Chapter 241 – Like a Dragon (3)

◈ Episode 241. Like a Dragon (3)

I’m the youngest, so I know.

The first is always the weakest.

That’s why I ordered Hiel.

to find the location of Eunaxus.

It shouldn’t be too hard to pinpoint his location by following his magic tracks.

But I’ve never seen Eunaxus manifest magic myself. And I can’t be sure that what the dragon manifests is magic.

I can’t help but worry.

‘It must be quite vast.’

The Arcana continent is vast.

No matter how large Eunaxus’s body is, it is so large that it cannot even be the size of a grain of desert sand. So, wouldn’t it be more difficult for Hiel to find Eunaxus than finding a needle in the desert?

But I was wrong.

It was a telepathy.

It had a voice that pierced his head.



It was Hiel, the one who had come face to face with Eunaxus.

Apparently, Hiel had discovered Eunaxus before I had.

Hiel soon reported the location of Eunaxus’s cries.

There would be no time to waste.

I immediately manifested a portal and stepped into the swarm of light.

Then I saw it.


A horde of demons.

I’m not even close to being understand what this is about.

These are the most demon-like appearances.

‘Fearless. Really.’

A dying old dragon.

They were demons waiting for Eunaxus to breathe his last.

The reason was obvious.

They wanted to get something out of his corpse.

And yet.

Do you think I’m going to stand by and let that happen?

No, there was no need for me to get angry and step forward.


We’re connected through the World Tree, after all.

You’re a wretch, desperate to see Eunaxus die.

Do you think Grandfell will tolerate it?

Even for a demon to commit such an atrocity?

‘This is something that stimulates both integrity and pride.’

I don’t talk to my prey.

Obviously, there’s no need to talk.

There is no need to raise magic power, no need to raise Gwicheol.


Just a step.

A step forward.

The demons’ faces turn white.

Not surprising, given the message that popped up earlier.

To tens of millions of demons.

I was the one who caused the abnormality, the ‘fear’.

Even when I and the demons faced each other.


[High-level Demon, Flimp, is ‘crushed’].

[Mid-level Demon, Incubus is ‘crushed’].

[Seven Fingers of Blasphemy, Shebnawi is ‘crushed’]…….

It’s more surprising that they’re still alive.

To describe the scene in Grandfell terms…….

It didn’t even take the effort of trampling on the bugs.

I could have hunted down a horde of demons without lifting a finger.

There’s nothing arrogant about it.

Isn’t that enough to call it a natural enemy?

‘And judging by the fact that the experience points haven’t budged.’

At most, they were demons around level 400-500.

In that case.

I really felt that Eunaxus was heading for death.

‘Eunaxus couldn’t even drive out a lowly demon like that.’

Until I came face to face with Eunaxus…….

I wondered if I could use healing magic to improve his condition. The flesh hole I dug, the well, contained healing magic.

‘Even if it wasn’t at the level of a Bellier.’

I was confident that I could compete with most Healer class players. But it was arrogance. No, it wasn’t arrogance, it was underestimating the subject.


Kings of all things.

Flawless creatures that made even the elves feel inferior.

In the words of Agentress, the leader of the Elves.

Dragons were perfect even without the [First World Tree Blessing], which means that dragons naturally possess the effects of the World Tree Blessing.

‘A wound that cannot be offset by such a life regeneration effect.’

The Dragon Magic War.

Furthermore, I’ve witnessed it in the records that Magic Tower left behind.

No amount of high-level magic could even scratch a dragon’s skin.

And yet, the skin of such dragon was torn to shreds.

“My Lord…….”

The wings that glided freely through the dimensions were nowhere to be seen.

Indeed, Hiel was right to stutter.

I approached Eunaxus without wavering.

……Truly, a million thoughts raced through my head.

Who the hell put him in this position?

Is this how I can talk to Eunaxus?

No, I think he may have already died before that.

I thought of things I shouldn’t have.

It was that moment.

Eunaxus struggled to open his eyes.


Trembling eyelids.

