Chapter 383 – You Broke the Taboo (1)

◈ Episode 383. You Broke the Taboo (1)

History books are history books.

Romance is just romance.

This is a creativity level, right?

Yusra Kingdom.

A reverent voice echoes through the office.

Hiel continues.

” ……When the darkness came to an end, the Demon World reacted. Death, itself. Even the Lich of the Demon World will rise from their graves, wary of the Darkness. But it will be for naught.”


Infinitely Deep Darkness.

That’s why I never said anything about the end of the world. Wasn’t that what Grandfell did in the aftermath of the Blackening? Well, he said something along those lines.

But even if the nuances are different, they’re so different.

‘It was too much to paint.’

Isn’t this more like the Bible than a history book?

Why, it wouldn’t be out of place to end every verse with “Homen”. As I listen to this horrific story from Hiel’s lips, my fingers go numb and my judgment begins to twist.


The Legendary Explorer, emerging from the Bad Omen’s belly.

The Romantic Lorenzik.

I definitely saw such a message on the Arcana Continent.

[The missing Romantic Explorer, Lorenzik, has returned to the Arcana Continent. The knowledge of the Romantic Explorer, whose dramatic survival and reclusive lifestyle has enriched the Arcana Continent, is now available to all. : Lorenzik, the Romantic Explorer, wanders the continent spreading his knowledge].

From now on, Lorenzik will wander the continent and share his knowledge. I suppose it was thanks to Nam Taemin and Hisagi that we were able to meet Lorenzik.

‘……In that sense, is it fortunate?’

Better to get caught early.

If they hadn’t discovered Lorenzik, what would have happened to that ridiculous history book? No, I would have been proudly displaying my dark history all over the continent, and my bubble would have swelled like a whisk.

‘Thank you so much, both of you.’

I tense up.

I’m about to enter the Arcana Continent.

Time is four times faster in Arcana than it is in the Real World.

There’s no telling what Lorenzik might do in the meantime.

Only when Hiel had finished reciting did I respond.

“These are good news, Hiel.”

“I am honored to please my lord.”

I just reacted shamelessly and sent a reply to Hiel that wasn’t a reply. I heard the news from Lorenzik very well, and I ask you to keep an eye on him until I return to the continent.

‘In many ways, Lorenzik is not to be missed.’

It’s not just that I’m afraid of spreading the dark history books.

I will change the battlefield of the Battle for the Demon King.

To honor my word.

I am about to enter the Demon World.

I needed Lorenzik’s experience exploring the Demon World.

Hiel bowed low.

“I will prepare for my lord’s grand return.”

……A grand return.

Only a few days in Arcana time.

Of course, there had to be a reason why Hiel had said that.

“It looks like we’re getting closer to it.”

Everything is ready.

This means that the equipment I’ve been entrusted with is being finalized. It would be okay if Grandfell of Integrity and Innocence had an item, but it would be okay if he didn’t have it.

‘Because it’s not me, Lee Hoyeol.’

[Sixth Sight Brooch 2/6]

The location of the brooch was mapped on the [Map of All Things].

I had relayed the location of the remaining pieces to Diend.

He shouldn’t have any trouble finding it.

‘The set item is complete.’

There was more.

The Dragon Skin, a memento of Eunaxus.

I had entrusted Wallswale with the smelting of the Dragon Skin. He’s finished, so we’ll be able to see the new item’s effects at our next meeting.

‘Magic growth to external growth.’

Still, that’s some significant growth in just a few days, isn’t it?

Speaking of magical powers…….

The misunderstanding with Mary was well resolved.

-“The Demon King of the Ten Thrones, I don’t think you can purify even that power…….”


To put it grandly, it would be an appropriate expression. Because I was cutting out only the Evil from the power of the Ten Thrones and sticking a straw in it. But the truth doesn’t soften Mary’s expression.

-“You make me even more in awe.”

Listening to Mary’s thoughts, it seemed like she had really made up her mind.

Even if I were to degenerate into a Demon King of the Ten Thrones.

She had vowed to hunt me down.

