◈ Episode 210. I’m not in a position to say hello (1)

I stared at the view through Evil Eye’s telescope.

Then, without realizing it, I glared at the telescope.

……Are you sure you have your eyes open?

Still not convinced, I checked the message.

[A little luck comes into your hands.]

[Temporarily becomes proficient in operating a telescope.]

[The duration of the effect is increased].

Because systems don’t lie.

……I know I’m not seeing things.

I’ve seen too many unbelievable things in my life.

But today is the best yet.

It’s been a fucking dynamic day.

I promised myself I wouldn’t do it again.

But I will say this.

Eunaxus, Great Evil, Urs, Agentress, and the Elves.

They stood on the battlefield for a reason.

Rightly or wrongly.

They meant to end it.

Who could stop such a fight?

I can assure you.

Not in the real world, not on the continent of Arcana.

To my knowledge, there is no such being.

That’s why I’m panicking.

No, who are you?

The transcendent who appeared in the portal on a broomstick.

Soon after her appearance, the fight stopped, like a lie.

I knew it.

This was not a realm of strength.

Above all, these assembled were not great beings who would be intimidated by a single Transcendent.

Then there could be only one reason.

That nameless transcendent.

She has news that could end the fight.

No, what news?

My curiosity was piqued.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t hear the reason.

Telepathy, I resent magic for this moment.


Of course, it’s unlikely they realized I was observing them through the telescope, and it was simply the loud thunder, which would have made it impossible to communicate with them, no matter how loud they were.

I can’t help but feel sorry for them, even though I know I can’t help it.

“Finally, it’s quiet.”

I look away from Grandfell, who is as eloquent as ever, and think to myself.

I mean, I don’t know what happened, but…….

‘So, the system didn’t lie after all?’

From Eunaxus to the Great Evil.

Everyone stops fighting and disperses as if it were a lie.

Even as they walked away, it was clear from the wistful glances in their eyes that they still hadn’t gotten over their disappointment. Somehow, they’d decided it wasn’t the time to fight.

I don’t know why, but it didn’t leave a pleasant taste in my mouth.


Inwardly, I swallowed a sigh of relief.

As long as I was the only one wondering, it would be over.

If only a transcendent on a broom hadn’t appeared…….

‘……because that would have been a lucky day ending.’

At least we avoided the end of the world ending.

It is truly a benefactor whom I met thanks to my luck and my significant rise.

A human being should be grateful.

I blurted out.

“I told you, you make your own luck and your own destiny.”

Anyway, I’m not going to say a word!

Of course, it wouldn’t have reached the Arcana continent.

In good conscience, I offered my sincere apologies on behalf of the immature Grandfell.

……It’s complicated to explain, and I apologize for being an adolescent.




[Siren’s song blesses you].

[Your luck is greatly enhanced].

The mess that unfolded on the Arcana continent.

As for the duration of the remaining effect after the major incident has ended.

I vowed to make good use of it.

It began with doubt.

Now, with the arrival of a benefactor, everything is peaceful.

Luck had proven itself.

I shook out my jacket and looked out into the forest.

[Warmonger Reindeer: Lv.750]

[Warmonger Reindeer Boss: Lv.800]

The middle of the Zero Mountains.

Even if it looks more like an ordinary beast than a monster, its strength cannot be ignored. This is evidenced by the fact that most players struggle with the Zero Mountains Rabbit.

‘Five common mobs, one named mob.’

[Natural Enemy] not triggered.

Given the level difference, it’s impossible to hunt without manifesting transcendent magic.

I’ve been steadily improving my stats, except for magic, through class quests.

It’s true that I’m not as good as players of the same level in melee classes.

Nevertheless, I continued.

“It must be harsh for you.”

I held Gwicheol in my hand.

“So please be considerate.”

Wait, who said anything about being considerate?

Even if you’re in possession of a legendary item.

Unless you’re leaving everything to it.

I couldn’t make the same dazzling moves I did in my duel with Shegwin.

Of course, I’m like Lee Hoyeol’s petty hair.

