Chapter 366 – Even If My Ears Itch (2)

◈ Episode 366. Even If My Ears Itch (2)

[You have entered the top floor of the Spacetime Social Hall].

Top floor.

The scenery was…

It was anomaly.

‘……It’s not that [『Anomaly』] here.’

It is a word that means anomaly. The lower level of the social hall, where most Transcendents stay. It was different from the upper level, which was only allowed to a few, including the Four Families.

Still, unlike the lower levels, which were worthy of the name, the scenery on the top level could hardly be considered a social hall if it weren’t for the message.

Like a rift.

It was like looking at a promiscuous rift. If the rift was a place where two completely different worlds coexisted, the Arcana continent and reality…….

‘This place looks a little shabby.’

It looks like a mixture of countless worlds.

I mean, if you take it apart one by one, you can see a colorful social hall.

But when I put it all together, it was like an incomprehensible modern art.

If only.

“Nothing is too much or too little.”

I wonder if the aesthetes of the Grandfell would have made a similar assessment.

The clocks were as numerous as the landscape.

The appearances were all different, but what was certain was that the time indicated by the second hands on the clocks were all different.

‘By the way.’

First of all, even in this strange place.

Let’s see if the social hall system works.

I took out a gold coin from my inventory.

[Spacetime Gold Coin]

[Grade: Epic]

[Restriction: Transcendent]

[Effect: Can be used as currency in spacetime].

[Description: A gold coin that can be used as currency in Spacetime, the Transcendent’s realm].

Then he ordered.

“I’ll have green tea.”

It’s a place where the transcendents of the Arcana continent gather, not in reality, but in spacetime.

The gold coin between my fingers evaporated, as I had grumbled on my first visit, and I realized that green tea could not possibly exist in this environment.

[You paid one gold coin].

And then it was gone.

In my hand, I was holding a teacup filled with green tea. There, I was certain. The top floor of a spacetime social hall. No ordinary place, I thought.


I swallowed the green tea down my throat and felt my brain start to spin faster and faster. No wonder I’m like an office worker addicted to Americano.

At least I have a better idea of what’s going on.

I think this top floor…….

‘I think the time zones are mixed up.’

Beyond that, there was a good chance that completely different worlds were mixed up. You could tell by the fact that, unlike downstairs, green tea was available, right?

“Not bad.”

The mere fact that there was a green tea available to satisfy Grandfell’s picky palate, which would frown upon anything other than tea bag green tea, was enough to make me think twice. A thought popped into my head.

‘……Is this by any chance?’

Unlike downstairs, there’s no menu.

Maybe it’s because everything can be purchased with gold coins?

The moment I realized it, a worldly desire began to rise in my heart.

I realized that the food available in the space-time social hall had a deceptive effect.

Every single one of them had a deceptive effect.

Even just bottled water.

‘Who would buy bottled water for gold coins?’

The mineral water in the Spacetime Social Hall had the same effect as high-grade elixirs.

If the water was that good, the food must be even better. It wasn’t for nothing that the four patriarchs who were banqueting in the top floor of the social hall on that fictitious day were commandeering the continent.

‘Then why can’t we order elixirs?!’


Even a thousand years might not be enough for an elixir herb to grow without the blessing of a spirit or the care of an elf, but if it could be ordered for anything, it might be possible to order a precious elixir.

It’s not like I’m limited to supplies.

In my heart, I wanted to experiment with the remaining 99 gold coins, but I shouldn’t have overlooked it. I had tasted the end of wealth. I’d like to honor Grandfell’s innocence in the face of precious gold and silver treasures……!


He sets down his teacup and says.

“This is enough for today.”

……Yes, he’s just as unchanged as ever.

A cold water to the excitement of Grandfell.

No, it’s the green tea that has brought me back to my senses. Today isn’t the only day you can stop by the top floor. I don’t want to impulse buy just to check in.

‘How did we earn that gold?’

A duel in spacetime.

He defeated Shegwin, a Sword Saint from the Arcana Continent.

