Chapter 243 – Like a Dragon (5)

◈ Episode 243. Like a Dragon (5)

Archaic glasses draped over the bridge of his nose.

A reverently erect waist.

What I was holding in my hand was a colorful fountain pen.


Skal, who had been writing for a while, opened his mouth.


A scream that could have filled the Rothschilds’ mansion.

“This isn’t right!”

What was I about to write?

No one will ask anything even after seeing it.

At this moment, the players were writing for one purpose.

The only way to enter the Arcana Continent. To ask for permission from Hoyeol to use the connector.

The declaration was made at the Roundtable in the Magic Tower, but the audience was not limited to the mages of the Tower. It was the cause, not the affiliation, that mattered.

And so it was with the players.

Even the Arcanians.

Everyone was going through a bit of a creative breakdown.

A moment of head-scratching.

Skal gripped the fountain pen again.

This time, too.

“…… Be patient, Skal.”

The competitors wouldn’t be able to keep their hands still.

But Skal was sure of it.

No one would be more determined than he was.


To the honorable, dear and worthy Lord Hoyeol.


It was a greeting that would make the person reading it faint.

Skal punctuated it with a serious expression.

He then turned his attention to the quest window.

[Class Quest: Summoning All Dragons]

The old dragon shouted.

The Great Family has returned to the Arcana Continent.

All dragons want to know the truth of the matter.

─Witness the dragons gathering on the continent. (Failed)

─Encounter a dying old dragon. (Ongoing)

A dragon is dying, and it’s not someone else……!

There is only one dragon in Arcana, and it’s the old dragon.

Skal had a point.

He could see the story of the class quest in his mind.

“I rescue an elder dragon from danger, grow closer to it, and ride it for the first time……. That’s exactly the kind of quest progression I want to see, this is……!

Of course, I didn’t know how to bring the dying dragon back to life.

However, my immediate goal was to simply encounter the old dragon.

If I can get to the Arcana Continent through the connector.

Great progress on the class quest.

It would also bring me one step closer to becoming a Dragon Knight.

“Truly, no player is more eager than I am, Lord Hoyeol……!”

He wasn’t wrong.

At the same time, there was one man who was writing out an application for permission to use the connector with more frenzy than Skal. He was the senior mage of the Magic Tower, not a player.

An agony that does not end easily.

This is not it.

Neither is this.

Not even this……!

Skal tore up several more sheets of parchment before he relented.

“Something like a purpose packaged in a plausible way.”

Lord Hoyeol would see through it all anyway.

I thought it would be better to clearly reveal my purpose.

Why did he not know something about the old dragon?

‘He even knew the name Eunaxus.’

Maybe I do.

It may be necessary for Lord Hoyeol’s actions.

Skal carefully scribbled away at his fountain pen in anticipation.

It was then.


It flashed before my eyes.

Skal was stunned.

It wasn’t a notification that Skal had gained experience or leveled up. It couldn’t have been a skill mastery. There was only one thing that could possibly blink: quests.

A chill ran down my spine.

“……, no way!”

Was the dying old dragon dead?

In a flash, a dark cloud fell over Skal’s face.

Skal struggled to compose himself and checked the quest.

Then he spat out a single word.


─Encounter a dying old dragon. (Failed)

At least it was a failure.

But why did I spit out a question instead of a scream?

It was because I recognized the message that followed.

I didn’t fail because the dragon died.

[World Quest: The Last Flight of the Old Dragon].

The dying dragon was determined.

He would burn his last breath for the future of his people.

The continent will tremble at its rebuke.

Witness the end of the Old Dragon. (in progress)

“What, what!”

I can’t help but be dumbfounded.

Wasn’t that the dying Old Dragon just a moment ago?

During the time I was scribbling on my fountain pen.

What the hell had happened to……?

“For the future of your people? The continent trembles at your rebuke……?”

A new quest has come to mind!

He wondered if anyone knew about it.

Skal checked the community.


But it was no different.

