Chapter 365 – Even if my ears itch (1)

◈ Episode 365. Even if my ears itch (1)

Hiel and Diend report the situation.

“The spirits of the universe have been informed of the Lord’s orders. They will not benefit from the causality twisted by the Spirits of the Universe.”

The buff originated from the Spirits of the Universe.

The effect is a 50 percent increase in item drop rates. But you don’t even know these fraudulent buffs exist, do you, Liu Zunqun? I can almost sympathize with you as a player before you are an enemy.

But even that’s just the beginning.

‘Because everything is deprived.’

It is unknown how grand a dream he had, declared the founding of a nation, and set foot on the Arcana continent.

But you’ve clearly made a mistake, Liu Zunqun. You’ll never catch up to me, and from now on, you’ll be behind other players in real time.

I said as if it were obvious.

“When you tighten your breathing, you show your true colors.”

When will he realize that?

I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure he’s going to try again to make up the difference. Class, it was the only way [Tyrant] could close the gap.

“The moment you stick your head out will be the moment of your destruction.”

It’s impossible to go looking for Liu Zunqun in the vast Arcana Continent.

Slowly and steadily, he will reveal himself.

Until then, it’s best to focus on my work.

“I will bring you the next news, my lord.”

Needless to say, Liu Zunqun was not the main focus of my attention, as this experience has taught me. Grandfell may despise the demon, but I, Lee Hoyeol, should not.

High Ranking Demon King, Buer.

He was the 10th ranked demon king in the hierarchy.

The Great Evil, the Seven Deadly Sins, offered his life as a sacrifice.

A being of such immense power that he could only be summoned by voice.

Buer spoke clearly to me.

-Welcome, you’ve entered the Celestial Realm.

What he meant was simple.

I am now

I had reached a level where I could speak with the high ranking demon king.

‘You are only as good as your knowledge…….’

I recall a time in the past, when I was clueless, when I assumed the power of the High Ranking Demon King. Since it was a High Ranking Demon King, I assumed it would be stronger than a dragon.

‘It was a ridiculous estimate.’

But now that I’d seen it, it was convincing.

Not to mention Bael, who destroyed the Seorn continent, which was stronger than the Arcana continent, with a single arm, and Gamigin fell into Hell.

‘Not the others, but the seniors in Hell.’

Since his fall.

The Akshan Demon Hunters, who have hunted demons without rest.

It wasn’t enough that those seniors were clinging to Gamigin’s four legs, it had to be the combination of my manifestation of [『Anomaly』] and the special circumstances of the opening of the gates of Hell that made Gamigin surrender.

I dare not fathom its level.

Literally the sky above the sky, incomparable to even a dragon.

The existence of a celestial being meant that he was a high-ranking demon king.

‘I can’t just like it.’

To be able to talk to such a High Ranking Demon King was something to be happy about, but at the same time, it was frustrating. How much stronger would I have to become before I could defeat it with all my might?

“This concludes my report.”

Only after I’d told the story from Hiel to Diend did I make a decision. Yes, I don’t know how I’ll be able to overcome the High Ranking Demon King in the future, but…….

‘Let’s start with what we can do right now.’

The flesh holes I had diligently dug.

It was comforting to know that there were many things I could do right now, and if I kept going steadily with the mindset of the flower garden of Grandfell, I could reach it someday, right?

-Hehe, that’s a response I can’t ignore since you’re a King Slayer.

Even when you see me, your natural enemy.

Even the demon who was leisurely telling jokes.

One day, you will see it as real prey and not just a bluff.

Now it’s time to fill in the holes.

“Diend, I leave you to explore.”

Let’s see, first things first, shall we?

I telepathically relayed the coordinates to Diend, four in total, still fresh in my memory thanks to Grandfell’s brilliant mind.

[Sixth Sight Brooch 2/6].

A set item, the Sixth Sight Brooch.

I had learned the locations of the pieces of the brooch from the Demon King’s loot, the Map of All Things. I just couldn’t find them because of the gap between reality and the Arcana Continent.

‘Though I did find one in a London dungeon, by coincidence.’

That’s two.

But now that I’m in and out of Arcana.

I needed to complete the Sixth Sight Brooch.

Of course, I mustn’t forget the equipment I’m crafting from the Legacy of Eunaxus [Dragon Skin], knowing its weight. Wallswale, the top Dwarven blacksmith, was also working on it.

‘Let’s bide our time.’

I said, shamelessly, but with a conscience.

‘We’ve got plenty of equipment already.’

I hadn’t even reached my full potential yet, even if I hadn’t traveled far. So take what you need, Hoyeol, but don’t forget about your fundamental growth.

Just as the players headed to the Arcana Continent.

I must grow in my own way.

I must grow to my level.

To do that.

The first thing I’ll check is, of course.

I’m going to try to enter the [Spacetime Social Hall], which has been changed.

I’ve gained access to the top floor of the social hall.

At the same time, I’ll be able to fulfill the highest level of space-time quests.

I muttered.

“I don’t like it, but if even the top floor wants me, I guess I can’t complain.”

……I guess my preference for not socializing is still the same.

Anyway, it wasn’t until Hiel and Diend were gone that I activated my skill, Spacetime Socializer. A view of the Claudi Territory from the window. Soon, my vision became overly bright, and the Spacetime Social Hall unfolded before me.

Is this the top floor?


The first thing I said when I stepped foot was…….


The current Arcana continent.

