Chapter 244 – Boomer

◈ Episode 244. Boomer

『Thirty Ways to Bring Down Ice Dragon』

A magic book written by Senios.

Despite the grandiose title.

It was written boldly in the preface.


Ice Magic is garbage.


Don’t be surprised by the first sentence.

The next sentence is even worse.


If you, dear reader, are a Ice Mage, it’s probably best to get rid of it now. There are no benefits to being a Ice Mage other than being cool in the summer.


Just a thought as I read this…….

Senios was an odd breed among mages.

How could he have such a temper?

I wondered if his temper was the reason he’d become an elder mage.

Of course, the question didn’t last long.

I found out when I read the books he left behind.


He was an undisputed genius.


I was fluent in all attribute magic, and I assure you, Ice Magic is the worst of all attribute magic. Hailed by the world as the most beautiful? That means it’s pretty garbage.


Ice Magic is garbage!

The rant continued until I was about twenty pages in.

How did it feel to read that far?

I just wanted to ask Senios a question.

Why on earth did he choose Ice Magic?

Luckily, the answer came on the next page.


The reason I chose Ice Magic is simple.


You’re as crooked as you come, my dear Senios.


I want to prove the strongest by being the weakest.


Attribute magic has a way of biting back.

But the best of them all is definitely Fire Magic.

Just as Karimzeva was called a fire dragon.

Overwhelming intimidation had the power to overturn even the most evenly matched opponents.

To put it in a more scientific way…….

‘Raging fire evaporates even water.’

In that case.

Even in his writings, Senios secretly revealed his ambition.

Prove the strongest by being the weakest.

If you didn’t know him, you’d think he was just saying something nice.

But to me, who knows what’s really going on…….

‘He’s just going to beat Karimzeva.’

I thought he was a consistent gentleman from the past.

But I had witnessed the battle between Senios and Karimzeva.

So I knew.

that Senios was indeed the weakest of the weak and almost proved to be the strongest.

-“I can’t believe you risked your life. That’s surprising.”


-“However, I am also the one risking my life.”

It overcoming the limitations of attribute compatibility, and is virtually a draw.

Although Karimzeva manages to overcame the crisis by burning his own heart.

However, Karimzeva is wounded, not dead.

Senios of the Ice Cap.

As if in self-deprecation.

This is the Ice Dragon’s strategy book.


What I originally wanted to write was a hypothesis about overcoming property incompatibility. However, no matter how much I racked my brains, I came up with thirty different conclusions that Ice Magic is garbage, so I decided to switch things up and write about how to bring down an Ice Dragon.


That’s right.

Calling your own Ice Magic garbage.

This was Senios, who would have relentlessly looked at the weaknesses of Ice Magic.

An ice dragon to him?

A trash dragon with a shiny exterior.

Thanks to Senios, in my mind.

I could clearly see the ice dragon’s strategy he had left behind.


The Ice Dragon, Frostnax, looked at his body.

“You, the mage of the Magic Tower.”

Frostnax suddenly looks like he’s wondering what’s going on.

At least you didn’t even come into contact with fire, so you would have never imagined that the ice would melt. But, if you’re that surprised, do you write it? It starts now.

And as for the mage, don’t be ridiculous.

“I’m the chief. Not senior mage.”

He looks at me like, what’s the difference?

But it is.

With a class like Demon Hunter.

My desperation to get this far.

Don’t underestimate me as a mere mage.

‘……Of course, it’s not something I’d say with the magic equipment from the Magic Tower.’


It was none other than the [Small Magic Sun] that levitated in the air.

Senior Fire Mage.

It’s the tool that Bensch is so eager to see.

[Small Magic Sun]

[Rank: Epic]

[Limit: Lv.1,000]

[Effect : When using fire magic, absorbs the magic].

[Description: A mechanical sphere that was once the sun of a world where the sun never rises. It devours flames, radiantly emitting the flames it has accumulated at the will of the user].

The level limit is a whopping 1,000.