Everyone was talking about connectors and the greatness of Lord Hoyeol.

There was no mention of the old dragon.

‘…… is the only quest that came to mind.’

Dragon Knight.

Because he has a hidden class related to dragons.

Even if he doesn’t understand it.

Or in a completely different world, in reality.

It was definitely a world quest.

In that sense, Skal was even more motivated.

“This is no time to be discouraged.”

If you failed a class quest.

You just need to succeed in the new World Quest.

Skal narrowed his eyes and began to fill out the application for permission to use the connector.

Sometimes ignorance was bliss…….


I’m sorry, Skal.

Somehow I ended up like this……!

I checked the message that flashed before my eyes.

[Achievement: Ride the Dragon, King of All Things].


From the days when Arcana was just a game.

It was one of the most important things for players.

The Arcana continent was vast.

In the cities, where portals were always active, you didn’t need a mount, but once you left the city, you needed a mount, such as a carriage or horse.

There was no time or stamina left for traveling long distances on foot.

‘Carriages cost a fortune in my day.’

That’s why the knight class was so appealing to players with no capital. All you had to do was switch to knighthood, join any knightly order, and you could get an expensive horse for free.

Of course, it’s a bit of a cliché.

Demon Hunters and mounts had nothing to do with it.

Akshan’s daily routine is pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it?

A demon hunter who spends his days working on his physical fitness.

What’s the point of riding on two strong legs?

No, I don’t need to go into a long explanation, just look at the skill window.

[Natural Enemy], [Exorcism], [Silver Mastery]..

‘Is it possible that there is such a thing as horseback riding skills?’

So when Eunaxus suggested it, I was a little worried.

I’m not going to get on a horse and fall off…….

No, I thought I might lose my precious life by falling into a dragon. However, it seemed that Skal was not obsessed with riding on dragons for no reason.

[Effect: Increases your proficiency with all mounts to maximum].

[Duration: Permanent].

This is a simple achievement effect?!

Even if it is the first of its kind.

A permanent increase in proficiency with all mounts, even if it’s the first of its kind. It was enough to make my eyes widen and jump out of my head.

As expected, Grandfell didn’t hold back.

“This isn’t so bad.”

I was the same as always.

As if it wasn’t the effect of the achievement.

As if I’d always been used to riding.

Standing upright on the back of Eunaxus.

“I thought I would never fly again.”

Is the feeling of being able to fly again something new?

Eunaxus said in a slightly overwhelmed voice.

I’m not showing it, but so am I, Eunaxus.

‘I didn’t know it would be like this either.’

According to Skal

It was safe to say that riding a dragon was the ultimate goal of the Hidden Class, the Dragon Knight.

A view that can only be witnessed by completing all the quests of the Dragon Knight class.

This is the view I am currently witnessing from the back of Eunaxus.

In that sense,…….

…… or how many intermediate steps did I skip?

The reason I was able to skip it wasn’t anything else.


Eunaxus’s stubbornness is not normal.

You don’t have to go far. You can tell just by looking at ‘that day’ when heavenly luck followed.

The youngest, Hail, protested.

Only to be told not to worry.

It was Eunaxus who truly wanted to see the end.

In that sense.

‘Are you saying that Claudi’s halo is bigger than the genealogy of the World Tree……?’

……I am truly afraid, House Claudi!

I muttered to myself.

The tiger, or rather, the dragon, will come when I say so.

Eunaxus asked me politely.

“May the lowly old dragon ask for Claudi’s name?”

My name.

Well, it’s not hard to give a name.

I didn’t hesitate to answer.

“Lee Hoyeol. That’s my name.”

If you thought I was going to answer with a horrible full name, you were wrong.

By the way…….

Now you’re not telling me to get off because you saw the wrong person, right?

‘It’s complicated so to speak, but it’s both me.’


It was only a fluke.

Eunaxus sounded pleased with himself.

“I will not forget your grace, Claudi Lee Hoyeol.”

……Wait. What, what?!

