◈ Episode 364. Let It Be Widely Beneficial

I wanted to hide it as long as possible.

Even if the name ‘Claudi’ was known to the whole world, how many people have a second name? I thought that if I didn’t mention myself, it would be forgotten.

‘Why, until just now.’

Celestial Realm.

I muttered to myself, and now I’m the one with the extra name. Again, not the invitation I wanted. Even if they don’t know, I know. I’m dying of shame.

I mean, who in the world wants to have their dark history out in the open?

“I welcome you as Claudi’s guest.”

However, would our Grandfell, who is overflowing with pride as the head of the family, tolerate this? Of course, in a way, inviting the player to Claudi Territory was the best decision.

‘Even if that’s not the case, it’s still confusing.’

Thanks to the Bad Omen spitting out those whom it devoured.

The Arcana Continent was in a state where various time dimensions were intertwined.

The resulting conflict?

As Liu Zunqun thought, the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period.

And to add players to the mix?

‘I’m tired just thinking about it, really.’

In that sense, the Claudi Territory was a kind of fence.

The Arcana continent and the players.

Keeping a minimum distance between them.

Doesn’t he trust the players?

Well, I don’t know what someone with a flower garden in his head might think.

people are not easily trusted.

Is the current Arcana continent just a continent?

There are so many buffs going off that players can’t help but roll their eyes. Can you imagine the excitement in the air?

‘I’d be tempted to go solo, too.’

However, as a Hidden Piece, Claudi’s Territory was outside the scope of the buff. There was no better place to calm the players down.

‘It’s ironic, my situation.’

It was a welcome treat that reflected my unavoidable circumstances.

Except for the Nam Taemin.

Everyone seemed to find my attitude very unfamiliar.

‘Either that, or they were surprised by head of family’s declaration.’

Of course, I’m more than a little embarrassed by the unfamiliarity.

‘Patriarch is a fucking prick!’

Claudi invitation.

He’s already been through a similar situation with me. It was one thing to stand in front of people who knew me as Claudi, another to stand in front of people who knew me as Lee Hoyeol.

‘So how should I act?’

Is it a full name that equates to Romeo?

An equally strange fusion name.

Lee Hoyeol Claudi.

‘…… I don’t know where my snout will land.’

Luckily, I didn’t have to make a decision right away. No one asked me for my name. Heck, who would think I was hiding a stupid full name?

‘If you really have any questions.’

I am just a player.

The most curious thing you might be wondering is how I have such a territory.

As it turns out, my guess was correct.

And again.

As I descend the stairs, someone from the group of players asks.

“If you’ll excuse us, can you tell us about Claudie’s territory? Aside from the Hidden Piece moniker, how did you get your hands on such a vast and elegant territory……?”

Me, Lee Hoyeol.

Naturally, I didn’t want to answer.

Most of all, I couldn’t answer with the truth.

‘How can I say it’s because my dark history is real?!’

However, Grandfell’s work principle.

Is it formal?

Because it was an extremely appropriate question.

‘If it weren’t for the compliment of being a dignified territory……!’

I gladly answered.

“It’s not something I’ve earned.”

” ……yes?”

“It just hasn’t been revealed.”

In Grandfell style, of course.

A snout, once started, is not easily stopped.

I continued under his focused gaze.

“That is why I ask you to maintain your formality on Claudi’s territory. What applies in this land is not the laws of reality, the laws of the empire, or the common sense of the Arcana Continent.”

This is not a threat, but a statement of fact.

It can be said to be my private abode and master bedroom.

Why was it possible to invite an unspecified number of players to Claudi Territory?

It’s Claudi’s patriarch in Claudie Territory.

It is by order of the Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo.

Because of his absolute power.

So I finished speaking.

“Remember. My word is law here.”


A glowing magic stone.

These are high-level players.

They recognize its value at once.

“I can’t believe there are magic stones of this size embedded throughout the territor. Didn’t the imperial capital of Antonium have anything like this? Lee Hoyeol, how much money do you have……?”

