◈ Episode 225. I’ll Engrave It in Your Mind

『A new region is coming to your side.

A new area, Demon Castle of Conflict, will be added.

New boss monsters are added.

Demon King, Andras : Lv.888

New Named Monsters are added.

Demon Legion Commander, Panarun: Lv.600

Demon Legion Commander, Yugar: Lv.600… … .』

The appearance of the Demons.

The news of the update quickly spread around the world.

Players were hunting monsters in the Zero Mountains.

Yusra, Muon, and Frost.

The Arcanians who hadn’t stopped training in their respective regions also received the news.

There was no hesitation.

No, beyond hesitation, everyone gathered.

Yes, they were one under the Holy War.

The battle against the Demon must be prioritized above all else.

For this day in the first place.

Weren’t they the ones who had been hunting and training over and over again?


Knights of the Lionheart.

The leader, Harkon, said as he pulled on his helmet.

“Ironically, it happens to be a regular academic conference day.”

Hopefully, the news would not reach the ears of Lord Hoyeol.

“We’ll have to end this quickly on our terms, so as not to interfere.”

Kingdom of Yusra.

Shadow Mercenaries.

Wolf, the second in command, looked at Kichi.

‘You’ve been drunk since daylight, my leader.’

‘It’s a nuisance, but it can’t be helped.’

Wolf spoke up in front of the troupe.

“There is only one Demon King, so there are three of us to move, including me. Let’s see, it looks like we’re all here, except for our leader, who’s taking a nap…….”

“Me! Me! Me! Me!!!”


It was Rockid, the last seat, who came running at Wolf with a shout.

Rockid’s muscles were already bulging with anger.

His face was smiling at the thought.

9 Seat, DeSheve, smirked.

“There’s no reward for hard work in the Holy War, is there?”

“I know.”

“Then why are you so motivated, to the point where I’m getting tired of watching you?”

“Hmph. I heard a rumor.”

“……Rumors? What rumors?”

“Rumor that if we get close enough, we can share a teacup!”

……Not even a drinking glass, but a teacup?

He didn’t even use a drinking glass.

I laughed at the thought of him holding a tiny teacup, because he drank all the alcohol in the first place. …….

The look on his face was so serious, I had to swallow hard.

Wolf shook his head to keep from laughing.

Rockid begged Wolf.

“Wolf. No, Vice-Captain!”

Except for Kichi, Rockid was not recognized anyone in the Mercenary Corps.

The reason for the stern title was simple.

“That big-eared bastard must be brought to justice!”

It was because of the unpleasant aftereffects.

Elf, Elsidor.

I swam through the Nether to pay him back.

The bastard had somehow become an ally.

More than that, he was cultivating the Garden for Hoyeol, a lifesaver.

It had become untouchable.

Rockid gritted his teeth.

“I’m going to clink teacups and formally ask for permission.”

That’s right, he’s going to clink teacups with Hoyeol.

“Approval to duel that big-eared bastard!”

After hearing the specifics, the Shadow Mercenaries weren’t inclined to argue. You get what you deserve. It was one of the iron laws of the Shadow Mercenaries.

Wolf spoke up.

“Then we will receive support for the remaining person.”

Flowing silence.


After taking a look around the unit, Wolf continued.

“Then, you win Pimby.”

” ……, why not me!”

“The big guy and the bowman. Is a mage suitable for the remaining one?”


Four seats, Pimby grumbled but didn’t protest.

In the absence of the leader, Kichi, Vice Leader Wolf’s orders are absolute.

“Uh-huh. Let’s do this. Just don’t grab my ankles.”

Rockid’s loud voice fades into the distance.

As the trio exits, the camp falls silent.

Breaking the silence was none other than Seat 6, Isabella.

The Necromancer.

As much as she dealt with the dead.

She is as sensitive as anyone to breath.

Isabella looked at kichi.

“Why did you pretend to be asleep, leader?”

How did you know?

I can’t believe I got caught.

Kichi muttered quietly without even slyly shaking like usual.

” ……because I heard a name I’d rather not hear.”


Allied forces of the Crusade.

Including the Great Alliance.

Most of the guilds other than the Heavenly Unification had gathered.

Plus the Knights of the Lionheart and the Paladins of Muon.

It was different from before.

It wasn’t like in the past when they were helpless against the demons status abnormality.

Their morale soared in the face of the demon.