What’s with the fusion name that’s just as bad as Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo?! It’s not Claudi, it’s Lee Hoyeol of the Lee family. ……!

The other side of the world.

In Korea, the last name comes first and the first name comes last.

So please don’t call me Lee Hoyeol Claudi.

Can you stop calling me that horrible name?!

‘But when are you going to explain this again……?’

That’s how I feel. It is not a genealogy of the world tree that looks like bean powder, but what the real genealogy is, what the main branch is, and even what the swipers are. I wanted to explain it in detail.

I couldn’t afford it.

Oh, no.

There was a flash before my eyes.

It was an appearance message.

[The Ice Dragon, Frostnax, is appearing].

A flash.

Whizz, whizz, whizz-!

An uncontrollable chill swept through the gap in the dimension where nothing but darkness existed. No, it wasn’t just an aura. It was actually a frosty wind.

[Frostnax’s chill transforms the area].

Indeed, a dragon, the king of all things.

He can turn a dimensional gap into his own home.

A world of ice emerges from the darkness.

From the top of a towering iceberg.

The ice dragon spread its wings like an ice sculpture.

[Hidden Piece, you have entered the Snow Mountain of the Ice Dragon].

Hidden Piece.

I should have rejoiced.

There are no birds to rejoice, either.

Eunaxus immediately howled ferociously.


Still, we’re spherical kin.

It would be better for Eunaxus to enter before me.

I retract my complacency.

“Hypocrite, do not mention my name, Eunaxus!!!”

No real blood or tears, you guys!

I could feel it as I rode on Eunaxus’ back.

His heartbeat growing uncontrollably wild.

The two dragons really intend to see the end.


The blowing snow is cold.

If it weren’t for the effects of the elixir I ingested to open the circle, the Everlasting Snowflake. I would have frozen to death from the chill, I said to the unflappable Hiel.

“I suggest you stay back from here, Hiel.”

“I apologize for being of no help. My Lord.”

“You have nothing to apologize for. Well done.”

A chill that even a unique spirit, Hiel, could not withstand.

How can you project such an incredible place on your own?

Indeed, the Ice Dragon is worthy of its name.

But is it because of the cold air?

I was able to look at the situation with a cool head.

First of all, there was no sign of a demon in the dimensional gap.

As a result, [Natural Enemy] hadn’t been triggered.

‘I’d say my power is halved.’

In such a state, I’ve been caught in the middle of a family feud between an Old Dragon and an Ice Dragon. It’s a situation that could easily lead to a dragon fight.


“It’s more refreshing than cool.”

I said nonchalantly.

Unbreakable in any situation.

Thanks to Grandfell’s noble pride?

Of course, pride can’t be ignored.

“So much for the welcome, Ice Dragon.”

But do not underestimate, King of All.

“Then it’s time for my turn, the Magic Tower.”

If you have a bad temper.

Second place is up for grabs, Magic Tower, and the rest of the mages……!

Dragons are a race unaccustomed to defeat and humiliation?

That’s the same for magic tower mages.

What do you think they’ve done with their defeat in the Dragon Mage War? Do you think they’ve just cowered in fear, telling themselves that dragons are untouchable?

How could that be?!

Especially since the ‘him’ I knew was quite fanatical in this regard.

An Ice Dragon for such a man?

Maybe it was like looking into a mirror.

In that sense.

Ice Dragon, your weaknesses were probably the ones he knew best.

A magic book left behind in the Magic Tower’s library.


Thirty ways to bring down the Binglong.


The author’s name is Senios of the Ice Cap.

I am the Ice Dragon.

He looked at Frostnax and spoke.

“In the Dragon Mages War, which you consider a mere entertainment, we learned a lesson. Imperfect as he is, he struggled and struggled, crawled on the ground, and crawled forward, until he reached you once more.”

With that, the first way to bring down the Ice Dragon was brought out.


A message popped up.

[Ice Dragon, Froznax is ‘thawing’].

“Does it still feel like a funny game?”