“Wider than that. Did he even create a portal with a magic stone? Maybe it’s not called the Hidden Piece for nothing.”

“Why don’t you just shut up and leave soon?”

Players’ biggest practical concerns.

Lodging on the Arcana continent has been solved.

Because Hoyeol had given them permission to stay in the mansion as long as they wanted.

“Although I’m worried about that discipline……. I’m so grateful!”

The players didn’t know what discipline was.

Not knowing allowed them to burn with pure motivation.

Until now.

“How long has it been, this?”

Suddenly, a magic circle formed on the magic stone, and the light of the portal poured out.

The players awoke on the Arcana continent.

The scene was unexpected.


From the early birds.

Even those who had traveled through the portal just a few minutes ago.

Everyone was frozen in place.


The reason was immediately apparent.

The nonstop flashes of light.

A floating message.

[Experience gain increased by 50 percent].

[Item drop rate increased by 50 percent].

[Magic manifestation increased by 30 percent].

[Mastery gain for all weapons is increased by 30 percent.]…….

A shock, like a blow to the head.

“Hey, what’s all this?!”

Of course, it was a good kind of shock.

For one thing, it was the most deceptive buff I’d ever seen. I had to stop and check it out. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

But one thing was certain.

“…….If it were me, I would have monopolized this.”

If you were a normal player.

You wouldn’t have told anyone about the existence of all these buffs.

And even more so, you wouldn’t have shared them with anyone.

“Of course. No, that’s normal, it’s an opportunity to get ahead.”

In fact, Hoyeol had the ability to do just that.

If not for the Dragon Heart he had acquired.

Players wouldn’t be able to set foot on the Arcana continent.

But Hoyeol had not only offered up his territory, Claudi, but also shared these buffs, a gesture that left even the most excited players pondering.

” …… Why would he do this?”


Because of the weight of being the Commander in Chief of the Holy War Alliance.

Maybe it’s the confidence to share even a buff like this.

No one will ever know.

People could only rack their brain.

“Why are you sharing everything with us, strangers…….”

“Are you sure you’re not some kind of god reincarnation, our commander-in-chief?”

“Well, he’s too proud to be human.”

Reincarnation of Gods is bullshit, it’s all dark history……!

In fact, if the party that is hiding the name from you had heard it.

It’s not just the name, it’s the whole story.

As if that weren’t enough, the word was spreading among players.

Like the beginning of a new legend.


Langerie, a city on the outskirts of the continent.

It’s real.

Surviving in a harsh world.

That there are only those who are harsher than the world.


Blood soaks the floor.

Liu Zunqun looked at the face of the deceased Langerie lord and recalled his memories.

He had said that time in the Arcana Continent was four times faster than in reality.

Indeed, it was true.

“The young pig must be the next generation.”

Back when Arcana was just a game.

A piglet that resembled his father-in-law had grown to adulthood.

He had inherited the position of lord.

It was a new feeling.

Liu Zunqun stopped reminiscing at that point.

“It’s not a pleasant memory.”

Before the Cataclysm.

In his unworthy days as a monarch, Liu Zunqun had suffered countless misfortunes. In the past, he had become the lord of Langerie.

It was a lord’s seat, no different than a quiver of arrows.

No wonder he was treated worse than a scarecrow.

Liu Zunqun spat out a short sentiment towards the corpse.

“But I must praise you. Your viciousness, which resembles that of a scarecrow, has protected my lord seat, Langerie, until now.”


Langerie’s subjects trembled at the sight of Liu Zunqun.

They were stunned by the adventurer’s unexpected return.

They leapt over the gates of Langerie and entered the lord’s castle.

Deng Geng.

The lord’s head fell off.

‘……I’m no better than a murderer.’

Even if he realized it.

There was nothing he could do about it.

Support from the neighboring lords, Langerie’s allies?

At the whim of their now-dead lord.

They had long since fallen to the demons.

