Chapter 390 – Exit Chart (2)

◈ Episode 390. Exit Chart (2)

[Understanding Darkness].

The curse must have given me a better understanding of Grandfell’s past.

A view of the Claudi family was superimposed on the landscape of the main house.


Only for a moment, but clearly.

Then the bustle from beyond the door.

Lively voices calling out to me.

No, they made me stop dead in my tracks.

I stood in the courtyard for a while.

It was Wensu, Yerim’s call.

“I’m here?”

I had been watching and knew.

I had watched and knew the fate of Grandfell’s sister.

The “day” of Claudi’s downfall.

Grandfell’s sister had fallen at the hands of Shadow Mercenaries, commissioned by a Great Evil. The silver hair that was said to be wandering the black market was the only trace left by Granfell’s sister.



Grandfell’s vision blurred.

He was looking at Lee Yerim at his own sister.

Me, Lee Hoyeol.

Really, it can’t be anything other than an awkward situation.

‘No matter what, this is not right, Grandfell……!’

To see that and think of your sister.

It’s an insult to your sister.

Why, just the voice was like that.

I’m here.

How can there be so much playfulness in just two letters?

Because I was genuinely curious.


But at the same time, it was the same me who had decided to fully acknowledge the history of the Claudi family. I had made a mistake, and I couldn’t just dismiss Grandfell’s feelings.

‘……It’s so unfair.’

Why Yerim?

If it were the eldest sister, it would be better to watch them overlapping each other.

I would have been able to understand your pathetic feelings a little bit…….

I was so frustrated that I almost burst into tears.

At that moment, Lee Yerim said.

“……Lee Hoyeol, are you crying?”


Look, she’s still teasing me.

She doesn’t even try to understand her only brother’s feelings.

‘I’m crying because it’s unfair. I’m crying.’

Even in this situation, all she can think about is making fun of me.

To be honest, I wanted to turn away without answering.

It would have been unbecoming of the dignity of Grandfell and the love between blood relatives.

If that’s the case, then I’d rather have a hundred percent iron skin.

I opened my mouth to speak earnestly.

“I’ve been waiting for you, sister.”

” ……What’s wrong with that tone of voice, Hoyeol?”

“It’s just the proper formality.”

Born in an older age.

It was me and Lee Yerim, who hadn’t been able to say anything nice to each other since we were children. I feel like I’m going to die when I say it, but I’m sure Lee Yerim isn’t going to enjoy it either.


It’s a mild prescription.

I didn’t suppress the rising formality.

“I will follow you sister.”

“Follow? You want me to go ahead of you? Am I a Demon King like you? It’s less than ten steps from here to the living room, Hoyeol. Don’t try to lead the way…….”

“I will show courtesy in every step.”


I don’t like to admit it, but we’re siblings, so we can’t help but look alike.

Which means that as much as I can’t stand the formality of Grandfell, she can’t stand it either. Eventually, Lee Yerim wears a fed up expression and glances back at me.

“Mom, Hoyeol is here!”

She shouts before the front door even opens.

I spin around.

Arang’s voice comes through the open door.


At this moment, the main house, which, according to Grandfell’s emotions, it is the home that should only feel warm, Why does it feel ominous, like an immeasurable rift at the appropriate level……?

‘I hope I don’t die of shame.’

I said to myself and took a step.





“Are you all right, my son?”

Mrs. Choi burst into tears as soon as she saw my face.

So much had happened since the first and last time I saw her.

I could fully understand how she felt.

‘……I don’t understand the effect, though.’

Is that my mom?

I’ve heard stories from my sisters. They say that when they go outside with their mom, they get asked if they’re sisters. This [Aryan Moss] is not called the elixir of youth for nothing.

‘I thought they were exaggerating, but they weren’t.’

And bribe Aryan Moss……. Or was it because I brought it as a gift? The reunion with Mrs. Choi Kanghee was interrupted by a fuss.

“Sis, this is the deal. The one mom used to apply!”

