Chapter 273 – It is me (1)

◈ Episode 273. It is me (1)

It’s almost painfully obvious.

The excuse of not being able to rest at all on the Arcana Continent won’t work. What was it that made me decide in the first place that the time spent on the Arcana Continent was only one day?


I close the door behind me.

On my desk in my office.

A day’s worth of work.

It was like that.

The day I returned to reality after a long absence.

It was because I realized once again how much of a burden I was carrying.

Wasn’t I who used to be a member of society and living alone?

Back then, I saw people who didn’t put off their chores.

I used to wonder if they were human.


Now, back in the real world, I’m making fun of feather pens.

I’m sure they have a few more drinks than I do…….

Of course, it’s not something I’ll be able to do forever.

‘At least it’s not too physically demanding.’

Players are called superhumans.

The simple act of increasing their stats gives them physical abilities that are incomparable to normal people. As if that weren’t enough, I was also blessed with the First World Tree.

‘Aging is ignored, but I’m just tired?’

That’s why I’m so upright.

I can do my job.

It’s not just my body that’s intact, it’s also my mind.

It’s a good thing I’m not losing efficiency.

Was it me, Lee Hoyeol’s mental focus?

I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with the pace.

And so, like Grandfell emptying his teacup of green tea.

The papers on the desk disappeared.

‘By the way…….’

A break in reality.

My mind is now on the Arcana continent.

Time passes four times faster there than in the real world.

Perhaps the next time I enter it will be noticeably different.

‘The Empire will take care of itself.’

I’ll say it again out of anger, but I had nothing to worry about anymore.

If only to keep from sinking in my own stupidity.

An emperor must rule an empire like an emperor.

I had only spoken to him briefly, but he seemed to have those qualities.

“Emperor, a man who knows pride.”

I could see the sprouts of pride in him.

In that case, my idea of an empire is…….

contributions, and the Quernberg machine tower.

‘……Sorry to bring it up, again.’


I shifted my gaze to the jacket hanging over my shoulder.

Yeah, still not enough levels.

I didn’t admit it.

This was unexpected.

A byproduct of primordial evil.

It was a shame the mass hadn’t spit out any experience, but I hadn’t defeated the main body, so it wasn’t like I was going to feel sorry for it.

Besides, I still had faith.

I had the Quernberg Machine Tower to fall back on!

But Chainwalker had given me new information.

He said.

-“Just as adventurers gain experience in battle, they grow stronger. Chainwalker, the leader of the dwarves, has told me that the same is true of the Quernberg Machine Tower.”

I’m not sure where all that experience and prestige is going.

Like I said, I could stick a straw in it and suck on it.

Not a drop would come out, and that was the empire.

From the Quernberg Machine Tower that stood guard over that empire.

What if I took the experience and reputation?

The power of the Empire would be greatly diminished.

‘This is how things are done,’

Whether I realize it or not, my mouth speaks again.

“To carry out Akshan’s pride until the moment we stop.”

Anyway, as unexpected as this is.

I must do my best here, too.

[Appropriate level: not recommended for anyone].

As long as the Zero Mountains exist.

As long as I put in the effort, I don’t have to worry about experience points.

In the end.

‘I just have to do my best this time.’


Finishing my thought, I immediately manifested a portal.

My burdens aren’t just piling up at the Magic Tower.

And today is the day of the Holy Wars Alliance meeting.

‘Just one day.’

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

For me, there is no such thing as skipping a procedure.

I stepped through the portal into the Yusra Kingdom.




But something happened.

The Heavenly Unity.

How come you guys can’t give us something worthy of your name……?

I muttered.

“I said the exact opposite.”

He’s going to do whatever it takes to get a connector.

It’s like we’re just playing right into Raymond Sean’s hands.

It’s not that I don’t understand it.

Not long ago.

They’ve been at the top of the guild rankings since the Shining.

‘I guess it means I won’t let my abilities go to waste.’

To put it another way, it means he is confident.

But just because I understand it doesn’t mean I condone it.

This in no way means that I will condone that behavior.

Of course.

“Then I guess I’ll have no choice but to break that will myself.”

Raymond is no better than the demon.

I have come to the same conclusion, and so has Grandfell.

The assembled crowd nods at my declaration.

There must have been a conflict in the Zero Mountains.

The players, including Nam Taemin, nod their heads in agreement.

Hisagi speaks up in a serious voice.

“Even if that wasn’t the case, I felt that the behavior of Heavenly Unity had crossed the line. Beyond common decency, they can no longer be seen as individual players or guilds. They are one body with the nation.”

The frightening glint in Inazuma’s eye must have been a result of the time he spent with them. Hisagi wasn’t the only one with an unusual reaction. Nam Taemin, Leonie, and Schreig also had something to say.

However, Nam Taemin added

“……But I think Liu Zunqun is the cause of all the conflicts. I met a player from the Heavenly Unity Guild by chance, and I could tell that they didn’t follow Liu Zunqun because they liked him.”

The King of Yusra, Hakuna, was furious at the news.

“That man is not worthy of leadership!”

Liu Zunqun’s dogmatic behavior was notorious.

However, there was a reason why the guild members couldn’t resist him.

Starting with Liu Zunqun’s rare class called [Monarch].

Even the inevitable homeland called China.

‘There are complex intertwined interests that cannot be known from the outside.’

