Chapter 392 – Nothing Can Stop Us (1)

◈ Episode 392. Nothing Can Stop Us (1)


The Ten Thrones rule the Demon World, and in the Demon World they rule, no one can look at the sky. Because no one can remain sane in the Demon World that is weighed down by that weight.

I don’t remember because I was unconscious at the time of Buer, so let’s just say I don’t remember. The memory of Gamigin’s manifestation was still vivid.

Gamigin, it was not a creature that could be described in words.

It didn’t spill blood like other demons, nor did it threaten humans.

It was a creature that could inspire awe that surpassed fear in all things, without creating fear, just by appearing.

‘The Demon World is a place for such creatures.’

There are even eight of them left.

In the Demon World, they don’t even dare to look at the sky.

It was no exaggeration to say that it was impossible to be sane.


Fear is not an inferior emotion. The Ten Thrones cannot be judged by emotion; they completely dominate the spiritual world of the Demon World. Demonic creatures have lost their minds. That is the reason why only the body wanders around the demon world in vain.


Perhaps that is why the Ten Thrones exist.

Isn’t that why the Demon Race is able to dominate the Demon World?

As if my guess was correct.


The page turned and the purpose of Discus was revealed.


However, Demon Kings, they were different. I’m not talking about the Ten Thrones. The 72 thrones, even the 72, the fake ones, were able to free themselves from the Ten Thrones’ soul control by simply taking the throne.


Now, Raymon Sean, he’s removed all the demons except the Ten Thrones with a regular update……. Apparently he was still alive when he wrote this.

‘I assure you. Discus is much stronger than most Demon Kings.’

But, how could the Demon Kings be okay?

‘Well, if you look at it from the Demon World’s perspective, it may be questionable.’

I could interpret it from the perspective of the Arcana Continent’s biography.

Perhaps the Demon Throne had a buff or trait that allowed them to escape the soul control of the Ten Thrones. This makes sense when you consider how the Battle for the Demon King works.

‘Even if the difference between the Ten Thrones and the rest is heaven and earth.’

After all, they were the same king, and they were all on equal footing to point their swords at each other, which is a fair enough rule, but it begs the question.

A lich who is neither a Demon King nor a demonic monster.

How does Discus stay sane in the Demon World.

Could he have written this down and left it behind?


But I, Discus, Lord of the Undead, will not yield. I will deceive the Ten Thrones by ruling over death. I have countless bodies made of bones. Unless my soul yields, I will never yield to the Ten Thrones……!


Indeed, a rich solution.


I closed the book at that point.

Next up was the story of how Discus came to seek the Throne.

I didn’t need to read it to know what happened.

‘He must have reached his limit. Hanging on for dear life in the Demon World.’

But 62 thrones, all but the Ten, have been removed. To be free. To survive. It was inevitable that the weakest of the thrones, Buer, would be brought out.

‘Anyway, I got some valuable information from him.’

Indeed, the Demon World.

To put it in terms of the Arcana Continent’s biography, it’s a place where you’ll suffer massive debuffs just by setting foot.

‘A debuff worse than the highest level of Status Abnormality Fear.’

It’s because we’re not on the Arcana Continent.

I didn’t know if the [Blessing of the First World Tree] would work.

Not to mention the effects of the [Last Adventurer].

Despite my worries, I remembered the Holy War Alliance’s plan. Perhaps we should revise our plans to enter the Demon World.

The Great Alliance had declared.

-“We will follow you, Commander-in-Chief, even if it costs us our limbs.”

They’d risk their lives.

I didn’t think anything would break the pride of the Holy War Alliance, but at the same time, I knew the power of the Ten Thrones.

Would players like Nam Taemin be able to withstand its mental control with pride?

‘I’m not trying to be disrespectful.’

The battle with the fallen Eunaxus.

In that fight, I saw their sincerity.

I recognised them as allies.

It was a judgement I could not easily make.

‘I’m not even sure what’s going to happen to me.’

Gaze towards the status window.

[Title: Master of the Ten Thrones]

According to Discus’ information, I should be safe in the Demon World.

I’m not just any throne, I’ve taken the 10th Throne of Buer.

I’m a Demon King after all.

I should be safe from the soul control of the Ten Thrones.

But the problem was my own soul.


‘Because there’s Grandfell.’

I ask myself a question.

Hopefully we can both sit on the 10th throne.

And what if we don’t?

Who sits on that Throne, Lee Hoyeol or Grandfell?

Lee Hoyeol or Grandfell.

The soul of either.

What would it feel like to be bounced out of your body?

‘I’d be seriously fucked.’

The best case scenario would be liberation from dark history. The worst case scenario would be that I, Lee Hoyeol’s soul, would be controlled by the Demon King of the Ten Thrones.

‘Of course, it’s not as if there’s no room for doubt.’

Yes, even if Grandfell’s soul disappeared, I was still the natural enemy of demons, a [Demon Hunter], and the last survivor of the Akshan, who was now close to a thousand levels.

That was why I could talk so casually.

At Hiel’s message, I murmured.

“That’s not bad news.”

Okay, let’s think more positively.

Let’s fire up the so-called happiness circuit.

Lee Hoyeol and Grandfell will be separated?

Let’s be honest, as long as I, Lee Hoyeol, am okay.

‘What’s the worst that can happen if Grandfell doesn’t have me?’

The reason for my confidence is simple.

Look at what the [Blackening] Grandfell has done before.

