Chapter 389 – Exit Chart (1)

◈ Episode 389. Exit Chart (1)

“Sister……. Hoyeol, he’s coming home.”


Starting with Lee Yerim’s words, everyone moved as if their feet were on fire.

Head of family Lee Joonwook and Mrs. Choi Kanghee were bustling around.

Yerim Lee quietly poked her head into the bustling bedroom.

“Mom. Why are you so upset?”

“Shut up, I’m already crazy.”

“It’s good to have an only son after all……. Ouch!”


Lee Yerim’s ears stretched like a donkey’s ears as she shouted incoherently. It was No. 2, Lee Jiyoon, who was pulling on her earlobe without hesitation.


Lee Jiyoon said as she dragged her immature sister into the living room.

“Yerim, do you think mom and dad feel the same way as us?”

“Why, did I say something wrong?”

“You said the wrong thing. We saw Hoyeol’s face and even went in and out of his room. This is the first time Mom and Dad have seen him since he became like that, right?”

“Isn’t this his first time? Lee Hoyeol, that was the one who quietly stopped by at 5 a.m. last time. Without even seeing my face…….”

“So it’s the first time you’ve seen it ‘properly’.”

“That’s right, but…….”

It’s because Hoyeol always talks about it.

She’s been in a lot of trouble today.

When she searched her memory, she realized it was true.

Lee Yerim’s eyes widen.

“Wait, now that I think about it, the entire Lee family is here after all these years?!”

Jiyoon stuck her tongue out at Lee Yerim’s revitalization.

” ……I can clearly see what kind of plan you have in mind.”

She then handed Lee Yerim the cordless vacuum cleaner she was holding.

“What’s with the vacuum?”

“Clean up before Hoyeol comes. Put the sofa in the washing machine.”

“What are you doing?”

“Me? I’m bringing my little Arang home.”

“Arang? Big sister went to work today. Can you bring her?”

“Big Sis has a half day. I’ll pick her up and then take Arang to kindergarten.”

……The little sister has a plan, doesn’t she?

She felt a little bad for taking over the vacuum cleaner all of a sudden, but she didn’t have anything to say. Lee Yerim was about to turn on the vacuum cleaner when she couldn’t help but shut her mouth tightly.

Lee Jiyoon added.

“And you, don’t say anything unnecessary to your mom.”

“No, why. What did I do?”

“You don’t know?”


Lee Jiyoon, wearing a coat, walks over and whispers.

So that Mom and Dad in the master bedroom can’t hear her.

She lowers her voice.

“Hoyeol has changed or something. Don’t talk nonsense.”

Hoyeol, the youngest of the three Lee sisters?

An object of attention, to put it nicely, or, to put it bluntly, like a child for sale. No matter how great Hoyeol was, he was a player. Rifts and monsters. Exposure to the dangers of demons was an unchangeable fact.

Lee Jiyoon warned her firmly.

“Anyway, don’t you dare bring up that Heavenly Demon thing.”

“Sis, the trend nowadays is to be more like a Heavenly Demon than a good person…….”

“Don’t make mom and dad worry more.”

Of course, the two didn’t honestly reveal their true feelings to Hoyeol. After nearly 30 years of bickering, it was a bit itchy for them to change their demeanor now.

In that sense, eldest sisters, Lee Eunhye and Hoyeol, were amazing.

She worries about Hoyeol as much as her mother.

They even use the honorific “eldest sister” in a nice way.

“I’m worried too, even if I don’t show it.”

Lee Yerim pouted her lips.

“Anyway, okay, I don’t want you to think I don’t know.”

They were worried, too, not to mention their parents.

They were the kind of parents who didn’t ask when they wanted to know how their son was doing, for fear of disturbing him. Le Yerim lowered her tail, but Lee Jiyoon insisted as she put on her shoes.

“Especially if you bring out the Demon King, you will……!”

“Okay?! And it’s just a rumor, anyway.”

Oh my God, my youngest is a Demon King.

“What kind of Demon King writes letters at the crack of dawn?”

She knew from watching that if the essential qualification for a Demon King was not filial piety, it was a nonsense rumor. Well, looking at the news, it seemed like the world had finally come to its senses.

Lee Yerim cleared her throat.

“I know.”


Lee Yerim’s gaze darted toward the master bedroom.

But even if the misunderstandings were cleared up and the rumors stopped, it wouldn’t erase her parents’ old-fashioned resentment, and she had no intention of just making fun of Hoyeol for visiting the family after so long.

Suddenly, Hoyeol living room with a lively scenery comes to mind.

Every time he entered without warning, Hoyeol was gone.

There was no sign of him staying except for the dwindling tea bags.

He was probably too busy at home to rest.

“If you’re home after a long time, you should get some rest.”

Jiyoon shrugged.

“Yeah, well, please stay that way, my little brother.”

Jiyoon checked her car keys and grabbed the doorknob.


Lee Yerim’s eyes came alive.

“But, isn’t it okay to ask what his personal relationships are like? The way he talks makes me wonder if he’s making good friends or if he’ll be able to bring home my daughter-in-law later. As an older sister with only three children, I’m worried in the pure sense…….”

Lee Jiyoon’s gaze turns cold.


She’s been teasing Hoyeol since she was three years old.

“Don’t be silly, take Seolgi for a walk before Hoyeol gets here.”

“……Seolgi walk?”

There was no time to argue.


The front door slammed shut. At the sound of the word “walk” Seolgi wagged his tail and ran to Lee Yerim, sending her a glare. Lee Yerim hugged Seolgi and lamented her situation.

