Chapter 388 – Your Everything

◈ Episode 388. Your Everything

I have a deep connection to the suicide note written in blood.

Why, even if only a demon worshippers who were imprisoned in Mugan.

I squeezed the last of his power and left a [curse] in his blood.

‘But it’s not a curse.’

Unlike the demon worshipper, who was an elder mage, the President, who is a regular man, does not have the power to leave a [curse]. A suicide note is just a note. Joshua, the head of the Western Branch, opens his heavy mouth.

“When I first heard the news, I still thought I was dreaming, but it wasn’t a dream, so I thought, maybe His Excellency took his own life out of guilt, but the moment I saw the suicide note…….”

His eyes were shaking wildly.

“I’m honestly afraid of this situation.”

America overlooked Magic Tower.

And beyond that, the world.

It had forgotten that Raymon Sean existed.

Eugene McCain, Eastern Branch Leader.

He too spoke up.

“Even to me, a novice to the Arcana, Raymon Sean was something to be wary of, because he seemed to have more influence than anyone else.”

Don’t feel bad about your influence being pushed aside, Grandfell.

‘It’s just the way it is.’


Arcana’s sole administrator since the Cataclysm.

Joshua corrects Eugene.

“I’ll speak as an expert, Eugene. Even Raymon Sean couldn’t fully control the rift. The emergency update is proof of that. But there’s no denying the enormous influence he wields, and humanity depends on him for so much without realizing it.”

Joshua is right.

‘That’s why I wasn’t wary of him early on.’

Why do players jump into deadly rifts?

The biggest reason is money.

Huge rift rewards for clearing them.

‘Of course, my case was different.’

His integrity and innocence……!

At the same time, I couldn’t sustain a social life with this kind of temper, so I chose to cry and eat mustard, but other players had a clear reason: they wanted to be rich.

My snout adds.

“But it’s a bubble of influence.”


At my words, Joshua and Eugene look up.

And the gazes of high-ranking members of the U.S. government are focused.

I wonder what I, Lee Hoyeol, would have said in this situation.

‘The best I could do is express my regrets.’

The situation was serious.

The President of the United States of America has committed suicide, leaving behind only a suicide note.

He took his own life.

The only thing I can think of is that Raymon Sean had a hand in this.

The only thing that can be assumed is that there is still nothing.

However, Grandfell had a different perspective.

“A weed is a weed, no matter how deeply it’s rooted.”

Raymon Sean.

We’ve long since decided that he’s no better than a demon.

Yes, to him, demons were worse than weeds.

Even Raymon Sean, with his immense influence on reality.

No exceptions.

One of the government representatives speaks up.

“A weed? Is that what you really think, Player Lee? I’m not sure where he’s been reaching from. To put it bluntly, one of these people here might still be connected to Raymon Sean.”


There’s an eerie silence.

‘Maybe it’s no wonder they’re so tangled up.’

It was not a word to be taken lightly.

Not with demons.

Raymon Sean had been a fully functioning entity in the real world since before the Cataclysm. The possibility that he’d had numerous connections since his days at Cosmo while posing as a mannequin? The possibilities were endless.

“And maybe His Excellency……. might have been one of the people who tangled with him. I’m not trying to blame anyone. It’s just that it runs so deep, so unimaginably deep, Raymon Sean!”

All eyes are on me now.

I think they’re all waiting for my reaction…….

I nod grimly.

‘You’re not wrong.’


You may not sympathize, but money is important. In that sense, Raymon was light and salt to the players. The compensation for clearing rifts that the government pays to players is small compared to the value of their lives.

‘I know because I’ve been there.’

By comparison, the compensation paid by Raymon is in the billions.

It was safe to say that this was the source of Raymon Sean’s influence.


“Even so.”


“I can make it right.”

“You can make it right……?”

I even looked down on that enormous influence.

More specifically.

I was about to deny Raymon Sean, his influence, altogether.

Joshua asked cautiously.

“General Manager, may I ask what you mean by that?”

How can it have such enormous influence?

You mean you’re planning to deny Raymon Sean.

As I said, Raymon’s influence comes from his vast wealth.

‘Not surprising, considering Arcana’s murderous fees.’

Back in the days of Arcana continental electricity.

Ten million won for a single connector.

I’d seen hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in connection fees.

But even knowing that, I said.

“I’ll take care of all that for you.”

The reason I can say that is simple.

‘Where’ am I in charge?

In charge of the Yusra Islands, a legendary treasure island even on the vast Arcana continent. That’s right. I plan to use the Yusra Kingdom’s wealth to slowly curb Raymon Sean’s influence.

‘I would never have dreamed of doing this if I were a lowly citizen.’

However, our Lord Granfell, who is pure and innocent and considers wealth and glory like mere stones, was with my tongue. I was able to open my mouth shamelessly.

“And Raymon Sean, I will hunt that abominable demon.”


Golden Crown Tavern, Kingdom of Yusra.

I will not hide anything from the world.

Thanks to the decision of “someone”.

The suicide note of the President of the United States has been released to the world.

He took his own life because there was a sting in the tail.

No, he took responsibility and made a decision…….

This put an end to the endless speculation.

“Fuck the atmosphere.”


“What’s with all the gloom? You never seen a man die before?”

Rockid muttered as he set his glass down. If you’re wondering why he’s drinking from a glass instead of gulping it down, it’s because he feels the need to take care of his body.