What if a separated Grandfell could rampage in the Demon World?

‘It may be unfortunate for the Holy War Alliance to hear, but…….’

It may eliminate the need for the Holy War Alliance to enter the Demon World as a group. However, as I said, the question is whether I, separated from Grandfell, can survive in the Demon World.

‘You’re still weak, Hoyeol.’

I can’t just rely on the effectiveness of natural enemy. If it were invincible, our Akshan seniors wouldn’t have fallen into hell.

So I made a serious judgement.

‘In the end, I must become stronger.’

If I, Lee Hoyeol, grow up.

I might be able to achieve more than expected in the Demon World. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be the one to bring about a happy ending to the dark history.

Then what I must do is clear.

Cultivate the [Celestial Infan Solitude] through [Understanding Darkness].

A skill effect that manifests the abilities of Grandfell in his prime.

I wonder if I can use it while separated from Grandfell’s soul, but if there’s a chance, I should try.

Even if it doesn’t work, I might be able to witness the Claudi family’s secret from Grandfell’s past.

‘Don’t forget the top-level SpaceTime quest.’

Quest rewards.

Items can be purchased with Spacetime Gold.

If Grandfell is a stork, then Lee Hoyeol is a baebsae.

Well, my crotch was ripped off a long time ago…….

(tl/n: baebsae is a baby bird follows a stork and its crotch gets torn.)

Lee Hoyeol’s power is to use whatever it is.

Let’s focus on making perfect use of the flesh hole we dug.

I raised my head only after finishing my thought.


The AAU branch’s general meeting room.

A few people, who had been looking nervous from the start, stood up from their seats. They weren’t the only ones waiting for my answer.


The hem of Hiel’s ragged robe tickles my vision. Discus has risen from the Behemoth’s maw. After delivering the message, Hiel stood with her head bowed, awaiting my command.

‘It certainly feels like a resurrection.’

But it is no resurrection. According to the Necronomicon, it’s a new body, one that Discus had prepared to escape the soul control of the Ten Thrones.

In a nutshell.

‘A mere shell of Discus.’

I replied to Hiel.

“Tell them there is nothing to worry about.”

I said with confidence.

“I’m sure you guys can hunt well.”


It was a powerful monster that had survived in the Demon World controlled by the Ten Thrones. Its strength was evident from the fact that I was able to break through the level 900 barrier and raise my level by 50 levels in one fell swoop.

So even if it was just a mindless shell, its level would not be easy to guess.

‘Actually, the simplest way is…….’

Open a portal to the Arcana continent right now.

I’ll hunt down Discus shell myself.

The experience and level will be multiplied.


I have a job to do.

I stared at the sunken branch leader’s office.


[『Absolute Zero』] has been lifted.

Time began to pass.

I could clearly see the changing expressions of the branch leaders.

The most heinous were those who stood up.

‘You still don’t have any pride.’

They were in a different state of mind when they went into the bathroom and when they came out.

They just look like they’re full of regret.

I wonder what Grandfell would have said to that.

‘You could never say anything nice.’

But I persevered.

I kept my mouth shut.

I wanted to give them one last chance.

Then I pulled out the Demon Loot from my inventory.

[Evil Eye Telescope].

An item that allows me to share my vision with the demons that float above the Arcana continent. As expected from a Demon King’s loot, its effects are different and its appearance is grotesque.

I wonder if it’s because of my halo as the Demon King of the 10th Throne.


I wonder if I’m going to eat them.

Their reactions are delusional.

But although I am the Demon King, not the King of Demons.

Besides, how picky are the tastes of Grandfell?

I have no intention of doing so.

Don’t be mistaken.

I have enough illusions as it is.

I take a moment to swallow my sigh inwardly.


Then, Evil Eye’s Telescope opened.

A view of the Arcana continent appeared in the air.

To be precise.

“Now, wait! What is that airship……?”

“The Iron Castle. Isn’t it the dwarves’ battle ship?”

“Wait, there’s a battle on the ground!!!”

The Behemoth’s Maw.

I recalled the Holy War Alliance’s battle against the flesh of Discus.

Yes, the life-and-death struggle of the Holy War Alliance.


That was my duty, at this moment, as Commander-in-Chief of the Holy War. At the same time, it was my purpose to teach these damned traitors a lesson in pride through their battle.

The branch leaders take stock of the situation.

“Nam, Taemin, Hisagi, Leonie, and Skal……. The Great Alliance is engaged in hand-to-hand combat at the forefront! It’s dwarves!”

“Who are the opposing monsters?”

“From the looks of it……. It’s definitely a Lich.”

But I was not amused by the hype.

I knew what they were up to.

It must be thanks to the damn Grandfell style of speaking.

‘They didn’t even realise it was a shell.’

Even when they thought Discus had resurrected.

Even though you’d experienced its unbelievable strength.

At my word that you could do it.

It’s the Holy War Alliance who are risking their lives.

My allies.

So I spoke in a cold voice.

“Do not be disrespectful.”


“Do not treat their struggle as mere amusement.”


“I have shown you the full picture for one reason only.”


Open inventory.

Throws the Dawn’s jacket over his shoulder.

Added a final warning.

“Because this is the last mercy I will show.”


tl/n: great chapter as always, what would happen if Grandfell and Hoyeol’s souls were separated? Can Hoyeol still bring out the Dark Dragon & what will happen to Diend’s spirit contract?