‘What kind of pride is that?’

Anyway, I’m glad we’ve cleared up the misunderstanding.

Now I know the effect of the new stat [Charm].

Next time, I won’t make a mistake like this.

‘Oh, what the hell, a Demon Hunter is a Demon King.’

Although our seniors have completely stopped being suspicious, but I’m not sure I could have embarrassed myself. Or, more accurately, my snout was not pleased.

“A mere throne.”


To great Grandfell, the throne or the ten thrones would be nothing more than a small vessel, after all, he is Celestial Infant Solitude, An ordinary position would be nothing but a restraint.

(tl/n: Celestial Infant Solitude : one and only born genius in the world)


Sipping my green tea, I fulfill my real-world procedures that I can’t put off.

Class quests, of course.

Physical training is also a must.

─Train your weakened body. (Repeat) ▲

●Run 100 KM (ongoing)

●5,000 push-ups (ongoing)

●3,000 pull-ups (ongoing)

●2,000 burpee tests (ongoing)

‘When did my goal increase like this…….’

One, two…….

A brief sigh.

I thought as I bent my arms.

No matter how I think about it, I’m a Demon King.

Even if it’s a misunderstanding caused by the atmosphere, it’s unfair.

Where in the world is there such a hardworking and sincere Demon King!


The Magic Tower.

The Master’s office.

Marcelo sifted through the stacks of papers.

He felt it all over again.

The weight of the Magic Tower carried by Chief Lee Hoyeol.

Marcelo muttered.

“How did you manage to hold on, Sir?”

He shrugged.

Signing ‘no’ to Bensch William Senior’s application to appear.

Finally, Hoyeol’s job was done.

“I suppose this is why you never sleep properly.”


As Marcelo put down his mug, he remembered the benefits of tea bag green tea.

The ingredient called caffeine was supposed to provide a stimulating effect?

Marcelo nods in agreement.

“I see you didn’t enjoy green tea for any other reason.”

It was just a matter of taste…….

With that conclusion, Marcelo stood up.

His whole body ached from sitting so long.

“From the portal to the next regular conference.”

It’s safe to say that the Tower Master is of one mind with the Magic Tower.

That meant he had more than one thing to worry about.

Marcelo muttered softly.

“But, because I am not you, Sir.”

A little breathing room, perhaps.

Still, Marcelo hadn’t forgotten Hoyeol’s teachings.

Use the break to explore anomaly.

Marcelo pulled out his smartphone and operated it skillfully.

“It’s guaranteed to arrive early in the morning. Will a day like this ever come to the continent?”

He placed an order for the tea bag green tea delivery rocket.

“I never get tired of seeing reversal magic.”

Watching a NetTube video.

And finally, access to the internet.

That’s when Marcelo checked the news.


His eyebrows twitched.

Marcelo’s eyebrows twitched as he recognized the unexpected words.

An article about Hoyeol.

Marcelo’s eyes fell heavy.

[AAU high-ranking official, “Lee Hoyeol is the Demon King of the Ten Thrones!”]

To move on to Anomaly.

The Magic Tower and the AAU.

The Crystal Hall, where the two forces gathered.

“I never thought a favor would be returned like this.”

The meeting that took place in the Crystal Hall.

The contents had been leaked to the outside world.

It was a deception and a challenge to Magic Tower.

“Let me express my deepest regrets in advance.”


AAU Korea Branch.

Sung Hyunjoon asked with a worried face.

“You’re just adding that, right?”

The response is that it was coming.

The general meeting is attended by all AAU members from each branch.

Considering that it’s not uncommon for inside information to leak out in the AAU, it’s not surprising. ……. It was not surprising that Hoyeol’s bombshell announcement became known to the world at any time.

The problem was the article’s tone.

“A high-ranking official, this nonsense seems plausible, and the intentions are clear! General Manager Lee Hoyeol explained all the reasons why he had to do it……!”

I am the Demon King of the Ten Thrones.

Hoyeol’s declaration answered all the questions that had been asked. From how he defeated the Demon King of the Ten Thrones and claimed the throne. And how he plans to use the throne in the Battle for the Demon King.

