.

It wasn’t just the numerous buffs on the Arcana continent that allowed him to break through the barrier, it was also the fact that he was taught by Hoyeol.

-“Levels are just numbers.”

For the first time, Nam Taemin was able to feel it.

‘Hoyeol must be looking at a view like this.’

Levels, and beyond.

His growth was also evident on the battlefield. Nam Taemin single-handedly cut a path through a large army of undead. Leonie, who was following him, bit her chiselled lips.

“Ha, that muscle mass is real.”

Shamelessly taking the lead.

“I shouldn’t have been so cocky.”

After entering the Magic Tower and realising the magic.

Hisagi was confident that he was definitely ahead of Nam Taemin.

But it was not to be.

The man he had long since recognised as his rival.


Hisagi’s snake eyes narrowed.

“You won’t be able to do it alone.”

A shell, he said.

But the instincts imprinted on that shell were enough to revive the army. Call it an error in process. The vast amount of magic power that Lich possessed meant that he was no different from Discus that Hoyeol had slain.


The proof of his speculation was right in front of him.

The skeleton that Nam Taemin had smashed reanimated in the blink of an eye. The Behemoth’s Maw, the geography of which provided an abundance of corpses for necromantic sacrifice.


Digging in!

For the first time, the Nam Taemin’s actions are constrained. The amount of magic that Richie instinctively unleashed was too much. It formed a barrier with pure magic power alone.


Digging in.

Breaking through magic with pure physical strength? It was impossible unless there was an extreme disparity, so Hisagi moved.

A flick.

A spear that sweeps across the battlefield.

[Skill, “Spear Technique – Water Dragon Ascension” is activated].


A stream of water gushes from the tip of the spear.

[Skill, “Spear Technique – Thunderbolt ” is activated].


Water droplets scatter from the sky.

Lightning crackles between them.

Attribute Magic Link.

The ultimate in mass killing.

But it doesn’t end there.

Hisagi recalled the knowledge of the Magic Tower.

Not just the skill level.

The mysterious compatibility of bite and bite magic.

‘Vast amounts of magic, similar to pure magic.’

In the Magic Tower, pure magic was called both the strongest and the weakest. Depending on the absolute amount of power, it could be untouchable or vulnerable to any magic.

‘But only similar.’

That is not pure magic that contains the essence of the Magic Tower.

It is.

It is easily susceptible to simple attribute magic.

[Skill, ‘Magic Spear Technique – Discipline’ is activated].


Hisagi’s spear, imbued with fire magic, pierces the magic barrier.

At the same time.

The magic in the area begins to evaporate in a massive flame.


That was the signal.

The Holy War Alliance forces rush towards Discus’s Body.

There was no fear in them.

It was natural.

Suddenly, Lorenzik’s gaze lifted to the sky.

He was staring into a Evil Eye.

For some reason, only one Evil Eye was there, glowing with a brilliant silver light and gazing warmly at the Holy War Alliance. Lorenzik reached for his quill.

“Let me see. That was the Eye of the Demon in the night sky. No, not this one. Too hard, isn’t it? It lacks romance, romance.”

He added a litany of praise for romance.

“It was the piercing eyes of the Demon King that emitted a brilliant light in the infinitely deep darkness. No, it was dawn illuminating the darkness. Oh, where there is a brilliant dawn, there will be no defeat…….”

Soon, the players were in sight.


[The effect of Waiting for the Dawn is triggered].

[The Commander is staring at you].

[Your morale is boosted significantly.]…….

The presence of ‘him’.



[Waiting for the Dawn 5/5]

[Set item effect applied].

[Set effect currently applied: 5/5]

[1. When you’re the Commander, your allies’ Morale is ‘Maxed’] …….

Me too.

It was all because I had an idea.

I didn’t put on the Dawn’s Jacket just for the sake of it……!