Chapter 351 – Recycling Trash (1)

◈ Chapter 351. Recycling Trash (1)




‘It’s not even funny, Kinver you idiot.’

Kinver stared at the drops of blood soaking the floor.

It was well past midnight.

They’ve reached the exit of the gold mine, but not even the moonlight breaks through.

Shadows danced in the flickering torchlight.

I hear a shout.

“He’s wounded, he couldn’t have gotten far.”

“Search everywhere!, The opponent is Kinver.”

“Stealth Master Kinver, do you want to play hide and seek with us?”

Triggered [Stealth], which has reached Mastery.

Thanks to this, Kinver was able to blend into the darkness completely.

But even the most perfect concealment.

There is no hiding from the blood on the ground.

Kinver looked at the path he had taken.

In the darkness, he could vaguely make out a trail of blood.

It was hard to see in the dark.

If you are conscious of it, you can recognize it and follow it.



Kinver clutched his torn stomach hard.

As expected, PK.

No, they are murderers with a knack for murder.

Back when the Yusra Kingdom was called the Islands.

Aside from the Five Stars, Kinver was unique among the Supernova.

‘Hasn’t everyone had a wasted time like me?’

But Kinver hasn’t been the same since.

Kinver did not participate in the PK operation.

Is that because of the side effects of making eye contact with Harkon?

Maybe it was age, or maybe it was just good sense.

Kinver, even he couldn’t tell……..

‘The important thing is that it has become obsolete.’

He thought he could get away with it.

He believed in his [Stealth].

But he hadn’t been on the run long before he was gravely wounded.

A message appears before Kinver’s eyes.

[Status Abnormality, “Bleeding” occurs.]

[Status Abnormality, “Vertigo” occurs.]

[Status Abnormality, ‘Excessive Bleeding’ occurs.]

[Caution: health is too low].

A chuckle escapes.

‘……Is this why people are left behind when they do things they don’t do before?’

A meeting of 5 Stars.

If I hadn’t participated, I wouldn’t be in this mess. Yeah, what’s the point of joining a conference if you weren’t going to participate in the work?

Kinver, you idiot.

‘Why the fuck, man. That’s it.’

Because the conference was being held in the Yusra Kingdom.

‘Because even the dead have a sense of humor.’

As if that weren’t bad enough, all five supernova stars were attending.

Kinver swallowed a laugh.

Why was I surprised when I had already guessed everything, a guy like me…….

‘……Maybe I just wanted to make sure.’

Maybe I wanted to see if my changes were due to fear, or genius, or neither, or mere whim. So I lifted the lid on my emotions, and what did I find?

As you can see, it’s a total mess.

I’m scared, but I’m also relieved, but I’m not.

I can see myself saying to myself.

“Aren’t we already out of the gold mine?”

“Let’s see. First, out…….”

“……Hold on.”

Suddenly, the tracker stops heading out of the mine.

Kinver checked his magic levels.

Maintaining [Stealth] was becoming increasingly difficult.


“The scent of blood hasn’t worn off, I’m pretty sure it’s still around here.”

Some people had too good of a sense.

Kinver looked at the blood soaking his clothes.

Perhaps I should have set the wound on fire.

Kinver swallowed hard.

“Found it! Kinver!”

He spotted the blood on the floor.

‘Son of a bitch.’

Quick thinking is key.


Kinver took off running.

With each step, organs seemed to spill out of the wound.

The pain was excruciating, but he didn’t stop.

“Are you there?”

Still, there was no hiding the noise.

Footsteps, moving in pursuit.

Threats from behind me.

“Why don’t you give up at this point, Kinver?”

“Maybe it’s time to get a grip.”

“You’re familiar with it, right? What is the ending of this chase?”


He wasn’t wrong.

Although it was not a five star, it was Kinver, which was classified as a notorious star within the supernova category. He have experienced countless times where the situation has been reversed.

I could hear the mockery.

“I don’t know what you’re trying to do, but it’s ridiculous, isn’t it? You want to wash your bloody past, like, in the laundry? You think that’s going to take the stink out of you?”

…… Well.

Instead of answering, Kinver dug through his inventory.

