Chapter 229 – The Snout of Doom (1)

◈ Episode 229. The Snout of Doom (1)

Putting down his quill, Marcelo sighed.

“It is indeed not easy, sir.”

Theory of Magic.

The concept that all magic in existence can be organized into a theory. However, Hoyeol’s original creation, Reversal Magic, did not fit easily into a theory.

“I’ve been holding onto it since yesterday.”

Marcelo had put aside his chief’s work.

No matter how much you are fascinated by the theory of reversal magic.

Ignoring the chief’s work was out of the question for Marcelo.

And for good reason.

“It’s good to see you awake.”

Yes, the tower master is back.

Marcelo has entrusted him with his vacant seat.

Some people will ask if it’s a bad thing.

In fact, Tower Master was the first to put his work on the back burner.

He was playing around.

“I never taught you like this, Little Chief.”

Tower Master stretched out his cat’s body.

He licked its fur with his tongue.

Its demeanor was lazy.

“First and foremost, I am a wounded man. I still haven’t healed the internal injuries from my rampage. My joints still ache. Refrain from animal abuse, little chief.”

Despite his words.

The flick of a tail that can’t be hidden.

Lying down and wagging his tail, Tower Master didn’t really feel like working.

‘What can I do.’

Marcelo finally used his last resort.

“According to Sir Hoyeol’s words.”


“There’s a saying in the world of adventurers: He who doesn’t work, doesn’t eat.”

Quoting Hoyeol’s words.


Tower Master’s tail soon stiffened and he said.

“What do you mean, you’re going to starve me?”

“Of course not, how could I starve Tower Master, but now that Sir has taught me the manifestation of Anomaly. I have also become proficient in using Anomaly.”

“That, that’s……!”

Marcelo pulled out his smartphone.

When the product of [science] is used in 『The Magic Tower』, it is Anomaly.

Infected by Hoyeol’s sophistry, Marcelo spoke up.

“Do you know, with the snap of a finger, I can summon objects to my office. You can summon anything you want without using up any magic.”

“……Is that true?”

Tower Master’s eyes widened.

He’d never seen this before, even with Jesse.

Well, it was interesting.

“And what does that have to do with starving?”


Tower Master’s ears perked up.

Marcelo snapped his fingers.

“A popular cat snack.”

“……A snack?”

“Have you ever heard of churros?”


The more advanced shapeshifters take on the full nature of the shapeshifter.

Tower Master follows his instincts.

He couldn’t help but twitch the bridge of his nose at the smell.

“What is that?”

He did.

What Marcelo pulled out of the drawer was a long stick.

It was the bonito-flavored churros he’d ordered by rocket ship.


On instinct, Tower Master rushed at Marcelo, but he had no chance.

The curse of terminal illness has been lifted.

Marcelo had regained his strength, and there was no way he was going to let a mere cat steal his churros.

“He who does not work, does not eat.”

“Give me first, and I will work.”

“He who has not yet worked is not worthy of the Tower Master.”


You can’t beat instinct.




In the end, Tower Master had no choice but to stamp the cat’s paw on the parchment.

Marcelo picked up his quill once more and began to organize the reversal magic.

‘As you can see, there is no need to worry about Magic Tower, Sir.’

Short and sweet.

A week’s rest.

Hopefully, you will find what you are looking for.





The Golden Palace.

Hakuna, the king of Yusra, sweated a lot.

Even though I picked up the sword late, I felt like I had a knack for it.

One day at a time, the number of agreements exchanged increased.

Hakuna gave a small smile.

‘If I work harder, I’ll be able to do my part.’

I must be helpful to my benefactor.

Hakuna thought to himself as he rested.

He was surprised to hear the words of Harkon, who was helping him train.

“You mean the benefactor is away from the Magic Tower?”


“Surely, he must be busy with his duties at the Magic Tower…….”

It was understandable.

Hoyeol had given the Kingdom of Yusra, and himself, a break.

Of course, the period was extremely short, only a week.

But the fact that it was unprecedented was significant.

Harkon thought as he sheathed his sword.

‘There must be something to it, Sir.’

Hoyeol’s anger was something he’d felt in the Demon City.

That was unfamiliar even to Harkon.

That was why he could only vaguely guess.

