Chapter 272 – The Promise (2)

◈ Episode 272. The Promise (2)

A day.

If it’s long, it’s long, if it’s short, it’s short.

Vice leader of the Shadow Mercenaries.

Wolfe sat down at the workbench.

Normally, he would have been drunk and in bed.


Wolfe adjusted his crossbow.

Let’s see, it has been a while since he’s worked on his equipment.

He was suddenly aware of how dull his senses had become.

“I’m not supposed to be fulfilling orders in this condition.”

He’s disqualified for the position.

Thanks to his natural talent, not only his enemies but also his colleagues did not notice Wolfe’s dullness, but he knew it himself. Perhaps his current strength is no better than when he was at his prime.

“Thank goodness my colleagues are so merciful.”

Thank goodness they didn’t covet the position of vice leader.

Besides, there’s someone who’s made him realize how dull he’s become.

Yes, it was Hoyeol.

He never thought the day would come when his employer would help him.

“I can’t believe it.”

If you ask him if he was directly helped.

It wasn’t.

Materially speaking, it was a loss. It was Wolfe who had given Hoyeol his favorite crossbow from the past. What Wolfe received from Hoyeol was an intense emotion.

“……To be more precise, it’s a sense of crisis of being chased.”

If he stayed still.

Even his most confident shots felt like they were going to catch up to him. Hoyeol’s talent was unbelievable, even when he thought about it.



And even shooting.

He had talents that could reach the pinnacle in many ways. It was just a matter of how long it would take for them to blossom.

Wolfe could guarantee it.

“You’ll surpass me one day.”

Beyond himself.

Maybe he’d go down in history as the greatest marksman the continent of Arcana has ever seen… and with that kind of future, he’d be able to……. I don’t know if I’ll be able to be satisfied with the fact that I taught him a little something.

“Even so…….”

Even if it is Hoyeol who has so many talents.

He will never be able to surpass our leader.

The current leader of the Shadow Mercenaries.

That said.

Kichi was the strongest leader in the history of the Shadow Mercenaries.

“Of course, there’s no way you two could or should clash.”

Wolfe blew out a puff of dust.

“In any case, I wish you both a safe return.”

As expected, the day was not long.

Did you say that a day here is four days on the Arcana Continent?

Wolfe folded his fingers and sighed.

“Then it’s going to be at least three days of noise, my leader.”

But estimates were always estimates.



Instantly, a burning sensation enveloped his entire body.


Wolfe’s senses quickly heightened.

His keen eyes scanned the doorways, window sills, and windows.

Magic or poison might have gotten in through the gaps.


But there was no sign of anything strange.


What is this pain in his throat that seems to be eating away at his flesh?

Without delay, Wolfe removed his top.

And then he realized.


It wasn’t an illusion.

His skin was indeed burning.

It was a giant burn that enveloped his upper body.


Wolfe’s normally languid pupils fluttered wildly.

It was unmistakable.

It was the 『Shadow God’s Mark』.

The symbol of the Shadow Mercenaries, of the leader.

The symbol of the leader had been passed to him.

What it meant was simple.

……Kichi’s life is in danger.


As it turned out, Kichi did not keep her word.


Instead of her, it was a crow who showed up.

Just like old times.

Suddenly, I would have been fooled into thinking it was a crow.

‘Isn’t this why people need to experience things?’

The guardian spirit of Akshan.

Akshan Wolf.

Thanks to my witnessing the Tempest, I now know. Just as the Akshan have an Akshan Wolf, it seems that the Shadow Mercenaries also have crows that serve a similar role.


I looked into the crow’s eye, telepathically.

Kichi’s voice echoed in my head.

It wasn’t a long story that needed to be summarized.

-I apologize for failing to fulfill my promise. I will take full responsibility for that, and for what happened before, as the leader of the Shadow Mercenaries.

Take responsibility.

I won’t argue with that.

No, you can’t argue with that.

‘I’m a bit of a prick.’

Isn’t this Grandfell where you don’t meet without a prior arrangement?

Well, let’s flip it around.

A pre-arranged meeting that is unilaterally canceled by the other party.