‘Actually, it’s more like a senior mage’s tower.’

Not a big deal.

Especially now that the Zero Mountains have burst into existence.

Even if the Senior Mage were to stand in the Zero Mountains, it would be of great benefit to mankind. His presence alone would give the players something to believe in, and the monsters’ momentum would be greatly diminished.


‘The problem is that the purpose is extremely impure.’

Bensh William.

The purpose of his presence is wrong, even if it’s a misplaced priority.

Please at least add a reason in good faith.

It’s a tower purpose to use magic items without end.

I wouldn’t even say it if it were a normal magic item.

‘What are you planning to do with all of these enormous magic items?’

As the extraordinary level restriction suggests.

[The Small Magic Sun] was not a worn or wielded item.

Technically, it was more like a living ally.

‘It’s a strange effect for an Epic item.’

When you cast fire magic, it doesn’t reduce your magic cost or increase your power. Rather, it absorbs the fire magic the user unleashes. However, its true value is about to be revealed.

It uses the absorbed fire magic as fuel.

“……That’s annoying, mage.”

Even Ice Dragon would be shocked.

True to its name.

It radiated heat like the sun.

I watched the iceberg melt in the heat.


Ice magic is heavily influenced by the environment. In places where water doesn’t freeze, it takes a great deal of energy just to maintain the ice, so to bring down an ice dragon, you need to have an advantage in the environment.


With the Senios strategy.

Senios and Karimzeva.

Recall the duel between the two demigods.

‘The battlefield was the North Pole.’

Come to think of it, even then…….

-“The stronger the opponent, the more important it is to choose a favorable battlefield.”

Senios had taught me the importance of the battlefield.

You’ve been saying a lot lately that you’re only as good as your knowledge…….

Really, that’s all I can say.

‘In the end, the same goes for Ice Dragons.’

You didn’t make the iceberg rise just for the sake of shape, did you?

Even if it was an oblivious act.

It’s proof that the Ice Dragon has its own limitations.

It’s a clear indication of his weakness.

It’s because he’s the King of All.

Although he doesn’t seem to realize it.

“But your efforts are in vain, mage.”

Tsk, tsk, tsk!

Freezing once again [Hidden Piece, Ice Dragon Snow Mountain].

To maintain the environment.

Without even knowing it.

he’s pouring a great amount of magic power into it.

In fact, it’s no exaggeration to say that a dragon’s magic power is infinite.

But it’s close to infinite, not infinite.

I know that better than anyone.

‘We are of the same blood.’

Just as there are limits to the [Blessing of the First World Tree].

Surely, there must be a limit to your magic power.

I know that.

In that sense, I said.

“You still don’t understand the situation.”


“That you look more like a frog than a dragon.”


The frog in the well.

At the same time, it’s a Chinese phrase for being like a frog that doesn’t realize it’s being slowly cooked in boiling water……. There are degrees of omission, Grandfell.

It would be great.


Even a furious Eunaxus would have paused.

But it’s no time to be surprised, Eunaxus.

The battle against the Ice Dragon is a long one. That means you’ll have to withstand its onslaught until you’ve drained its near-infinite reserves of magic.

“Traitorous Eunaxus. Now you’re playing with a mage!”


The frostbite intensifies.

No more icebergs, no more giant ice dragons.

It’s as if we’ve fallen back into a dark dimensional gap.

The blast of freezing wind cut off all sensation.

‘Thank goodness I have this.’

I looked at the [Small Magic Sun].

Using the Magic Sun as a beacon, I estimate the Ice Dragon’s next move.

Actually, I’m confident enough to take whatever it is.

I still had twenty-nine of Senios’ teachings left.



This is an unexpected pattern.


The white wings flapped.

Eunaxus shudders.

Damn, hand-to-hand combat right from the start.

You really have a temper, Ice Dragon.

But you’re also smart.

He must have instinctively recognized his enemy’s weakness.


Eunaxus parries Frostnax’s attack with his aged body.


The influence of the Dragon Heart that makes him run fast beyond his limits.