‘Something connected to Sir and Claudi’.

Hakon felt sorry for the circumstances that had brought him to this place.

If only this was the Arcana continent.

He would have rushed to Antonium, the capital of the Empire, and demanded access to the Imperial Library.

He would have gotten permission to enter.

‘The Imperial Library.’

The sanctuary of knowledge that sustained the empire.

It was safe to say that the entire history of the Arcana Continent lay within.

Naturally, the meaning of Claudi. If there were any questions that Hoyeol had about Claudi, he would be able to get an answer.

As he swallowed his sigh, Hakuna spoke up.

“It must be painful not being able to help.”

“That’s what I think, too.”

“I guess I’ll have to be strong.”

Hakuna clenched his fists.

He’d finally gotten over his past and started to pick up the sword.

He knows it’s impossible to face the demons right now, but…….

‘If only I could have joined you on the expedition.’

What happened to the benefactor.

I would have known.

But I had to save myself the time to grieve.

Hakuna gripped his sword.

“Harkon, I will ask you to continue my training.”

“You’re very motivated.”

“I can’t stay in your debt forever, can I?”

“Oh, you’re saying what I’m going to say.”


Swords clashed with the same intent.


As if that wasn’t enough, I submitted a leave of absence to the Kingdom of Yusra.

Why did I write a leave of absence?

Well, something more important than work came up.

I did.

Skal had found me.

He said his Dragon Knight class quest was flashing!

Now that I know dragons and Claudi are involved.

Skal’s quest was no longer someone else’s business.

Overturning the rejection of Bensch’s application to leave the Tower was one thing, but seeing the face of the Yusra Kingdom was another. This was an emergency.

‘By the way…….’

The portal’s fading glow.

I nearly fainted at the sight of Skal’s mansion being revealed.

From the first time we met, I thought you had an overly aristocratic way of speaking…….

Don’t you think your tastes are quite classy and out of place?

‘It’s not just big, it’s overly old-fashioned.’

Why are there so many statues in the yard?

They weren’t ordinary statues either.

Judging by the lack of venom spewing from Grandfell’s mouth.


A compliment?

What he meant was simple.

Every single one of them was a masterpiece that would go down in human history.

This is what you spend all of your money on?

While I was lost in my snobbish thoughts, I heard a sound.


I thought it was the sound of horses’ hooves, but it was Skal.

“I’m here to apologize, Sir Hoyeol!”

That’s worse than a historical drama.

As expected, it’s not easy for players to get used to hearing a sir.

However, I don’t expect to see any emotional changes in this iron skin.

I replied nonchalantly.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s not a bad impression.”

I take a moment to appraise the statue.

Skal immediately dismounted and led me inside.

The interior of the mansion was even grander.

There were portraits hanging everywhere.

It was the home of a true aristocrat.

‘Of course I should feel strange and uncomfortable…….’

This guy’s formality is amazing.

It’s not enough to feel comfortable in a mansion like this.

The fact that it feels familiar makes me think of many things, really.

Anyway, that’s all my thoughts.

Like I said, I took a week’s leave of absence.

I even visited Skal’s mansion.

I came for a reason.

“Sir Hoyeol said you wouldn’t believe me, and I apologize.”

“You have nothing to apologize for in that regard.”

“I’m sorry you don’t believe me, then I’ll give you a message.”


I felt like I was going to break down and cry.

Skal continued, his face as serious as ever.

“The summoning of the All-Dragon, led by the Old Dragon, is over.”

Time on the continent of Arcana was four times faster than reality.

No matter how many stories were told.

I thought the story would be over by now.


“That’s…… First, let’s share the quest objective!”

I looked at the updated quest objective and gasped.


What the hell were they doing all those years ago…….

[Class Quest: Summoning All Dragons]

The old dragon cried out.

The Great Family has returned to the Arcana Continent.

All dragons want to know the truth of the matter.

Witness the dragons gathering on the continent. (Failed)

Encounter the dying old dragon, Eunaxus. (Ongoing)

“All of a sudden, Eunaxus is dying……?

If nothing else, I could be sure of this.

Eunaxus was not hostile to Hiel.

Instead of getting angry at Hiel for riding on the bridge of his nose.

He had even telepathized to me, who was watching.