You can see how bad the aftermath of a Grandfell can be……!

‘If it were me, I’d apologize right away.’

However, there were words added that I couldn’t understand.

‘It is responsibility for what happened before.’

I’ve been thinking about it since my first meeting with Kichi…….

No matter how I think about it, neither Kichi nor the Shadow Mercenaries have done anything wrong enough to make me responsible. Of course, Kichi must have had a good reason for conveying that meaning.

‘I’m not a fish out of water or a lost child…….’

Going on a hunt for her was an overreaction.

First of all, Kichi is no ordinary person.

She’s the leader of a Shadow Mercenary organization.

‘It could be as simple as not finding the ledger.’

Now that I’ve discovered the Caudi Territory.

From now on, I would have to enter the Arcana Continent more frequently. If I encountered Kichi at any point, I could hold her accountable and return to reality with her as needed.

Thinking nothing of it, I manifested the portal and returned to reality.

And now.

There is an unwelcome visitor in the tower.

Those unwelcome visitors are the Shadow Mercenaries.

I was pretty sure I had a visitor.

I shouted loudly.

I turned to Yugweed.

“It’s been a while.”

For one thing, my visitor and I were old friends.

No, more like a priestly relationship.

Wolfe, the vice leader.

I owe him lessons in shooting and a crossbow as a gift.

But even if we were acquainted.

Can Grandfell skip the procedure?

The underground of the Magic Tower, Mugan (Void).

On the Arcana continent.

And in the real world.

‘……I seem to be visiting the underground a lot.’

No wonder.

Whatever the reason, Wolfe was an unwelcome visitor to the Tower.

He will not leave Mugan until he is given an explanation.

Let’s get this over with while we still can.

I have a vague idea why.

“I understand your situation.”

“……I’m grateful to hear that.”

“However, I hope you understand that this is also a procedure.”

“Of course I do. I’m just grateful I’m not dead.”

By the way…….

It’s the Shadow Mercenaries after all.

They managed to break through the encircling magic of an adept mage and even get close to the Crystal Hall. How many people can do that on the Arcana continent, let alone in the real world?

‘It definitely lives up to its name.’

From the days when it was just a game.

A gaps that lasted well over a decade.

As a result, I didn’t have much information about the Shadow Mercenaries.

But I had AAU.

I had the AAU, and I had seen the setting for the Shadow Mercenaries.

‘It has an impact until the end of the story.’

The Shadow Mercenaries would be able to influence the Arcana continent right up until the end of the story, if the game’s biography was properly serviced.

They are known as the ‘Darkness of the Arcana Continent.’

The only problem was that no one knew how that influence would manifest itself. Well, it might not be a bad idea to take this opportunity to find out.


Wolfe looks at me with difficulty.

I’m fine in the void, thanks to my unwavering focus, but the others are not. At this moment, I can tell just by hearing the sound coming from the corner.


Demon worshippers who were once elder mages.

Even those who were praised as demigods.

They’ve lost their minds completely.

Wolfe seemed to understand Mugan’s peculiarity.

He didn’t waste any time.

He told me everything.

“To tell you the truth, my actions as vice-leader were necessary, as you know……. it was because the members realized that there was a threat to our leader, Kichi.”

At least I’m a good judge of character, right?

After all, Wolfe was not a man to be rushed. He doesn’t do things without reason, no matter how urgent.

“So we ended up raiding the tower unintentionally, but if I hadn’t intervened……. they would have done something stupid.”

In short, you’re carrying a gun, Wolfe.

As someone who’s been on the receiving end of all kinds of shit.

I can understand the frustration.

But there’s one thing I don’t understand.

There’s a threat to Kichi’s life……?

I’m going to have to put this together.

“Kichi sent a message via a crow.”

“If it’s a crow…….”

Wolfe stammered.

“It seems that the leader has reached the lair safely.”

Apparently the crow is a guardian spirit that can only be summoned from the lair.


Wolfe slowly pulled up his upper clothes.

It soon revealed the burns that covered his upper body.

“Then……. The doubts will inevitably grow further. Why did the symbol of the leader of the shadow mercenary group, the ‘Shadow God’s Mark’, come to me?”

