Chapter 208 – A Lucky Day (4)

◈ Episode 208. A Lucky Day (4)

Agentress looked at his body.

His hands and feet were trembling wildly.

He tried desperately to move them.

He was frozen, as if he were frozen in place.


He wasn’t alone.

His people, all of them, were frozen in place, unable to move.

Even the elf who was pulling the bowstring.

‘What the hell.’

Agentress’s gaze snapped to Hiel.

At first I thought it was the Spirit King.

Only you, the King of Spirits, would dare to stand in my way. But then I wondered. Why would a spirit king care about the affairs of the continent?

Fortunately, the illusion was short-lived.

-“I, Hiel, order you according to the command of my lord.”


They don’t call them kings for nothing.

A king is a king because they truly rule.

But from the sound of it.

to a spirit that may be even higher than a spirit king.

Are you saying that there is a master who truly serves?

‘There can’t be such a thing on the continent.’

It can’t be.

His hard-earned judgment was wrong again.

Agentress’s pupils dilated.

-“Stop, as per the Hierarchy of Blessings.”

The Hierarchy of Blessings……?

No magic, no natural ability of the spirits dare to imprison their bodies. It is true. This is the power of our dumb mother, the World Tree.


I can smell a foul odor.

The Seven Deadly Sins, a demon, rolls its eyes curiously.

It dares to wave its hand in front of this body’s eyes.

“Wow, you really did stop this, didn’t you? I don’t think our snooty guests would obey your orders to stop so meekly…….”

The corner of his mouth quirks up wickedly.

“Whatever it is, you’ve been caught. Weakness.”

I, an elf, have been caught.

In my mind, it’s a meal, a trade, eternal life.

I wanted to beat them all up and cut off his head.

But I couldn’t move.

“Who the hell are you.”

I could barely get the words out to Hiel.

But the killing intent in those few words was vicious.

It was enough to make even the great evil hold its tongue.

“Well, now I don’t know who’s the evil one.”

However, it is Hoyeol’s alter ego.

He was a small, diminutive Hyel, but he was not intimidated in the slightest.

His posture could not be more upright, nor his expression more steadfast.

Hiel answered.

“My lord does not allow questions.”


“You have no right to ask.”

To be exact, I accepted it.

“How dare…….”

Agentress’s murderous intent becomes more and more intense.

It was enough to make even the giggling great evil take notice.

But all that came back was the still high voice of Hiel.

“Elf, why did you face the Great Evil?”


The question stunned both Agentress and the Great Evil.

In their eyes, Hiel had only appeared out of thin air a moment ago, not only was it about eating, but it was also able to understand his true identity as a great evil all at once.

“Sseub. Even though I’ve lived a long time, I’m not a celebrity.”

Such an extraordinary personality was enough to make even Great Evil wary.

But what worries me more than anything.

That such a ridiculous spirit would have a lord to serve.


Agentress awakened his senses.

Surely, the Lord was watching everything.

It was an elven sense that even a dwarf high in the sky could recognize.

His nerves were on edge.


Only the evil eye in the sky, as always.

No other sign of life.

Hiel opened her mouth to speak.

“My lord doesn’t even allow you to have random thoughts.”

The moment the words left her mouth, his thoughts vanished.

“Answer my lord’s question.”

His mouth opened unwillingly.

“……I did it to regain eternal life.”


If only I could.

The kind of humiliation that makes you want to cut out your own tongue for uttering those words.

But it convinced me.

“Then you have sought in vain.”


“For the blessing of the World Tree you crave is held by my lord.”

I see.

Your lord.

The one who stole our mother’s blessing from us.

In that moment, Agentress made a judgment.

Now that he knew the whereabouts of the World Tree’s blessing.

He no longer needed the demon’s power.

‘We’ll find him, one way or another.’

How he’s managed to stay hidden all this time is beyond me.

After all, he must be on the continent of Arcana.

It was worth the trouble of scouring the entire continent.


“Wait a minute, disrupting business is a slightly different story.”

I won’t stand by and watch.

It wasn’t the seven deadly sins or gluttony for nothing.

I was so close to achieving my goal.

All because of a spirit that appeared out of nowhere?

“I’m sorry, dear guests.”

Gluttony turned to the elves.

“Unauthorized menu items will be discarded.”

So don’t be a dick and keep your eyes peeled.

Gluttony approached Hiel, emitting a foul odor.

His mouth gaping open as if torn.

The true nature of the great evil cloaked in human skin was beginning to be revealed.

“Apparently your rules don’t work on me.”

World Tree.

Me and my brothers.

I never had a mother like that.


But Gluttony couldn’t reach Hiel.

Someone stood in his way.

It was Urs, observing the situation.


Urs raised his iron arm.

Gluttony froze.


But the aura he felt was beyond human.

Could this be the same transcendent as Shegwin?

Agentress was equally shocked.

‘……Did I miss it?’

When you get on your nerves.

Urs was undoubtedly within my sensory radius.

And yet I missed it.

That meant the man had intentionally killed his presence.

It meant an intrusion with a purpose.

An elf, a great evil, and a transcendent.

Finally, they faced each other.

Urs opened his mouth.

“Elves, spirits, anyone is good.”

His next words reassured Agentress.

“Please tell me the location of the World Tree.”

I’ll have to slaughter them all.


I look through the [Telescope of the Evil Eye].

What a mess.

Elf, even if I could control it with [Hierarchy of Blessings].

It’s great evil, and Urs was beyond my control.

Still, I’m glad.