-“Don’t worry. It is all Mother’s will, and even if I die, there is no reason to grieve. Dawn.”

I have no better brother than you.

Eunaxus, are you a man of your word?

If not.

Did something unexpected happen at the Summoning All Dragons?

Unknown to me.

But I do know this.

“You never gave up your will.”

Because I can’t keep my words.

It is a caution that must be realized.

When I heard the telepathic message from Eunaxus.

I recite the words.

-“The will of the World Tree, what a delusion.”

-“No parent wishes for the death of their child.”

-“We need to talk, Eunaxus.”

In other words, I know what I have to do.

I looked at Skal.

He’s fidgeting, his legs shaking.

“I can’t. That’s one less dragon for me to ride…….”

……I felt like my concern was misdirected, but it didn’t matter.

I declared to Skal.

‘Starting with the [Evil Dragon Hunter] quest.’

Somehow I felt like I was hijacking the quest.

“Skal, I will ask for your pardon.”

“What do you mean, sir, by pardon me……?”

“I have something to discuss with Eunaxus.”

“Eunaxus……., is that the name of the old dragon?”

“It is.”


You’re surprised?

You didn’t expect me to know the name of the dragon mentioned in the quest. I actually only found out about it when I used the [Telescope of Evil Eye] to look at the continent…….

Grandfell didn’t bother to correct the overestimation.

“As expected, you were far ahead.”

I can only listen as Skal speaks in a gravelly voice.

But before I could comfort him, he spoke up.

“I was actually preparing myself.”

……Tears well up in your eyes, but you were determined?

“Well, if it’s a matter of pride, then I’m willing to make concessions. Of course, I’d be very sad if I didn’t live up to the name of a Dragon Knigh…….”

I can’t believe you’re so worried.

Were you worried about not being able to ride the dragon?

Think straight for once, Skal.

“Actually, I realize it’s way too early to face the dragon. Even if I were to force myself to follow Sir Hoyeol, it would only get in the way, after all, he’s the reason my class quest came so suddenly.”

Skal nodded, looking determined.

“I hope you’ll make up for my lack of success by encountering Eunaxus. I know I can trust Sir Hoyeol, and no one else, with the Dragon……. there.”

I can hear the anguish in his voice.

Still, thank you for your understanding, Skal.

Perhaps I can at least answer your question.

“By the way, aren’t the dragons, including Eunaxus, on the Arcana continent? To my knowledge, there is no way to access the Arcana continent…….”

I’m tempted to give him a cool answer.

The truth is, I still don’t know.

But what I say must come true.

Didn’t our Grandfell declare it?

that we would return to the Arcana Continent?

“You have nothing to fear.”

Some people are better at saying things than others.

‘For me, it’s a matter of going or not going.’

If I go, Claudi Family will be caught.

If I don’t go, Eunaxus gets caught.

In the end, you have to live with the consequences.

‘If I can find a way, I’ll go.’

How to enter the Arcana continent.

Finding that way was one of the reasons I submitted my leave of absence.

From now on, I would do everything in my power to find a way.

Should I start by purifying the Demon Loot that Andras dropped?

”Who knows if there’s another effect like [Map of All Things]?

To purify demonic loot.

You need demons.

I should focus on being a demon hunter for a while.

“Oops, I was in a hurry and forgot about formality. How about some black tea……?”

“I’ll decline.”


Don’t get me wrong, Skal.

It’s not because I have any special feelings.

I simply don’t like black tea.

‘If it was green tea, I would have just drank it.’

I stood up from my seat, leaving Skal behind.


I felt a strange vibration.

It was a message from Park Minjae, AAU’s Korea branch leader.

It looked like a text from a coworker.

Then I realized that I hadn’t submitted my leave of absence to AAU.

‘There are so many things that make me feel younger.’

Isn’t Grandfell stricter with rules than anyone else?

No matter how busy you are.

I guess I’ll have to fulfill my duties as a general manager of the Yusra Branch.

I checked my texts and stopped dead in my tracks.

…… Seriously, there is no such thing as the snout of doom.

Grandfell says.

I told him I was returning to the Arcana continent.

-Raymond Sean sends a message to General Manager Lee Hoyeol……!

……The missing Raymond Sean has returned.