Chapter 202 – But Before That (2)

◈ Episode 202. But Before That (2)

I didn’t have to worry about the aesthetic of the Grandfell.

I, Lee Hoyeol, had to worry about my shameful history.

No, really, what’s so colorful?!

Let’s start with the exterior.

This is a jacket.

It looks like a medieval aristocrat……. No, it’s made of a material that even a nobleman wouldn’t be able to afford. The fabric is indigo blue, almost black.

To put it in Grandfell’s terms.

“The color of the sky just before dawn.”

The visual expression is killer.

Say it twice and you’ll kill me, too.


The embroidery on that fabric.

It was silvery, expensive-looking embroidery.

From the neck collar to the lapels.

The embroidery patterns that follow are so colorful that it’s embarrassing.

But that was just the beginning.

What about the epaulets on each shoulder?

They look like they’re going to flap around awkwardly with every movement. I peeked in to get a closer look……. This doesn’t even look like ordinary silver to me.

The effects of the [Pure Knowledge].

Thanks to my knowledge of all minerals on the Arcana Continent, I was able to recognize it immediately.

‘It’s [Magical Platinum].

Magical platinum.

A precious material whose quantity is extremely limited due to the absence of ore veins.

Naturally, its effects are also incomparable to ordinary minerals.

How much magical platinum did you manage to squeeze into a single jacket, this one? The epaulettes on each shoulder alone must weigh several dozen gold.

If you consider the weight consumed by the vest, belt, and pants……

It really seemed like magical platinum was used in units of platinum bars.

If you had a conscience, you couldn’t help but admire it.

“They put a lot of thought into this.”

When it came to clothing, he was completely sincere.

It came from the mouth of the demanding Grandfell.

It must have been a lot of work for you, everyone, including Wallswale.

Hiel bowed respectfully.

“I am relieved that my lord is satisfied.”

……Yes, Hiel.

For all the trouble you’ve taken.

No, thanks to you.

This armor was born.

This is how a parent feels when they receive a carnation made by their child on Mother’s Day.

So I guess I have no choice but to try it again.

‘But first.’

Let’s check the specs.

Just in case it doesn’t meet the wear restrictions.

I went through the information windows one by one.

But wait.

[Waiting for the Dawn Trousers]

[Waiting for the Dawn Shirt]

[Waiting for the Dawn Vest]

[Waiting for the Dawn Belt]

[Waiting for the Dawn Jacket]

I wasn’t surprised to see that these were set items.

“Waiting for the Dawn?!

Navy blue, close to black.

The color of the sky just before dawn.

Apparently, that’s what Grandfell had said.

‘There is no way dwarves would have such sensibilities.’

This is a name only someone with Grandfell’s sensibilities could give.

Naturally, I thought of one name.

No, only one spirit.

Diend, it’s you.

I suppressed the sigh that was about to escape.

‘……Yeah, I’m not even going to show it to anyone else.’

Hold it in.

It’s just.

I’m just a little embarrassed, Hoyeol.

In that case, I’m forced to wear it because of its performance, so it’s a mental victory.

I looked at the information window in turn.


I gasped.

[Rating: Epic]

Five pieces of equipment, all rated Epic.

Even if I acquired a [Legendary] ranked Gwicheol.

The value of an Epic item doesn’t change.

Each and every one of them is worth as much as a Demon King’s loot……!


It’s not that I don’t understand.

In fact, considering the value of the materials invested and the kind of dwarves who forged them, an Epic rating may be justified.

[Limit: Lv.500 / High level of prestige].

First, thank goodness.

Level Limit, Lv.500.

There’s an additional restriction of [High Level Prestige], but that doesn’t matter to me.

I’ve been fulfilling the High Level of Prestige since I defeated the Seven Deadly Sins of Greed.

This is how far I’ve come.

I felt a little smug for a moment.

Apart from the information window.

An additional message popped up.

[Due to the craftsman’s dexterity, the wearing restrictions have been greatly reduced].

[Applied Craftsman’s Dexterity Effect: – Lv.300].

……No, I don’t want to say I’ve grown.

‘There’s still a long way to go.’

