Chapter 394 – Biting the Tail

◈ Episode 394. Biting the Tail

What is it?

My ears itched anxiously.

But I don’t let it disturb my posture in the slightest.

I must not lose sight of the situation in order to activate the set effect.

As I said, I wear the Dawn Jacket for a reason. I hope you have as good a reason for your actions as I do.

“As per procedure.”

I turned my stiff head to face the branch leaders.

“Now it is your turn to prove your innocence.”


It was complicated and dirty.

You can’t judge a book by its cover.

In addition to the US branch leaders, there were also Russian, Japanese, Italian, and Egyptian…….

It seemed like everyone had an on-and-off relationship with Raymon Sean.

‘If you feel like it.’

I feel like I want to turn my palm over, ignore what I said, and pretend that the last mercy never happened. After all, they’d all been acting like prideful sympathisers in front of me, hadn’t they?

‘Look, Grandfell. How scary is the world?’

Of course, everyone had their reasons.

” ……I couldn’t bear to refuse the offer.”

AAU Branch Leader.

Some might say it’s a living power.

That’s because they don’t know what they’re talking about.

‘They have a point.’

If you look back, the AAU branch leaders were Cosmo executives.

That means they were salaried workers.

They were under pressure from their governments.

How steadfast could they be in upholding the AAU’s discipline?

Park Minjae fired back coldly.

“I’m ashamed of myself for thinking you were comrades.”

It’s not easy being called Cosmo’s mad dog.

The branch leaders weren’t even players.

Whether it was a threat or a request.

No wonder they had no choice but to bend.

I opened my mouth at that point.

“I salute you for protecting your pride.”


My praise didn’t lighten the mood.

You can’t be shameless in the face of your mistakes.

If they had a conscience, they would.

Why, the contrast was obvious.

‘The praise is for my colleagues.’

Through Evil Eye Telescope.

It was the branch leaders who watched the Holy War Alliance fight.

Not in the presence of those watching, not in the honour of victory, but only if they could hold their heads up stiffly in the face of those who had laid down their lives to protect the Arcana continent and reality…….

‘It’s really not even a human.’

Knowing that.

“That one drop of pride saved your lives.”

I added.

For the record, the afterglow of Grandfell lasts a long time. It’s not hard for a brain smart enough to recreate the magic it once witnessed to remember the testimonies of the branch leaders.

Even if you don’t remember.

‘We can borrow the power of the Magic Tower.’

Let’s see, by now, the senior mages under Marcelo’s command should be in action. We’ll read their memories from their belongings to see if their testimony is true, and thus determine their exact chain of command.

‘A solid job.’

Even I hadn’t planned that far.

That’s pretty thorough.

Park Minjae, Baker Branch Leader. They’re in the same AAU branch, so they’re probably more thorough. There’s no loopholes in the testimony, no evidence.

‘Thanks to you, now I can’t even take it off?’

The lifting of the [『Absolute Zero』] was a kind of signal. Naturally, only a mage could recognise it. It meant that it was only for the Magic Tower.

Can you recall the world’s assessment of Magic Tower at this time?

Let’s think about the ripple effects of the situation in the United States. Currently, the Magic Tower is being evaluated as better than the Magic Tower from the early Arcana Continent era. I’m not talking about that strength.

This means that they are showing the force of the Magic Tower at a time when they trampled on everything for their own purposes. Certainly, Meteor Strike was not called the highest level magic for nothing.

‘The visual impact is staggering.’

Then the senior mages of Magic Tower moved to secure the identity of the culprit. I dare say it’s a good one. No one would be able to stop them.

My prediction was correct.

Telepathic transmission from Marcelo, Master of the Tower.

Matisse, Senior Black Mage.

He had secured a recruit from the Japanese government.

The news continued to arrive one after another.

At that point, I opened my mouth.

I don’t hide anything.

Shouldn’t the world know?

“Don’t worry.”

At my words, the faces of the branch leaders, except for Park Minjae and Baker, were filled with doubt. They probably didn’t understand what I meant by “don’t worry,” but Grandfell’s way of speaking is never kind.

I finished by saying.

“We will return everything according to procedure.”

I had no idea how to capture and execute high-ranking officials of another country.

It’s illegal, and you can’t break the rules, right?

Of course, I couldn’t overlook the strict procedures of the Magic Tower.

Laws that require mutual consent.


With those words, I walked out of the branch leader’s office.

Part of me wanted to congratulate the Holy War Alliance on their victory, but unfortunately, Marcelo’s telepathy directed my steps back to the Magic Tower.

-Raymon Sean’s testimony has come out, Sir.

Did I tell you?

There is nothing good about turning the Magic Tower into an enemy?



Holy War Alliance.

Won the battle against the Discus’ physical body.

There was no loot.

The shell of a Discus held no soul, no great equipment, or even experience points. But in this moment, no one was lamenting that.

“We did it!”


Nam Taemin raised his greatsword to the sky and shouted.

Even if it’s just a shell.

The being of the demon world was defeated without Hoyeol’s help.

“Wow, my whole body is shaking.”

Chainwalker’s expression was grim after the battle. The Demon World must not be allowed to hold the Commander in Chief back. This victory had relieved him of that obsessive concern.


“Good and bad at the same time.”

“That’s very unlucky.”

Leonie and Hisagi were a little less intoxicated by the victory than the others.

Nam Taemin’s performance in this battle had been remarkable.

Leonie, in particular, swallowed a bitter taste in her mouth.

“It’s Snake Eyes who’s unlucky, and so are you.”

“It’s a bit unfair to treat even Miss Leonie the same as Taemin-kun.”

“……Both of them are the same bastards.”

Taemin and Hisagi were definitely on a level playing field.

‘And me compared to them?’