It seems as if he opens his eyes just before his death.

I desperately rack my brains while facing that gaze.

‘……Is this too much to ask?’

Is there [something] to add to the interference process of 『Healing Magic』?

I’ve been trying so hard…….

I was still too far below my level to defy the dragon’s death.

And yet.

Eunaxus’s pupils, barely open, were dilated.

They were dilated.

As if it saw something it shouldn’t.

Though I’m pretty sure it’s looking at me…….

Why are you so surprised to see me?

‘Why, we even share telepathy.’

It’s our first time meeting face to face.

Eunaxus knew of my existence.

Why, as if Eunaxus could see through my item information.

‘You called me Dawn, didn’t you?’

Hiel must have told him about me, too.

I mean.

I didn’t think I had any reason to be so surprised……..


As if opening his eyes wasn’t enough.

Eunaxus struggled to open his mouth.

The sound that escaped was so muffled I couldn’t make out what he was saying, but was he trying to thank me for slaying that stupid demon?

No, if that’s what it is, you don’t need to say it.

‘There are things I was trying to save.’

It’s just that if it’s a demon, I can’t leave it alone.

You don’t need to thank me for finding you.

We don’t share blood, but we’re from the same World Tree genealogy?

There are also reasons why I have no choice but to be strict with these disciplines.

So I opened my mouth generously.

“You don’t have to tell me, I know.”

But I guess.

…… or I must have made a mistake.

Eunaxus struggled with his words.

It wasn’t a thank you that followed.



As soon as you saw my face?!

Did you really see through my status window or something!




Eunaxus was certain.

That silver hair must be from the past.

It belonged to Claudi, the family who had saved him and his people.

That’s why Eunaxus didn’t dare open his mouth.

‘……Mother, why?’


To the one who should hate Arcana the most.


‘Have you given me a blessing that requires me to look after the Arcana?’

for eons.

Eunaxus had never doubted the will of the World Tree.

The old dragon was shaking.

It had to be that way.

What does the world tree mean?

It wouldn’t even be a fucking joke to Claudi.

That was why Eunaxus didn’t dare open his mouth.

At the same time, he was grateful for his near-death experience.

‘I don’t have the strength to face this joke of fate.’

But a voice spoke in his ear.

“Do not doubt my lord, Eunaxus.”


It is not doubt, spirit.

Just waiting for the time to give up and take my last breath.

Eunaxus thought for a moment.

Claudi’s mouth opened.

‘I will not ask for mercy.’

It couldn’t be more cold, Eunaxus thought.

He thought he deserved it.

Recalling Claudi’s end, and considering the way I and my people had turned away from it……. I would not be able to refuse if you ordered me to fulfill my ‘oath’.

But why……?

“You don’t have to tell me, I know.”

It was a voice that sounded more than a little benevolent.

As if it really knew everything.

And yet, it understood.

It was a benevolent voice.

Eunaxus found himself reciting.


A dying man could say.

With the utmost respect.

Once again, Eunaxus struggled to speak.

“Eunaxus, the old dragon, greeting Claudi…….”

Every breath he held was for this moment.

Eunaxus’s heart was really beating.

Eunaxus felt the dragon heart stop.




The heartbeat slows down uncontrollably.

What a cowardly thing to do.

Eunaxus swallowed a bitter laugh.

‘Forgive me. I interpreted the meaning of the words in my own way.’

Claudi’s words.

It was enough for Eunaxus to close his eyes in peace.

Eunaxus thought he could close his eyes and fall into eternal rest, away from everything.

It was the moment Eunaxus gave up on life for all eternity.



“I still have a story to tell you.”


……Are you saying I didn’t just misinterpret it?

I couldn’t help but be stunned.

I have a story to tell.

That meant Claudi wanted to hear an explanation, not an excuse.

Eunaxus’ heart was pounding.

If only there had been wings torn off by my own kind.

He would have spread them wide and returned the favor.

But there was no time left for that.


My heart was really stopping…….


……Thump thump?!

Thump thump thump thump!!