Before the Cataclysm.

I can’t compare it to the days when it was just a game.

“Hey, what are those eyes in the sky?”

“They’re called Evil Eyes. They’re supposed to be satellites of the demons. Isn’t it terrifying, anyway, that we’re being watched by living eyes the size of the moon?”

“Why don’t you guys move while we’re at it?!”

Demonic Monster.

“Don’t relax. Those assholes are literally demons!”

Players knew better than anyone that these were no ordinary monsters. After the Cataclysm, reaching a high level meant that you’d been through a lot of rifts.


The weapons in their hands clenched tightly.

The players’ faces were filled with determination.

Their minds replay their experiences.

“Vigilant? You think I’m going to let my guard down in front of those assholes?”

I dare to generalize.

Players who entered the Arcana Continent.

Everyone had the experience of losing something precious to a demonic monster.

“They’re like enemies to me.”

Whether it was a colleague or a family member.

In the real world, the power of Demonic Monsters was literally a hundred to one, but things are different. These players were dealing with demons even in the real world, where negative energy was abundant.

“Spectre up ahead! Aim fast!”

So even in the face of the overwhelmingly outnumbered demons of the Arcana continent, players were not easily defeated. Of course, they had the benefit of a deceptive buff.


[You’ve leveled up].

A guild master in Second Sun.


Schreig sheathed his sword, Fleurée, his alter ego. After the miracle in London, he had long since forgotten the heavy weight on his shoulders.

“It’s been a while. I can only enter the battle.”

Reality, the battle in the rift?

There were too many other things to worry about.

The Rift’s rising massiveness in real time was the main thing to worry about. The landscape of the Rift was a half-and-half mix of reality and the continent of Arcana, and it took some getting used to.

Zachary interrupted Schreig.

“Yeah. It’s like a step down in difficulty.”

“You really think so?”

“……No, on second thought, no.”

“Okay, you gotta admit it.”

Schreig smirked and looked at the status window.

Gods, the effects of the buffs that were popping up.

Yes, enough to fool you into thinking the difficulty had been lowered.

Anything you can afford on the Arcana Continent.

It was all thanks to the Holy War Alliance Commander-in-Chief.


Zachary asks, running a hand through his hair.

“By the way, are you sure you’re referring to the man in the buff message? I’m not doubting him, it just doesn’t make sense to me as a player.”

Schreig and Zachary.

Before the Arcana Continent biography was released.

They were companions since the first game they played.

Schreig glanced at his old friend.

“What, What are the commander’s abilities?”

Even without that, Schreig was uncomfortable in many ways.

Ten fingers in the world.

At the same time, he was the best player in England.

Even if he wanted to turn away.

There were impure touches that came naturally.

-“How long do you think you’ll stay with the Holy War Alliance?”

-“Be clear. You will always be British.”

“Reality is sobering. How long do you think he’ll be in charge of you, Lee Hoyeol? In that sense, the continent of Arcana is a land of opportunity. Act wisely…….”

Himself, of course.

Even Mr. Baker, the head of the AAU’s London branch.

He was actively supporting Hoyeol.

The number of approaching demonic beasts cannot be counted with ten fingers.

‘The Shining, and the rest of the rankers…….’

It meant that they would be tempted even more than he was.

Therefore, Schreig could not react gracefully.

Zachary, Second Sun’s second-in-command, would be just as tempted as he was.

Of course, Zachary held out his hand.

“No! It’s not suspicion, you simply don’t understand! Take off that venomous glare and think about it. Isn’t it common knowledge that experience increases exponentially as you level up?”

Schreig nods in response.

“Ugh, well, anyway, as long as the commander-in-chief is involved……!”

Zachary gulps down a sigh.

“That’s why you don’t understand! Thinking about the performance shown by the commander……. I’m sure it’s going to be difficult to level up with most things, right? To put it bluntly, you can’t hunt demon kings, great evil, or dragons every day.”


“And yet, in that situation, he opens up the Arcana continent to players like us, who are his competition anyway, with all those fraudulent experience buffs?”

Schreig snapped back.

“No wonder you can’t understand it, it’s a different vessel.”

“……What, so you can understand it?”

“No, I can’t understand it because it’s different.”

As far as he was concerned, Schreig agreed.

A London miracle.

Contrary to what he had promised himself, he would never forget the favor he had received. Surely, for some reason, there must be forces that have sided with the Holy War Alliance.

‘……if they grow up with the buffs on their backs.’

That was never good news. It was not a feeling of anger or irrationality, but the reality. Schreig knew that humans are beasts that falter in the face of enormous opportunity.


“Underestimates require proof, and overestimates must be made real.”

Even he was proof to someone.

It was only a matter of time before he realized it.

A vision flashed out of nowhere.

A message popped up.


And it wasn’t just the player near Caudi Territory.

“What is this……?”

On the outskirts of the continent, in Langerie, Liu Zunqun and 5 Stars.

And the capital of the Empire.



The message also reached Long Shenglac, the former Heavenly Unity player.

However, none of them could fully grasp its meaning.

Long Shenglac was the only one who understood.

“Are you finally making a move, Commander-in-Chief Lee Hoyeol……!”

[Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo begins the Myth Quest.]


He knew the meaning of his full name.

Since he was the only one among the players…….




Top floor of a spacetime social hall.

[Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo begins the Myth Quest.]

I looked at the flashing message and made another vow.

Raymond Sean.

You really won’t leave me alone……!!!