Chapter 363 – Welcome (3)

◈ Episode 363. Welcome (3)

Great Evil, the Seven Deadly Sins.

Born on the Arcana Continent, Great Evil never doubted himself for a single moment. Because it never failed. It never gave in to anyone.

It believed it had surpassed even the great Claudi.

But the Great Evil Seven Deadly Sins, Lust.

Lust’s confidence crumbled in this moment.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would wriggle so ridiculously under the weight of a resurrected Claudi, that I would become a foundation, that I would sacrifice my life to summon the King of the Mongrels.



Looking at the cracking sky, Lust spat out a hollow laugh.

Still, it might not be such a bad deal.

It would be quite a thrill to see that noble man’s face crumble in the face of absolute power. Lust curled his lower lip.

That’s when Lust caught a glimpse of something, something strange.


Sure enough, the sky split open.

The Tenth Throne Demon King, the one who should have manifested, was nowhere to be seen. The ritual was still going on, judging by the blood that was flowing faster than ever.

Lust had a terrible thought.

‘……You mean it’s not enough?’

This body is Great Evil.

A pureblood born of primordial evil.

I am a member of the Seven Deadly Sins of the Arcana Continent.

I have decided to offer myself as a complete sacrifice, and yet I am not enough. Lust felt an indescribable sense of helplessness as he looked up at the still unresponsive sky.

‘What kind of beings are you ……?’

It was no wonder.

They came from the Demon World.

A world filled with demons.

Was it right to say that they were born differently?

Despair washed over Lust as he stared at the sky.

“Damn it.”

That was it.

For the last time.

It was my defeat, my inability to see the topic.

Lust’s eyelids close heavily.

Demon hunter.

His body burns in the fires of hell, torn apart by his natural enemy.

It was then.

-□□□□. □□ □□□ □□.


The voice came from the cracked sky.

It was unmistakably Buer’s voice.

Rust swallowed hard.

‘All you did was manifest a voice.’

How comforting.

The moment of death had been hollow in many ways.

But in this moment, when Lust was confronted by the voice of the Demon King.

He was met with an unexpected shock.


……What are you talking about?

At this rate, the self-proclaimed demon king will be right.

Demon Kings of the Ten Thrones.

They are said to be ignorant beings who cannot even speak properly.

Beings who wield immense power without consciousness.

That’s why foolish kings.

It was a moment that made him feel pathetic for expecting such a stupid king. Lust looked at him. He had long since stopped paying attention to himself.

He saw Claudi staring at the cracked sky.

Could it be……?

Lust’s pupils dilated.

It was realization.

‘Do you hear it, do you recognize that voice?’

He did.

“It’s……. That’s great, Claudi.”

That was a look he couldn’t make without understanding, and he took a last bite. Then, through the hellfire that engulfed his vision, he muttered.

“The subject of humans excites me until the very end.”


[The 10th Throne Demon King, Buer, appears].

Demon Hunter.

As a natural enemy, I thought I could see through demons.

To be honest, I didn’t think about it.

I never thought that a Great Evil would make itself a sacrifice and summon a Demon King.

The Seven Deadly Sins and the Demon Kings of the Demon World come from different origins.

Moreover, the Seven Deadly Sins looked down on demon kings, calling them mongrels.

‘It’s a mistake to overlook the malice of demons. Lee Hoyeol.’

But this has made me realize.

When you hunt demons, you hunt to the end.

You must hunt with the worst in mind.

I gazed at the cracking sky and remembered.

The Demon King of the Tenth Thrones, or the High Ranking Demon King.

As I said, I hunted the first and fourth in line.

I had encountered Bael and Gamigin.

Well, technically, Bael, I encountered his forearm under the special circumstances of the [Curse], so even if I exclude that. I’ve definitely faced Gamigin, the fourth King of Thrones.

Do you think that experience will help?

‘I don’t know.’

I’m not dismissing Grandfell’s talent for taking something as trivial as watching NetTube and making it mean something. It’s just that he was lucky to be able to defeat Gamigin.

