Chapter 242 – Like a Dragon (4)

◈ Chapter 242. Like a Dragon (4)

Dragon (龍).

Born to be king of all, it looks down on everything.

But no one can blame the dragon for its arrogance.

Dragons have the omnipotent ability to make even arrogance look like humility. For such a dragon, defeat and humiliation were foreign to him.

The Old Dragon had lived for eons.

Eunaxus was no different.

Even if his mother’s plan was to see him die.

The prospect of meeting his end at the hands of his own kind was not a pleasant one.

To be honest, I felt resentful.

But I just desperately turned away.

How dare I be so bitter.

I was constantly pessimizing myself.

But the moment the dragon heart stopped beating.

The last Dragon Cry let out a scream.

Its cries must have been filled with frustration.

‘It’s a shame…….’

Claudi must have recognized the shame.

Eunaxus did not look up.

Because he knew the meaning of Hoyeol’s words.

‘In the name of discipline and corporal punishment…….’

Are you willing to be with the old dragon in his final moments?

It was indeed a thrill.

Eunaxus couldn’t say yes so easily.

‘……You will definitely be in danger.’

As Eunaxus said, he had failed to convince his own people.

Not only had they refused to follow their mother’s wishes, but they had also turned their backs on their ‘oath’ to Claudi……. Isn’t it telling that he’s made himself look like this by announcing Claudi’s return?

Eunaxus felt his heart beating wildly.

‘Also, I deserve to die, but…….

Eunaxus could recognize it because it was his own heart.

Let’s reflect on the original nature.

A dragon heart could stop beating at any time.

Eunaxus realized that he could die at any time.

So it wouldn’t matter how I died, but…….

‘Claudi, it’s not you, is it?’

Just as I was thinking that.

A voice spoke.

“Are you afraid, Eunaxus?”


“Of your coming death.”

The calm words hit a nerve.

I’ve lived for eons.

I thought I was ready to accept death at any moment.

I had never been afraid to face the shadow of death.

Even now.

‘I am afraid.’

My heart beats, not knowing when it will stop.

I am afraid that I might endanger you, Claudi.

Because I didn’t have an easy answer.

That’s why I couldn’t help but be shocked.

“If you are afraid, I will be with you.”

“……What do you mean by that?”

“The moment you close your eyes, I will witness it.”

What it meant was simple.

It wasn’t about discipline, corporal punishment, or or to repay one’s resentment.

It was about truly moving forward together.

Even if it meant danger.

Eunaxus didn’t understand.

“Why did you have to do that to me…….”

Then the words came back, as if it were obvious.

“So that you will not be forgotten.”


“So you can live on in the legends forever.”

When you die, you don’t die.

You will live forever as a legend.

At this moment.

He was giving the warmest of farewells.

It was overwhelming.

Eunaxus bowed his head.

“The old dragon understands, Claudi.”

But one thing had to be made clear.

That he was not worthy of the offer.

Eunaxus spoke up.

“But in my old age, I have no ability left to escort you, and the path I am taking, Claudi, may lead you into danger.”

It was enough for me to realize what he meant.

For thanks to that consolation, I truly have no fear of death.

It meant that you would not have to fly with me to the land of the dead.

But then, the answer came back, and Eunaxus fell silent.

Those were not words for a man who would face dozens of dragons.

“No need to worry.”


“Even if there are dozens, hundreds, or thousands of dragons against me.”


“I will not die.”




[Last Adventurer: You cannot die on the Arcana Continent. If you do, you will immediately return to reality and will be unable to access the Arcana Continent for a period of time. – Cooldown: 24 hours]


At least on the Arcana Continent……!

With such a deceptive effect, I needed to utilize it efficiently.

Especially now that I can travel to and from the Arcana Continent.

In that sense.

‘This death must not be in vain.’

With each word, I was already preparing myself for death.

Isn’t it natural to be prepared?

I’m about to make a formal speech in front of not one, not two, but dozens of dragons, and I have a conscience. I don’t expect to come out of this with my life intact.

By the way.

‘It’s a shame there’s a real [Last Adventurer].’

Your stubbornness is no joke, Grandfell

You’re so stubborn that you’re willing to discipline the dragon with corporal punishment.

Imagine if this had happened in the real Zero Mountains.

‘……I can only imagine the horror.’

So let’s count ourselves lucky for now.

that this happened on the Arcana continent.

Of course, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate.

As I talked to Eunaxus, I was slowly realizing.

Claudi’s presence was becoming more and more apparent to me……!

I really thought it couldn’t be possible.

I had guessed that the ‘great family’ was Claudi.

I denied it until the end.

It just didn’t make sense to me.

It was bad enough that the setting of Grandfell was realized, but the realization of the Claudi family was a different story on a different scale.

‘…… I want to sincerely deny the reality, the black history.’

Apparently, Grandfell had said.

-“I won’t believe it until I see it with my own two eyes.”

Jumping to conclusions based on someone else’s words?

Even if they were the words of Eunaxus.

It’s not something Grandfell’s temperament would allow.

Unless it led to the discovery of the Claudi family mansion.

Grandfell is all about Claudie.


‘I have a slightly different situation, but…….’

Damn, that’s a lot to think about.

But it’s times like these that I need to be concise.

Tackle the problem at hand first, Hoyeol.