“Come on. Lee Hoyeol, you can’t pretend anymore, can you? Yeah, we didn’t talk about it in the chat room for nothing! Hey, Lee Yerim. Even cold water has ups and downs. Put down what you’re holding in your hand.

“Guys, isn’t that what’s important right now?”

The eldest sister’s eyes were glued to Aryan moss as she dried the bickering No. 2 and No. 3. …….

I’m glad you brought it, Hoyeol.

‘I guess it’s worth it to make an offering to the Goddess Church.’


“Good job.”

My father, Mr. Lee Junwook, patted me on the shoulder without saying anything else. From the look on his face, I could tell he was finally at peace with the fact that his lips were pursed tightly.

“I’m glad to see that you look healthy in body and mind.”

Next, it was time for the bullies to make life difficult for me.

My only nephew, Arang, saved my life.

Arang had always been a good follower of mine, but somehow she liked my new way of speaking and acting better, just as I had noticed in the boarding house.

“Arang, Uncle, it’s hard.”

My eldest sister adds, troubled by Arang’s unwillingness to leave. It’s like she’s been watching a movie with princesses and princes.

“What, prince? Arang, you can’t be fooled, right?”

Lee Yerim snorted, and her eldest sister fidgeted.

“Are you tired, Hoyeol?”

“It’s okay.”

A prince and a princess.

……It’s okay to lose yourself in the moment, Arang.

Please don’t be like Uncle Lee and immerse yourself in dark history later.

Thanks to Arang’s unwillingness to be separated, there was no immediate discussion.

‘Sometimes you look at it and it’s questionable.’

Grandfell’s picky palate.

I had a small fear that I’d rant about a side dish in front of my family. Fortunately, there was no such disrespect.

Grandfell’s temperament was infinitely generous when he was at the table with his relatives.

Of course.

“Hoyeol, would you like some coffee?”

“If you have any green tea, please.”

“Green tea? I only have teabag green tea, is that okay?”

“There is nothing better.”

It seemed he couldn’t give up his green tea.

Outside the window, the sun was setting.

Arang, who had been fussing just a few minutes earlier, had fallen asleep on my lap. My eldest sister picked her up and tried to move her, but I shook my head.

“Aren’t your legs numb? Arang has grown a lot, now.”

“Look at how big your cheeks are after eating well, Arang.”

“Yerim, take care of your belly fat.”

“Sis, don’t even touch the dog when you’re eating.”

It’s too much for my feet to go numb with something like this.

I endured ridiculous physical training every day.

My body is too strong.

I am.

My body wasn’t the problem.

My shame was the problem.

‘……Seriously, really.’

The living room.

Eventually, the whole family gathered.

And there I was, shamelessly using words I’d never used in my life, words of extreme respect. The only good thing is that I’ve gotten used to it, except for myself.

The conversation goes on as usual.

“How was Arcana? Can I get some pictures?”

“Maybe we can travel there later.”

“Hey, Hoyeol, can we go to Yusra this summer vacation? It would be great to bring mom and dad. The golden palace there is so beautiful. They’re going to be so excited~”

I sighed inwardly.

‘Though I’m glad it’s peaceful.’

Even assuming that the eldest sister and younger sister do not show any particular reaction. For some reason, Lee Yerim was quiet. Why, was she fidgeting in front of the full-length mirror?

‘Heavenly Demon, Demon King, Dark Dragon, ……!’

Lee Yerim.

I felt like that was someone who had been preparing for a face-to-face with me. Anyway, it was a relief. My mom and dad seemed to be relieved to see that I was okay.

‘Yeah, good things are good things.’

If only I could stop there.

But I can’t hide anything.

I can’t tell a lie, not even a well-intentioned one, not even an empty one.


-“Even so, I had a story to tell.”

I must honor my words.

So I am.

Only after I finished the green tea completely did I open my mouth.


Just like that, straight up.

“We have entered the Demon World.”

Of course, my sisters and my mom and dad don’t know much about Arcana. But Arcana’s threat was now common knowledge.

Demonic monsters, in particular, were cataclysmic to humanity.

“……Demon World?”

The home of such demons is the Demon World?

It was well known through AAU.

