Chapter 275 – The Unmerciful (1)

◈ Episode 275. The Unmerciful (1)

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-Wow! What did our Hoyeol do again?

-He’s become a celebrity after running away for so long.

-(Dancing dog emoticon)

-Sisters ㅡㅡ Is that reaction correct???


Lee Yerim spat out a laugh.

-The title floating in the upper right!!!!! Look at that!!!

-Upper right? I have a hard time seeing small print these daysㅜㅜ

-Yerim, why are you hurting your big sister?

-You’re only one or two years older than me, why are you so mean?

I can’t help it.


I kindly write down the words in the capture.

-Dragon Lord Lee Hoyeol, Dark Dragon. Roaring at the world.

-Is that the title of the show?

-Yes hahahahahahahahahaha

-(clapping hands seal emoticon)

-No, you’re just going to be happy about this?!!

I’m proud and happy for Hoyeol.

Isn’t the whole world and my mom and dad enough, right?

Why, there needs to be a few people who make fun of him for balance.

I type undeterred by unwanted reactions.


-Isn’t it great to be a dragon?

-Right~? Just hearing the name makes it look amazing~


Only one, two years difference.

I never thought I’d feel a generation gap with my sisters for the rest of my life.

How can you use a title like that and think it’s cool?!

-Don’t you really remember your sisters???

-(frowning seal emoticon)

-When Hoyeol was a kid.

-When you used to tease him like a mouse?

-When did I tease him like a mouse?

-Yerim is still doing it now.

-Anyway, a long time ago?

-No, the youngest one was in middle school.

Lee Yerim vaguely remembered.

Hoyeol’s 2nd grade days.

But not Lee Eunhye and Lee Jiyoon.

Of course.

-When Hoyeol was in middle school…….

-When me and my sister were in high school?

-But we didn’t have time to see each other back then.

-(Soul falling out of mouth emoticon)

……Come to think of it, is that true?

Four siblings born in different years.

My sisters are adjusting to high school.

The only one who could say that she watched Hoyeol’s middle school years was herself.

“……I’ll be a dog if I drink again.”

Only herself, whose memory had degenerated due to frequent drinking!

Lee Yerim swallowed a sigh.

……It’s done.

-That’s it. I should stop talking.

-What should I roll and prepare?

-……Prepare? Prepare to make fun of him?

-What? We should have a party to celebrate.

-Party? I missed my mom anyway.


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-Ul Arang is so excited hahaha That’s not even a hug for me, but it’s a good hug for Hoyeol. Auntie is already so frustrated….


“The Lee family is in harmony. Be at peace.”

Good is good, so let’s change our mindset.

“Actually, what’s so important about making fun of him?”

The truth is, I couldn’t remember, so I gave up.

“I’ll take care of it for now, my youngest.”

Lee Yerim pretended to give up like an adult and smiled.

Then she tapped the screen one last time.

And there it was.

The number of participants in this chat room.

There were a total of 4 people, including the youngest, Hoyeol.

-Did you hear that, Hoyeol? If you have time, let’s see each other’s faces~


……Is she really crazy?

I thought she’d finally grown up since there was only one missed call from her, but she was talking about something really crazy in the Dantalk room……!

‘I remembered that!’

I can’t believe you mentioned those days to No. 1 and No. 2.

I, Lee Hoyeol, was in serious trouble.

I thought about using magic to erase Wensu’s memory.

But it was really just an impulsive wish of mine.

The words that came out of my mouth were the opposite of how I felt.

“I’m glad to see you’re at peace, sisters.”

Hey, Grandfell.

Even though mom and dad don’t know my face.

Don’t make that wistful expression when thinking of your blood relatives.

Especially not when it comes to No. 3, that wensu……!

Speaking informally to the emperor and to dragon that has lived for eons. Why do you always call your sisters an extremely honorific title?

“I really need to visit you.”

It’s the only reason I don’t get chicken skin!

But I wonder if the formality of Grandfell has ever been kinder to me.

In the end, I sent a reply with a harsh tone.

“I’ll come to you after at least taking a comma.”

It’s amazing how you can dodge a bullet without compromising your pride.

It’s times like this that the weight of excessive burdens comes in handy…….

I looked at the photo one last time and said.

“I’m glad to hear they’re doing so well.”

All I can think about is my nephew, Arang, who is the only one of us who is on the same page. It really grows bigger every time I see it……. This uncle is already worried about you, Arang.

‘…… just in case she understands what I mean.’

I move my finger and an old picture appears.

It was a TV screen taken by a camera.

It was the title of a program about me.

[Dragon Lord, Dark Dragon Lee Hoyeol, Roaring at the World].

Behold, rich bubbles.

How Dark Dragon became a Dragon Lord.

