Chapter 384 – You Broke the Taboo (2)

◈ Episode 384. You Broke the Taboo (2)

Leader of the Eastern Branch of the United States, Eugene McCain.

Park Minjae racked his memory.

His brow furrowed deeply.


‘I’ve never really faced him.’

Eugene’s face didn’t immediately come to mind. In fact, his name was famous. It has to be. Eugene McCain, as much as he was, was a celebrity at Cosmo.

The first non-developer branch leader.

Eugene’s hiring was unconventional at Cosmo, where talent was highly valued. Beyond being a non-developer, Eugene came from a political background, far removed from the gaming world.

For a while, rumors were flying around.

-“Aren’t you preparing to enter politics, Raymond?”

The corner of Park Minjae’s mouth turned up at the corners.

“That would be interesting to see.”

Park Minjae knew that Raymond Sean was just a robot.

After all, it was the United States, a fast-developing country.

It would have been interesting to see the world’s first robot politician.

He wiped the smile off his face at Joshua’s voice over the receiver.

-“Mr. Park. I realize that you have every reason to be suspicious of me. This is America, after all, even if it’s divided into West and East, and I can’t pretend to be uninvolved.”

It’s not Joshua’s fault.

Eugene, as he avoided confrontation with Hoyeol.

Who would have guessed he was up to no good.

Park Minjae killed his temper and said calmly.

“No, no. Branch Leader Joshua shouldn’t be involved.”

-” ……Yes? What’s that?”

“Because that’s the only way you’ll be able to resolve this situation.”

Eugene McCain.

It makes sense that he’d be the one to blame.

He’s the only non-developer, a person from the political world, and is the only person appointed to the position of branch leader.

“No wonder Eugene doesn’t know the weight of Arcana.”


There was no reason why they couldn’t truly admire Hoyeol. He knew the Arcana continent as well as its creator once did.

They knew how ridiculous Hoyeol’s accomplishments were, and they could truly follow in his footsteps.

“If you can’t reach him, you must be going out of his way.”

But Eugene is different.

He was waiting for the right time.

Like a politician waiting for the right moment.

Then a bite came along that he couldn’t pass up.

“Eugene’s connections would explain this, wouldn’t they?”

-“Yes, Mr. Park. Given his background, it’s not surprising that the media would pick up on the nonsense, and he’s more used to it than most developers like us. Whatever…….”

Joshua continues.

-“In the meantime, I’ve been clumsily following Eugene’s footsteps. The connections, the lobbying, the favoritism. I was jealous as I watched it from the side. Well, now I realize that everything is useless…….”

Park Minjae nodded.

It was only after listening to his deepest thoughts that he was able to erase his suspicions about Joshua.

Joshua really wasn’t involved in this.

Was he going to repay that trust?

Joshua nodded.

“……Mr. Park is right. I’ll take care of it.”


Joshua ended the call and boarded the private plane.

He continued to call Eugene as his sub contact, but he was silent. A call to the AAU’s East Coast office was met with a response that Eugene was safely at home.

“What are you up to, man?”

Attention was drawn to the Eastern Branch from the airstrip.

“Isn’t that Joshua?”

What’s going on in the East with the West?

Could it be because of the news that was making waves at this moment?

The news that Lee Hoyeol is the Demon King of the Ten Thrones.

Some employees whispered.

“Isn’t it possible that Mr. Lee’s position could be shaken?”

The world’s reaction to the article was confusion.

-High Ranking Demon King?? Even the rumor is creative these days.

-But isn’t it a bit plausible?

-Why did he say it himself?!

-He wouldn’t tell a lie that would get him caught, would he?

-Initially, Lee Hoyeol’s tone was a bit demonic;;;;

If it was just a player or pseudo-media speculation.

From a high-ranking AAU official.

It came from a reputable American daily newspaper.

“Someone must have leaked the information.”

