Chapter 245 – A Word

◈ Episode 245. A word

I honestly wonder if I said something wrong.

Discipline should be based on the person you’re dealing with.

It’s not that he’s a dragon.

The problem was that he didn’t have any room for conversation in the first place.

Why, you can see it now.


Ice Dragon, that one.

It was throwing out a bunch of angry peers.

This is no time for slacking off.

I stared at the flickering message.

[Blessing of the First World Tree rejects ‘Dragon Cry’].

It was detailed in the records of the Dragon Magic War.

The Dragon’s Cry.

The Dragon Cry was said to make even the mages of the Magic Tower tremble with fear. In that sense, I was benefiting from the Blessing of the World Tree………….

‘The problem is that those words came out of my mouth.’

A stubbornness that must be kept what is said.

And Gwicheol, who resembles his master.

Thanks to this, Gwicheol was able to face the Ice Dragon without changing his form.

-Master, controlling power is difficult.

The goal is not to cut, but to punish.

Only me and Eunaxus are suffering because of this big mouth.

Gwicheol said, whether he knew it or not.

-in that case, master, I respect you.

What do you mean, respect?

This side is literally fighting back with all their might.

The good news is that Frostnax has the vigor of youth.

Eunaxus has the wisdom of experience.

“Where are you taking me out?”

Frostnax persistently tries to fight.

Eunaxus used his relatively small size to his advantage.

It narrowly missed and flew away, giving me time to swing my spinning wheel.

‘It must be the Vivace effect.’

But of course I do.

Eunaxus himself must know.

We don’t have much time.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Eunaxus’ heart stopped beating on the next glide. In that case, that was a damned big goal, I realize.

‘To reach the Dragon Shrine at my level.’

I’m afraid…….

I have to admit.

The Ice Dragon will be just the beginning.

According to Eunaxus, there are dozens of dragons gathered at the All-Dragon Summoning.

Even if we finally manage to train Frostnax and clear [Hidden Piece, Ice Dragon’s Snow Mountain], there’s a good chance that the next dragon will jump out to greet us.


Suddenly, white wings flapped in our vision.

Eunaxus closed the distance between him and Frostnax.

Then he spoke to me.

“I knew it would come to this.”

……You knew it?

Unlike the Gwicheol who’d given me the beanstalk.

Eunaxus must have looked at me objectively, with the eyes of a dragon.

He’s lived a long time.

Wouldn’t he have seen through the pretense?

How poorly I’m doing, except for a few tricks.

But I don’t even realize it.

‘Corporal punishment and all, just talking arrogantly.’

This is why I should be careful what I say……!

My face got hot and I had nothing to say.

I was incapable of self-reflection.

All I could do was mutter in a single line.

“I see.”

Eunaxus spoke up.

“Then I apologize. Even if I had been favored by Claudi, even if I had known that I would not be able to stand up to my own kind in this aged body,……. I could not refuse your mercy. I beg your forgiveness.”

……What, did you mean that?

‘Good, then.’

I breathe a sigh of relief.

I don’t think he’ll blame me for dragging him into this when he’s not capable.

I was worried about that.

So I don’t need to ask for your forgiveness, Eunaxus.

No, I’d rather ask this.


“I hear you, Lee Hoyeol Claudi.”

“Will you not truly regret this?”

“What do you mean, if I may ask?”

“Even if your heart stops beating on the next glide, even if you plummet to the bottom of an endless snowy mountain. I ask you, will you have no regrets?”

Eunaxus chuckled.

“I’m afraid I would regret it.”

His gaze was intense.

“I have so much to make up for, and I’m filled with regret at my own weakness, at being outmatched by a mere young dragon. I resent my aging body.”


Is that so?

I said nonchalantly.

“I’ll change course. I’m withdrawing from the long battle.”

“You mean you’re going to withdraw……?”

“There are many who need discipline, and I will teach them quickly.”

If you feel that way.

I guess we can up the corporal punishment a bit.

Of the thirty ways to bring down an Ice Dragon.

We’ll move on to the most concise and efficient method.

But first.

“One last question.”

“As you wish, Claudi.”

“Are you used to the cold?”


I know you’re thinking, ‘What a bunch of bullshit’.

But it’s important, Eunaxus.

Senios’s strategy book, as it were.


But the true enemy of ice magic is not fire magic. It is ice magic itself. Unlike fire magic, which is dependent on more intense heat. Once you reach a certain level of cold magic, you can’t compete with it. This means that you can’t rely on cold magic alone to create a bond. There is a definite limit to the power of cold.


Senios even added this at the end.


In that case, I feel regretful. If only I had existed in the Magic Tower when the Dragon Magic War broke out. At least the Magic Tower would not have bowed down to Ice Dragon. I can assure you that I would not have lost to someone like an Ice Dragon.


It’s like Senios has predicted the future.


Just like Elder Senios.


Even if it means being buried under the Ice Cap.


As long as there is a breaking point.

Cold and cold cannot compete with each other.


The only way to tell if you’ve reached your breaking point is by confrontation.

I’m pretty sure you’ve reached that point.

Yes, to the limit of [『Absolute Zero』].

As Eunaxus closed the distance, so did Frostnax.

Unlike before, it flew into the sky.

The next phase has begun.

I can already see the next attack.

‘Fear, next of course it’s breath.’


A sudden sensation of heat.

Flames burned at the corners of Eunaxus’ mouth.

It seemed to be trying to counter the Ice Dragon’s cold Breath with a Breath of its own.

But there’s no need, Eunaxus.

“It’s okay.”


“You do not need to come forward.”



Even with my words, Eunaxus did not swallow his breath easily.

Because it’s the same dragon.

I’m well aware of the power of Dragon Breath.

But is it really okay?

‘I would have made a fuss if it were any other breath.’