Thanks to the start of the battle for the Demon King, the gates of Hell were opened, and it took a lot of help from Akshan, who jumped out of the flames to hunt down Gamigin.

Of course, my level and strength have grown beyond what they were then……. Given the significant ranking gap between Gamigin and Buerre, this meant that I couldn’t just assume victory.


“Two birds with one stone.”

It was the pride of Grandfell that only grew stronger as the demon grew stronger, and I re-sheathed my Ego Sword and crossbow. As if that weren’t enough, I channeled my magic into full force.

In the cracked sky.

There is no telling when or how the power of Buer will be unleashed.

It meant he would not let his guard down.

But how come…….

Too quiet?

It’s different from Gamigin, who wreaked havoc just by appearing.

Above all, even if he did show up, he should have shown up long ago.

He didn’t even show his nose.


-Whoever called me.

I could only hear a voice.

“……Wait, a voice?

In that moment, I was stunned.

I immediately realized that I was reliving my experience with Gamigin.

I realized that I couldn’t understand Gamigin’s words.

-□□□. □□□□.

I had thought that mumbling was no different than babbling.

But the voice of the same High Ranking Demon King, Buer.

rang in my ears as clear as day.

His gaze seemed to pierce through the cracked sky.

-I see.

It seems to be looking this way.

-So that’s what happened.

I said nothing.

There were so many eyes watching.

I didn’t want to appear to be talking to myself.

-You still haven’t realized who is truly stupid. You think you can summon me to this extent as a sacrifice. There is a limit to overestimating yourself. Self-proclaimed great evil.

The Great Evil, the Seven Deadly Sins, has offered himself as a sacrifice.

At that point, I breathed a sigh of relief, realizing that I had merely summoned the voice of Buer. Well, at least the screaming was avoided.

‘I told you, I can’t be so sure of victory.’

But that wasn’t the only reason I didn’t say anything.

Now, his gaze was fully on me.

He was talking to me.

-But thanks to his ignorance we have come face to face, King Slayer.

……What, the King Slayer?

Me, me?

What kind of name is that?

If I had to guess, I’d say I was the one who sent Gamigin to hell, so I might as well be called the King’s Slayer. Even as I pondered this, Buer continued to speak.

-I’m afraid we won’t be able to have an in-depth conversation with such a meager offering. But I look forward to it. that our paths will cross again sooner or later.

Indeed, the High Ranking Demon King.

I am reminded of what they are.

To meet again.

It was my first time hearing something like that from a demon prey.

The sky slowly closes.

-And I welcome you.

But what does “welcome” mean?

A pause.

The voice continues.

-You have stepped into the Celestial Realm.

……Celestial realm?

I suddenly realized.

Unlike with Gamigin, I was able to understand the words of Buer, a high ranking demon king. The reason for my encounter with Gamigin was because of my countless struggles.

I was finally equal to the High Ranking Demon King.

The realm of the anomaly.

I had entered the realm of the Celestial.

At the same time, something flashed before my eyes.

[You’ve acquired the title, ‘Celestial’].

[Skill, ‘Spacetime Socialite’, changes].

[From now on, you will be able to access the top floor of the Spacetime Social Hall].

[You can now perform the top level of the Spacetime Quest].

I never thought I’d be recognized by the High Ranking Demon King.

I, Lee Hoyeol, have been observing the power of the High Ranking Demon King.

I honestly don’t feel bad.

I’ve grown to the point where I’m recognized by my enemies, right?

But what kind of person is our great Grandfell?

A man who doesn’t speak to demons unless there’s a special reason.

A man of great pride.

My mouth opens.

“Welcome to the Celestial Realm.”

Of course, no one can stop me.

“You speak as if you are the master of the Celestial Realm, you idiot.”

That was a pretty blatant criticism.

I guess he still has some time to spare.

I hear a sinister chuckle.

-Hehe, that’s a response I can’t ignore since you’re a King Slayer.

