Chapter 382 – After all, we have

◈ Episode 382. After all, we have

Arcana Continent.

The Iron Castle.

The expression on the faces of the Holy War Alliance members was grim.

“I’m going to put my foot in that ugly maw.”

A distant land.

A gaping maw that radiated an intense presence.

Chainwalker stared at the Behemoth’s Maw.

Hoyeol had announced his intention to enter the Demon World.

He had just returned to the adventurers’ world.

Chainwalker turned to the adventurers.

“What do you think?”

The answer came quickly.

“Of course we should follow.”

Nam Taemin spoke for them. The others were not far behind. It’s hard for him to say what he’s going to do. He had never risked his life to follow Hoyeol before.

Except Hisagi added the truth.

“If we deserve it.”

Still, he had never been in the same position as Hoyeol.

All he could do was follow in Hoyeol’s footsteps.

It was daunting enough to follow.


Wallswale, who had been crouching in an unusual way, straightened his back. The blunt tone of his speech was dwarf-like, but the meaning behind his words was not quite cold.

“Ha! Who can keep up with him, even I’m overwhelmed, and you can tell by the way I’m looking right now. I’m Wallswale, the greatest blacksmith in the history of the dwarves, I’m afraid that I might come up with a result that the commander-in-chief doesn’t like. I’m getting restless!”

Wallswale’s self-deprecating joke.

A small chuckle escaped him.

Chainwalker cleared his throat.

“Indeed, your resolve is not unlike ours, and in that sense it is comforting, but resolve alone will not overcome what you face. Especially not in the unknown world of the Demon World.”


“Coldly, we may be a burden.”

No one could argue with that.

For they had felt the power of the Demon World, even if only indirectly.

Thanks to Discus, the demonic being that had leapt from the Behemoth’s maw.

Wallswale recalled the battle for a moment.


He hits his corroded helmet with a hammer.

“The adamantium has melted. This is the second time I’ve seen adamantium melt with my own two eyes. The first time was when some Dragon went after the Dwarf King’s vault.”

He spat out a disbelieving laugh.

“Yes, that skeleton’s venom was said to rival the power of Dragon Breath. That’s why they’re aiming for the Commander’s head as a challenger.”

“That’s not all.”

Hisagi held up two fingers.

“The Commander will not stop at merely proving a challenge. He will set up a procedure to put even High Ranking Demon King to hell.”

Leonie, who had been silent, mumbles.

“……It’s difficult to even take care of one’s own body.”

The Great Alliance.

And Skal hadn’t forgotten the Eunaxus Raid.

If only Hoyeol hadn’t shown up.

Without that help.

That day, she wouldn’t have been surprised if she’d been eaten by an Evil Dragon.

“That’s right. It’s like a spill over.”


Nam Taemin clenched his fists.

It wasn’t just because he was angry at his own weakness.

Knowing the subject is important.

Wasn’t that what Hoyeol had said?

His weakness was nothing new.

It was because there was one thing that bothered him.

‘…… Is Hoyeol going to be okay?’

He shouldn’t have doubted, as he had always done.

But Nam Taemin had seen.

More precisely, he smelled it with a sense of smell more acute than that of an animal.

Silver hair, long enough to drag on the floor.

The scent that emanated from him was definitely not the scent of Hoyeol.

And then.

‘The one who defeated Discus was…….’

It was ‘he’, not Hoyeol.

It was natural to be concerned.

Who he was.

Whether Hoyeol knew about it.

What the hell had happened to him.

He was full of questions.


The expression on Nam Taemin’s face, hiding such a complicated story, was ugly.


Hisagi couldn’t help but notice.

“Putting on a puppy dog face won’t change anything.”

“……what? What puppy?”

“All we can do is do what we can do.”

With that, Hisagi turned to Chainwalker.

He took over the presentation.

Hisagi spoke to the point.

“As I said, in this Battle for the Demon King, Commander-in-Chief will be tested from both sides: as the one being challenged, and as the one doing the challenging. The burden will be enormous, indeed. If he wishes to share that burden, he can do so at……..”