As for the cold breath, as long as I have [『Absolute Zero』].

Even if you get hit with an actual blow.

It wouldn’t do any damage.

There was such a situation.

This guy’s grip on the weight hasn’t slipped.

I opened my mouth to speak.

“Then I command you, Eunaxus.”

“The old dragon does your will, Claudi.”

“Do not close your eyes without my permission.”


“Stay alive until I return.”

Absolute Zero.

A much feared anomaly.

I also know what its exact effect is.

It doesn’t simply freeze the target.

Absolute Zero has an object and a subject,

an absolute coldness that freezes even time.

That’s right.

I was going to bite the ice dragon, Frostnax, in the absolute zero, where even the flow of time is frozen……! It’s a reckless way beyond the ridiculous, but no matter how much I thought about it, it was the only way.

Thump, thump, thump…….

While Vivace’s medicinal powers were not exhausted.

There was only one way to break through the [Hidden Piece, Ice Dragon Snow Mountain].

It meant that this was the only way.

I’m a man of action, not words.

Although I couldn’t explain it in detail.

Eunaxus nodded.

“……I will.”

Good, wait and see.

I drew on my magic and stood alone in the thin air.

From Eunaxus to Frostnax, who was moving away.

I shifted my gaze.



Ice Dragon’s cold press chilling everything.

I wasted no time in manifesting the anomaly, the Absolute Zero.

Just as Senios had done.

From within, from myself.

From my heart.

In a circle around my heart.

From my breath.

To the moisture in the air.

And finally, to Frostnax.

I expanded the range of my manifestation of Absolute Zero.

A message flashes before my eyes, dizzying me.

[You are experiencing an ‘Inexplicable Chill’].

[‘Inexplicable Chill’ rejects Cold Breath]]

[‘Inexplicable Chill’ distorts the passage of time].

[‘Inexplicable Chill’ affects Ice Dragon, Frostnax].

[Due to the effects of the ‘Inexplicable Chill’, the passage of time is distorted for Ice Dragon and Frostnax] …….

In absolute zero, where even time stops.

The only thing that exists is me and Frostnax.

It’s a space similar to ‘consciousness’.

Like the exorcism and the social halls of space and time.

I am familiar with the space of consciousness.

I wonder if you are too.


“……What have you done to me, little things?”

Frostnax was looking at Eunaxus, not me.

A distortion of time.

He must have felt a sense of discomfort when he saw Eunaxus standing still like a picture.

Then he glared at me again.

He sees that I’m unharmed, even in the chilling breath of cold.

Chewing up and spitting out hostile words.

“How dare you play with me.”

Did he think it was a hallucination?

Frostnax opens his eyes.

Indeed, he looks like the King of All.

His mind is as noble as a king’s.

By simply blinking.

He could shake off any condition, including illusion magic, with ease.

But what if this is a pity?

“I’m not kidding, Hatcheling.”

Like I said, this is not a game you play for fun.

It’s an eternal punishment that doesn’t end until you change your behavior.

It’s discipline time, forever.

“How dare you……!!”

You can blow your cold breath in all directions, but it won’t change anything.

I told you.

Your coldness can’t harm me in the absolute zero.

‘Same goes for hand-to-hand combat.’


It wasn’t Eunaxus that was frozen, it was us.

It’s safe to say that what happens in absolute zero is meaningless.

Well, I can see why it’s not easy to understand.

I assure you, even if you lived a thousand years.

I’m sure you’ve never experienced anything like this before.

But it’s also familiar to me.

I’ve had similar experiences.

Yes, it is.

The Void.

The basement of the Magic Tower.

Demon worshippers, even those once revered as elder mages.

Nonchalant in a place that made them lose their minds.

I used to enjoy not only sipping tea but also reading.

That was my usual attitude.

Even in the midst of time that stopped at absolute zero.

I was not distracted.

I opened my mouth.

“Until you realize it for yourself.”


“I’ll wait, however long it takes. Hatchling.”

As always.

“I’m glad I’ve been prepared for this.”

I grabbed a green tea bag (for cold water) and opened…….




“……Is that what you meant?”

Eunaxus looked at the two frozen figures.

Hoyeol and Frostnax.

Only in hindsight could he recognize the meaning of the words.

“Is that what you meant by being used to the cold……!”


I wanted to chase away that indescribable chill.

If I couldn’t chase it away, I wanted to plunge into it.

But I couldn’t.

The chill that enveloped Hoyeol and Frostnax.

It was literally a different dimension.

So different that it would not allow anyone, including Eunaxus, to approach.

“You’re foolish, Eunaxus…….”

What does it mean to be an old dragon who has lived for eons?

The meaning of his words.

How can I not even recognize one……!

Eunaxus didn’t know what was going on between the frozen Hoyeol and Frostnax. But he pulled himself together. Yes, Hoyeol had said something.

-“Stay alive until I return.”

So I waited.

“I will wait according to my oath.”

Even if.

“Even if it is an eternity.”




Ten thousand years of life.

A day never felt like a day.

Eunaxus did not know how long he had been waiting.

But even at this moment, time was clearly passing.

Even in the distortion of absolute zero.

And beyond.

How can I be sure, one might ask.

Because suddenly, a black figure appeared out of thin air.

The black figure whispered to the frozen Hoyeol.

“I, Diend have done my master’s will and returned.”

He reported his findings.

“I found it.”

And the words.

“The manor of House Claudi.”

It was enough to wake him up.


The frozen memory of ‘Claudi heir’.





in a blur of absolute zero.

I was stunned.

At Diend’s words.

The Claudi family I had forgotten.

The vast setting, one by one.

floated to the surface of my memory.

“I tell all Dragons.”


“I, Claudi’s heir, have returned.”

Which meant that this bullshit was just the beginning……!