Chapter 209 – A Lucky Day (5)

◈ Episode 209. A Lucky Day (5)

“It wasn’t just your weakened body, Agentress. Your soul was doomed long before that, and I cannot express my sorrow, my brother.”


Even at the moment they lost their mother’s blessing, Eunaxus was skeptical.

I thought that no matter how ugly my brother was, his soul would remain the same.

I was mistaken.

Eunaxus’ eyes turned to the great evil of the earth.

That is the demon.

The ones who made the continent and my mother this way.

My emotions are boiling over, and I’m about to plunge into the Demon World.

I wanted to burn their land to the ground, to make it worse than the continent.

But I can’t.

My mother would not wish it.

The will of the World Tree was beyond the comprehension of even Eunaxus.

But it was the first time.

You have asked me, us, a favor.

So I will comply.

Yes, it was free to stay asleep forever.

In that sense, my heart beat for the first time in a long time.

‘Not since then.’

The Dragon Magic War.

I had enjoyed the momentary amusement.

This time, we couldn’t enjoy it as we had in the past.

This time, we would have to lay down our lives.

“If you don’t understand, I’ll scold you until you do.”

A battlefield fit for an old, sickly creature like me.

Oh, and Agentress and the elves, of course.

A single demon fit to take out his suppressed emotions.

Even a human facing such a demon.

Everyone’s eyes look determined.

They could rampage without worrying about anyone getting caught in the crossfire.

‘I believe you will be able to fulfill your mother’s will.’


Immediately, an enormous energy surged from Eunaxus’ body.


It wasn’t a simple magic power.

It was too dense and vast.

Not only did it visualize, but it also changed the climate of the area.

It even began to change the terrain.


A bolt of lightning struck Eunaxus’ entire body.

Something had entered the center of his vision.

It was small, but for some reason, it looked huge.


It had to be.

It was the bridge of Eunaxus’s nose where the thing landed.

Hiel loyally followed the will of her master, Hoyeol. Without questioning him, she spoke clearly.

“By the hierarchy of blessings, I command you.”


“Calm down, Eunaxus.”

Dragons and elves are different.

They were born on the same world, but like their appearance, they were born with different abilities. Dragons, as the creatures who ruled all things, lived up to their title.

But not the elves. The World Tree took pity on the elves and blessed them.

It wasn’t that dragons didn’t have the World Tree’s blessing; they just didn’t want it. They didn’t need it.

They were perfect as they were.

They had never been blessed by the World Tree.

Naturally, the Hierarchy of Blessings could not be valid for Eunaxus, a dragon. But Eunaxus was interrupted by Hyel’s words.

‘I see.’

He could sense his mother’s energy in the tiny spirit.

Without realizing it.

Eunaxus’s gaze softened.

It was a warm gaze, as if looking at the youngest child.

But dear.

“I’m afraid I can’t grant your request.”

Eunaxus sent a message to my mind.

-No need to worry. Because everything is mother’s will.


A dragon that can tear dimensions apart.

That’s why the voice also reached Hoyeol.

-Even if I die, there is no reason to be sad, Dawn.




How strong is a dragon?

I realized that from the message.

A battlefield of elves, great evil, and transcendents.

If you convert it to an appropriate level, it would just be over 1,000, right?

It was impossible to produce an appearance message.

However, Eunaxus was able to produce an appearance message.

When Eunaxus stopped at the Hierarchy of Blessings, I was stunned.

Was it not a chain letter, but real luck?

For a moment, I was the one who drank the kimchi soup by myself.

I’ve never been able to keep a dragon in line!

In addition to completing the World Quest, Evil Dragon Hunter.

With the power of dragons, I can travel freely in and out of the Arcana continent, right?

On the Arcana Continent, I could be resurrected even if I died thanks to the [Last Adventurer] effect.

I could take any amount of risks to speed up my growth.

However, kimchi is not kimchi for nothing.

Me, Lee Hoyeol.

I’m the youngest with three older sisters.

Eunaxus’ gaze seemed to see right through me.

It was the same as the eyes of the Wensu looking at me.

For a split second, I could hear Eunaxus’s voice in my head.


Reality and the continent of Arcana.

Two completely different worlds.

Normally, it’s impossible to communicate telepathically. But dragons are an exception.

They’re not bound by rifts, they can tear through dimensions and travel back and forth between Arcana and reality.

It was the content of the telepathy that surprised me.

‘Da, Dawn?!’

How do you know that embarrassing name!

No, no.

More like.

‘……Is it your mother’s will to die?’

I don’t know about leaving a last will and testament!

I’m the one who rolled in.

It is natural to not know things like family circumstances or the meaning of the world tree.

Of course, I have no desire to pretend to be family.

I’m already treated like the youngest child at home.


‘No, it’s intentional and I don’t give a shit’.

Mr. Eunaxus.

If you go on a rampage, we’ll be in trouble.

It’s bad enough that they’re elves, great evil, and transcendents.

But a dragon?

It was a scale that the rift itself could not withstand, let alone clear. It wouldn’t be long after the rift was created before the collapse rate exceeded one hundred percent.

‘If such a thing was created in the center of the city…….’

In the aftermath of that battle, cities, countries, and continents could be wiped off the map. n such a serious situation, I was good at keeping my mouth shut.

“World Tree, you must be delusional.”

He said nonchalantly.

