Chapter 352 – Recycling Trash (2)

◈ Episode 352. Recycling Trash (2)

All elves follow their leader, Agentress. This begs the question. Why was Elsidor separated from Agentress and dropped into reality as a single person?

The answer is simple.

Elsidor was strong.

He rampaged across the demon-infested Arcana continent.

No one dared to stand in his way.

“A blood elf……? Was there such a thing?”

Elsidor had fought countless battles.

He had reached new heights that neither Agentress nor even he knew. He was a Blood Elf, a race of elves that specialized in combat.

The Supernova shocked.

“Well, that’s not important right now, is it?”

“If it was Elsidor……. That crazy elf bastard!”

“Wait. He just showed up here out of the blue?!”

There was a pause.

Elsidor was not known for his mercy, nor was he known for his patience. His eyes swept over the structure of the gold mine. A red aura emanated from behind him.

“I don’t know who it is, but I can’t believe they chose a place like this as a place for a meeting. Their intentions are clear. There’s a single entrance deep within. If you don’t get what you want, you’ll kill them, right?”

The Supernova stirred at Elsidore’s words.

“What are you saying, you bastard?”

After an awkward silence, some of the Supernova’s faces turn white.

‘No, I heard and saw…….’

It wasn’t bullshit.

It was an underground gold mine in the Kingdom of Yusra.

There are plenty of places in this world that are off the radar, why, even the unpopular Rift only had one or two low-level players in it at most.

‘It’s definitely easier to clean up after that.’

Run into someone unlucky?

No problem, just kill them before they run away.

If you clear the rift after the meeting, there’s no evidence left.

A gold mine, though.

Even if the target was a Harkon staying in the Kingdom of Yusra, it would be inefficient.

In addition, Kinver showed us the half-face teacher.

‘Was there really an ulterior motive, Five Star?’

But there was no time to question the five stars now.

The rest of the supernova didn’t exist.

The torch fell to the ground.

Then, in the light, the figure of Elsidor.

“Certainly more rotten than that guy.”


Elsidor took a deep breath and smiled.

“Thank you. For not making me feel all that guilty.”


Elsidor accelerates forward with a distinctly elven gait.

It’s not like he’s running against the wind.

It’s as if he’s riding the wind.

Elsidor glides smoothly and swiftly through the supernova.

A question-and-answer dance.

It was the movement of a hunter.

Like Hoyeol’s treatment of demons.

Elsidor was treating humans as prey.

Or, more accurately,…….


That’s right, he was treating trash as prey.

“Ugh, euaaaaagh!!”

A dozen supernova fell in an instant.

Elsidor stared with an impassive face.

Opposite from the gold mine entrance.

The back view of supernovas retreating into the depths.

A cold voice rang out.

“Are you incapable of learning?”

Although the lines he spoke were strangely similar to someone else’s.

As expected, Elsidor was unaware.

Just take steps.


“Help, help……!!!”



It was a strange feeling.

I knew it would be fun.

‘I’ve been stuck in a boring flower garden all this time.’

[Hierarchy of Blessings].

Elsidor could not rebel against Hoyeol, who had earned her mother’s blessing. But what change did the arrogant human see in me, now that I had been ordered to stay in the Garden of Elegance?


It’s been a long time since I’ve held a sword and enjoyed killing.

Considering his past, his actions, this moment should have been even more enjoyable. Their screams should be like joyous cheers, and their blood should be as sweet as wine.


But it was not pleasant.

Blood was blood.

The screams were just screams.

Elsidor realized it now.

The corner of his mouth lifted subtly.

“This is where things get awkward.”

It reminds me of the trash that fell in the flower garden.

Did my sensitivity become richer because I was only looking at flowers and plants on an empty day? Maybe I also want to clear up my mistakes like that trash.

But Elsidor was aware.


-How are you feeling today, Elsidor?

Palace Maids.

-Pardon me, Mr. Elsidor, but I see that you cleared your plate neatly yesterday. Thank goodness. At least you enjoyed your meal yesterday!

And Lee Hoyeol.

-You, too, will one day realize your pride.

‘Maybe I…….’

Maybe I sincerely wanted to walk with them.

If only to be near the bright light they emit.

Maybe they wouldn’t even see the blood that covered me.

Forgetting the weight of so many souls clinging to my ankles.

One might have expected it.

But Elsidor was not mistaken.

“We need to get to the point.”

As much as he knew they shone brightly. Those whose lives he had taken were capable of shining as well. Elsidor realized.


So he didn’t walk with him.

Instead, he followed at a distance.

They say hands that can’t be washed, but they have their uses.

Just like now.

‘Harkon, if you are the Sword of Light.’

I will be the Sword of Darkness.

Lee Hoyeol, to the point where even he doesn’t know.

A secret, cruel, and sharp sword at the same time.


Elsidore has entered the depths of the gold mine.

He used his head.

With each step, traps are set in motion.


It rained down on Elsidore.

“No, no, no…….”

But Elsidor would not allow a single counterattack.

As the last bastion fell, despair was written on the faces of the Supernova. At the same time, they were forced to search. The Five Stars, five stars that burned unusually bright among the many supernova.

And then.


No matter how much I looked around, I couldn’t see them.

The bewildered emotions of the supernovas are clearly visible on their faces.

Elsidor opens his mouth.

“Did you cut off the tail and jump out? Well, it doesn’t matter.”

With this much damage, they won’t be able to move for a while.

All that’s left is to clean up the mess.

Elsidor moved toward the supernova.

Someone asked Elsidor.

” ……, is this an order from Lee Hoyeol?”

Elsidor asked back.