If it weren’t for the Craftsman’s Dexterity effect, the level cap would be a whopping 800. If you weren’t a dwarf, you probably wouldn’t have been able to put a leg in your pants, right?

[Effect: Manifests when equipped with a Set Item]

[Description: A piece of equipment crafted solely for those who await the dawn. A masterpiece, a work of art, a magnum opus, no other label could describe its nobility].

As the description says.

One who waits for the dawn.

So it’s nice to hear that it’s made just for me, but…….

The effect is a bit unusual.

‘All Epic items do that.’

The same goes for Demon King’s Loot.

At Epic level, their effects are definitely unique.

The effect of Telescope or baton, for example, would make players wonder.

They had effects that even the Arcanians would question.

‘Of course, the effect is only a small part of the performance.’

In the Arcana system, equipment items don’t display their damage or defense. The reason for this is that it’s not possible to calculate and quantify damage and defense.

However, we can get an idea.

[Vile Earth Dragon Fangs]

[Rank: Unique]

[Limit: Lv.800]

[Effect: None]

[Description: A sword forged from the fangs of an Earth Dragon that failed to become a dragon. Due to its inherent limitations, it has no special effects, but its destructive power is unmatched by any other weapon].

If it is exceptional even considering its limitations, either in description or effect.

In some way, it allows the player to recognize its performance.

‘So it’s worth a tier anyway?’

Sure, because it’s an Epic.

The description was more vague than specific.

Not to worry.

I’ll know when I try it on, right?

‘There’s a place to test it.’

The original equipment was capped at level 800, which was the same as the appropriate level for the dungeon I was currently in, Dungeon: Lava Siren. The situation couldn’t be more suitable.


I use my magic to float the clothes in the air and returns to his clothes.

I’ve been changing clothes at the entrance to the cave for a while now, but my movements are as graceful and confident as if I were changing in the dressing room of a luxury store.

All that remains is the jacket.

The most colorful of all the clothes.

I can’t help but ooh and aah.

‘There’s even a blue gem on it. really.’

It’s a medal or something.

I reach for the jacket.

Wait a minute, I feel a strange energy in my hand.

All of them displayed the same information, but the jacket that I wanted to look away from was the one I put off until last.

[Limit: Lv.700]

Lv.700 even with the effect of Craftsman’s Dexterity.

Doesn’t that mean it’s supposed to be a thousand-level item?

Why did I think I was being seriously flamboyant……!

I sneakily glanced at Hiel.

Those piercing pupils of his were extremely burdensome.

My mind is filled with fifty thousand thoughts.

I still have 100 levels to go.

I can’t even see the effects of the set until I reach level 700.

I felt drained.

As always, it’s never too early to tell.

The fall─

I shamelessly picked up my jacket.

Then threw it over my shoulder.


This is my best for now.


Because of the damn level.

I can’t even get one arm through the jacket.

‘……That’s a good thing.’

I can use magic to attach the jacket to my shoulders like a magnet.

Hiel’s eyes widened at the sight of me.

“I never thought of wearing it like that.”

With that, I took a look at my outfit.

The other players’ outfits are just as fantastical, even if I try to make sense of them. The idea of wearing a jacket over your shoulder is really hard to accept…….

‘…… If you can’t accept it.’


Reaching level 700 quickly.

It’s just a matter of meeting the limit.

So in spite of declaring that levels don’t matter.

I’m obsessed with levels.

In profound contradiction, I took a step.



Speaking of which.

I’m going to have to figure out a way to change my shoes. …….


The Zero Mountains.

Hunting was in full swing in the vast New World.

Didn’t the hunt continue in the Rift?

I didn’t know what I was talking about.

“It can be said to be an all-out war!”

It was different from the Rift, where only players could enter.

The Zero Mountains were added as a region.

The monsters that appeared in the real world were defenseless against modern firearms.


A gunshot that couldn’t be heard on the Arcana Continent.

Liu Zhunqun, the Guild Master of Heavenly Unification, shouted.

“All forces forward!”

He hadn’t come to lead the aircraft squadron for no reason.