“That aside, the problem was that it was a luxury”

“There’s no end to the malicious interpretations. Why, with Lee Hoyeol succeeding in the Rift every time, there were some people who were seriously spouting that bullshit about the difficulty of the Rift increasing every time.”

Except for Branch Leader Eugene.

All of the Eastern Branch members who had encountered Hoyeol in the Magic Tower.

Thankfully, they weren’t swayed by the shifting public opinion.

“Part of me wishes I could just tell you what General Manager Yusra said. After all, he’s taking a huge risk on his own this time……!”

Joshua paced the hallway, taking in the atmosphere.

‘I guess Eugene’s the only one to worry about.’

He rolled his eyes.

Eugene must be confident to make the move.

Where did that confidence come from?

It wasn’t hard to guess.


A new land of opportunity, the Arcana Continent.

Maybe Eugene was believing.

The Shining in America.

Lox of the Shining.

Maybe he can replace Hoyeol.

Maybe he’s setting up a confrontation.

‘Lox, the knight of The Shining, against Lee Hoyeol, the Demon King of the Ten Thrones.’

It does paint a picture.

But really.

It’s the kind of stupid fantasy that comes with being a non-developer.

“Do you seriously think it’s possible?”

Lee Hoyeol is on a different level.

He’s not someone you can just catch up with by leveling up. No matter how great Lox is, he’ll never be able to fill his shoes.

Joshua turned to the secretary with a stern look.

“Is it in there, Eugene?”


The secretary nods, dumbfounded.

Joshua turned on his heel.

Eugene, what a mistake you’ve made.

He was planning on making him understand it step by step.


‘And how long you’ve been planning this bullshit.’


Joshua walked into Eugene’s office.



Joshua collapsed with a dull sound.

“What the……?”

Joshua barely lifted his head from the floor.

The back of his head felt hot.

He’d been hit with something blunt.

Joshua gritted his teeth.

“Eugene McCain……. Do you even realize how big a mistake you’re making? I’d rather believe you’re possessed by a demon…….”

“Demon? The only thing scarier than a demon is a human being, Joshua.”

“……I’m fine, you.”

Eugene’s pupils were not black.

He wasn’t possessed by a demon.

That meant he’d done it on his own terms.


Eugene sat back on the couch and looked at Joshua.

“I hit you hard, but I have no intention of killing you. Why, I have a handy item here. You said it was a potion, and if I pour it on you, your wounds will heal nicely.”


“It’s hard to believe in this old man’s head, but this is the post-Cataclysmic era.”

Eugene set the potion vial down on the table and cleared his throat.

Joshua watched.

Eugene’s shoulders trembled, even after what he’d done.

It was the reaction of someone who knew the weight of what they had done.

“Do you think a plan like that will work……? I’m sorry, but this isn’t the political arena. There is no need to prove it in court or any evidence, you just have to prove it with your actions”

No matter how much he talks about being the Demon King of the Ten Thrones.

If Hoyeol succeeds in hunting down all the Demon Kings and challengers as planned.

No one will have any doubts about Hoyeol.

Joshua gritted his teeth.

“You don’t understand Arcana in the slightest.”

Eugene fidgeted in his arms.

“Yeah, I couldn’t understand it, to my eyes. You, the world, the players, they all seemed so childish. What were they doing with such ridiculous powers, why would they go back when it was so easy?”


“Why? Did you say something I couldn’t?”

Joshua sneered.

“You……. How can you express your pride like that? You’re in trouble.”

“Pride? Well, I guess I like it.”

He snapped.

Eugene lit the cigar he’d taken from his bosom.

“In that sense, we’re finally in agreement. So I moved. You can’t learn without moving. Can’t you see the picture? The United States of America against the Demon King. It’s a guaranteed Hollywood blockbuster, isn’t it? I’m sorry for your loss, Joshua.”

Joshua didn’t speak.

Maybe it was the blood draining from his veins.

Or because he was dazed and couldn’t hear what Eugene was saying.

‘…… We’re in agreement?’

Again, not an act of arrogance.

