◈ Episode 246. I’m not arrogant, I’m humble

Don’t forget, stay on subject.

Before entering the Arcana Continent.

I wanted to make sure I was prepared.

From doping with herbs to borrowing magic equipment.

I also considered the possibility of encountering Eunaxus and other dragons.

I thought to myself, If I got beaten, I would still be able to avoid a violent death.

Gathering information by reading the books on the Dragon Magic War left behind in the Magic Tower.

‘If the opponent was a demon, that would be enough.’

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Great Evil or a high ranking Demon King.

Grandfell’s pride would not be diminished in the face of a demon.

And a Demon Hunter’s only strength.

He could have used his unique skill, [Natural Enemy].

Well, if that wasn’t enough.

‘We have our Akshan seniors.’

The Torch of Hell I borrowed from Fabian, the head of the Explorers’ Federation, is still in my inventory. If it had been a demon, I would have been confident that I was prepared.

‘But the odds were against me.’

Why, given the circumstances.

Death loomed over Eunaxus shortly after the ‘Summon of the All Dragons’ ended.

The most likely possibility is…….

I guess it means that he was attacked by his own people after the dragon summons was over.

So, I had to reach for my last remaining resort.

……A possibility that I sincerely wanted to ignore!

Yes, it was.

It was Claudi.

It was Claudi Family.

‘If it’s real, it can’t be ignored forever.’

I realized this when I contacted Raymond Sean.

I still don’t know about Arcana, but I don’t know for a long time.

The same is true even if we separate out Raymond Sean, who is full of doubts.

Of course, demons including high-ranking Demon King and the Great Evil.

Like Urs or the woman on the broom.

Transcendents, each with their own agenda.

And then there are the Dragons and Elves.

Forces with the power to shake the entire Arcana continent.

He decided to do this because he is good at understanding topics.

‘…… I must face it and use it.’

The realized setting of Grandfell has brought me this far.

So if the Claudi family was also realized.

I have no choice but to use even that setting to move forward……!

‘Whether it’s a guest or a shameful person…….’

I’m going to die anyway.

With that decision, I entered the Arcana Continent and assigned tasks to Hiel and Diend. You see, Hiel was tasked with tracking Eunaxus.

For Diend.

-“Find the deepest darkest place in Arcana.”

I gave the order in the Granfell style.

-“That’s where Claudi will be.”

And there it was.

Blah, blah, blah.

Diend’s voice echoed in my head.

I released the manifestation of [Absolute Zero].

A message flashed before my eyes.

[The distorted flow of time returns].

In a chill that freezes even the passage of time.

I couldn’t tell exactly how much time had passed.

But I assure you.

It hadn’t been long enough to make such a fuss.

I can tell by the state of me and Frostnax.


I hadn’t even finished my cup of green tea yet.

Cold green tea is not my favorite.

It may be because of Granfell’s picky taste that he was slow to sip his tea.

The look in Frostnax’s eyes is still one of defiance.

“In the end, this is what will happen. You worked in vain, little one.”

Look at him, trying to counterattack right away.

So, someone might ask.

‘Why did you just break absolute zero?’

My answer is simple.

A word from Diend.

That one word about finding the Cloudi family mansion.

It brought back memories.

A vast black history that I had forgotten over the decades. ……!

『The symbol of the Claudi family is a head of silver hair that emits a brilliant light. Someone once said that even on the Arcana continent, that silver was more brilliant than the magical platinum. Claudi’s great power comes from the silver hair…….』

……Now I understand.

Why Eunaxus.

Why Eunaxus was so surprised to see me.

‘You didn’t see through my status window.’

Silver hair, the symbol of Claudi’s family.

So much so that it stings.

I’m sure he recognized it from the brilliant silver hair.

You’re amazing, by the way, old me.

‘Well, I’ve got silver hair, and I’ve got these settings……!’

But the hair was just the beginning.

Claudi’s settings got into my head.

I mean, really.

It was like writing the history of a family.

It was massive.

‘That’s why your grades were like that in middle school, Hoyeol.’

At this point, I’m surprising myself.

I don’t get tired of it.

I’m not ashamed of it.

I scribbled out the settings very specifically.

‘I want to hide in a rat hole, man.’

But like I said.

I’m on the subject.

It was me who had decided.

‘……Yes, freezing to death or dying of shame, it’s the same thing.’

And if there really is such a thing as dying of shame.

In the presence of those I will encounter in the future.

the heir to House Claudi.

I’ll admit that I’ve been forced to make the most of a terrible background.

So there was no hesitation.

『Dragons. Their existence on the Arcana continent was the stuff of legend. Until they made themselves known by howling from the highest peaks of the Zero Mountains. But there was a hidden truth to that event.』

When was this setting taken and added?


A bastard from the past.

My tastes have never changed.

Starting with a great family that would make the emperor cringe.

An invisible force.

The true master of a continent, hidden behind a veil…….

You’ve been seriously ill, Hoyeol.

The moment of realization.

Shame surged through me, but I didn’t hold back.

I spoke proudly.

“I, Claudi’s heir, have returned.”

I proclaimed that Claudi’s heir had returned.

Someone listening might ask, So what?

So what am I supposed to do?

No, you might say, didn’t the dragons know in the first place?

Why, Eunaxus must have heard the news, too.

But do not underestimate the Claudi family.

That’s why I labeled them great back in the day……!

『……The dragon was saved by Claudi. The cries that echoed across the continent on the day the legend returned were an act of reverence for Claudi. The truth of that day was passed down only between Claudi and the dragon. An oath that would stand the passage of eternity.』


That’s why I lifted the Absolute Zero.

What is it…….

It’s been so long, you guys.