‘I want to leave everything to Gwicheol for the rest of my life!’

Society didn’t develop the division of labor for nothing.

I’ve got a lot of wells to fill, a lot of holes to fill, and I just want to follow Gwicheol’s lead in swordsmanship.

‘In other words, I wanted to be a bus passenger.’


“Answer me.”

Pride doesn’t let others take the wheel.

It’s not like Grandfell, where you have to be the first one to take the hard road. After all, it’s me who’s going to have to do the hard work……!

Soon, the battle begins.

I can feel the ego sword.

The voice of Gwicheol.

-Does this mean you are my master?

Gwicheol, a sword of its own.

Perhaps it recognized my shallow roots.

For a moment, the thief nudged my foot.

But it was a trick.

-A mindset that doesn’t change on the battlefield.

……So, this is your alter ego.

-Of course, such a mindset is what has made your sword force so thick in such a short time. As it turns out, I was not wrong in my choice. I am happy to join you on your path, my master!


You’re not wrong, I suppose.

Thanks to the endlessly abundant bubbles that rose up as a result of struggling.

I’ve only ever faced Rifts and monsters that were at least a hundred or two levels above me in terms of proper level, and it was only because I died once that I was able to accomplish the achievement of sword mastery.

‘Sometimes, what you don’t know is better for you.’

Gwicheol, I’m glad you’re happy.


Thinking that something good is good, I swung my sword.

Even if it’s not necessarily swordsmanship, it starts with 『Dark Magic』 and goes all the way to 『Shooting』.

There were more than a few wells I needed to refurbish.

Why did I choose swordsmanship first?

Because it has a clear goal.

[Transcendent: Your transcendent state is enough to be called a Transcendent. – Current Achievements: Circle (1,000% increase to all magic manifestations) / Incomplete Quick Sword/ None / None…….]

If you go beyond Incomplete to reach Complete.

As with Circle, new effects will be unlocked.

You’ve chosen the option with the biggest payoff for the most effort.

A battle with a pack of warmongering reindeer.

It was my victory without any need to explain.

Even if you don’t wear a jacket but rather put it on.

Not only am I covered in Epic items, but I have a Legendary item in my hand. That’s a level difference I could easily ignore.

Add to that my incomplete sword skills.

[You’ve leveled up].

[Leveled up].

[Leveled up].

I’ve risen three levels to level 598.

I must be close to level 600.

I’ve hit a new wall, and it’s clear that I’ve been slow to level up. Still, it’s a ridiculous rate of growth compared to other players.

‘You’re probably still hunting all day, everyone.’

What a day to level up.

Some players don’t stop hunting for days at a time.

Let’s not whine about the effort, Hoyeol.

‘……But I just can’t get enough of this.’

I can’t believe it either.

Nothing seems to come easy.

I looked at the status window and swallowed a sigh.

[Tenacity : 1]

[Holding Points: 3]

The new stats are Aesthetics and Tenacity.

I naturally assumed that it would be impossible to distribute points, and it was, since Aesthetics was already categorized as high, mid, and low from the start.

‘But Tenacity.’

You shouldn’t wear the mask of Arabic numerals!

‘I thought Akshan was giving me morale stats for some reason, I thought.’

Akshan values ​​power more than anyone else.

Akshans, demon hunters.

There was no way they’d give me a stat I could eat raw.

I remembered the effect of Tenacity.

[Tenacity: Converts mental strength into stats; each increase in Tenacity grants an additional stat increase].

Maybe it was Grandfell’s indomitable mind.

Tenacity is roughly 50 stat points of efficiency per point.

So now I’ll be able to get level 50 for level 1.

I was satisfied.

It was kimchi soup after all.

‘It’s a way to increase tenacity, obviously.’

I’m sure it’s a tedious process!

Like a moment of unlocking.

I knew I had to train beyond my limits.

In that sense, there would be no time to rest.

‘Still, I might be able to use the Luck Effect to increase my tenacity.’

I buy it without even realizing it and think about going through a hard time.

Somehow, even I was infectious with the pride of Grandfell…….

