◈ Episode 211. I’m not in a position to say hello (2)

『Time and Space』 or “The Transcendent Community”.

Because there was a gap between reality and the Arcana Continent. It was confirmed that several elements were added as the transcendent community, which only existed as a setting, was realized in time and space.

From the community being realized as a social hall to the space-time duel being held in a colosseum. Of course, through all the changes, some principles remain the same.

Space and time are only for the transcendent.

Circles or something.

Something like a quick sword technique.

Or like me, who sent Gamigin to Hell.

A feat to be marveled at.

A literal transcendent.

You have to be worthy of being called a transcendent.

I hate to say it out loud.

‘It means you have to be exceptional.’

How long space and time have existed on the continent of Arcana is beyond me, but given the rigorous qualifications, the number of Transcendents could not be many.

‘I’ve seen about a dozen of them.’

Considering the long history of the Arcana Continent.

It meant that only those who had made their mark on the era could enter space and time.

‘I feel like I’m wearing gold on my face.’

But I know what I’m good at, and that’s identifying subjects.

I know.

that I’m a transcendent.

That I am not alone in my abilities.

The special circumstances of the Battle for the Demon King opened the gates of hell. And I know that it was only possible because of the cooperation of the Akshan seniors, who were summoned from Hell by [Akshan’s Upkeep].

That’s why I was confident.

That no one else in the game can enter space-time except me. Even taking into account the fact that levels are just numbers, and the variable of hidden classes.

At this point, spacetime is not a territory that players dare to cross.

Another angle.

So I took a step.

A spacetime social hall that players can’t enter.

Out of nowhere, really.

To the cone hat at the table.

A large cone hat.

The face was obscured.

It was definitely the flowing blonde hair.

It was Jesse Heinness.

I opened my mouth to speak.

“Identify yourself.”


At my words, someone in Jesse’s form put down the teacup he was holding.


It’s times like these that Grandfell’s madness for tea comes in handy.

I can tell it’s black tea by the aroma.

Yeah, that’s it.

It was another reason I was sure, and Grandfell was sure.

Jessie was the only one.

-“I’m sorry, I’m afraid the tea is flavorless!”

The only one who left the green tea I served.

It wasn’t because tea bags are cheap.

According to Jesse’s non-excuse explanation, she can’t drink anything from coffee to black tea.

She admitted that she couldn’t even touch tea.

In his own words.

“By any chance, have you already forgotten my name?”

So that kind of acting doesn’t work.

And if you’re going to act, do it right.

You end with an exclamation point, not a question mark.

“I’m going to ask you one last time.”


“Identify yourself.”

I realize this is a new one, but my voice is cold.

Thanks to you, Jesse…….

No, not Jesse.

Not even the one pretending to be Jesse.

I thought I’d given up on trying to fake it.


The cone hat moved slowly.

A face is revealed from under the hat.

An unfamiliar voice speaks.

“What is it, how did you recognize me, nothing has changed.”

Nothing has changed.

There’s no exclamation point in the pupils.

It’s not Jesse.

‘No way.’

I can’t help it, though, with this occupational disease.

It’s Jesse Heinness on the outside, but it’s not Jesse Heinness on the inside.

The first thing that came to mind was the possibility of demonic possession.

‘No, I don’t smell it.’

And [Natural Enemy] didn’t trigger.

It’s not a demon possession this time.

That’s why I’m even more curious.

Who are you?

“I wasn’t really trying to trick you, I was just trying to play around. You know, If I could show you this, you would immediately understand my playfulness.”

Once she dropped the stilted act, the mood was completely different.

Her voice was relaxed, and she had a lot to say.

You could almost feel the years of experience in her voice.

In this situation.

You can tell by the way I’m sitting cross-legged.

But luckily for me.

“I’m sure it’s hard for you to accept, and I’m sure it would take me a long time to explain the drama of this situation…….”

That’s not a sharp attitude.

Soon, my gaze is on the chair across from me.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m a great man who will just go along with what others say. As I stood and watched, ignoring the unspoken suggestion, someone in Jesse’s mask muttered cheerfully.

“Ah, formality. I forgot the most important thing.”

Then, the menu for the social venue was displayed.

“I’ll make you some tea, and then we can talk.”

Live by formality, die by formality.

I bowed and took a seat across from her.

Too bad.

‘The original target was a transcendent on a broomstick, but…….’

There was no sign of her in the current social hall.

And now that I realized Jesse wasn’t Jesse.

This wasn’t something I could let slide.


Whoever it was that took over Jesse’s body.

In this case, each and every person is in a position of disappointment.

‘Jesse Heinness is one of humanity’s core powers.’

Class Archmage.

Jesse’s potential, I hear, has been reputed since the days when Arcana was just a game.

NPCs you wouldn’t normally speak to were said to have favored her, even Harkon himself.

So let’s hear it for the sake of argument.

“Would you like the same black tea as me?”

At that, I looked at the teacups on the table.

Unfortunately, green tea does not exist in the spacetime social halls.

Knowing that.

Hadn’t I already doped myself up with enough green tea?

Thankfully, I spoke up.

“Let’s cut to the chase.”

I said, even colder.

“We’re not exactly in the mood for leisurely teatime.”

I simply don’t like black tea.

If it was green tea, I would drink it because it was good.

Don’t give me a plausible reason, Grandfell…….


Who is the greatest mage of all time?

Before the Cataclysm.

Such questions were often asked on the continent of Arcana.

It was inevitable.

For the common folk, mages were objects of admiration.

Fire Dragon, Karimzeva.

The Ice Cap, Senios.

The Gentle Giant, Yugweed, and so on…….

Moreover, it is a magic that has the compatibility between biting and biting.

Rock, paper, scissors is the most fun with no right answer.