The cheerful atmosphere quickly subsided.

Even if you pour cold water on it, it’s still oily, Hoyeol.

Well, that was unexpected.

“I knew it. Take care of yourself.”

Wensu, who seemed more likely to rebuke me than anyone else.

Lee Yerim said that.

With a look and voice that didn’t have the slightest hint of playfulness.

“After you go, come home more often, okay?”



Did she suddenly grow up or something?




After Hoyeol left.

The living room was silent.

I will enter the Demon Realm.

To hunt down demons.

To protect reality and the Arcana Continent.

He clearly had a cause.

But it was a good cause.

Ms. Choi Kanghee spoke up.

“The world? I care more about my Hoyeol.”

His father, Lee Junwook, nodded wordlessly.

Family and the world.

If they had to choose between the two, they would definitely choose family.

No. 2, Lee Jiyoon, read out the search results.

“The Demon World……. It’s said to be more dangerous than the Arcana Continent. Hoyeol said we had nothing to worry about when we entered the Arcana Continent, but he didn’t say that this time.”

Lee Eunhye stroked Arangi’s sleeping head.

“He said he had something to talk about and that he came to home, so I assumed it would be something out of the ordinary……. I didn’t realize Hoyeol was facing something like that. Hoyeol, you must have been thinking about it a lot by yourself, am I right, sister?”

“Sister. If you say that, what will happen to your mom and dad, and what will happen to the rest of your sisters?”


Lee Jiyoon said coolly and looked at her sister.

Just like her brother, she had only one sister, Lee Yerim.

She had a question.

“Lee Yerim, what were you thinking when you said that?”

She asked.

She could tell by her expression now.

Lee Yerim wasn’t her usual self.

Of the three sisters, she was the one who thought of Hoyeol the most. She just wasn’t as honest about it. However, she was the one who had seen Hoyeol through his darkest days, thanks to their one-year age difference.

“You said take care of yourself. Did you really mean it?”

Lee Jiyoon was dumbfounded.

Hoyeol couldn’t be persuaded?

She already knew that.

She knew from watching TV that being a player was a job that you couldn’t get rid of even if you wanted to. Besides, Hoyeol was supposed to be so good.

He was always in the comments on the internet.

Without Hoyeol, the world would have been destroyed.

It was already hard to count on one hand.


Lee Yerim nodded wordlessly.

She hadn’t expected Lee Yerim to react like that.

Jiyoon asked just in case.

“Did you guys talk about something beforehand?”

Lee Yerim shook her head. She didn’t want to tell her sister, mom, and dad right now, even if they were the ones who told her everything. A vivid scene remained in her head.

The setting sun.

Under the shadow of the backlight.

Hoyeol turned his head and shed tears.


Lee Yerim unwittingly witnessed the tears rolling down his cheeks. Therefore, she continued to playfully tease him. She didn’t know how to react.


“I have a thing about noticing.”

There it was.

The only brother would definitely not want to reveal to his family that he was in tears. Of course, Lee Yerim didn’t know why Hoyeol was crying.

But it didn’t matter.

“And you always keep your word, don’t you, Hoyeol?”

Because they’re family.


I realize once again that Grandfell’s temper is only as good as his blood. AAU branch leaders meeting. As the general manager of the Yusra branch, I looked out at the assembled branch presidents.

Then I opened my mouth.

“Is it simple incompetence, or is it cooperation?”

Everyone had a good time so far, right?

Our complacency has been exposed.

I wish you could feel the shame.

‘…… Like me.’

Called a superhuman.

I even caught the mages of the Magic Tower like a mouse.

Then I spoke from my heart.

“As of this time, we will find out the truth.”

It’s time to find the loach.

But I’m not the one stirring up the mud to catch them.

It is you who must prove your innocence, not me.

I declared.

“Until you prove your innocence. No one is getting out of here.”

I had no intention of wasting my precious time on this.

Especially with the time difference between the Arcana continent and reality.



[『Absolute Zero』]

I’ll freeze the passage of time first.

“It may be early, but sometimes iced green tea isn’t a bad idea.”

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