Yoon Soogyeom stuck out his tongue in disbelief.

“It’s not even a pseudo-media, it’s from a prominent post. They must have a solid source. They know they can’t release the minutes of this meeting to the public, so they’re using it maliciously. There must be an insider involved.”

To summarize the article, it was simple.

“It is possible that the cause of the Battle of the Demon King originated from Lee Hoyeol’s behavior. No matter how much Lee Hoyeol is, there’s no guarantee that he won’t become obsessed with the power of the Demon King……. You crazy bastard, why don’t you blame the general manager for any rift?”

The branch leader, Park Minjae, said coldly.

In front of the crisis of humanity.

He never thought they would do this kind of slander just because of their own interests.

He said that he had a feeling before.

“Yes, in the old days, my insides would have exploded.”

But Park made a promise to himself.

From now on, he was busy just moving forward.

He wasn’t even a player.

He can’t do anything about all the forces holding him back.

At the very least, he would organize the AAU.

Park Minjae was once called Cosmo’s crazy dog.

He was no stranger to dirty fights.

Park immediately dialed the number.

As soon as the other person picked up, he asked.

Without the slightest hint of a smile.

“Is that you?”

Jim Joshua, head of the Western United States branch.

“No. Is this what you do to me, Mr. Park?”

Joshua had been bombarded with calls.

California, Nevada, Oregon…….

The governors of the Western United States have spoken out against him.

“I don’t know how you see me, let alone the governors. Mr. Park, I repented in front of the Bible. Do you know what it means to mention the Bible in a Christian country?”

Park’s mockery was audible.

-“I don’t believe in God. That’s my favorite saying.”

“……Who said that, that?”

-“That’s a comment from General Manager Lee Hoyeol.”

“Oh, no, it wasn’t me?!”

Maybe it was, but this time it really wasn’t.

After all, they were face to face.

Hoyeol, the general manager of Yusra.

“I knew from the first time we met that my debauchery was over. Who would have the nerve to come face to face with the General Manager of Yusra, Mr. Park?”

A position was a position.

As a result, Joshua had come face-to-face with many ranked players.

But Hoyeol was on a different level.

Joshua found himself looking up to him…….

“Most of all, I am impressed by General Manager’s determination. He became the Demon King in order to hunt down the Demon King. Doesn’t that fit perfectly with Nietzsche’s famous quote? Why, when you look into the abyss…….”

A voice like a knife cuts in.

-“Then why did the Washington Post pick up the story, Mr. Joshua? If it’s not you, there’s only one option left.”

Anyway, Mr. Park.

He has no literary knowledge whatsoever.

Not even the ability to finish a Nietzsche quote.

Joshua swallowed a sigh and opened his mouth.

“I know what you’re trying to say. You must be referring to the East Coast, but I’m not. I’m going to do my own digging from now on, Maybe they just exaggerated it in the post. I told you, right? How could you even think of stabbing General Manager Yusra face to face?…….?”

Suddenly, Joshua trailed off.

-“……Branch Leader Joshua?”

Even when Park Minjae called his name, he couldn’t respond.

The memory flashed through his mind like a lantern.

Joshua opened his mouth.

“……We never met face to face.”

His first meeting with Hoyeol.

At the time, the head of the Eastern U.S. office didn’t enter the room where Hoyeol was meeting. He had to go to the restroom and was late for his appointment.

The same thing happened at the Magic Tower and AAU general conference.

-“Oh, really? It’s a family affair.”

“……Mister Park.”

Joshua’s expression changed dramatically.

“Apparently the enemy was quite close.”




A twitch.

My little fingers twitch.

I glance again and again at the words on the TV.

Now I’m a normal kindergarten student.

It wasn’t hard to read aloud.


I just can’t figure out what it means.


“Arang, why?”

“Here~ What do the letters after my uncle’s name mean?”

“What? Mommy is washing the dishes, can Arang read it to me?”


Seo Arang reads it out loud as if making an announcement.