No potions.

Instead, he threw a bottle containing a rare poison into the ceiling.


The poison rained down on the heads of the pursuers.


“That son of a bitch! It’s a blindness debuff.”

“Don’t rely on sight, follow the smell.”

As usual, it’s bad luck to have a good sense of smell in the mix.



Kinver had taken advantage of the commotion to roll a potion bottle and throw it. It was still a long way from dawn. He hoped they’d mistake the potion for blood, but if they were that aware, they wouldn’t be fooled.

The message flashed once more.

[Caution: magic power is too low].

I am indeed nearing my limit.

The moment [Stealth] is lifted, the attacks will pour in.

That’s when my breath will be cut off.

Kinver pulled out a scroll, a last resort.

[Scroll – Emergency Escape]

In short, dozens.

Up to a hundred meters.

It was a scroll that allowed him to teleport.

It was useful when dealing with monsters, as it could break their aggro.

For them, it was a hundred meters further away.

Kinver laughed bitterly.

‘I don’t know why.’

Even he could not understand his own whims.

Lee Hoyeol, had he ever forgiven him?

Had he begged for forgiveness before?

Or had he been good enough to be forgiven?

None of it.


‘How could I have gotten the news to you in the first place?’

I don’t even know where Lee Hoyeol is right now……?

Then why did I do it.

Did I touch a five-star nerve by mentioning Lee Hoyeol?

I couldn’t even convince myself.

But one thing is clear.

“…… sucks.”

Kinver’s frustration was evident in the air.

He’s finally out of steam.

His pursuers rejoice.

“Yes, Kinver, it must suck to be chased, but it’s not so bad to experience it, is it? Why, it’s nice to walk in the shoes of the players you’ve been killing…….”

“It’s not fair.”

“Unfair? Well, if that’s what you think…….”

“Cause I’m…….”


A strangely off-topic conversation.


Kinver interrupts, lifting the scroll.

“The man who made this Kinver tired. Just imagining losing a leg and dying after being attacked by bastards like you sucks, you bastards.”

“……Scroll, stop the trigger!”

“Fuck, we’re late!”


A magical glow emanating from the torn scroll.

But it was none other than the supernovae, who were used to this sort of thing. They know better than anyone else the scroll’s range of effectiveness in a crisis.

Someone says.

“He can’t have gotten far, he’s probably lying down within a few hundred meters. Follow the magic trail. Follow the scent of blood, whatever works for you.”

The guess was correct.


Kinver had fallen to the ground.

But the guess was wrong: a few hundred meters at most.

How to maximize the performance of an escape scroll.

Kinver used it.

“Good thing I memorized the coordinates for …….”

In the past, he’d been offered a job.

He’d turned it down.

Kinver had memorized the target coordinates.


Kinver is approached by an impersonator.

“Is that your will?”

A bland voice.

It was not the voice of a supernova.

No, it was not a human voice.

Kinver refused.

It came from a private room in the Golden Palace.

It was a plan to rob Lee Hoyeol’s flower garden.

So, to Kinver, who has fallen in the Garden of Elegance.

The identity of the speaker was obvious to all.

It was an elf, Elsidor.

“……I have a message for you.”

Kinver approached Elsidor and told him the story of the 5 Star Meeting. Elsidor listened impassively, then turned to Kinver and said.


Elsidor’s eyes were filled with contempt.

“You know that, trash. Once you have blood on your hands, you can never wash it off. Once a trash, always a trash.”

Kinver did not answer.

Not that he had the energy.

He didn’t feel like arguing back.

‘I know, asshole…….’

Some people might sneer.

Is he trying to get the word out to Lee Hoyeol and Harkon so they’ll forgive him, so he can wash the blood off his hands? It’s not possible.

‘I know that, bastards.’

Kinver forced himself to speak.

“Fuck you. I never intended to be forgiven in the first place…….”

Like I said, a simple whim.

Elsidor glared at Kinver.

Then he said.

“Are you admitting to being a trash?”

” ……You’re going to put it up? Fuck you, too, you silly little shit.”

“Okay. It’s obvious you’re a piece of shit because you put your money where your mouth is.”