It was a conclusion he could make because he knew the subject matter.

“We’ll take care of the challenger.”

Battle for the Demon King.

The kings would be at each other’s throats.

Except for Buer and Gamigin.

Hoyeol has a whopping 8 High Ranking Demon Kings to aim for.

That means he’ll have no time for challengers.

“That sounds like a good plan.”

The Holy War Alliance did not hesitate.

They moved to nip the challenger in the bud.

It didn’t matter which demon would challenge the Ten Thrones.

Nam Taemin held the weight as if it were his own and chanted.

“An inferior race cannot grasp a subject.”

Hoyeol taught.

“Even demons as insignificant as imps will bother you. Those in the Demon World may not be able to do anything about it right now……. But not those on the Arcana Continent, right?”

There were still demons on the Arcana Continent who were running amok.

The Holy War Alliance planned to hunt them down one by one.

“So, everything is good…….”

Nam Taemin’s eyes narrowed.

“Why are you my partner?”

“Because harmony is important.”

“Harmony? You don’t think we’re compatible?”

“For me, it’s a nuisance. But since I’m the only one with cold reason who can handle your animal-like urges, you don’t need to thank me, because I’m used to it.”


That’s it.

Any more exchanges of words with the snake-like prick would only tire him out.

Nam stuck out his tongue and looked around.

Let’s see…….

From cartwheel tracks to horse hooves on the ground.

“At least there are human tracks.”

This is how Arcana was brought back from the brink of destruction.

This must be the majesty of the commander-in-chief who saved the Arcana people.

Nam Taemin shook his head.

Hisagi spoke coldly.

“You must be aware of the level of enemy you can handle. If it’s a demon type monster, up to level 700. As for the boss monster, as we agreed in advance.”

Hisagi held up a cog the size of his palm.

[Radio – Iron Castle]]

“I know, we can’t do more than that alone.”

Evil Dragon, Eunaxus.

Perhaps it was because he’d put all his strength into that battle.

They were able to make an accurate estimate.

The two entered the ruined village.

[You have entered the collapsed town of Fulham].


The two men’s faces hardened.

There were dried black bloodstains everywhere.

The Arcana continent had not been spared.

After the devastation.

It was a reminder that they were still rebuilding.

“This doesn’t seem like a normal day.”

If you can’t clear the gushing rift.

Reality wouldn’t be any different.

The tension that had been loosened felt like it was being pulled taut again.

It snapped.

“Maybe we can find the demon’s tracks here.”

Hisagi pointed his spear and searched around.

Class, a Magic Spearman and a Barbarian.

They’re not Demon Hunters, so they can’t follow a demon’s scent.



But it was two people who were ranked first and second in the player rankings, side by side, except for Hoyeol. He heard a noise that struck a nerve with his extremely developed hearing.


They didn’t even have to exchange a glance.

They both held their breath, not knowing who would be first.

They moved toward the sound.


Nam Taemin was the first to arrive.

He moved with the stealth and speed of a feline beast.

His body stopped at the tavern, which was as deserted as the village itself.

‘……The smell of blood.’

But from within.

Not like the smell of dried blood.

There was a relatively fresh scent of blood.


The smell of blood in the ruins.

What a strange sounding thing to make.

Who else could it be but a demon?

A bang!

Nam Taemin kicks in the door and storms the tavern.

Follow him.

Hisagi’s snake eyes widened as he entered through the broken window.

He paused.

“Wait, this is a crucial passage.”


A man sat at the table, his face more like a young boy than a man. Upon closer inspection, he was writing passionately with an old-fashioned feather pen.

Nam Taemin apologized without realizing it due to his calm attitude.

“……Oops, sorry about that.”



Hisagi snake-eyed Nam Taemin.

This wasn’t the Emerald Hall of the Magic Tower.

What kind of manners do you have?

Hisagi asked.

“What are you doing in a place like this?”

“What am I doing, you can’t tell by looking at me? I’m writing a history book that will leave a mark on the Arcana continent, so don’t feel sorry for me. I’m too busy to give you a second glance.”