Thanks to it, I wasn’t losing the battle of strength right now.

I could tell at a glance.

‘The difference is extreme.’

If Frostnax was a dragon in his prime.

Eunaxus was an old dragon who could close his eyes at any time.

Even the size of their bodies showed the difference.

“Arrogant, Eunaxus. You dare to face me while carrying a human on your back? Your ten thousand years of experience are wasted, and your behavior is pitiful.”


A dull shock passes through me.

As you can see, the situation is urgent.

I turned to Eunaxus.


“I’m listening, Lee Hoyeol Claudi.”

“How many years has Frostnax lived compared to you?”

“Just over a thousand years.”

“Good, then.”

It wasn’t for no reason that he was so energetic.

In terms of human age.

It’s a turbulent time, Ice Dragon.

Then it all makes sense.

Your lack of respect for adults.

The way you trust in your own physical abilities and rush into things.


Life is long, and it’s real.

Middle School Dragon Guy.

“You are not yet past the age of discipline.”

I suppose you know instinctively.

that closing the distance is the best way to deal with a mage.

Mages are vulnerable in close combat.

But I thought I made that clear.

I’m not a mage.


I drew my sword from my belt.

As if waiting.

Gwicheol opened his mouth.

-Master. Should I slay that blood dragon?

Instead of being intimidated, but an ice dragon is called a blood dragon.

Who do you think you are, Gwicheol, to be so confident?

There’s nothing wrong with being overconfident, but we need to be clear.

“I’m not going to cut it off, Gwicheol.”

-If it’s not cutting……?

“It’s corporal punishment.”

-That’s what you meant. I understand, master.

A dragon that I could not defeat with all my might.

I’m going to use corporal punishment.

Anyone who sees it can’t help but say that the liver is sticking out of the stomach.

But even if I close my eyes in defeat.

I will not die.

The [Last Adventurer] effect is active.

Even if I am defeated by the Ice Dragon, I will have gained experience.

It is a valuable practical experience that cannot be exchanged for anything else.

‘That’s why I said that even if I die, I should die well.’

This is the brilliance of Grandfell, who is practically self-taught.

I can’t imagine what kind of results he will get from the experience of death.

I couldn’t have guessed.


Senios’ knowledge.


Dozens of decisive magic items.

And Eunaxus.


It’s worth a shot.

I said to the Ice Dragon, Frostnax.

“I will dispose of it, taking into account the timing.”


“It means I’ll take you under my wing.”



The sudden declaration makes the snowfall even more intense.

Frostnax’s voice boils with anger.

“What are you talking about, you insignificant creature?”


Well, that’s one way to look at it.

To a dragon that lives for thousands to ten thousand years, a human life would be less than a day’s work, but that depends on which side you’re looking at.


I, Grandfell, have a standard.

Grandfell is the one who is not shaken in any situation.

So, it was shamelessly recited.

“Two thousand years.”

“……Two thousand years?”

“If you equate human life with dragon life.”


“It means that there is a gap of approximately two thousand years between me and you.”

Frostnax and Eunaxus looked confused.

The age of a human, Lee Hoyeol.

Converted to dragon age, it was roughly three thousand years old.

It was a ridiculous statement.

But it doesn’t matter.

As I said, the standard is myself.

I’m the one to prove it.

My jacket flapped in the frosty wind.

I slowly pulled it on.

No, I lifted it up in a disciplinary whip.

“I’ll show you a gap of two thousand years, Hatcheling.”



. . .

The Dragon Shrine.

Dozens of dragons realized in unison.

that the old dragon, Eunaxus, had not lied.

Dragon Heart.

The ‘oath’ engraved in the heart has tightened the dragon’s body.

To the dragon’s mental world that no one can access.

An irresistible voice was heard.

-I tell this to all dragons.



The dragon’s head slammed down.


One, two, three.


All of the dragon’s heads fell flat on the ground.

-I, Claudi’s heir, have returned.

Before the return of the great family.