The corner of Elsidor’s mouth twitched upward.

“Then, without feeling guilty…….”


He drew his sword from his belt.

He spoke.

“I think we can fit in.”


Suddenly, they could fit in.

Kinver’s eyes snapped open at the unexpected sound.

To Kinver, Elsidor spoke.

“Guard the flower garden until I return, lowly trash.”

……Lowest class trash?

What the fuck.

Do trash have grades?

“……What kind of bullshit is this?”

With those words, Kinver fainted.





Dozens of trackers scanned the darkness.

“I’ve lost the smell of blood.”

“Wasn’t that a random teleport?”

“Not to worry, no more than a kilometer at most.”

Player Kill (PK).

The number of players who have been dying so far cannot be counted on ten fingers.

The experience was telling.

“Well, he’ll die if you leave him alone.”

It was well past midnight.

No one could help Kinver.

No, even if it wasn’t midnight.

Kinver is already one of the most infamous supernova.

Even if he were covered in blood and begging for help.

“Who can trust you, Kinver?”

The same goes for Lee Hoyeol.

Given his noble character.

He wouldn’t listen to someone as notorious as Kinver. It was doubtful that Kinver would be able to speak directly to Lee Hoyeol in the first place.

But they were overlooking it.

“Yeah, I knew there would be assholes like this.”

There’s class in trash.

A sign of approach.

A moment of nervousness at the unexpected momentum.

A figure emerges from the darkness.


It wasn’t human.

Pure white skin, blue eyes, and pointed ears.

It was an elf.

“I’ve heard the stories, trash. You said you were after Harkon’s life, which is a shame, because he’s one of the few people I talk to.”


The infamous name was self-explanatory.

In a way, this is a shadow mercenary group that can be said to be a perfect upward compatibility with Supernova. One of their members, Rockid, It was Elsidor who defeated him.

Elsidor speaks up.

“First of all, don’t even think about coming back alive.”


Blue eyes accelerate at the same time as the trembling words.

For a split second, the supernova thought.

Still, it was in the tens.

‘If we take advantage of the number of people……!

Of course, it was all a miscalculation in the face of absolute power.


Dozens of wrists being sliced off.

“Ugh, ouch!”

Elsidore said sulkily.

“Shut up, the flowers are waking up.”

“What does that mean……?!”

“You don’t need to know.”

Elsidor swung his sword wildly.


The legend of the Colosseum.

In other words, it is something that even PK legend Rockid could not touch. Even Elsidor’s experience of taking someone’s life was different from Supernova.
And he knew it himself.

“Ugh, uhhhhh. God, help me……!!”

Only a few minutes.

Dozens of supernovae chased Kinver.

Only one of them had survived.


Elsidor wiped the blood from his cheek and said.

“The world is not a flower garden. It’s just as littered with trash as it is on the Arcana continent, and I have no choice but to get my hands dirty to clean it up, and all it takes is…….”


“Why get my clean hands dirty?”

Yes, in order to grow a flower garden.

Someone had to pick up the dirty trash.

Someone had to get their hands dirty.

“Wouldn’t it be more efficient to use hands that are already dirty?”

Elsidor knew that.

He himself was unredeemable trash to begin with.

But, as they say, there are classes of trash.

‘They don’t need to know about this ugly world.’

Lee Hoyeol.


And the servants of the Golden Palace.

Remembering their faces, Elsidor muttered.

“I, for one, am enough.”


“Because it is enough for me to accumulate karma.”

Elsidor stabbed his sword into Supernova’s thigh.

Its eyes rolled back in its head.

Supernova groaned in pain.

“If you wish to die in peace, lead me to the meeting place.”




The meeting place of stars.

A gold mine in the kingdom of Yusra.

The Supernova, waiting for news of Kinver, converse.

“He’s later than I thought.”

“I told you, the bastard is a master of stealth.”

“Well, at least he’ll be back before dawn…….”

Suddenly, a single message flashes before their eyes.


[Blood Elf, Elsidor appears.].

Supernova under a torch on the floor.

“twi, twieoeog……?!”




No, the heads and bodies of the trash began to be separated and collected.