It is not too late to feel the shame of being haunted by black history tomorrow.

[Time remaining: 16:14].

I said, checking the duration of the siren’s blessing.

“Time is like tea in the afternoon.”

Why, I wondered, hadn’t I said that today?


Magic Tower’s office.

[Time remaining: 54 minutes].

I promise you one last time.

There will never be another day like today!

As if I wasn’t busy enough. As if that wasn’t enough, I’ve been diligently traveling back and forth to pick up my lucky stocks that have risen significantly.

“Not a bad day.”

Once those words were out of my mouth, I was done.

So here’s what happened.

Let’s mull it over until the tea is hot.

[Tenacity: 2].

First of all, after all that hard work, my Tenacity went up by one point.

I was pleased and shocked at the same time.

My Luck has increased significantly.

I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like on a normal day.

I couldn’t help but worry.

“I guess luck is just luck.”

Fresh green tea in cold water is not my favorite.

Not a good time to talk, Grandfell.

Still, it was a worthwhile struggle given the benefits of tenacity.

A moment of blurred vision in the middle of a push-up.

My focus rose.

And a 100-point increase in strength.

‘I’ll never get out of this.’

If we skip the process and just look at the result, Tenacity was the right morale stat.

I guess I’ll just have to keep training until I pass out……. Of course, the lucky boost didn’t end there.

There were also a few achievements at the Yusra Kingdom Office, where I stopped by to take care of business.

The most welcome of these came from the king himself, Hakuna.

-“I apologize for my behavior, but I’ve finally made up my mind.”

Hakuna hadn’t been able to hold his sword properly.

Or, more accurately, he hadn’t looked at the sword properly. Every time he saw a sword, spear, or shield, he was reminded of the people he had failed to protect during the Ancient Kingdom.

-“I will fulfill my duty, even if it is not enough.”

Hakuna had overcome his past.

For me, this was good news in many ways.

Hakuna overcoming his trauma was something to celebrate.

It also meant that my workload would be a little less.

A little breathing room?


A lighter step.

Upon returning to Magic Tower, I was greeted with another piece of good news.

The words on the parchment.

From the handwriting to the content, it was a letter from Marcelo.

Regards and thanks.

Without the fancy words.

It summarized the point in a single line.


The Tower Master was the first to respond.


The top floor of a magic tower.

Floating in an unidentifiable sphere of magic, eyes closed.

And yet, there was movement.

A movement, of course.

It was nothing more than a twitching of the fingers.

‘This has never happened before.’

His handwriting was more cheerful than usual.

It showed how excited Marcelo was.

Of course, I’m happy for him.

[Quest: Reconstruction of the Magic Tower]

The contradictions that existed in the Magic Tower.

Even its purpose, the pursuit of truth, has been corrupted.

Rebuild the tower from the ground up.

Meet with the Tower Master. (Ongoing)

Dispose of the escaped demon worshippers. (Successful)

Find the real truth. (Ongoing)

At least I’ve made some progress in my quest.


I poured hot water into my teacup and muttered.

“Finishing is important.”


After such a fulfilling day, I had roughly an hour to spare.

Of course, I was going to make the most of that hour.

I was about to enter an spacetime social hall.

‘I must meet you, my lifesaver.’

I’m talking about an unknown Transcendent person who appeared on a broomstick.

My luck had just taken a major turn for the better.

The chances of our paths crossing would be lessened.

Which is why I am now

To appease Grandfell, who is not happy about visiting the social hall.

I’m brewing tea bags of green tea.

‘I can’t believe there’s no green tea on the menu.’

I quipped seriously.

“It seems that rocket delivery is urgent even in space and time.”




It is the formality of the Grandfell that rules my body.

In the social hall, my obsession with formality intensifies.

Not only the consistently upright posture, but also the gait and words and actions.

I cannot act in a casual, flippant manner.


The first words I uttered upon entering the social hall were a warning.

“Reveal your identity.”


For the last time, I assure you.

There was a “person who shouldn’t be here” in the spacetime social hall.