See the big mouth become a reality……!

“Truly, the world has heard.”

VBC station, right?

I’ll make sure to memorize that name……!

Thanks for the really big confirmation shot.

Grandfell’s pride got the better of him, and he couldn’t take it lying down.

‘In the end, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is.

Current time.

The lobby of the Magic Tower.

There was a crowd of reporters waiting for me in front of the Golden Palace of Yusra. Originally, I had planned to head straight to the Zero Mountains after the Holy War Alliance meeting.

Level up.

Capturing 100,000 caves.

Encountering the Heavenly Unity.

There was no time to waste in order to kill three birds with one stone. At heart, I’m a reporter and all. I wanted to manifest a portal and warp to the Zero Mountains.

“Then there’s no need to hesitate any longer.”

And so on.

As you can see, my proud steps are heading towards the main entrance of the Golden Palace.

As I straighten my clothes, I also organize my thoughts.

Yes, Hoyeol.

You can’t avoid it.

If you can’t enjoy it, then…….

‘Think as rationally as possible.’

As the embodiment of the [Legendary, Dark Dragon Lee Hoyeol], I am well aware of this.

The effectiveness of a [legend] is not proportional to my strength. It depends on how far it reverberates, and what kind of power it possesses.

‘As it was in Antonium.’

So separate the public from the private.

Separate the shame from the growth of the [legend].


In front of cameras that will be broadcast around the world.

Saying I’m the Dark Dragon?

I’m sure it’s a horrible experience.

To put it simply…….

‘The more terrible, the stronger my legend.’

This time, I’m not rationalizing to protect my dignity.

It’s an undeniable fact.

Thinking of it that way takes some of the pressure off me.

No, it’s more like it makes me despair.

‘Yeah, go ahead and say whatever you want. You’re welcome.’

Lionheart Knight.

“I’ve been waiting for you, Commander-in-Chief.”

Enoch bows to me.

“Speak, and I will open the door.”


The sound of commotion carries through the thick doors.

I don’t need to look to realize how many people have gathered.

But I’m determined, so I don’t hesitate.

I say.



Enoch bows his head again, and the doors open.

I don’t hear any cheering.

No wonder.

‘I unintentionally disciplined that one too…….’

A forced injection of formality.

Thankfully, I step into the silence.

As if the Arcana continent wasn’t enough, reality.

It’s a damn big board, the likes of which no one has ever experienced.

If it’s for me, I’ll fit in.

No, I will not only fit in, I will devour it.

If this is the weight I’ve been given, I’ll carry it like a boss.

I opened my mouth to speak.

“You have nothing to fear.”

All eyes focus on me.

“Dark Dragon.”

The word spits out of my mouth, and there’s a pause.

But who is Granfell?

Someone who always surprises everyone.

“He too is just a ‘part’ of me.”


That’s a lot of bubbles in just one word.

The performance of Grandfell style speaking technique is clear.

At the same time, I’m seriously worried about the future.

What will I be when this press conference is over……?


There are a total of five elite executives of the Heavenly Unity.

They are called the Five Stars of Heaven and are known as the Five Stars. However, this information is naturally secret from the outside world, and not many people inside the guild know about it.

Even the same Five Stars don’t know that the other is a Five Star.

However, it was all part of Liu Zunqun’s plan.

All he needs is loyalty to himself, the monarch.

There was no close relationship between the Five Stars.

Why, in the history of great nations, hasn’t it been repeated countless times?

Kings beheaded in rebellion by their vassals.

The woman in the rabbit mask.

5 Star and Yuzuo looked at each other.

Judging from the red insignia, they were the same.

“What are you doing here?”

However, this was not a scheduled meeting.

Heavenly Unity was a super-giant guild, not even a giant guild.

It has more than twice as many members as the Shining and Gaon Inazuma Berserker Alliance, which are also classified as giant guilds. As such, it operates under strict rules.

“This area belongs to me. It’s under Master Yuzuo’s jurisdiction, isn’t it?”

Yuzuo looked at the other side’s numbers.

There were less than a dozen of them.

‘Judging by their strength, they’re not from the Five Stars’

Tsk, what kind of a battle of wits is this between allies?…….

At times, Yuzuo felt as helpless as before.

He only endured the inefficient process because it was for the good of his lord.

So he wondered.

‘But why are you covering your face?’

There was no rule that said that only 5 Stars had to cover their faces.

However, there was no reason to cover their faces with masks, except for the Five Stars, who needed to be careful with each other. As you can see, it would arouse unnecessary suspicion.

‘With a mask I’ve never seen before.’

It wasn’t the pig mask that 5 Stars was supposed to be wearing, nor was it a wolf mask.

Yuzuo shrugged.