“Why do I feel like I’m the youngest, Hoyeol, you’ve suddenly grown up so much? Right, Seolgi, don’t you think so too, huh? You’re usually so good at barking, why aren’t you talking?”


It’s taking me longer than ever to straighten my clothes.


This moment.

I can tell by the way my body refuses to leave the mirror.

It’s an emergency.

“This won’t work.”

……Yes, there are times and places.

It’s so important to cover up.

I consider myself fortunate to have taken off my flashing dawn jacket.

‘But this isn’t appropriate either, is it?’

I’m not going back to my roots, and I’m wearing a suit for once.

I wasn’t going back to the golden age, and there was no reason to dress up like this.

Even when I focus on physical training.

It was Grandfell’s stubbornness that wouldn’t let him give up his feet.


Eventually, I managed to get my tie right before stepping away from the full-length mirror. See, manifesting a portal is only one step away from home. That is, until we get there.

‘It’s the face-to-face part I’m worried about.’

My cheeks are already burning with shame……!

It wasn’t the first time I’d come face-to-face with the Wensu.

My sisters, after I was exposed to the media, they came to my room on their own. Of course, if you recall our back-and-forth in the chat room……. The fact that they knew what was going on didn’t reassure me.

There was a bigger problem.

“Father, Mother.”

Our Lee Junwook and Mrs. Choi Kang-hee were the real problem……!

I was faithful to my filial duty by writing letters every day at dawn and sending them off with magic. One day, I visited at the crack of dawn to avoid Lee Yerim’s eyes.

‘But it’s a different matter when the whole family comes face to face.’

I was especially worried about my dad, who had clipped every single article I appeared in. I still remember the message from Wensu.

-Stop being famous.

-Dad says newspapers cost too much.

-Your articles take hours to cut with scissors. ㅡㅡ

Knowing that, I recite.

“It’s shameful to be subject to unnecessary gossip.”

I can’t help but be concerned.

Grandfell, the last survivor of the Claudi family.

A setting where you can’t help but think of your blood relatives in a terrible way.

How that setting would play out in this situation……!

‘First of all, we can’t talk about it.’

If you ask me how I became a Demon King.

I would have to answer honestly.

That’s the tricky part.

‘Because the Arcana Continent is not enough, and I have to step on the Demon World.’

The Demon World.

What makes me uncomfortable just hearing this is that even if I thought of myself as a parent, I couldn’t help but worry about my children. I wish this damn snout could at least tell white lies.

‘Arcana Continent and another world.’

The [Last Adventurer] effect won’t be triggered in the Demon World, which means I can’t be as confident of returning safely as I was on the Arcana Continent. I couldn’t help but worry as I ironed my clothes.

And yet.

“Empty hands are against formality.”

I’ve packed some Aryan moss from the holy land of Muon, the elixir of youth.

Normally, I’d expect to be able to bribe my way out of my worries, but not this time. No matter how much I thought about it, there was no way I was going to get away with this.

‘This isn’t the usual.’

I might have been battling monsters or demons.

But in this case, I was up against the United States.

Raymon Sean was behind it, but the world only remembers the intense afterimages.

-…… What can I say about this?

-Honestly, isn’t the Force more than a demon king😱

-At first, Lee Hoyeol created the rift;;;

-Meteor reversal was just dignified from the start ㄹㅇ

Especially this time, it was just a matter of time before the death of the President of the United States.

I wasn’t hunting down a dark figure named Raymon Sean.

The world was understandably confused.

‘That’s why I said I’d come to visit you.’

Grandfell doesn’t even listen to the world’s opinions.

However, it seems that even the greatest Grandfell in the world cannot ignore the concerns of his relatives. The same goes for me. This time, there was no room for maneuvering, so I chose to face it head-on.

‘I’m still not confident. I don’t know if I can hold my own at a family gathering…….’

Once again, I couldn’t hide my complexity.


In the end, I stood tall as always and manifested the portal.

I stepped through the portal.

I wondered if this is what it’s like to be an animal being led to the slaughter…….

It’s rude.

Because things are not going well

The sound that rang in my ears was cheerful.



“Haa. Seolgi, aren’t you tired?”


Despite the scolding, Seolgi’s leash showed no sign of loosening. Lee Yerim was dragged around by Seolgi like she was being taken for a walk. Maybe it’s because the path is different. The propeller-like tail didn’t want to stop.

“Are you really a dog?”

“You must have some hounds in your ancestry, Seolgi!”

“How did our frail eldest sister raise you……?”

Eventually, Lee Yerim arrived home, exhausted.


And there it was.

It was the back of his head, but she recognized him immediately.

It was Hoyeol.

With gorgeous silver hair.

He was dressed to impress in a suit.

He was the only brother who looked good in his own way.


Lee Yerim cleared her throat.

The older sister had insisted that she stop talking nonsense.

Her mouth was watering, and she couldn’t help it.

Why, it’s Celestial Realm.

A Demon King of the Ten Thrones.

She couldn’t decide what to call him in her contacts.

‘Let’s see, what should I call him?’


She cautiously approach, hugging Seolgi, but Hoyeol is still frozen in place, staring at the house. Are you saying you’ve been away for a long time or something?

If it’s not that…….

Does he know what’s about to happen to him?

Lee Yerim broke the silence and spoke plainly.

“You’re here?”

Hoyeol turned around.

What caught his eye.

The setting sun.

Lee Yerim and Seolgi beneath it.

Their happy faces and wagging tails.

To paraphrase the serenity of the scene.


It was a loyal dog to his living sister and family.

Before there was a reply.

Lee Yerim spoke first.

“……Lee Hoyeol, are you crying?”