I must not have remembered either.

I think we had some sort of “oath” between us.


My words fall out of my mouth.

Frostnax’s head begins to bend.

It’s like he’s trying to bow his head to me.

It looks at me with a blank stare.

It looks like it’s desperately trying to resist.


Ice Dragon, Frostnax.

It’s still a Hatchetling, so it’s not quite sure what’s going on.

There’s no point in defying me to the point of crushing his bones.

An oath is not a common promise.

Even if it costs you your life.

Oaths are meant to be honored.

And with the exception of Eunaxus, you have broken your oaths.

In that case.

There may be no more mercy from me.

I said coldly.

“So much for understanding the stroke of youth, Hatchling.”


“Do not stand in my way.”



Frostnax massive body twitches.

I stare back at him with a steady gaze.

But our eyes never meet.

‘What is it, him?’

Frostnax avoids my gaze.

The reaction was all too familiar to me.

It was the same reaction I’d seen from the terrified demon before me.

As if in response to my thoughts, a message popped up.

[Ice Dragon, Frostnax is experiencing ‘fear’].

Eventually, Frostnax’s completely bows his head.

At the same time.

The snowy landscape begins to disperse into thin air.

[Hidden Piece, you have cleared the Ice Dragon’s Snow Mountain].

When we entered.

I never thought I’d clear it like this.

Anyway, this is also black history…….

No, I was prepared.

I said to Diend.


“Speak, my lord.”

“We will speak of the mission later, for according to procedure, I have my own priorities.”

“I, Diend, do your will, my lord.”

So there you have it, my next objective on the Arcana continent.

Now I have decided to use it.

To make it even better, I need to understand its true nature.

‘I must go. Claudi’s mansion.’

Even if it’s fallen.

I thought there might be some things I could use in my newfound setting, but as I’d told Diend, there’s an order to everything.

I looked at Eunaxus and frowned.

‘No, why are you putting your head down again?’

I feel burdened again, really.

I spoke quickly.

“Raise your head, Eunaxus.”

“As you command, Claudi.”

“May I ask you to escort me to the Dragon Shrine?”

“I would be greatly honored.”


Eunaxus spreads his white wings and flies toward me.

It’s a bit of a mess to get down and back up again, but…….

I can’t help it.

I stood up stiffly on Eunaxus’ back once more.

‘Damn weight difference.’

For holding Frostnax at absolute zero.

The amount of magic I must have drained must have been extreme.

With the Dragon Shrine in sight.

There was no telling what might happen.

It was imperative that I recover as much as possible.

This means that even the magic power consumed by levitation must be saved.

‘By the way…….’

I glanced behind me at Frostnax.

Right now, Frostnax is cowering in fear by Claudi name, but I never know how things will change in the future. In that case, it must be clearly engraved until the end.

‘Even more shamelessly.’

I spoke with as much dignity as I could muster.

“I will not hold you guilty, Hatchling.”


“But bear in mind.”

And always beyond expectations.

It was the most incredible version of Grandfell I’d ever heard.

Thanks to this, I ended up declaring with even more arrogance.

“Not even the fiercest hound will bite its master.”


……Do you have to open your mouth to get rid of your anger, Grandfell?

Comparing dragons to hounds is also insightful.

It meant, well, not as good as a dog.

This is starting to worry me.

‘Even now, when I haven’t witnessed it with my own two eyes.’

This is Claudi’s mansion that Diend found.

If only I could see it with my own two eyes.

How far will this arrogance of Grandfell go?

Do you know my feelings or not?

Eunaxus said.

“You are infinitely humble.”


I am?

That’s an irony, isn’t it?

“Even though you are in no position to show mercy to anyone…….”

What a halo to make even such arrogance look like humility.

I, a commoner, will have to suffer under such a Claudi family halo in the future.

Because it reminds me of poor me, Lee Hoyeol.

I’m already starting to feel my head spinning…….




The Dragon Shrine.

The entire dragon bowed its head to the floor and looked at each other.

As did the Ice Dragon, Frostnax.

The younger dragons were unable to grasp the situation.


Their bodies wriggled to and from the floor, except for their heads, which seemed to stick to the ground. It desperately denied the helplessness it felt for the first time in its life as the King of All.

But with Claudi.

None of the dragons knew about the ‘Oath’ related to it.

Gradually, he was approaching.

As the distance gets closer.

I realized something about the subject.

Oath are not something that can be broken.

That it is not something that can be broken.

And that it was time to pay the price for breaking it.

The time has come to pay the price for breaking them.


Kudhanax, the Earth Dragon, let out a small laugh.

The situation could not have been more serious.

The uncontrolled laughter was enough to enrage the dragons.

Sharp words poured out to Kudhanax.

“What’s so funny, old dragon?”


He was an old dragon who lived at the same time as Eunaxus.

That’s why he remained silent.

It wasn’t that he disagreed with Eunaxus.

It was because his word was not to be trusted.

Claudi’s return was just as hard to believe.

However, I realized it too late.

That’s why I laughed.

“You still haven’t figured out the topic, dragons.”

Ice Dragon.

Thunder Dragon.

Wind Dragon.

Fire Dragon.

And himself.

Kudhanax had arrogantly forgotten.

“Who can claim to be king of all things before them?”

If we dare to compare it to ourselves.

Claudie, they have taken the Arcana continent.

From the shadows.

Contemplated and orchestrated from behind the scenes.

They were like the unfathomably great Dark Dragon.

Kudhanax let out a loud roar.

“All dragons, salute the entrance of the Dark Dragon!”




……Bah, what did you just say?!

Hmph, the arrival of the Dark Dragon……?!

Did you mean me when you said the Dark Dragon?!