Harkon cried solemnly.

“This is the moment I’ve been waiting for.”

In a cold comparison of power, he had the advantage.

Even if Hoyeol and Magic Tower didn’t join forces.

With their current strength, they should be able to take on a single Demon Castle without difficulty.


“The problem is that the Demon King appeared in an area other than the Rift.”

Nam Cheolmin always came up with the best solutions.

This time, he couldn’t.

In a big city.

In a forest of buildings.

The demon castle appeared out of nowhere.

Most of the citizens had been evacuated.

But those who didn’t had no choice but to exist.

The aftermath of the demon castle, as if it had always existed.

“To put it simply, the building that the Demon King Castle was stuck in is being pushed out. Moreover, thanks to the Demon King’s territory being buried along with it, even the ground was in danger. Because of that……”

Nam Cheolmin’s finger pointed at a building that had tilted significantly.

The nearby building was showing signs of collapse.

Nam Taemin’s brow furrowed.

“So……. There are people in that building?”

Hisagi spoke up.

“They must have been waiting for rescuers inside, because any hasty movement could have accelerated the building’s collapse. The rescue team must have moved quickly, but it was too late.”

Said Harkon, realizing the situation.

“If we go in, do you think we can rescue any survivors?”

Hisagi replied, his eyes wide.

“I don’t think we’ll be able to save them all. Or, to put it more bluntly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it collapsed the moment we entered.”

From the moment it appeared.

The building tilted steeply with no time to escape.

He’d had his eye on it.


Still, he couldn’t find a way out.

It was inevitable.

Although science can build a skyscraper.

Because it was impossible to prevent the collapse of such a skyscraper.

Talim Eber, leader of the Paladins of the Goddess Church.

He opened his mouth, his face grim.

“There’s another way to think about it: after it collapses.”

“What do you mean by that, Lord Talim?”

“I mean that the prayers of the priests of the Goddess Church can increase the life force of an individual to an extreme degree, albeit temporarily. Even if you suffer a fatal wound that destroys your heart, you will still be breathing.”


An extreme option.

But a welcome one.

There was no answer in sight.

Then, suddenly, magic struck.

“If science and prayer don’t work, how about……. What about magic?”

Magic that is not bound by the laws of physics.

Couldn’t it solve this situation?

Second Sun, Schreig shook his head.

“All the mages in the Second Sun have attended the regular conferences.”

“So did the Great Alliance.”

“So do we…….”

Camilla of the Shining raised her hand for the last time.

“I’m sorry, but we’re gone, too.”

Wiped out, even the Shining.

Yes, there was only one mage left.

Pimby, a member of the Shadow Mercenaries.

But even Pimby shook his head.

“We might be able to prevent the building from completely collapsing, but……. Protecting the people inside is impossible with any magic. The best we can do is…….”


Pimby alternately pointed at himself and the building.

“By manifesting a series of portals to rescue them?”

Portals would allow us to rescue survivors with minimal impact.

But the exact location of the survivors was unknown.

Manifesting portal after portal while adjusting the coordinates.

would be too much for Pimby.


“By the way, are you going to watch that……?”

I couldn’t just focus on the building forever.

Even at this moment, the evil energy emanating from the Demon Castle was getting stronger.

A terrible howl came from the Demon Castle.

Leonie scowled.

“……What the hell is Claudi doing?”

“Was there ever a player like that in the ranks?”

“I don’t remember.”

That one, Claudi.

Calling out an unrecognizable name.

It was literally a dilemma, adding insult to injury.

A mercenary who understood better than anyone.

So Wolf made a sobering judgment.

“Pimby, consider the situation and join us.”

“I don’t know how many we can get…….”

“Enough to keep you out of harm’s way.”

You can’t save every life.

For every life gained, there is one lost.

Nam gritted his teeth as he listened to the conversation.

‘In the end, does this mean we have no choice but to compromise?’

It always feels unfair.

” ……It’s shameful.”

A flood of arcana.

I thought I had barely begun to fight back.

Even then, I couldn’t protect everything perfectly.

I had to weigh every moment what I could give up to do the least damage.


I gnash my teeth.

Still, I couldn’t wait.

The gates of the Demon Castle finally opened.

Even at this moment, I was still weighing my options.

After all, the best defense is an offense.

We must enter the city before the demons pour out.

We can minimize the damage to the city center.