When the Zero Mountains were added as a non-Rift region.

Liu Zhunqun had finalized all his plans.

The Age of Cataclysm had arrived.

I will utilize the military power of the country that has longed for light.

Activates the [Monarch] class skill.

Liu Zunqun’s eyes quickly scanned the battlefield.

The players were exhausted from the continuous hunt.

Liu Zhenqun sends his troops to the rear.




The early days of the Cataclysm.

The world developed new weapons to counter the monsters that flooded reality.

Indeed, the power of [science] that sustained humanity was great.

Speaking of monsters.

It was difficult to withstand the new weapon against monsters that maximized killing power.

But in the Rift, the story was different.

Only players could enter the Rift.

And only a small percentage of players are skilled enough to wield them.

Hunting monsters with the new weapon would result in a massive loss of experience, not to mention a failure to increase skill proficiency.

Yu Zuo, Executive of the Heavenly Unification.

“I thought it was a piece of junk.”

She said with a hint of excitement.

“After all, it’s Lord Liu, I never thought you’d utilize them in such a way!”

Of course, the monsters of the Zero Mountains did not take kindly to this.

Ammunition poured in, hundreds of shots fired.

They didn’t stop fighting until the very end.

But there’s no business in quantity.




Mountain beasts falling everywhere.

Then a message popped up for Liu Zunqun.

[Your level has increased].

The troops sent in were not ordinary people, but players.

Low-level players from the motherland who didn’t have the qualifications to enter the Heavenly Unification.

Liu Zunqun had no intention of training them.

In the first place, they weren’t even his sword and shield.

They were just stepping stones for him to step on.

Liu Zhunqun’s eyes flashed.

‘That’s right. Only I can do that.’

All the other [Monarchs] who relied on players were wiped out.

The only one left standing was himself, commanding over the players.

‘Now that the Zero Mountains have appeared, it’s only a matter of time.

Level 524.

Finally, we are at the same level.

Rox, I will surpass you.

Skal, you too.

The news of Liu Zunqun’s leveling up also reached Rox in real time.

“No. Aren’t you going to get caught up, Rox?”

Rox laughed at Dmitri’s excitement.

“Haha, maybe.”

“You’re laughing? You’re laughing at this? Seriously?”

“Well, he’s got a gun and he’s shooting at them, so what can I say?”

Rox’s eyes narrowed, despite his words.

‘Didn’t you realize it after witnessing it, Liu Zunqun?’

The duel between Hoyeol and Sword Saint.

It was in that duel that Rox realized.

It wasn’t the level that mattered.

Why would Hoyeol give players the opportunity to interact with the Knights of the Lionheart.

and the people of the Arcana Continent.

‘There’s something more important than levels.’

Rox was convinced.

Liu Zunqun’s direction was wrong.

Therefore, he didn’t feel impatient.

Of course, that calmness didn’t last long.

“……Wait, Rox?”

Camilla, who had been scouting the area from her perch in a tree, frowned.

“What, we have an unexpected visitor?”

It was a man who had given her one of her few bad memories.

Camilla’s uncommon reaction gave Rox a hunch.

Who the unexpected visitor was.

An eternal rival, incomparable to Liu Zunqun.

“It’s Skal.”

As if that was the right answer.


The sound of horses’ hooves echoed through the mountain range.

Soon, from beneath the mountain range, Skal appeared.

His Alexander emerged, his golden mane flowing.

Lastly, Skal appears.

Arcana’s official ranking one, two, and three, gathered in the Zero Mountains.

Camilla said with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

“By the way, what’s with that expression on his face, he looks angry, Rox?”


What had gotten on Skal’s nerves?

The tension was rising.

Gradually, Skal drew closer.




Skar repeated in his mouth.

“Lee Hoyeol.”

……Not. Formality and etiquette before meeting.

“Look, where on earth is Lord Hoyeol?”

Words that would stun the party if they heard them.

For Skal, of course.

There was no way the entire Shining Guild was in sight.


Alexander’s hooves didn’t stop.


No conversation.

Not even a glance.

Skal passing through them.

In the silence-


Only Dmitri shook his head.