I checked something…….

Were they impersonating 5 Stars?

“I’ve heard of such things. There are people on the inside who are selling the reputation of 5 Stars by claiming the unknown characteristics of 5 Stars. I didn’t think it was real, but they’re big, aren’t they?”

Yuzuo was unhappy with the structure of the Heavenly Unification.

But he understood and accepted it.

Yes, it was all because the Lord was so merciful.

High and low levels, even supernovas.

He embraced all those who had nowhere else to go.

So what he had to do with the Five Stars was simple.

“It would be my responsibility to deal with it before you blame yourself.”

One hundred (一百).


Yuzuo’s special lease surrounded the dozen or so opponents.

Have you realized that by now and frozen?

I am not an impostor like you.

I am a true star of the heavens.

Yuzuo looked at his broken fingernails.

“I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I’m not going to let you beg.”

Even if it was the real 5 Stars, he wasn’t going to let it slide.

Yuzuo was confident.

He was more than enough to replace his master’s hands and feet.

The other stars were nothing more than a distraction between him and his master.

Until now, he had only persevered for no reason.

“Don’t feel sorry for yourself. I told you before we entered the Zero Mountains that the only one who can set foot in my territory is my lord.”

I did.

Those spider webs are not territory, they are traps.

Whether it’s 5 Stars or the children pretending to be 5 Stars.

A trap you can never escape if you’re caught in it.

Yuzuo smiled grimly.

“My loyalty will be understood by my lord.”


Yuzuo’s special lease accelerates even more.

Until they were within striking distance.

The enemy was close.

A calm voice spoke.

“Look at Yuzuo’s special lease. Didn’t I tell you?”

“Indeed. I’ll just take your word for it.”

“An old man can’t just claim to have hit one…….”

Yuzuo doubted his ears.

……What are they talking about?

Then he doubted his eyes.


……Were they exchanging money with each other in this situation? It was obvious. They were settling a bet. Whatever it was, it was about to cost them their lives.

The old man chuckles.

“It’s a common tactic. Disrupting the internal hierarchy of an organization. See, that’s how easy it is to manage an organization now, when everyone thinks they’re the real boss, and everyone wants to prove their loyalty by competing with each other.”

…… He’s sounding like an old man, isn’t he?

No matter how you look at it, it was his story.

But that was it.

Beneath the rabbit mask, Yuzuo gritted his teeth.

“You’re just saying whatever comes to mind to save face.”


This time, something huge moved.

Have you been squatting all this time?

A large figure three or four heads taller than an ordinary person came into view.

“Enough with the old man’s arrogance. Just look at the view.”

“There are no eyes in the Zero Mountains.”

“Well, that’s true too.”

“Hahaha. This will be one more mask.”



Then he threw something to the ground.

Upon seeing the object’s identity, Yuzuo was stunned.

It was indeed a mask.

“Pig, Wolf……?”

It was the masks of the two men he thought were 5 Stars.

They unmasked the 5 Star…….

How could he have done such a thing and survived……?

There was only one possibility that came to mind.

“…… dead? Two of the Five Stars?

By the time I realized something was wrong, it was too late.

The cold voice continued.

“Did you say Heavenly Unity? It’s not an organization for its members. It’s not even a mutually beneficial organization like ours. Without going too far, you can see that there is a useless play on the ranking structure. Isn’t that right, old man?”

“Of course.”

“It’s an organization for a single boss.”


Yuzuo didn’t argue.

He couldn’t have been more right.

But at the same time, it gave him goosebumps.

‘It is not easy to see through us from the outside.’

Even if there were spies on the inside.

The Lord had even considered that possibility.

Surely no one would be able to see us so easily.

But they were different.

A languid voice said.

“Don’t be surprised, this is our specialty. It’s annoying though.”


“Infiltration, manipulation, disruption, violence, intimidation, extortion. And murder.”


“Thanks to you, I can see it clearly.”

For a moment, Yuzuo thought of Heavenly Unity and Liu Zunqun before his own life. Sneaking inside, taking down two of the Five Stars, and then casually telling them everything.

I was sure of it.

They are clearly a threat to the lord.

‘……There aren’t many who can threaten him.’


No. The Shining has long since fallen at the feet of the Heavenly Unity.

That left only one option.

Even now.

The man who causes an uproar in the world, Dark Dragon.

Yuzuo shouted hostilely.

“Lee Hoyeol……!!!”

However, the voice that came back was even colder.

As if it was speaking to a mirror.

It was a self-mocking voice.

“Don’t attach his name to trash like us.”

At the same time.

About ten moving.

Nine shadows, to be exact.


A raven’s mask emerging from the shadows.


One of the masks said, loading a crossbow.

“We are not as merciful as he is.”

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