Nam Taemin spoke up.

“Please, Mr. Pimby.”


“I won’t let any of them get in the way of the rescue.”

“Understood, but please don’t get your hopes up.”

“Thank you.”

The crusade allies, including Nam Taemin.

Toward the Demon Castle they went.

It was the moment they took a step.


The sound of something fluttering was heard.


Everyone’s gaze shifts naturally.

A silhouette in the backlight of the portal.

Dark indigo uniforms.

A badge that shines brightly against the background of the uniform.

A silver hair.

A ray of light shining in the midst of darkness.

“There is nothing to worry about.”

The dawn said.

“Because I have come.”


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I always feel this, but he’s a good talker……!

In fact, I feel like I’m going to die of anxiety for saying those words.

Why, even at this moment.

A terrible name was being shouted from the demon castle.

‘No, really, what is it?’

It was a regular conference, and it was in the middle of my presentation.

Still, I couldn’t resist running.


What the hell.


That name comes out of the mouths of demons!

‘……How come, the demons know?’

Did you call me……?

I’m a demon hunter.

So I know who they are.

What are demons?

I mean, there’s no other people in the world who are so light of heart, even if they are light of mouth, depending on the situation. Only one. Indeed, if the demons know my name as [Grandfell Claudi Arpheus Romeo]…….

‘It’s only a matter of time before the world knows!’

Waiting for the shroud.

It’s a time-bound confirmation of life.

So I had no choice but to run even though I was worried about my life.

How did you carry the weight of a chief and abandon the conference to run?

Don’t worry too much.

Who is Grandfell?

There is no such thing as weighing in the Grandfell dictionary.

There is no sacrifice of the small for the great.

That is the heavy pride of Grandfell .

Nam Taemin opens his mouth.

But, why…….

He looks confused.

” …… I shouldn’t be happy. A demon castle like this should be able to be captured without Mr. Hoyeol’s presence. Honestly, I’ve lost my heart.”

“It’s not because I doubt your abilities.”

“……Thank you for saying so.”

No, it’s not an empty word to console me.

“Claudi, even if the name wasn’t mentioned.’

I wouldn’t have opened a portal and appeared here like I do now.

I know who I am.

Even after all this, isn’t he the handsome commander?

I’m the one who knows the strength of the Alliance better than anyone.

“You’re doing a good enough job.”


This is the same crusading army that defeated three Demon Castles.

We’ve all grown so much since then, and only one Demon Castle?

If you’re worried, that’s distrust of your allies.

Hisagi added.

“More than that, how come the conference is here…….”

As I said.

I have not given up on anything.

Of course I didn’t give up on the conference.

My exit from the Crystal Hall was.

Because I was part of an outdoor class to help understand 『Reversal Magic』.

“That’s nothing to worry about either.”


By now, the Crystal Hall should have a view of this place.

Why, I’ve been keeping an eye on it in the Crystal Hall waiting room.

A magical structure that projected the Crystal Hall in real time.

In other words.

Manifesting magic.

That means I’ve brought a live broadcast to the Crystal Hall.

What about the energy consumption?

There’s no need to worry about that either.

With the [Blessing of the First World Tree], I’m no longer behind Marcelo and Tower Master. (The absolute amount of magic is still insufficient, but my magic regeneration is near infinite.)


As if that weren’t enough, I met a demon, didn’t I?

[Skill, ‘Natural Enemy’ is activated].

What that meant was simple.

Crusade allies.

Mages in the Tower.

And cameras that would be broadcasting all over the world.


In the midst of it all, I raised my magic power.

『Reversal Magic.』

The collapsing building stood upright.

As if nothing had happened.

No broken windows.

No bent rebar.

Even the collapsed outer wall.

It began to return to its original form.

A rumbling sound is heard.

“No, that’s ridiculous.”

That doesn’t make sense?

To realize that ridiculous idea.

I had been struggling so desperately all this time.

Without giving up anything.

Is it really possible to make no sacrifices?

You just can’t understand?


So then there is no need to understand.

I will personally engrave it in your mind.

Reversal Magic.

“What is this enormous amount of magic power……?”

The relationship between demon hunters and demons is also their natural enemy.

“Mr. Hoyeol!”

And finally, pride.


Shut the fuck up.

Come out when I say something nice, demon.

Yes, that damn Claudi.

The Claudi you seek so much, I am here.