Eunaxus’s flesh bounced greatly.

What was that?

The dragon heart, which had stopped, began to beat wildly.

If someone asks if the vitality has returned, it was not.

‘……Only the heart is beating fast again.’

But it was enough.

For all his power as a Dragon came from that heart, the Dragon Heart.

Even if it is temporary.

A candle before the wind.

As long as your heart is beating fast.

As long as it’s beating, it’s capable of anything.

Hence the question.

“So understand.”

Claudie, what kind of power is there in his words?

Does it make my heart beat fast again?

Eunaxus held those words in his mind until the moment he closed his eyes.

It seemed he would never forget it.





[The Desire of Pure Knowledge].

[Map of All Things].

[Telescope of the Evil Eye]…….

Demon loot has disparate effects.

According to common Arcana knowledge.

It has an incomprehensible effect.

So I thought it was worth a try.

[Baton of Rhyme]

[Rank: Epic]

[Limitations: None]

[Effect : When worn, the wearer gains vast musical knowledge and grants a buff equal to that musical knowledge to everything under the wearer’s control].

[Description : The effect is as noble as its noble appearance].

The fading heartbeat of Eunaxus.

I thought I could get it to beat faster, if only temporarily.

It’s a crude method, even for me.

‘If only I had been a little more convincing.’

I could have manifested a healing aura and rescued Eunaxus in spectacular style.

If I had been more skilled in reversal magic, not necessarily restoration magic, I might have been able to reverse Eunaxus back to before he was injured.

But my specialty is subject matter.

And I know how elusive that is.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m going to sit around sucking my fingers.

I’m just doing the best I can.

Or to put it another way.

I’m always going to be fighting.

So understand, Eunaxus.

My way of doing things is…….

might be a bit too much.

I never thought I’d say that word again.

I flicked my baton tersely.


As expected, the effect was effective.

No matter how ridiculous I was, I hadn’t forgotten to notice.

Thanks to Eunaxus, I recognized the words.

-“Elder Dragon, Eunaxus meets Claudi…….”

I don’t really know what’s going on here.

But I do know that Claudi and Eunaxus are related.

That’s to the extent that Eunaxus of the world uses extreme honorifics.

It’s a very deep connection……!


Eunaxus picks himself up from the ground. We would like to at least say hello, but we both know that we don’t have time to do so.

‘Because it’s literally a temporary measure.’

Neither I nor Eunaxus know when that heart will stop beating.

So I get straight to the point.

Yes, what is the meaning of the World Tree that drove the child to death?

‘Actually, I’m most curious about this……!’


And why that damn name exists on the Arcana continent.

But there’s a procedure for everything.

First and foremost, who dares to challenge the Elder Dragon.


How did you get yourself into this mess?

I turned to Eunaxus.

“I’d like to know the status of the All-Dragon Convocation.”


I blurted out.

He seems surprised at how I know about the Convocation.

I explain the situation, which isn’t difficult.

On such short notice, I have to explain who Skal is.

and what the class quest is all about.

So, as usual, I kept my mouth shut.

Thanks to you, I was able to hear the full story of the Convocation of All Dragon.


……You were stabbed in the back by your own kind, dragons!

‘You wasn’t driven to death for nothing.’

What a fucking genealogy.

What a bunch of bullshit.

I spoke sincerely.

“How arrogant.”

What are you, kings of the world?

It’s bad enough that they don’t listen to mother.

The eldest brother, the one and only dutiful son, must have stabbed Eunaxus in the back?

He’s the bastard of the family.

There’s no way Grandfell’s stubborn spirit can tolerate that!

In that case, I ask you.


So what about the tingling in the back of your head?

I’m really asking if there would be no regrets even if you closed your eyes like that.

Why, even with the [Last Adventurer] effect.

I can’t run into a group of dragons by myself.

I know I can’t even hit a rock with an egg.

I conveyed the inner meaning using the Grandfell style of speaking.

“What do you think about discipline? For your information.”

I said brazenly.

“I’m a pro-corporal punishment state.”