Until now, there was no reason to pay attention.

But from this moment on.

The ideals that have come to form a conflict with the Heavenly Unity.

I needed to know how it worked.

It’s not fair, right?

Unlike me, whose every move was being made public.

I didn’t know much about them.

Still, I said nonchalantly.

“If it’s the Zero Mountains, I’m sure we can make contact with them.”

In a perfect world, I wouldn’t neglect to level up while searching for a connector.

If I’m playing in the Zero Mountains just to fit my arms into my flapping jacket, maybe I’ll naturally run into Heavenly Unity.


The faces of the Nam Taemin suddenly brighten at my mention of the Zero Mountains. I don’t know if he’s just happy to see me, but I think there’s more to it than that…….

Harkon speaks up immediately.

“Even so, I was going to tell you something. The moment when my lord diligently roamed the Arcana Continent. the adventurers also achieved results while fighting in the Zero Mountains.”

The position of the commander-in-chief.

So even though Harkon said he would use honorifics in public……. Of course, I don’t hesitate to take the parchment he offers me.

On the parchment, he wrote the achievement.

There is no pride in making light of the hardships of others.

Slowly reading the parchment, I opened my mouth.

“Indeed, it’s not an exaggeration to say that you’ve been working hard.”

How many of these are there?

Hundred Thousand Caves in the Zero Mountains.

[Dungeon], [Labyrinth], [Battlefield], etc……..

Not to mention the types.

I can’t even count them on my fingers.

The information of many caves was written on parchment.

The Knights of Lionheart were active in the Zero Mountains with the players. Thanks to this, Harkon understood the players’ hesitation.

“Most of these caves were discovered when the commander-in-chief was away for 15 days. There is one reason for not reporting quickly. It was because the adventurers were concerned that they might take up the commander’s time.”

I swallowed an internal sigh of relief.

‘How long has it been, this?’

The favor toward me is working in the right direction. If it weren’t for the consideration that Harkon said. Perhaps this guy was so proud that he immediately added conquering the 100,000 Caves to his daily routine.

‘I’m going to be in a lot more trouble than I already am.’

But it’s the thoughtfulness that allows me to be so efficient.

It was like killing two birds with one stone.

I opened my mouth in a generous voice.

“There is no need for you to worry about me.”

I can’t help but feel a little insecure about this guy formality.

“But this time I will gladly accept the favor.”

I can’t believe I’m saying something I shouldn’t.

I have every reason to think I’m unlucky.

Thank goodness they’re simply pleased.

‘Well, considering the level of the Zero Mountain, it makes sense.’

Look again at the appropriate level written on the parchment.


[Appropriate Level: Lv.800]

[Appropriate Level: Lv.850]

[Appropriate Level: Lv.750]…….


Each of these caves is beyond the capabilities of the current players. But if I join them, they’ll be easier to tackle.

‘I’ll have to get rid of the real bubble sometime…….’

I felt desperate when I saw the legend spreading on the Arcana continent.

I realized that it was right to correct unnecessary illusions as quickly as possible.

Because no one knew how it would come back.

[Level: 681]

The stats from the Hardworking Class Quest.

In total, I was stronger than my level.

The problem is that I’m a Demon Hunter, a class with a missing screw.

Of course, with all the tricks I’ve learned and the new [Legend] and [Class Unique Skills] I’ve acquired……. I should be able to clear around level 800 by myself.

‘I don’t want to use it as much as possible.’

We’ll let it slide because invoking Tempest, the guardian spirit of Akshan, in front of a non-demon type monster is unacceptable to the pride of a demon hunter.

‘Not even as much as Dark Dragon…….’

Above all, I needed to suffer.

You might ask what I mean when I say I needed to suffer.

It means that I’ve been eating raw for too long.

‘I need fundamental skills from now on.’

This doesn’t mean I won’t use tricks.

You have to add tricks on top of basic skills.

Even tricks can be used as a secret weapon.

“Then there’s no reason to delay.”

There was no rest at my elbow anyway.

I might as well head straight for the Zero Mountains.

I was just about to wrap up the Holy War Alliance meeting.

“Wait, Mr. Hoyeol……. No, sir!”

Nam Taemin spoke up.

It looked like he still had something to say.

There was no reason not to listen.

I nodded, and he continued.

But then.

The most unexpected words came out of his mouth.

“Can we hear the story about the Dark Dragon!”

……The Dark Dragon?

For a moment, I felt dizzy.

I steadied my nerves.

Maybe he’s just curious about the Dark Dragon, right?

It’s not like the Arcana Continent.

The fact that I was Dark Dragon hadn’t spread in the real world.

‘Alright, Hoyeol, there’s no need to be intimidated by being stabbed.’

That was the moment when I shamelessly controlled myself.

More unbelievable words followed.

This time from Hisagi’s mouth.

“I foolishly never imagined that the commander-in-chief was Dark Dragon.”


How does he know that?

No, more than that, why is no one surprised……?!

The players.

No, not even the Arcanians.

Everyone in this room.

No one is surprised to hear that I am Dark Dragon.

It wasn’t until that moment that I realized.


My cell phone vibrates loudly in my pocket.

[Missed call: Wensu].

It seems that everyone in the real world has realized this.


The dragon that was howling so desperately.

The fact that I’m Dark Dragon……!