I stared at the message.

[World Quest: The Old Dragon’s Last Flight]

The dying Old Dragon has made up his mind.

He will burn his last breath for the future of his people.

The continent will tremble at its rebuke.

Witness the end of the Old Dragon. (Ongoing)

Help the dragon reach the [Dragon Shrine]. (Ongoing)

Two quest objectives come to mind.

The first is the main objective, and the second is an additional quest objective that my big mouth brought up. The Dragon’s Shrine, by the way. I can tell it’s an unusual place even from the outside.

“The Summoning of the All-Dragon took place at the Dragon Shrine.”

Eunaxus says.

[The Dragon Shrine] is a special place, accessed through the top floor of the Zero Mountains.

It’s a special place.

If you think about it in terms of the Arcana system…….

‘It’s endgame content that’s unlocked by clearing the Zero Mountains.’

It’s literally a mountain over a mountain.

But it makes sense.

The elves had their home, Sisley.

Dragons have their space, too.

It wouldn’t be strange to have a Dragon Shrine.

I’m just saying, I’m worried.

‘Before I even hit a rock with this egg…….’

I wonder if the egg will break first.

Why, think about the information from the Zero Mountains on Earth.

Its moderation level is a whopping [not recommended for anyone].

And yet, this place is one level higher than the Zero Mountains.

I wouldn’t dare enter if I were alone.

No, I wouldn’t have been able to enter even if I tried.

The Zero Mountains no longer exist on the Arcana Continent.

But now that I was with Eunaxus, it didn’t matter.

Why, I told you.

Dragons tear dimensions apart.

Soon, Eunaxus pleaded with me.

“I hope you’ll forgive me for the fuss.”

Then it roared.


Then the air was torn apart.

I watched the scene silently.

Although it won’t be revealed to the always arrogant, iron-faced person.

I was now dumbfounded.

‘Someone tore it with all their might……!’

Eunaxus opened the dimensional rift without difficulty, even with his collapsing body. So that’s the difference in blood, the diamond lineage beyond the golden cutlery.

I swallowed back a sob, trying not to show it.

Eunaxus shook his head at me.

“Claudi, you may enter first.”

……No, I go first?

Wait, wait, wait.

You know, why would I have to?

Well, when I heard the story.

I don’t think the dragons in the [Dragon’s Shrine] would take kindly to me, and even if they did, wouldn’t it be better for you, Eunaxus, who has a face to face with them, to go in first……?

Just as I was thinking that.

Eunaxus spoke.

Looking at his own shoulders.

“I am not worthy of my appearance.”

Ah, so that was why, and not for anything else.

Eunaxus had been torn from both wings by his own kind.

I suppose that means he can’t move forward and open a path.

But if that’s the case, fear not, Eunaxus.

You, of all people, should know better.

There are many ways to compensate for flaws in this world.

‘Hmm. It’s hard to call this something to brag about, but again, I am.’

Demon Hunter.

I’m the one who struggled all the way to this point in class with all the screws missing, right?

Is there anyone better at tricks than me?

“Raise your head, Eunaxus.”

I said to Hiel.

“Hiel, put these wings on Eunaxus.”

If you suddenly ask, “What wings?

What kind of wings?

Of course.

One of the twelve magic items on loan from the Magic Tower.

Emitting a hundred colors of light, all too familiar to me.

[White Outer Wings].

Eunaxus, I don’t know if you realize this.

Most magic items don’t have any limits other than level.

That means they can be worn by any race.

“Hiel obeys your orders, my lord.”


Hiel placed the outer wing on Eunaxus’s vast back.


A beam of light burst forth from the wing.

It replaced Eunaxus’ severed wings.

No, it was far more brilliant and colorful than that.

It had transformed into wings that matched Eunaxus’ size.

As I watched, I thought to myself.

‘……Senior Kiko, I see your sincerity.’

I was the only one who rented the white outer wings from the tower.

According to Marcelo, other mages can’t even use a fraction of its power.

Kiko, a senior in the Department of Enchantment, was there for me.

And for the sake of Enchantment research. She told me that she had succeeded in imbuing the White Outer Wing with a new effect, the [Flight] effect.

‘I should be so grateful…….’

When I think of myself wearing it, it’s truly horrifying.

It wasn’t enough that the jacket was flapping.

The outer wings were flapping like real wings.

My face was already burning up.

I quickly opened my mouth.

“How do you like your new wings?”

So don’t you dare say no, Eunaxus.


Eunaxus did as I asked, once or twice.

It flapped its wings, then opened its mouth.

The voice became even quieter.

“I will open the way.”

Was he speaking less because he didn’t like the colorful design……?

I was concerned about that, but I can’t help it, Eunaxus.

We’re not in a position to afford your tastes.

‘Well, then, me too.’

Magic manifested.

I’ll follow Eunaxus as he glides ahead.

Let’s see.

How much magic has been regenerated.

It was the moment when I was trying to check the amount of magical power I had left.


It’s not enough for Eunaxus to bow his head.

He knelt down in front of me……?

Then he spoke.

“I beg of you, Claudi, I Eunaxus, the lowly old dragon. Will you grant me the honor of flying with you on the wings you have given me?”

The Dragon Knight, a sound that would make Skal faint if he heard it……!