They couldn’t count on the help of their own people.


The evil lord has finally been put to death.

Why would they risk their lives to avenge him?

Because they didn’t have one.

‘What a shame.’

As you can see, it’s Langerie, the land of bean flour.

How has it managed to survive so long in such a place?

If anyone asked, the subjects couldn’t answer easily.

‘How can we tell the truth!’

Accomplices of the demon.

For they were demon worshippers.

How could they confess that Langerie could be whole, how could they confess……!!!

“Tell the truth.”


Liu Zunqun asked the servant who was swallowing his anger inside.

“How could Langerie be intact?”


Liu Zunqun.

‘I don’t know that adventurer.’

The man who seemed to be on speaking terms with the lord was even more mysterious. However, it was clear that Langerie’s act of demon worship would not be forgiven by anyone.

“……I don’t know.”

So he kept his mouth shut.

‘Even if I die, I will not speak…….’

I will keep my mouth shut for the sake of my children, I resolved.


[Monarch] is.



The [Tyrant] would not tolerate silence.

“Unless you wish to see the Three Clans destroyed.”


The subjects’ mouths opened unwillingly. An out-of-sync message appeared in Liu Zunqun’s vision, but the subjects were unable to witness it.

“How did Langerie survive? The lord of Langerie sacrificed a human to a demon. He survived because he was practically a demon.”

“There is an altar to the demon in the basement of the lord’s castle…….”

“Not just men, but women and children as well……!”

From the authenticity of the incident to the process of demon worship.

Only after confiding in Liu Zunqun in detail could he shut up.

The subjects closed their eyes tightly.


‘It’s over, it’s all over!’

It wouldn’t be strange if they were hanged right now.


But contrary to their wishes, their heads didn’t fall off.


When he opened his eyes, he saw the corner of a man’s mouth forming a curve.

That’s when he realized.

‘Worse than my lord, he’s……!’

Not to mention the subjects who swallowed their horror.

Liu Zunqun was lost in thought.

How to use Langerie to his advantage.

‘Here, I can steadily increase my strength.’

Liu Zunqun had admitted his weakness.

However, he only admitted it to one person, Lee Hoyeol.

In other words, he didn’t intend to be caught by surprise by other players.

In that sense, the Arcana Continent would be a new battlefield. Not bad. If I could capture Langerie, I would have a head start on everyone except Lee Hoyeol.

“Not a bad answer.”

Liu Zunqun’s gaze swept over his subjects.

Now that I know why Langerie was able to stay safe.

Shouldn’t we continue to be safe in the future?

To maintain the current gap.

“I will give you the honor of serving the throne.”

Liu Zunqun was now seated in the lord’s chair.

But he didn’t realize it.

This moment.

His and the Five Stars’ vision, the status window.

Compared to the other players, they paled in comparison.

[Currently active buffs: none].

Experience gained.

Item drop rate.

Magic manifestation.

Weapon proficiency…….

Not to mention deceptive buffs.

Even minor buffs didn’t occur to Liu Zunqun and the Five Stars.

The reason was simple.

[All of these things were the arrangements of the Dark Dragon].

Because the true master of the continent did not allow them to.


Let’s see, was it from when the red ticket was attached?

When I was worried, I would read novels. I used to go in and out of rental stores……. The world has gotten so much better. There’s a new novel every day.

Yerim muttered.

“This month, I baked too many cookies…….”

If only I could immerse myself in reading.

He watched it every day just to tease Hoyeol.

She would have missed the start of today’s Arcana main broadcast.

Lee Yerim belatedly turned on the TV with the remote control.


She rubbed her eyes at the screen that popped up.

……Is it because I stayed up all night reading a novel?

I recognized the words from the novel.

It popped up as a subtitle.


However, it was not in vain.

Lee Yerim’s eyes were filled with fatigue.

Her dark complexion began to glow with color.

“Che, Celestial Realm? With your mouth?!”

My only younger brother was writing a martial arts novel in real life.