‘Well done, Diend.’

Imperial troops led by the Emperor.

They succeeded in rescuing the inhabitants of Polestar and returning the reins to Antonium. For now, at least, first of all, one of the great evil’s plans was prevented.

By the way, you are truly being petty.

I thought you were all just trying to make a name for yourself.

In that sense, you’re doing well, Hiel.

You’re doing a great job.

Thanks to you for stepping up to the plate.

I was able to get a pretty good idea of what was going on from the sidelines.

For one thing, the elves were really consistent.

“Do you crave a meaningless life without pride?”

Eternal life?

I want to give back what I’ve been given, I say.

I mean, it’s bad enough that I’m haunted by black history for the rest of my life, but what’s the point of having eternal life in exchange for something so ugly that black history isn’t even close?

I really wasn’t going to say this, but…….

‘Why did your mother have to…….’

No, no, no.

I don’t think I took away a blessing.

It almost makes you feel that the violent Elsidor was a nobleman.

What a bunch of bastards, all of them, temper tantrums.

Urs was just as bad.

‘I didn’t realize it was about the world tree.’

He didn’t seem to pay much attention to the conversation between the elves and the great evil, but as soon as Hiel appeared and the subject of the World Tree was brought up, Urs joined the fray.

‘That damn elixir love.’

World Tree, the mother of all things.

It’s safe to say that the energy it contains is an elixir.

It’s just that no one has ever been brave enough to chew and swallow it.

Urs, however, is a different story.

Going by the anecdotes in the books, Urs’s madness for the elixir was such that he could chew the World Tree down to its roots.

‘It was really twisted, but it was incredibly twisted.’

For their own reasons, neither side seems to be willing to back down easily.

At this rate, a head-on confrontation is just a matter of time.

If that happens, it will be a big event.

It’s only a matter of time before a rift forms.

I looked through the telescope.

[A little luck comes into your hands.]

[You temporarily gain proficiency with the telescope].

[Increases the duration of the effect].

……Do you give me a bottle and medicine?

Anyway, the massive luck boost did help. In fact, the telescope’s duration would have been over by the time the Imperials arrived on Polestar.

Thankfully, you’ve kept your eyes open so far.

Yes, if you have a conscience.

Don’t even think about closing your eyes, telescope.

‘That battlefield is too much for Hiel.’

You wouldn’t know if you were with me.

Because Hiel wasn’t used to fighting.

It would be impossible for Hiel to play a role in that three-way battle.

‘I don’t know if you use the hierarchy of blessings wisely.’

Hiel looks just like Grandfell.

I, Lee Hoyeol, can’t possibly use the hierarchy to my advantage.

In the end, I can only wait and see.

“It is more efficient to deal with unscheduled meetings at once.”

……That’s a pretty good way to put it, even under the circumstances.

Damn it, do we have no choice but to accept the variable called rift?

Let’s come up with a strategy for it at 4x speed.

Send a telepathic message to Marcelo right now…….



It was like that.

Until then, I had overlooked it.

I’d forgotten, for a moment.

That systems don’t lie.

Through such a system.

The effect of luck, which has greatly increased.

Kuku googungung—!

A thunderstorm rains down on the Arcana continent.

Soon, the continent’s sky begins to split.

To be precise, it begins to tear.

Something huge wriggles out of the dimensional rift.

Soon, it fully reveals itself.

A dragon.




The dragon’s cry echoes across the continent.

The cries are meant to suffocate each other.

It was enough to stop even Urs and Gluttony, who were ready to fight at a moment’s notice.


The old dragon, Eunaxus, looked down at the devastated continent of Arcana.

Then, with its enormous pupils, it looked at the elves.

To be precise, he looked at Agentress.

Eunaxus said.



“My foolish brother.”

I see how you have

I understand that you have taken your blessings away from them.

Eunaxus thundered in rebuke.

“Have you not yet realized your mother’s will!”

Dragons, the creatures that rule all things.

He had been exposed to the Dragon Lore without his mother’s blessing.

My senses shuddered.

But thanks to this, I’m free of the damned hierarchy.

Agentress cleared her throat.

“Shut up, Eunaxus. You lizard.”




So the bossy-looking elf is named Agentress…….

And Agentress is the brother of the dragon, Eunaxus?

This is a secret of unexpected birth?

Wait, what does that mean for the genealogy?!

World Tree.




Me and Hiel?

For a moment, I thought about the possibility.

‘ …… Is the hierarchy valid for dragons?’

I’m not so sure about that.

Even if they were brothers, there was a possibility that the dragons would not have received the blessing of the World Tree. In fact, Elsidor also said that blessings are only for elves.


‘No, that’s not what’s important right now.’

As the youngest member of the World Tree family tree, I just wanted to ask a favor.

Big brother, do something to stop them!

Me, Lee Hoyeol.

I have three sisters.

I thought I was confident enough to just ask.

Eunaxus was howling with even more fury.

“If you don’t understand, I’ll scold you until you do.”

I remembered.

[The Elder Dragon, Eunaxus, appears].

A full-blown emergence message.

You’re really here to fight, not talk.

I didn’t say you were better than your brother for nothing.

‘Since it’s come to this.’

I can’t help it.

Let’s try, Hiel.

Let’s see if the Hierarchy of Blessings is valid for Eunaxus!



. . .

Hiel stands on the bridge of Eunaxus’s nose and speaks.

“I command you according to the Hierarchy of Blessings.”


“Calm down, Eunaxus.”


Then the thunder subsided.

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