With those words, the sky closed.

Lust that sacrificed itself was completely consumed by the fires of hell. Whether you’ve spat out the words to yourself or entered the realm of the Celestial realms, a message comes to mind …….

[Loot is automatically claimed for high kill contributions].

Shouldn’t we get what we can?

[Neutral Parasitic Creature Lust 2/7]


The Internet community, including NetTube, was abuzz with news from China.

It was the blood elf, Elsidor, who led the charge.

-Then everything that has been covered in blood so far??

-This is the first time in my life that I have seen a washing machine run with blood.

-Hahaha, doesn’t it hurt even if you think of it as a class?

-ㄹㅇ Where are the close combat healers in the world?

But Elsidor’s performance hasn’t gone unnoticed.

an interview with Elsidor himself.

It was an interview with Chinese players.

-“He said everything is His command.”

-“Who does He mean?”

-“Of course, there’s only one person, right?”

He, Lee Hoyeol.

It was what most of us expected, but what a surprise.

I never thought I’d see Elsidor improve so much.

But even that was only the beginning.

Players entered the Arcana continent.

It was as if they had been waiting for that news.

The arrival of the Seven Deadly Sins in China.

It seemed to have anticipated its every move.

A clash of the great powers.

The battle was watched by so many eyes.

It had been broadcast in real time.

-And the great evil can’t even resist!

-You’re not the Akshan leader for nothing haha.

-Look how he fell in one hit.

But even that wasn’t enough of a shock.

The news came from the players in China.

The sky split open and a message appeared before their eyes.

-The 10th Throne Demon King, Buer, is appearing……?

-That means the 10th out of 72 Demon Kings!!!

-Damn it, what the hell are you doing in my hometown?!

The cries of the players broadcasting the situation spread quickly.

A state of emergency was issued to all AAU branches.

“It is the appearance of a high-ranking demon king.”

The AAU provided information to Hoyeol.

In return Hoyeol had also been sharing information with the AAU.

One of those pieces of information was knowledge about the High Ranking Demon King.

Park Minjae gritted his teeth.

“Damn it, why…….”

It’s vicious.

With the majority of the Holy War Alliance’s forces having entered the Arcana Continent, no one would have thought that not only the Great Evil, but even the high-ranking Demon King would come up with a plan to go on a rampage. Of course, Ho-yeol, who expected even that, was faced with the sky splitting like a last bastion…….

‘……you think you can handle it on your own?’

Of course, all those worries were for nothing.

-□□□□ □□□ □□ □□ □□ □□.

Buer’s voice was unintelligible no matter what kind of compensation was used, and Hoyeol’s voice, as if responding to that voice, spread across the world via radio waves.

-“Welcome to the Celestial Realm.”

-“You speak as if you are the master of the Celestial Realm, you idiot.”

“Che, che, the Celestial Realm?! Is this from that martial arts stuff?!”

It wasn’t just Park Minjae, Yoon Soogyeom, and Sung Hyunjoon.

The whole world knew.

Hoyeol’s entrance into the Celestial Realm.

No, technically, not everyone.

Same time, completely different world.

Players on the Arcana Continent had no internet signal.

But there’s no reason to blame them for being late to the news.

They were in for a treat of their own.

While exploring the sprawling Claudi mansion.


A shout from the stairs.


Claudi’s gorgeous mansion.

An even more colorful outfit.

Hoyeol, a jacket of dawn hanging from his shoulders, greeted them.

“As Claudi family patriarch, I welcome you.”


Since ancient times, the honor of meeting the patriarch of Claudi’s family is rare.




I stammered.

In front of me.

There were two options.

So which one is the right option……?

1. Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo.

2. Lee Hoyeol Claudi.

Faced with those two terrible options.

What name should I come up with?

Is it possible to avoid shameful death……?!!!

tl/n : well, because this is a fantasy novel, not a murim (martial arts), I think it is more appropriate to use the word Celestial rather than Heavenly