“You’ve learned self-control, Rockid.”

“What did you say, old man? I just didn’t feel like drinking.”

“Well, that’s probably a good thing. You never know when you’ll be entering the Arcana continent, so please don’t get drunk. Your injections are too loud. I’m too old for that.”

“Tsk. You’re old, and you’re full of it.”

Shadow Mercenaries, Seat 7, Alkari chuckles.

Now that they can enter the Arcana Continent.

The Shadow Mercenaries await orders from their leader, Wolfe.

“Well, fine, normally I’d ignore you, but this time I’ll at least pretend to listen, old man, just in case you’re too drunk to recognize Kichi with your own two eyes.”

The Shadow Mercenaries had a clear objective: to secure the runaway, Kichi.

The Shadow Mercenaries were waiting for the right time, until the Mark of the Shadow God, the mark of their leader on Wolfe, could guide them.

Squishy squishy.

Rockid chewed on his jerky and fiddled with the remote.

“But it’s the same thing every time I turn it on, boring.”

The death of a king was a fairly common occurrence on the Arcana continent. Moreover, the Shadow Mercenaries had been intimately involved in their deaths before.

“Suicide is bullshit. At first glance, it must be Raymon Sean or some bastard involved. What makes you think it’s not just any asshole, seeing as how he left his name on it.”

Rockid’s gravelly voice.

This causes the players in the tavern to whisper.

“……Isn’t fucking creepy?”


“No, it was strange even if that wasn’t the case. Raymon Sean, that.”

Raymond Sean’s behavior was contradictory.

When he regularly updated his patch notes with unaffordable patches, he seemed to wish for the end of the human race. If he really wanted humanity to die, he wouldn’t be posting updates at all.

“It’s weird, but I’m pretty sure Lee Hoyeol was right! If it’s Raymon Sean who’s responsible for this……. Raymond Sean, you’re just as bad as a demon, aren’t you?”

As the suicide note says.

If it is indeed Raymon Sean is in charge of the United States behind the scenes.

It was clear that he wanted humanity’s destruction.

If Hoyeol didn’t step in and mediate the situation. A Meteor Strike unleashed by the Magic Tower might have struck the United States. Some people sigh.

“You’re such an evil asshole, by the way, you’re leaving us, the players, in the dark, even after finding out the truth. You’re such an evil asshole…….”

The reaction was understandable.

It was safe to say that Raymon Sean was holding the player’s breath.

Without Raymon, these players wouldn’t be able to afford their equipment, and even if they did, they’d recognize that Raymon’s intentions were impure.

“Even if it’s dirty and unpleasant, if there is no compensation for clearing right away…….”

Everyone dreams of being a star player, but not everyone can shine. This means that the vast majority of players have to rely on Raymon Sean’s Rift clearance rewards to get through the day.

Out of frustration, he gulped down his beer.


He knew what was right and what wasn’t right.

He knew instinctively what was right and what was wrong.

In this case, it was clear.

But it was vicious.

Raymon Sean’s demon is.

“No matter what, we have to feed ourselves first, right?”

It makes people feel guilty about themselves.

At the same time, it fosters dependence.

It makes you fall for it even though you know it’s the demon’s temptation.


The negative feelings spreading through the Golden Crown Tavern didn’t last long.

Soon, it dawned on them.

It was a new decree that had been proclaimed in the Kingdom of Yusra.


The players’ vision flashes.

[Quest: The Majesty of Yusra]

Close the Rift and claim your rightful reward.

The legendary and ancient kingdom of Yusra will honor you for your efforts.

However, when Yusra’s reward is received, the Rift clearance record will be lost.

─Clear the Rift. (in progress)

“Now, wait. This?!”

The quest to defeat Raymon Sean’s demon had come to mind.

But the players were cool.

They carefully examined and compared the quest’s terms.

“So……. means that if we receive the reward from the Kingdom of Yusra, we won’t be able to receive the Rift Clearing reward from the other side, presumably including the reward from Raymon Sean?”

There were some people who saw the message as soon as they cleared the rift due to their timing, and they flocked to the Golden Palace in Yusra Kingdom one after another.


They saw it.

“I’ve been waiting for you.”

Hakuna, King of Yusra.

“Yusra will give you the spoils you deserve.”

Yusra’s imperial palace library was completely opened to them.

“We get to choose the reward?!”

The news spread quickly.

Weren’t these items more valuable to players than cash?

The player community was the first to go up in fire.

-Are there any black cows out there that didn’t get fooled by the Raymon Sean bashing???

-If you don’t know, just memorize it and go to Yusra and your achievements will be copied!

-Even if you only get gold, it’s a huge benefit haha

-How much does gold cost these days?

From the days when Arcana was just a game to now.

It’s not just a game.

It was cut off in a flash.

Rockid snorted.

“Did I tell you? Why are you so gloomy?”

Rockid’s gaze flicked to Hoyeol on the TV.

“That person is alive and well, so why worry about that?”


I say, my tone more serious than ever.

“Even if that wasn’t the case, I still had a story to tell.”

The person on the other end of the line was none other than the Wensu.

‘My life.’

Don’t go off on a tangent, Kingdom of Yusra, I still have more important things to do than deal with Raymon Sean……!

I finished speaking meaningfully.

“I will come to your main house now.”