“No parent wishes for the death of their child.”

Not even the Emperor.

Dragon, you remain upright even in front of the World Tree, Grancfell.

But I have to admit, I sympathize on some level.

When I listened to Eunaxus.

It sounded like the World Tree wanted Eunaxus dead.

Still, I’d like to hear what’s going on at home, as the youngest of the bunch.

“We need to talk, Eunaxus.”

Of course, neither telepathy nor monologue could reach you.

I made the appointment by myself, on my own terms.

So much for the chatter.

Now it’s time for action.

‘I did my best, and so did Hiel.’

Let’s face it.

It wasn’t enough to stop this mess.

The only consolation is that we delayed the creation of the rift.

‘We’re going to have to throw everything we’ve got at the rift.’

Let’s look on the bright side.

When the rift opens, I’ll be able to meet it face to face.

It wouldn’t be as frustrating.

Even while I’m shaking my head, my mouth doesn’t rest.

“I don’t believe in luck.”

For some reason, I didn’t say that this time. Wasn’t it Grandfell’s shitty insistence on superstition that kept me from investing points in the [Luck] stat?


A breeze, just in time.

“You make your own luck and your own destiny.”

Yeah, how could you not?

I sneered to myself.

A streak of portal light flashed in the sky over the continent of Arcana.

……Wait, a broomstick is flying through the sky?

A broom literally emerged from the portal.

But the woman on the broom looked familiar.

That skimpy outfit.

‘I think I recognize her from a spacetime social hall?’

I’m sure.

Along with Urs, she’s another transcendent who didn’t pay attention to me at the Spacetime Social Hall.

Actually, in a way, she was worse than Urs, because she put her head down on the table and never lifted it.

‘What the hell.’

Of course.

I had no idea why she was in this mess.

Still, I spoke brazenly.

“Like this moment.”

……Even if you sink in pride, it seems that at least your snout will rise, Grandfell.




The witch of the southern seas.

She flew across the open sea.

Only one Elixir Cigarette left.

Bitter, her mouth watering, the witch stared at the southern sea below.

“……The octopus head.”

Thousands of legs wriggled in the depths.

I know it’s a fucking hallucination.

I can’t help but feel nauseous every time I see it.

As if that weren’t enough.

Auditory hallucinations come from the deep sea where nothing can be seen.

『There is no use in running away.

Accept your fate.

Begin the apocalypse with your own hands.

Don’t hold on to a painful life.』

“I really want a cigarette.”

『The Great Terror of the Sea』

The only time I felt free from this curse was when I burned expensive elixir cigarettes.

Part of me wanted to bang my head on a table in a social hall.


The sight of the continent with its enormous energy made me stop thinking about it.

I resisted the urge to smoke and flew nonstop.

I had finally entered the continent of Arcana.

I had vowed never to set foot on this land again.

I had forgotten the landscape and couldn’t even open the portal.

The witch laughed bitterly.

“Time is a terrible thing.”

I glorify the shitty memories.

Because I only leave behind good memories.

You probably agree with me, right?

“I guess that’s why you came back.”

The witch wasted no time.

A side effect of the elixir cigarette.

In my hazy memories, I remembered the area near the Zero Mountains.

I drew the landscape in my mind and captured the coordinates.

I opened a portal out of thin air.

The process was swift.

The witch stepped out of the portal and saw.

A dragon, elves, great evil, and a transcendent.

The cause of the continent’s tremors.

The witch clicked her tongue.

Time really is scary.

“The Demon World, the Sisley, the Zero Mountains.”

In the past, everyone was really quiet.

The witch fumbled in her bosom.

The last of her elixir cigarettes slipped casually through her fingers.

Because of the circumstances, I felt like I had to use magic. I needed to clear my head before that.

-Start the apocalypse right now.

As I inhale the smoke, the voice of 『The Great Terror of the Sea』 fades from my ears. Yes, keep your mouth shut, octopus head. From now on, you’ll have to listen.


Thick smoke billowed out.

The witch looked down at the battlefield.

Her gaze naturally went to the most familiar face.


When I first entered the social hall, I really felt like a newborn chick.

While I had my head down on the table.

Even though it was crooked, I chose a crooked path for a long time.

“Well, you’re not the only one with bad luck.”

An elf with an appearance and abilities that are undeserved for someone so cheap.

What a blessing they were born with.

The witch spat out a sour criticism at them.

“And you still have one hell of a voice.”

The dragon, Eunaxus, showed no emotion.

The witch’s gaze shifted to the last.

“Among them all, you are particularly tactless.”

The Seven Deadly Sins, an eye toward Gluttony.

Even as she glared at the Great Evil, the Witch’s calm mood stirred violently. It was inevitable.

No one in this place, not even me, could be irrelevant to what I was about to say.


The turbulent witch’s magic.

It made everyone on the battlefield aware of her presence.

But that was all.

The Witch of the Southern Sea.

Regardless of how strong she was.

Everyone in this room had a reason not to back down.

But then she began.

“I think it would be nice if we all did something called understanding the topic.”

In the story that follows.

” ……Is that really true?”

“No way!!!”

“No, it can’t be.”


Everyone had no choice but to stop their actions.

“I’m sure you all know what it means to mention ‘that name’ in this land, but it’s true, and I swear on my life that it is.”

The witch continued.

“Claudi is back.”