Chapter 274 – It’s Me (2)

◈ Episode 274. It’s Me (2)

What’s the first thing to check before going to press?

Fact checking, of course.

Especially if the news is not easily credible.

Moreover, VBC is not a small or medium-sized station that anyone has heard of or seen. Since the cataclysm, it has risen to become a large station that rivals commercial broadcasters.

The camera director, Yoon Jongjin, was feeling it.

Even the players who used to act like a bunch of nobodies would visibly soften their demeanor when a camera with the VBC logo was pointed at them.

To his credit, his expression was quite complex.

“No, senior, is it okay to push this like this?”

The question was directed at the studio, where the production was in full swing.

PD Hyun Yongseok was looking over at the head of the studio.

Without even looking at him, Hyun Yongseok replied.

“What are you doing? You’re not on standby.”

“No, seniors.”

“Why are you talking so grossly? What, why?”

Hyun Yongseok finally looked at Yoon Jongjin.

He spat out a laugh at Yoon Jongjin’s desperate expression.

“You look like a desperate puppy, huh?”

“I can’t help it!”


He raised his voice, drawing stares.

Yoon Jongjin lowered the volume of his voice and whispered.

No matter how he thought about it, this was too much.

“Senior, we’ve been in the shit lately.”

“Are you talking to me?”

“No, let’s just say it out loud.”

Arcana today.

The recent viewership ratings trend could not be said to be good.

No wonder.

Unlike stations, trends in the aftermath of the Cataclysm are rapidly changing.

“In the Zero Mountains, private broadcasts by guilds have taken over. There’s nothing but brainfood to feed the real world, and if you don’t think about it carefully, you won’t get any panelists…….”

Everything Yoon said was true.

In an era of cataclysm, there was no room for broadcasting stations. The reason was simple. This is because the rice cake that was able to attract viewers was spoiled a long time ago.

“Heavenly Unity, I understand that my senior was stressed because of those bastards. I. Because I listened to it ad nauseam while drinking together. They talked about it behind my back.”

Heavenly Unity’s actions.

Even if we only scratched the surface without delving deeper, topicality was guaranteed.

The problem was, the higher-ups didn’t want that.

“I don’t know how many people are involved. I don’t know if they’re letting you talk, and I get that you’re upset that your project got blown out of the water, but do you really think you can handle this as a punchline?”

From the player community.

The identity of the Dark Dragon is Lee Hoyeol!

The facts were not revealed.

There’s only one proof, the testimonies of players. Even then, it was only a message that came from players who witnessed the anomaly in the sky above the Magic Tower.

“It’s not even a message that Hoyeol is the Dark Dragon, it’s just an achievement message that says he witnessed the return of the Dark Dragon.”

But they’re pushing for a special broadcast like it’s a given.

Hyun Yongseok’s expression was unmoved.

Yoon Jongjin sighed and asked.

“You’re still convinced, right? Then it’s okay.”

It could have been a genius producer’s intuition.

But Hyun Yongseok shook his head.

“No, It’s not like that.”

“……Ah, no?!”

Seriously, what’s wrong with this guy?

Yoon Jongjin wanted to rip off his rank and ask him.

In the old days, when he had no clue, this would have been okay.

He would have gotten away with it.

“But both VBC and the seniors have grown bigger for that. You have a lot to lose, and you might use poison in your greed to spread the news faster than others!”

Moreover, the size of the pile was not normal.

It is the Dark Dragon, the creature from which dozens of dragons have roared.

In a way, that day was the closest the world had ever come to destruction.

“You’re really going to get yourself in trouble if you do this…….”


“Yes, PD. Hyun.”

“Do I not know something that you know?”

“……Did you even think about it?”

Hyun shook his head in disbelief.

“I may look like a crazy person, but I don’t act without thinking. Still, I’ll admit it. You’re right, I’ve been kicking ass lately.”

Heavenly Unity.

Because of those assholes.

Months of coverage were lost.

I don’t know how they did it, but they’ve managed to get their hands on a single station in China and Korea. I’ve never realized the power of the world’s greatest guild.

Hyun Yongseok raised a brow.

“However, shouldn’t we give them a kick in the ass?”

Lee Hoyeol, there was no certainty that he was a Dark Dragon.

As Yoon Jongjin had said.

At this point, the only evidence was the players’ testimonies.

Even that wasn’t enough to prove it.

‘If you’re not careful, you’ll end up in trouble.’

I might get scolded at the VBC I’m so attached to.

But Hyun Yongseok desperately needed a punch.

Not to mention one that would blow away his poor performance.

A big one to blow away the Heavenly Unity and its superiors……!

The Heavenly Unity.

And unlike Liu Zunqun.

It is time to present a real ‘monarch’.


Hyun Yongseok flicked his pen across the cue sheet.

“Look, how about this as a title?”

“……What kind of title?”

“Even if it’s a special edition, it should have a subtitle.”

“Ha, really…….”

When Yoon Jongjin shut up, Hyun Yongseok wiped the mischief from his face, and then said what Yoon Jongjin and the rest of the staff wanted to hear the most.

“I believe in you, Jongjin.”

What does he suddenly believe?

That Hoyeol is Dark Dragon?

No, I’m sure the majority of the players think so.

There’s no reason for a player to lie.

I can’t think of any other player who could be called the Dark Dragon.

But that was just a guess.

So I kept my mouth shut.

Hyun Yongseok said something unexpected.

“I believe it will be different.”


“What do you mean it will be different, senior?”

“I mean that Mr. Hoyeol will be different from Liu Zunqun, that bastard.”