‘……Technically, Gwicheol won, but whatever.’

It was a hundred gold coins.

I also learned how to use the new gold coins.

In that case, I will now need to earn gold coins diligently.

Above all, the cat learned of the existence of the fish store.

“To remember my choice.”

This green tea addict.

You’ll always order the same thing.

Let’s see, considering the gold coins I’ll be spending on green tea in the future…….

‘I’d better hurry up and check it out.’

The highest level space-time quest that can be performed from now on.

Of course, I’ve always known about Spacetime missions.

I just never found the time to do them.

But I can’t put it off any longer.

You’re getting the hang of it, aren’t you?

I thought I’d made progress.

I thought I had finally reached the point where I could speak to the Hhigh Ranking Demon King.

‘I must do whatever it takes.’

So how do I get the highest level of spacetime quests?

No, in the first place.

How does the system work to get a spacetime quest?

The question is out of my mouth.

“I will carry out your request.”

Of course, in the usual Grandfell style.

And immediately.

The top floor of the social hall shifts.

Tick, tick, tick.

The seconds hands of countless clocks began to spin forward.

Or backwards.

Then, suddenly, only one clock stopped moving.

Then…… click─

As we approach, the background of the clock begins to expand rapidly.

A background that engulfs our vision.

A message flashes across your mind.

[Myth Quest: Going back]


The rapidly shifting scenery.

I couldn’t make out the exact words.

But a single line was enough.

A [Myth] level quest. What kind of quest is this……?

It was a ranking beyond Arcana’s understanding.

The highest-ranked quests in the Arcana system were rated as [World] quests. Of course, I was also doing the [Main] quest, the Warring States Period……. There was no distinction between World and Main.

By the way, it’s a myth.

I could tell just by looking at the big name.

‘This is no ordinary quest.’

As if to prove my suspicions.

A message pops up.

Without warning.

[Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo begins a Myth Quest].

My embarrassing full name is……!

Just a world quest.

I made my name ring out loud among those in the same world.

It was even more myth than that.

Moreover, I wasn’t the only one on the Arcana Continent at the moment.

It must have spread like wildfire.

The other players must have seen this damn message too……!

‘Raymond Sean, asshole.’

I muttered to myself and took a deep breath.

I steadied my unexpectedly pounding chest and focused on the shifting vision.

This was my first top-tier spacetime quest, a [Myth] quest.

I couldn’t know what would happen, so I couldn’t let my guard down.

In that sense, the Everlasting Heart is my most reliable friend.


I was able to face it with the same expressionless face as always.

“……C, c, c, Claudi?!”

The orc gasps as he faces me.


Kichi yawned.

“Honestly, I’m not interested in your sob story.”


Ulrich looked annoyed, but he didn’t care, because the only reason he’d been listening so far was because it involved Claudi.

“You said something meaningful.”

Orc chieftain, owner of the Oak Auction.

Ulrich said that

-“Rise, the Great Sage who sees the future in Pandora’s attic. I witnessed his final act from the window of that attic……!!!”

He had definitely witnessed Hoyeol’s end with his own eyes.

Kichi was unbelievable.

So who was this Claudi she was facing?

But she couldn’t ignore it.

Two completely different worlds.

Kichi had experienced both the Arcana continent and the world of adventurers.

‘You can’t be Claudi and an adventurer.’

She knew that.

There were times when she wondered if Hoyeol wasn’t actually born in the world of adventurers. Why, from the first time they met until now. He was more of an Arcanian than an Adventurer.

Kichi shook her head.

‘……No, he’s definitely been in that world.’

But Hoyeol was well versed in information that only an adventurer could know. There were even blood relatives living in that world of adventurers.

Kichi’s gaze fell on the silver hair on the table.

‘……, unlike Claudi.’

Damn it, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t come up with an answer.

The more she thought about it, the more complicated it became.

He clicked his tongue at Kichi’s reaction.

“I see, you don’t believe me.”

Kichi’s attitude made him decide.