I see.

It seems it wasn’t for nothing that Kichi’s abnormality was recognized before me on the same Arcana continent. But I need to clarify something, just in case…….

Is the Shadow Mercenary Group an organization from which voluntarily leaving is possible?

Wolfe was silent for a moment before answering.

“We don’t really have any rules about leaving and disposition.”

He doesn’t say why, but I can guess.

Even if you can leave freely.

Will the shadow mercenaries just watch?

Wolfe added.

“But that won’t happen, because the Shadows are safest when they’re buried in the shadows. Even I’ve never heard of anyone who left the Shadow Mercenaries on their own terms, even though they were kicked out.”

Furthermore, Kichi was a leader.

If there were something she didn’t like about the Shadow Mercenaries.

She could usually fix it.

Which made Kichi’s words all the more meaningful.

Just then, Wolfe asked.

“Is there any way I can find out what message she left behind?”

I answered bluntly.

“Kichi said, I will take responsibility for today and for the past.”

No matter what Kichi backstory is, Just because she couldn’t keep one appointment, I wouldn’t have put so much pressure on her that she would have to resign from her position as leader.

Then of course…….

‘Responsibility for a past I don’t know about.’

Kichi is about taking responsibility for the past.

She resigned from her position as leader and disappeared.

Then we need to know what happened in the past.

I thought Wolfe, the vice leader, might know……

“Responsibility for the past…….”

Even Wolfe doesn’t seem to know.

Wolfe doesn’t know.

I can’t expect the rest of the troupe to know what it means.

“Unfortunately, there was an error in the procedure.”

You’re taking responsibility for whatever it is.

That’s a very admirable behavior.

But shouldn’t you tell them what it is and then disappear?

Even if I say so.

It’s not fair to dive underwater without telling your colleagues.

Wolfe smiled weakly.

“Yeah, well, in this case……. I guess I’ll have to ask the leader directly. That is also the rule of our Shadow Mercenaries.”

Let’s see…….

Even if you’re not using a connector.

At least one additional person.

The portal I manifested will allow you to enter the Arcana continent. It’s Grandfell’s talent, not anyone else’s. Even though there is no development in magic power, the skill level is accumulating at a tremendous rate.

“If you need help with that, you can find me.”

You’re always welcome.

No need to make an appointment in advance.

It was a huge consideration on the part of Grandfell.

But Wolfe shook his head.

“No. I trust your judgment.”

Wolfe’s voice was serious.

His eyes bore into mine with determination.

“There must be reasons for her judgment, reasons that my lack of knowledge of……. There may be ‘something’ between the Shadow Mercenaries and the Commander-in-Chief. That’s why I can’t get help.”


Actually, even if there was ‘something’ in the past, it would be nothing more than dark history……. There was no way Wolfe was going to keep soliciting people like that.

If so, you are released according to procedure, Wolfe.


The community erupted.

-What the hell is Magic Tower???? Is this the Magic Tower I know lol?

-I thought you were going to take over the Shadow Mercenaries lol.

-Why is someone getting in trouble?? Look at that, it’s Rockid, right? that bastard?

-No, it’s Wolfe.

-What? What? It’s not Rockid?

-Seeing as you called him a bastard, did you ever get hit by Rockid?

-……Who are you? Who do you think you are?!

Unlike before, Magic Tower had many eyes.

Wolfe’s sudden behavior was transmitted to the public in real time via internet.

Speculation was inevitable.

But the buzz didn’t last long.

It was all about timing.


Another Spaceship.

A massive energy reaction, captured again just a day later.

“Hey, it’s Magic Tower again!”

Yes, it is.

The moment Hoyeol returns to reality.

A dimensional rift appeared above the Magic Tower.

The players who witnessed it.

[Achievement: Witness the Return of Dark Dragon].

“……The return of Dark Dragon?”

“So that thing that thing floating on the Magic Tower is a Dark Dragon……?”

“Now, wait a minute, that can’t be Dark Dragon……?!”

A message that leads one to guess the identity of Dark Dragon.