The question of who was the greatest mage of all time didn’t have a right answer, but it was a good question to ask.

Which begs the question.

If there is no clear favorite.

Why is an archmage called an archmage?

Some mages have said.

“Regardless of their abilities, archmages are more like nickname.”

“They’re not the same as mages.”

“There’s no comparison.”

“How can the one and only be compared to others?”

Yes, the Archmage was not a position to be earned.

You were chosen to be one.

That adventurer Jesse Heinness was chosen to be one.

It was something no one expected.

Not even the Emperor of the Empire.

“Perhaps this is another favor from the Goddess.”

The Empire, always under the watchful eye of the Magic Tower, could not have asked for a better opportunity.

If they could win Jesse, the Archmage, as an ally.

They’d never have to worry about the Magic Tower again.


“Variable upon variable.”

Magic Tower would not stand still.

Maybe that’s why.

In an unusual move, Jesse, an adventurer, was admitted to the Tower.

She was granted the rank of Apprentice Mage, bypassing the credentialing process.

Who made such a bold decision?

The Master, of course.

Not even the elder mages could make such a decision.

Yes, it was all his doing.

While he was unconscious.

Floating in a sphere of magic.

The only message in the written letter was the disposition of Jesse Heinness.

That was the end of the Archmage as the world knew him.

And the current Archmage.

That was all there was to know about Jesse Heinness.

“But was that really the end of it?”

Jesse’s shell twitched.

“Mages are arrogant by nature. You should know better than anyone, as the head of the tower, that there is no such thing as a master and pupil relationship among mages.”

Elder, chief, senior, adept, and apprentice.

There are five ranks of mages in the Tower.

But none of them could be called master and apprentice.

Even the closest of the ranks, Senior and Adept mages, could only work together, and sometimes compete with each other during the election period.

“Do you think an archmage could suppress that nature?”

The corner of her eye curved.

That unfamiliar smirk, once again not Jesse’s.

A reminder that she was someone else in a shell.

“Master and pupil……. I suppose there might have been one or two who thought so, but not the majority, including me.”


Fingers touching the brim of his hat.

“Do you think I’ve made myself clear enough?”

To summarize.

The Archmages of the previous generation exist within the ‘Conical Hat’ as a consciousness.

The purpose is to witness the extremes beyond the realm of magic.

This is the optimal way to reach the limit.

It was a one-man tradition passed down by the archmages.

“Why don’t you say anything? Is the Archmage’s true nature completely different from what you think? Our Chief Lee is also a mage, so there is nothing you can do about it. I thought you would understand my feelings.”

Her eyes narrowed even further, like a crescent moon.

“It is said that the shackles of a body narrow one’s vision. So what is it like to see the world through a new body, and beyond that, through the body of an adventurer born on a world other than the continent of Arcana?”


That’s why I chose Jesse Heinness as the Archmage’s vessel.

It was the decision of the Archmages who wore Jesse’s mask.

“Of course, it’s only possible because we understand and agree on everything, whatever psychological changes have occurred. I mean, this kid was trying so hard lately. Until she passed out from magical exhaustion.”

The Archmage shrugged and said.

“It’s only when she’s unconscious, like she is now, that she can jump out like this. Whose consciousness is manifested is pure luck. In that sense, was it lucky for me?”

This is the first time I’ve been outside in a while.

Just be naughty for a moment.

One of the archmages whispered.

“By the way, I’m out of my share of gold coins…….”

I held up my empty teacup.

“Do you think I could get a cup and drink it? No, you know?”

Finally, the silent Hoyeol spoke up.

“Was it simply to witness the extremes of magic?”

“Yes. It’s a ‘truth’ in magic tower terms. In fact, even if it wasn’t, I think I’m starting to see it, thanks to this kid’s encouragement. Strangely enough, she seems to understand that difficult concept. [『Anomaly』].”

Of course, her understanding of magic is terrible.

That’s not something to worry about because we’re here.

The Archmage added a final thought.

“This child was meant to be a vessel from the start.”

It was an obvious oversight, a mistake.

“I’m sorry to hear that, then.”


“The road to anomaly.”

It wasn’t arrogance or self-indulgence.

It was a word I dared to utter because I deserved it.

The confident voice continued to the Archmage.

“Because you won’t be on that road.”




It sounded so pampered.

I’d guessed it wasn’t an ordinary hat.

But I didn’t expect it to be imbued with the consciousness of the Archmage. Not one, not two, but more than I can count on my fingers……!

Of course, I wasn’t shocked by the reason.

Senios, the elder mage.

He’s the one who dispelled myths about mages long ago. I know with my own eyes that mages are a dirty bunch.

And Jesse, I’m sure you knew that.

She was doing the Archmage class quest.

As long as there was a system in place, which is the player’s privilege, she would have seen the consequences of her actions through the system window.

Suddenly, the Archmage’s words come to mind.

-“……I don’t know if there was some kind of mental change. This kid has been working quite hard lately.”

Great Evil, Demon Kings, to the Zero Mountains.

One helpless situation after another.

And yet, Jesse had risen above it all.

Just as other players sought out the Zero Mountains for growth. Jesse would have done the Archmage class quest to grow.

Yes, that would have been her pride.

And yet.

What, just a vessel?

How dare you disrespect another’s pride in front of Grandfell.

Archmage, you have made a great mistake.

“You’re saying we won’t be on that road?”

She didn’t seem to know what I was talking about.

Of course not.

I am the founder of this [『Anomaly』].

The closest thing to magic at this point is.

Because you can’t even imagine it.

“As of this time.”


Make no mistake.

“I, the founder of anomaly.”


It’ll get you on topic.

“I deny you access to Anomaly.”


note: Stagnant Water Community => The Transcendent Community