Chapter 385 – You Broke the Taboo (3)

◈ Episode 385. You Broke the Taboo (3)

Humans are animals of forgetfulness.

I wonder if this is why they say that if a favor continues, it’s a right.

I, Lee Hoyeol, a member of society, thinks so.

‘If it looks easy, climb it.’

That’s exactly what’s happening now.

No matter how much I think…….

There’s no reason for me to be stabbed in the back, AAU US East Branch Leader?

At first, I thought it might be possession.

Mostly because we weren’t meeting face-to-face.

Given my position in the AAU, there should have been several opportunities to meet.

Not a single encounter?

That means he was deliberately avoiding me.

However, Grandfell had a different opinion.

“A people who are so inferior that they cannot even understand the subject.”

Let’s see, a demon possessing a human?

I didn’t deliberately avoid my natural enemy.

Rather, there were more demons that came to me on their own.


The time when the Eastern U.S. branch leader was avoiding me was long before my connection to Akshan was known to the world. Then the conclusion was drawn.

-“Sir, I think I need to remind you.”

That this whole thing started with pure human malice.

That’s why I didn’t encourage Marcelo.

It was no different from repaying the Magic Tower’s favor by turning its back and deceiving it.

If nothing else, back in the days when Arcana was just a game.

No, not until I became Chief.

This is unimaginable.

‘Your liver is completely out of your stomach. You’re trying to deceive Magic Tower?’

Those who are stronger than Seniors, Chiefs, Elders, and Tower Master on the Arcana Continent?

There may be enough.

Even for transcendents.

It’s safe to say that they have at least as much power as a Tower Master.

However, the story is different when it comes to Magic Tower.

For the sole purpose of pursuing the truth.

The finest materials on the continent are gathered.

The monumental tower that these people built was the Magic Tower

-“What kind of entity is the Magic Tower?”

Marcelo was the Master of one such tower.

The information leaked from the tower could not be ignored.

No matter what happened, I followed the procedures like a sword.

Well, I may not be able to say it with respect…….

‘I cannot question the decisions of the Tower Master, even if I am a Chief.’

Marcelo added a word.

-“What kind of person He is.”

It seemed that Magic Tower was not the only reason for his anger.

In fact, the content of the article that came to mind was quite malicious.

So much so that my appalled relatives sent me text messages.

My snout whispered faintly.


I stare sadly at my smartphone screen.

To a third party, I don’t look like a responsible person.

Doesn’t it look like I’m taking responsibility?

-Right? Are you in puberty?

But absolutely not……!

The title was daunting enough. In the end, even the new title of Demon King of the Ten Thrones has become widely known. Wensu’s chuckle seems to be a mere hint of excitement.

‘Puberty? That’s crazy, really.’

But my snout too polite for that.

“I didn’t mean to cause any concern.”

It’s not because of Grandfell, who thinks terribly of the family.

Except for Wensu and Lee Yerim.

My sisters were visibly worried.

They didn’t show it, but they cared about me.

“It’s not fair to Father and Mother.”

My father, who clips every article he can find, especially if it’s about me, must be worried. In one day, his son has gone from being a Hero of Mankind to being called a Demon King of the Ten Thrones…….

‘If you don’t worry, I’ll be disappointed.’


“I will correct what needs to be corrected.”

Who is Grandfell?

Even if it’s a white lie.

A tired personality who can’t tell a lie anyway.

Actually, I, Lee Hoyeol, feel the same way.

‘There’s no need to worry.’

I’m not that kind of Demon King.

Not even in puberty……!!!

I wanted to deny it completely, but I couldn’t.

After all, it was true that I was sitting in the 10th seat.

So, the message I can send to the group chat room is:

It was short and to the point.

-I’ll prove it.

The snout joined in.

“Don’t let it stain a family name.”

It’s a good thing I didn’t send this…….



The shadow of an asteroid casts in the sky.

The world is in a panic.

“If an asteroid of that size hits, the entire North American continent will disappear from the face of the earth……! Can’t we counter it with missiles, and you say that after seeing its size?”

He remembered something he’d forgotten about the players.

When Arcana was just a game.

This is what Magic Tower did.

-Slaughtered everything in its path.

-The Magic Tower has endured a lot so far.

-So why did you leak the minutes of the Magic Tower meeting?!

-In fact, it wasn’t the leaking that was the problem, it was the fabrication.

Back in the days of the Arcana Continent, every single mage in the Magic Tower could be called a superhuman. Even with that knowledge, the pressure was intense, as some were even called Demigods.

“The entire leadership of the Magic Tower is moving……!”

The notoriety of the Magic Tower, not the infamy.

It was just something that was created by individual mages.

Nevertheless, it is a Magic Tower that was evaluated as the strongest.

The players realized it before anyone else.

“Is he really trying to erase America?”

It was then.

The Meteor Strike stopped in midair.

When Marcelo, the Tower Master, gave a final warning.

“This is the last chance we have with humanity.”

What he meant was simple.

Those who deceive him.

Those who spread malicious rumors about the Demon King of the Ten Thrones.

If the anonymous AAU official doesn’t show up, then…….

“That asteroid is going to hit the United States!”

The world was relieved at those words.

After all, it is not the Magic Tower of the past.

There’s room for dialog.

Of course, there was no telling how much patience they had left.

“If they had a conscience, it would come out, because they’re all going to die!”

The person concerned, Eugene McCain, heard the news late.

“Magic Tower……!!”