Joshua thought to himself in his foggy mind.

So where is this all connected?

An American daily newspaper with a high degree of credibility. They’ve gone after the General Manager of Yusra, Mr. Lee Hoyeol. I didn’t think it was just an AAU branch leader acting alone. This could have shaken up the world situation.

Joshua spoke up.

“…… After all, it’s connected to the White House.”

Eugene blew out a puff of smoke and said.

“Let’s stop there, Joshua, because if you pretend to know more than that, I may have no reason to use this potion on you.”

“You may be crazy, but you’re solidly insane.”

A threat as if he held his life in his hands.

But Joshua didn’t stop talking.

It was ridiculous.

Unable to help.

Here he was, a creep, stabbing him in the back.

“What the hell……. did Lee Hoyeol do wrong?”


“I’m asking you, what was so wrong with him? Lee Hoyeol was always on the front lines fighting for humanity, risking his life. What was so shallow about that?”

There was no need to go back to the past.

At this moment, there was no other reason why Lee Hoyeol had become the Demon King of the Ten Thrones. It was only to more efficiently hunt down demonic monsters that posed a threat to the Arcana Continent and Reality.

For that reason alone, he had ascended to the throne of the Demon King he despised so much.

Smoke dispersed.

“Joshua, do you know who the most terrifying person in politics is? A rich chaebol? A sunbae who was born into a political family and went through an elite course? None of them.”


Eugene’s eyes glow through the dispersing smoke.

“The ability to manipulate the public. Some people are born with that ability.”


“In that sense, I have no choice but to fear Lee Hoyeol.”

Eugene adds.

“Given your changed appearance.”


Eugene, the White House, the World.

They were afraid of influence.

Lee Hoyeol’s growing influence.

Joshua spat out a sneer.

“Were you just a chess piece, too……?”

“Well, sort of. I’m sorry, by the way. You’ve learned too much, you know, which is why we can’t keep you alive unless you’re in the same boat as us, can we?”

Joshua spat blood this time.


The rotten smile returned.

“Yeah. That attitude is the scary thing I was talking about. What the hell is pride? Something you’re willing to risk your life to protect. Isn’t it natural to be wary?”

There was no conversation after that.

There was no next move.

Just a chess piece, and that was that.


Eugene extinguished his cigar with a trembling hand.

“Well, it’s time to wait for the Demon King.”

Eugene was ready for death.

Or, to put it another way, he planned to take his own life.

Even Joshua realized he was the cause of this.

‘Lee Hoyeol.’

If so, Hoyeol will definitely come find him.

After seeing Joshua collapsed.

Even just for the sake of interrogation, he will put himself in harm’s way.

‘Every single one of those actions will be proof of the Demon King.’

Humans are cunning

There is no unwavering faith in the world.

It just needs a trigger.

In that sense, his death will never be in vain.

“Yes, I suppose so.”

Eugene muttered bitterly.


Suddenly, a strong light tickled his eyes.

It was from the window.

A blinding light was pouring in from beyond the window.

“……What is that?”

Eugene thought it was just sunlight.

But it wasn’t.

It was something more intense than the sun, something huge.

Yes, a giant meteor was falling from the sky.

Being a non-developer, Eugene muttered.

“A small, asteroid……?”

But the correct name was Meteor Strike.

Eugene had overlooked it.

The one he turned into an enemy.

That it wasn’t just Lee Hoyeol.

The most powerful military organization in Arcana, the Magic Tower.

Its master, Marcelo.

He and every other senior mage had appeared in the skies above America.


“Anyone who deceives the Magic Tower, show yourself.”

He declared.

“This is the last chance Magic Tower will give to humanity.”




I checked the text that arrived.


-You’re a Demon King now, because Celestial not enough?

-Then you’ll be Heavenly Demon after that.

-Somehow, this sister guessed it from when you dyed your hair silver…….

That’s why I didn’t dissuade Marcelo.

-Are you in puberty?