He looked like a demon worshipper writing a curse in the ruins.

No, he’s just writing a history book.

Nam Taemin whispered.

“Are we supposed to believe that?”

Before Hisagi can answer, the boy speaks up.

“Well, there were people who paid the price because they didn’t believe what I said and wrote, and I suspect you were drawn to them by the smell of their blood. I think you’ve smelled enough. I can smell the Frost Barbarian on one of you.”


Nam Taemin blurted out.

Hisagi glared at him.

Nam Taemin’s expression is one of frustration.

“……Why are you looking at me like that? I washed up today.”

Nam Taemin looked straight at the boy.

His gaze is still fixed on the paper where the feather pen dances.

It seemed like he had guessed his identity just by smell.

‘That includes the place of origin.’

It could only be assumed that he knew a lot about the Barbarians.

So it was a question.

Time is four times faster on the Arcana Continent than in reality.

It was impossible for a boy to know about the Frost Barbarians.

The more he thought about it, the more he wondered.

‘How can a child like that write a history book?’

A wise man.

Hisagi’s brain spun many times faster than Nam Taemin’s.

He didn’t trust the boy’s words, which were full of holes.

Hisagi gripped his spear tightly.

‘You can never let your guard down against a demon.’

To be ready at a moment’s notice.

This was the moment Hisagi sharpened his magic.

The boy finally put down his feather pen and spoke.

“All right, that’s settled. How about you take a look at it, too? Well, it doesn’t inspire me to write anything, but I think you should be rewarded for your patience…….”

His gaze shifted, and his voice trailed off.

“What, you’re adventurers?!”

Nam and Hisagi met the boy’s eyes.

They were clear.

So clear and sparkling it was almost frightening.

But their reactions didn’t matter to the boy.

“The adventurer I heard about! I’ve always wanted to meet you. I’ve heard the rumours. You claim to possess the miracle of resurrection, perhaps you could show me the same? Well, I can help you die!”

He has an offer full of madness to match his clear eyes……!

Nam Taemin and Hisagi.

The two men were about to put some distance between them and the boy.

The boy glared.

“Look at my sanity. Yes, it’s only natural that there should be some back and forth before I ask for a favour. I’ll show you my work first, and you can tell me stories as only an adventurer can!”

Once again, neither of their opinions mattered. The boy held out the manuscript of his self-proclaimed masterpiece, a great history of the Arcana continent.

“Even if you show me something like this, I don’t think I’ll cooperate…….”

That was years ago, in reality, when Arcana was just a game.

What kind of ridiculous request are you asking?

Nam Taemin opened his mouth to speak.

“Is this……?”

Hisagi froze.

He had to.

He had seen it.

The name in the history books that the boy had written.

To be exact, that nickname.

An Infinitely Deep Darkness.

“I suppose.”

The corner of Hisagi’s mouth rose.

“It seems that pride has led us to you.”

At that, the boy, Lorenzik, responded.

“Pride led us to you…….”

He stepped forward and took Hisagi’s hand.

“Now I see, you two are full of romance!”


A quick return to reality.

‘As soon as the duel is over, we’re back on the road.

Among the misfortunes, there was no shortage of work at the Magic Tower.

Marcelo, the new Tower Master, had taken over his duties.

I suddenly realize how much raw food the cat ate.

‘Next time I see Jesse, I’m going to have to nag her at the tip of her hat.’


I sat back in my chair in the Oval Office and summoned Hiel. Even though I’m back in the present, I can’t completely turn my attention away from the Arcana continent. It’s the role of a Commander-in-chief to keep an eye on the Holy War Alliance at all times.

But then.

“My lord, I have good news.”

Not just any good news, Hiel.

……Rather, why do I have to worry?

I made up my mind before I even heard it.

‘It’s always more than I imagined.’

I never thought we would meet like this.

Anyway, it’s nice to meet you.

Lorenzik, you……!!!

Who gives you permission to write history books?

No, you’re writing such a dark history book?!