His secretary relayed Marcelo’s declaration. But Eugene had no choice. He was a discarded chess piece that had already done its job.

Eugene muttered to himself.

‘Step up, it’s not hard. No, I have to step up.’

But then Eugene realized he was facing an unreal landscape.

The beings of Arcana.

That the standards of reality and common sense could not be imposed on them.

He asked himself a question.

‘……Before that, is it worth it to me?’

Joshua was right.

There were many forces involved, including the White House. World power cannot be handed over to a single individual, let alone a nation. There would be people with their own interests at stake.

Eugene imagined the worst.

As you can see.

Magic Tower is a group that drops asteroids at will.

‘…… If I’m not enough.’

After paying a heavy price.

The ugly truth will be revealed to the world.

My country would be condemned by the world.

What was the point of planning this?

Eugene turned to the stunned Joshua.

“Joshua, you were right.”

Forgive me now…….

But Eugene seemed to be the only one who realized.

Next, something shimmered across the sky.

It was like a comet, tiny compared to the asteroid.


Eugene gasped.

“No way!”

Yes, the country had made up its mind.

They’d ordered an attack on the Magic Tower that was threatening them.

Unfortunately, it was a terrible decision.



It was like fireworks.

Dozens and hundreds of fighter jets exploded in the air.

All that could be seen were the parachutes of pilots who had barely escaped.

Eugene balled his fists.

How could he still not be able to assess the situation?

“Are we really going to turn those monsters into enemies……!”

Had he decided that if he backed down, there would be no turning back?

Not even in the face of explosions.

The fighter jets didn’t stop charging like fire moths.

Eugene suddenly realized.

-“Eugene McCain……. Do you even realize what a huge mistake you’re making? I’d rather believe you’re possessed by a demon…….”

He realized what he had done.

And then he realized something else.

A flash of realization.

Another form appeared out of thin air.


It puts to shame the transcendent power that was boasted.

All of the Magic Tower bow their heads in unison towards him.

The presence of the Demon King, praised by those monsters.

The Demon King who holds the fate of his country in his hands.

“I will ask.”

Lee Hoyeol opened his mouth.

“Do you see me as a Demon King?”


So I’m not the Demon King?!

‘Can’t you speak kindly?’

The Demon King of the Ten Thrones.

It’s true that I unwittingly took on that power.

I threw away what I could and took what I could.

I should be called the King of Magic, not the King of Demons.

Mary, the Witch of the Southern Sea, can vouch for my innocence.

‘I have a long, long story.’

But I’ve already spat it out.

Besides, look at him now.

Summoning Meteor on American soil.

It was a Magic Tower holding a weight.

The Master of the Magic Tower bows to me.

‘…… now seems like an unbreakable axis of evil.’

Even the Tower Master, Marcelo, was no exception.


I glanced at the Lust on my jacket.

‘See? It’s enough even without a unique atmosphere.’

But then again.

It was all planned.

Why, I’d talked to Marcelo beforehand.

‘I have no intention of dropping the real Meteor.’

I didn’t expect the fighter jets to come right away, though.

‘It means there are higher powers involved.’

If it’s a demon, it’s easier to solve, but if it’s not, it gets complicated. Grandfell doesn’t care at all about the world’s evaluation, but now he has a cause that is not merciful: family honor.

My lips twitched as I spat out the words.

“If you think you can dishonor me.”

I look at Meteor Strike.

“Then you were prepared to be dishonored.”

As the Magic Tower extends a final mercy to humanity.

Even Grandfell knows what it means to be disappointed.

It’s only one percent.

I came to know Grandfell more deeply through [Understanding Darkness].

(tl/n: Dark Understanding -> Understanding Darkness)

‘Perhaps Grandfell is not as merciful as it seems.’

If there is no demon involved.

In the flower garden of Grandfell, the flower called America may be plucked mercilessly.

While I was having a scary fantasy, Marcelo spoke to me.

“You still don’t notice, Sir.”

As I said, we are animals of adaptation.

If a favor continues, we think it’s a right. When someone helps us, we quickly get used to it. They don’t call it a drowning man without a boat for nothing.

Yeah, it’s not just Meteor Strike that’s falling.

It’s America, itself.

One might ask.

How can you take down America without getting blood on your hands?

Well, you know one and you don’t know two.

I raised my hand.

Just like that.

“The promised time has come.”


I snap my fingers, and Meteor Strike reverses. 『Reversal Magic.』 The joint manifestation of Marcelo and the twenty senior mages sends Meteor Strike back into space.

‘This would have been impossible before.’

My magic power had risen to the next level by perfectly absorbing the power of the Ten Thrones. I wonder if he recognized the change in my magic because of his unique affinity for it.

Vangrit stuttered.

“Eh, Chief?! Is that magic power……?”

We’ll talk about that later, Senior Vangrit.

This was a crucial moment for the world to realize.

In the face of the growing threat of the Rift.

How humanity could be safe.

How reality could be peaceful.

It was simply because the Magic Tower was holding it all together.

It was holding everything in check.


I see a stream of magic in my vision.

The magic power had spread out from the Magic Tower and spread throughout the world fluctuated.

To be precise, the magic power over the United States has begun to disperse into thin air.

What this means is simple.

The Magic Tower has excluded the United States from its protective radius.

It means that it will no longer be supported.

Change came right away.


A shattering void.

Rifts begin to form simultaneously.

I said, as always.

“This is the disposition of the Demon King you cried out for.”

End of story……. No, with purpose.

“Try to handle it fully.”