It was hard to see how she’d earned her keep in this battle.

But Leonie wasn’t intimidated.

No, she couldn’t even if she wanted to.


Leonie looked up and saw an unusually brilliant star in the sky. Suddenly, beside her, Nam Taemin spoke. In fact, she was recognisable even without the message.

“You look the same, Mr. Hoyeol, right down to the colour of your hair.”

There were no more stars on the Arcana Continent.

The only thing that lit up the night sky.

Because it was just a evil eye with giant rolling eyes.

Leonie smirked.

“That’s quite a sight.”

Yes, that must be the Evil Eye of Hoyeol, the Demon King of the 10th Throne.

They only had him as their Commander.

That was why Leonie could not be intimidated.

Nam Taemin smiled broadly.

“Somehow, I never tire of rampaging, and I succeeded in controlling the Beast for the first time, which must have boosted my morale to the max, but I shouldn’t have done this.”

The human mind was a wonderful thing.

Just a moment ago, he had been prepared to die.

Now that he’s alive, he’s laughing.

But the Holy War Alliance deserved it.

“You’re writing some good stuff, boys!”

Lorenzik, the Legendary Romantic Explorer, acknowledged.

“Ah, growth. Again, This time too, it’s thanks to the commander-in-chief.”

At Lorenzk’s romantic praise, Nam Taemin threw his hands up in the air. But it wasn’t empty words. Lorenzik had experienced the Demon World, and he knew about its beings.

“Well. I don’t know what effects are contained in that brilliant star, but at least you know about the Demon World. Regardless of its effects, it is a great achievement that you have hunted down the Demon World Lich.”

“…… Isn’t it?”

Nam Taemin, Chainwalker, and the rest of the Holy War Alliance exchanged glances.

Did we really do something great……?

None other than Lorenzik, the legendary explorer.

He must have seen a lot of things, if that’s what he’s saying.

Nam Taemin scratched his head.

“…… Should I be a little more happy about this? Hahaha.”

And that set the scene for Lorenzik.

“Well, that’s an inspiration I can’t miss.”

Before he knew it, Lorenzik had picked up a quill pen.

At this moment, he is more humble than anyone else and understands the topic better.

He began to write about heroes from another world.

“A completely different world. Or, to put it more strongly…….”

The weight of a story depends on who is telling it.

Lorenzik stopped his quill.

The players’ vision flashed.


In an instant, Nam-taemin, Hisagi, and Leonie turned to face Lorenzik.

And the gazes of the members of the Great Alliance Guild.

“The Legend, us?!”


They were the first to write legends.

They were more embarrassed than pleased.

[The ‘Otherworldly Adventurer Legend’ echoes across the Arcana continent].

“This, otherworld……?”

“I’ve seen this title in a comic book shop.”

“No. Lorenzik-sama, what kind of title sense do you have?!”

At this moment, the night sky is lighting up.

So that ‘someone’ doesn’t feel bad.

These were people who were able to understand shame, even if only slightly.


Antonium, Capital of the Empire.

“Lansha, let’s call it a day and go back.”

“Yes, I’ll finish up with this!”

“Are you sure you’re not trying too hard?”

Antonium opened its gates.

The smaller cities of Antonium had been successfully rebuilt.

The process was unbelievable to behold.

I could understand the Quernberg machine tower, but I hadn’t expected to see beings from the Arcana continent’s past resurrected and returning to the continent.

Lansha, from the mountain village of Dredsen, asked.

“Am I being left behind because I’m from the mountains? As far as the Quernberg machine tower goes, I can only nod and say yes, considering the dwarven dexterity, but I can’t imagine anything else…….”

“Lansha, you’re better than me, a native of Antonium, because I still can’t believe the Quernberg Machine Tower exists. Doesn’t something that big move, doesn’t it hunt demons, doesn’t my old eyes see spirits?”

“The Iron Castle is a lot bigger than a Machine Tower, isn’t it?”

“Yes, but it’s just as unbelievable to hear about.”

Lansha packed her things with the women of Antonium.

The nights on the Arcana continent were still dangerous.

Except for the soldiers, they had to return to Antonium.

But the continent had returned to life.

Even the small talk was hopeful.

Especially this one.

“By the way, there are rumours that adventurers have returned to the Arcana continent – why, adventurers who appeared decades ago and disappeared overnight!”


“Yes! They say they don’t have the miracle of resurrection like they did back then, but they seem to have returned much more grown up than they were then… That’s good news, it’s been a while.”

Lansha shrugged slightly.

She felt unnecessarily good.

That Hoyeol’s achievements were being appreciated, even in small talk.

‘He must be struggling even at this moment, right?’

Lansha, from a humble mountain village like her own, could only pray. Lansha stepped away from the chatter and prayed.

‘May he be safe today.’

Then, the unexpected happened.

Outside the gates of Antonium.

There was a familiar head of hair.


Shining silver hair.

And yet, somehow.

The hair is hanging down like never before.

But the colour it emitted was unmistakable.

It was Hoyeol’s hair.

Lansha sped up her steps in delight.


Lansha exclaimed.


The face revealed was not Hoyeol’s.

A look of decadence emanating from large, slitted eyes.

Skin pale beyond white.

A face as sharp as a veil.

On second glance, the only resemblance was the colour of the hair.

And most of all.


There was no warmth in the man’s gaze.

It was not the gaze of a man looking at a man.

It was like looking down at a bug.


She was completely mistaken and rude.

Lansha lowered her head in surprise.

It was then.

Antonium’s guard asked the man a question.

“May I ask your identity?”

The man replied.

“Tell it to Seric Rose.”

“Seric Rose? How dare you speak the name of the Emperor……!!!”


The corner of his mouth twisted subtly.

“No, Claudi’s prodigal son has come to preach the truth.”