“……What’s with Liu Zunqun all of a sudden? Is he some sort of afterthought?”

Hyun Yongseok shook his head.

It’s not just an afterthought.

He actually believed it.

Hoyeol’s actions had given him reason to believe.

“Mr. Hoyeol has never hidden his actions. He has a clear reason for everything he does, and he reveals it to the world with confidence. Of course, only when asked a formal question.”

In other words, Hyun Yongseok was sure.

“No one else, Mr. Hoyeol, would have said it out loud, that he was the Dark Dragon, in front of the whole world. That’s what our program is all about, waiting for that moment.”

“Wait for the time……?”

“Simply put, we’re waiting for the big announcement.”


If Hoyeol doesn’t move…….

The special broadcast was a total disaster.

There would be a limit to how much time we could kill by bringing in anchors and panelists.

But if everything went as we thought it would…….

“I can definitely blow it up, whatever it is.”

There was only one thing left to decide.

“On that note, I need your input. What should the subtitle be?”

” ……It’s not a bad thing to have few seniors, right?”

“Yeah? Isn’t that a little too cringe?”

“It’s cringy in its own way. Actually, if I bring something and put it on Mr. Hoyeol, it will look good, right? He also handles the nickname of infinitely deep darkness.”

“Isn’t that the same thing? Anyone else have an opinion?”

Occasionally, a second opinion.

A few more would pop up.

There was no such thing as a negative opinion.

That’s how the title of the special broadcast was decided.

『The Dragon Lord, Dark Dragon Lee Hoyeol. Roaring at the World.』



Thank you so fucking much, system……!!!

It’s all because my fame has risen too high.

Why, the otherworldly Arcana continent.

Even in the capital of the Empire, Antonium.

Was I not the recipient of a hospitality I would not have been able to resist?

My reputation must have risen even higher in that state.

Consider my contribution to the restoration of the Empire’s lands.

A billion.

That’s enough for the emperor to show me the true extent of his empire. Though I can’t think of anything else that would indicate a rise in reputation. The status of [Legend, Dark Dragon Lee Ho-yeol] must have also increased.

‘The aftermath was a message in the real world…….’

A message to the players in the vicinity of the tower.

It was just a return to normal.

Isn’t that why the portal manifested in the Magic Tower?

Some people are serious, but this guy nonchalant.

“Did I cry out unintentionally?”

Really, what did I cry out for?

But there were those who responded to my big mouth.

Harkon spat out a gruff laugh.

“I was convinced. Only a sir would be worthy of the name Dark Dragon, so what in the world have you been up to for the past 15 days?”

Everyone’s eyes glazed over.

15 days in real time.

Approximately two months in Arcana Continent time.

Yeah, looking back, a lot happened.

I really don’t want to say it out loud, but…….

A formal question must be answered in some way.

I opened my mouth.

“For tens of millions of demons, understand the subject.”

From the first words, it is full of Granfell-style speech.

[Natural enemy].

Because of the special nature of the class called Demon Hunter.

It’s all about terrorizing demons.

Anyway, best to wrap it up.

“An old oath to the old dragon.”

The old dragon was Eunaxus, and the oath was a story about the dragon and the Claudi family.

I swallowed hard and begged.

‘Please don’t ask.’

If you ask me what that oath is, if you ask me formally.

I said yes, Claudi…….

I’m going to talk about my dark history.

But thankfully, no one was there to interrupt me.

Of course, the next sentence was troubling enough.

“Playing with Ice Dragon in frozen time.”

What a way to describe a life-and-death struggle.

It’s my life on the Arcana Continent, just like it was back when the entire Arcana Continent was just a game. I suppose it could be considered a game. …….

Shameless as ever.

His expression turned serious at my words.

” ……You faced ten million demons?”

“An old dragon and an ice dragon? They’re not the same dragon.”

“Do you mean to tell me that you were frozen in time……?”

But there’s nothing wrong with that, so I can’t correct it and move on.

Especially compared to the last one.

Everything I’ve said so far is just fresh blood.

So I hope you’ll all stop freaking out and just listen…….

“Finally, I disciplined those dragons who had lost their pride.”


I expected it, but the looks on their faces go beyond surprise and into disbelief. Even Harkon, who would believe me if I shot him with a red bean, asks.

“D, did you discipline the dragons? Teach them discipline?”

Everyone would have been more understanding if I had come out of the battle alive, my bubbles so rich from my desperate struggle.

But discipline is a different area. Above all, ‘done’ meant that discipline was successful. Except for a few people, including Nam Taemin and Hisagi.


“Nothing is impossible with pride.”

“……what do you mean?”

I understand that you may not be able to nod your head as easily as Leonie.

In fact, it’s a natural reaction.

If it weren’t for Claudi’s halo, I wouldn’t even have been able to have a conversation.

But, despite the exaggeration, it’s all true.

Where’s the proof, you ask?


I wouldn’t have said it myself if I were dead.

I have no choice here.

I opened my mouth to speak.

“Yes, as you say.”


“I have been watching and coordinating them behind the scenes.”

I paused, then continued.

“The Dark Dragon.”

……You finally committed it, Hoyeol!!




A special broadcast begins on TV.

The title is.

“The Dragon Lord, the Dark Dragon Lee Hoyeol. Roaring at the world, ahh, aren’t you crazy?!”


The corners of my mouth can’t stop twitching in horror.

Wensu, Lee Yerim has left a trail of evidence.

A click.

“I think I heard something like that before……? Has he been this good at games since then? Ha, I don’t remember. I really should stop drinking starting next year.”

She muttered something that would make Hoyeol’s heart pound if he heard it.