Probably between Orc and Claudi.

He would have to tell her the details of what happened.

“Kichi, do you know anything about orcs?”

“What? I’m well aware, for one thing, your face is crushed.”

“……I’ll pretend I didn’t hear it.”

“What’s with the sudden formality?”

“It’s about our nature. I’m sure the Shadow Mercenaries have had a few encounters with our uncivilized kin.”

An orc-related job.

Kichi had done a lot of work for the organization. She had a routine of getting drunk and blacking out after each job. Thanks to that, she didn’t remember all of it, but…….

“How could I forget, those monsters.”

Savage orcs who rejected civilization.

The memory of facing them was imprinted in her mind. The explosion of power from their inhuman muscles, which had been quite a struggle for her.

Kichi stuck her tongue out at the memory.

“Of course, you’re too blind to see that. I could have taken them down with a little brainpower. So what’s with the kin talk all of a sudden, is there a blood lust now?”

Ulrich flashed a rotten smile.

“Pfft, kin? I can stand the insult of being called a crushed face, but I can’t stand being treated like one by those irrational bastards, Kichi. They’re still as ignorant as ever. It’s a weak world these days.”

” …… Is that right what you said?”

Oak Auction.

As it is a great merchant of the underworld, there are many items that cannot be obtained in sunny areas. It is natural that the price range is high. In particular, such words come out of the mouth of Ulrich, who is notorious for rip-offs of people.

Kichi folded her fingers and spoke.

“Let’s see, shall I just recite some rumors I’ve heard? Don’t they lend gold coins at ridiculous interest rates to people who are distracted by the soaring auction prices. Aren’t they selling a lot of items piled up in the Oak Auction warehouse, under the pretense of an opportunity that will never come again? also…….”

“Hmph, that’s some unflattering slander, where did you hear that?”


Ulrich didn’t like the topic, so he hurriedly placed a book in front of Kichi. Kichi looked at the title, but it was far from a book.

Ulrich knew this, so he quickly explained.

“Please don’t turn away this time, Kichi. It’s a memoir written by the first Ulrich of the Oak Auction, and I’ve read it many times myself, as it details the meeting with Claudi.”


You said you didn’t believe me.

Now you’re throwing evidence at me?

Kichi is incredulous and shoots Ulrich a stern glare.

Ulrich didn’t seem to mind, and shamelessly opened the book.

“Of course, I’ve been busy with work lately, so I haven’t had time to unfold it. Like I said, diamond top, Garfield. It’s because that human being offended me so much. So, let’s see……. I guess it starts here.”


Kichi still didn’t look the least bit interested.

Ulrich patiently ran his thick fingers over the text.


And yet, somehow.

Ullrich’s complexion began to change drastically.


Like an orc who saw something he shouldn’t have.

After a moment of contemplation, Ullrich spoke.

“……Kichi, what did you say earlier?”

“What, did I say you were ugly?”


Ulrich repeats in an exasperated voice.

“I meant Claudi’s name in the world of adventurers……!”

Kichi replied nonchalantly, wanting to say something.

“Name? Lee Hoyeol…….”

Kichi’s answer left Ulrich speechless for a moment.

Then she looked at the place where Ulrich’s finger was pointing.

It was written clearly.

“Claudi’s Patriarch, Lee Hoyeol Claudi.”

That time.

It was simply peculiar.

The name of Claudi Patriarch, who had been passed over.

Ulrich sighs.

“How did that name come from the distant past? Are you saying that the adventurer impersonating Grandfell has existed since the distant past, and that Grandfell is now……? What kind of harmony is this?”


A myth quest.

To describe its impact in one word was simple.

It can travel through time and space and change the past.

Does that sound like a familiar magic metaphor?


By interfering with the past.

It meant you could manifest a new reality.


“My name is Lee Hoyeol.”

I screamed as I looked at the orc who was thrilled.

“Lee Hoyeol Claudi……! I will remember that!”

Please don’t put my last name before or after my first name……!!!