“Do you think so?”


Supernova was silent.

Lee Hoyeol was the only one in the world who could control Elsidor like that. He was the only one in the world who could control such an Elsidor, though it was unknown how.


‘Lee Hoyeol ordered him to attack us……?’

I couldn’t believe it.

Lee Hoyeol, I remembered his behavior.

I knew it couldn’t be true.

“Then why would you want us to……?”

Elsidor interrupted.

“Because you were trying to stand out.”


“Because I dared to make my presence known.”

I could tell just by looking at the opportunity given to an irredeemable piece of trash like myself. Lee Hoyeol, even if the people were aiming for his life. If they had admitted their mistake, he would have been merciful so that they could find their pride.

Elsidor stifled a laugh.

‘You don’t like flowers for nothing.’

You see too much beauty in the world.

But underneath the rubbish, he knows nothing but rubbish.

As a kinsman, Elsidor could assure him.

Once a Trash has crossed the line, it can always cross it again.

So you want to wash your hands of the past and start over?

If there was such a thing, Elsidor would grab him by the scruff of the neck. Kick his ass, slam him to the ground, and show him the error of his ways.

“I always said it’s all about knowing your subject.”

In that sense, I liked Kinver, the adventurer passed out in the flower garden. He’d run all the way to the Golden Palace in doughy form to bring news of Harkon, and he didn’t even ask for forgiveness.

‘Perhaps this could be a good relationship.’

An adventurer’s vision is an adventurer’s vision.

With Kinver.

The trash could be disposed of more efficiently.

Without hesitation, Elsidor swung his sword.


The only survivors were the fleeing five stars and Kinver.

The meeting of the stars was over.

Elsidor wiped away the blood and muttered.

“Let’s not make too much noise when we’re so close to the big one.”

Soon, the portal to Arcana would open up through the tower.

The sacrifice of Eunaxus.

Elsidor was not pleased with the attention that would be paid to such a noble sacrifice.

I didn’t want this trash to end up being dispersed.


And so the gold mine was destroyed. In any other country or land, a closed gold mine would have been devastating, but this was the Yusra Kingdom. Gold mines were everywhere.

No one will know of their deaths.

“May trash meet a trashy end.”

Elsidore walked away from the gold mines.

Surely the vigor of the Garden of Elegance would have roused the stunned Kinver by now. Question him……. No, I had to be generous with my conversation.

The ones who cut their tails off early.

Five stars.

Five stars.

Because I had no intention of leaving them alive to Elsidor.


Liu Zunqun looked at the true Five Stars.

“You’ve been working hard.”

A class that grows by dominating and predating on others, [Monarch].

The Supernova was an elite that had been bred by replicating the training methods of such Monarch, and what that meant was simple. Five stars did not rise to prominence within a supernova. The supernova existed because the Five Stars existed.

One of the Five Stars, Baek Seong-ryun, bowed his head.

“I have executed my master’s orders and returned.”

If a tail is long, its substance will one day be stepped on.

The Five Stars intended to cut off the unnecessary tails that followed them.

That’s why they’d picked a ridiculous target for their star meeting.


He was targeting the Lion Heart Knight, who had become the backbone of Lee Hoyeol and the Holy War Alliance. Liu Zunqun did not question Five Stars further.

“I believe you. I’m sure you’ll be able to do it.”

“I’m humiliated by your trust.”

Five Stars lowered their heads in unison.

‘…… I don’t have to report it.’

But among them.

Baek Sung-ryun could not help but feel uncomfortable.

He couldn’t understand what was happening in the Star Meeting.

‘Kinver, what is wrong with him?’

How could he have acted so contradictory?

Kinver should be dead by now.

He had somehow escaped the gold mine.

There was no way he could have escaped the supernova’s siege.

But Baek Sung-ryun didn’t think long.

‘……No, anything beyond that is not my domain.’

I couldn’t do it accurately.

Blind loyalty to his lord.

He would not allow thoughts to cloud his mind.

Soon, Liu Zunqun spoke up in front of the five stars.

“News of the supernova’s targeting of Harkon will soon be all over the world, Lee Hoyeol, and he will not stand idly by. That is the moment we will enter the Arcana Continent.”

It could be as soon as the next few hours.

Liu Zunqun was fully armed. He and Five Stars could enter the Arcana Continent at any time through the connector. Liu Zunqun calmly waited for the time to come.

But unfortunately.

The time he was waiting for never came.

Hours, days, no.

Until the moment that Harkon was able to walk on his own two feet.

Breaking News.

-Harkon, the hero of reversal, gets a new legs……! Nam Taemin says, “It’s no longer hard for him to stand on the battlefield, and he’s even more agile than before…….”

Liu Zunqun asks Five Stars.

“Explain yourself to me.”


“What happened at the meeting of the stars?”

But no one could answer.

The truth of that day was buried with the collapsed gold mine.

But the truth of that day is not lost.

It was creeping up on them without having to dig for it.

Same time.

A garden of elegance.

“…… This is my guess.”

“So the five stars are related to the Heavenly Unity?”

“Well, I’d need proof to be sure.”

“No, it’s good enough.”

Elsidor shakes his head.

What a futile search for proof.

It was too much trouble for the trash.

“It doesn’t matter if they weren’t involved, they’re all trash anyway. Why don’t we just clean them up together?”

It’s true.

The number one ranked guild.

To think of them so lightly.

But Kinver did not take it lightly.

He knew Elsidor was more than capable of doing that.

And he knew it wasn’t a joke.

So Kinver laughed.

“I agree, you idiot.”

He rose to his feet.

“So we’re going to their lair, China.”

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