Chapter 201 – But Before That (1)

◈ Episode 201. But before that (1)

The high Zero Mountains.

Nevertheless, it is a mountain and I will climb it like a mountain.

What I needed was preparation.

Thoroughly prepare for the climb.

“A mountain is a mountain, a staircase is a staircase.”

Hey, Grandfell.

I’m the one who thinks there’s something wrong with you.

I can tell you’re the odd one out.

‘I recognized it from the stairs of the Magic Tower.’

What kind of a man is there in the world

climbs mountains in street shoes.

And your outfit.

I don’t even want functional climbing clothes, I know.

Even with the [Warmth] and [First World Tree Blessing] buffs.

Isn’t it a bit inappropriate to wear a suit even in the Zero Mountains, let alone the mountains behind it?

On that note, let’s check it out.

The new armor the dwarves are forging for me.

I’d been worried that the demanding Aesthete wouldn’t let me off the hook.

It would not be unwearable if anyone else, or Hiel, saw it.

The smelting of the Gwicheol had been completed.

Soon the armor would be finished.

Anyway, since I’m being polite, there’s something I need to point out.

Gwicheol’s esoteric item information window.


[Rank: Legendary]

[Limitations: unknown]

[Effect: unknown]

[Description: An ego sword with an exalted ego].

Its name is a question mark.

Because I, its owner, have yet to name it.


……Please, don’t make me sound mean, Grandfell.

I’m just saying that I’m deeply worried about what I’ll name him when he reaches his prime.

‘I can guess why the limit is unknown.’

This is a rare [Legendary] item, even rarer than [Epic].

Thanks to the effects of my [Achievement: The one who writes ‘Legends’].

I knew I needed an affinity to use a legendary item, but others would never guess the restrictions on its use. It’s as unknown as it says on the label.

‘Then the last effect is…….’

Gwicheol’s words flashed through my mind.

-Don’t you dare try to measure this body.

He must have said that to Shegwin.

‘Its power is unknown because it cannot be measured…….’

That’s all I can think of right now.

Well, not really.

Gwicheol’s power was beyond my comprehension.

‘Because it allowed me to overpower Shegwin.

Sword to sword.

Even with [Natural Enemy] activated.

If it weren’t for Gwicheol, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Shegwin stopped breathing at any time. That rapid movement was difficult for the eyes to follow.

To put it bluntly.

I was saying that since I didn’t have enough natural enemies against Shegwin, I was only able to win after dragging him all the way.

Shegwin didn’t even have his sword energy.

Once again, I realize my weakness.

But I will not lament.

The playing field is now the Zero Mountains.

Levels are earned.

In fact, since the Zero Mountains update.

The levels of the top players were rising steeply.

Among them, The Three.


Skal: Level 525

Rox: Level 524

Liu Zunqun: level 523


A gap of one level each.

Even for me, who hasn’t had much contact with the three of them.

It was a rivalry that made me a little bit excited.

But it’s a bit surprising.

-Here……. What does Skal do now?


-No;; What the hell is Skal doing in the Zero Mountains while everyone else is hunting all day? Isn’t he the only one who’s not moving forward??

-Isn’t this going to turn the tables on Rox?

-Why Rox? It could be Liu Zhunqun.

-Lol that makes sense.

America and China.

The Shining and Heavenly Unity.

I wonder if it’s because Rox and Liu are in the midst of it.

Community, there were keyboard battles everywhere.

Normally, it wouldn’t have had anything to do with me.

Even if I were curious, I wouldn’t have been able to keep up with the workload.


‘Surely Skal have become less active?’

[World Quest: Evil Dragon Hunter].

For the sake of the quest.

And for the sake of the smallest possibility.

I had planned to talk to Skal.

This could be considered an extension of my work.

I muttered to myself.

“It’s not good to be obsessed with numbers.”

Such stubbornness.

I asked Gwicheol where he learned to say that.

He learned it all from you, Grandfell.

Still, I can sympathize on some level.

‘It’s time to stop caring about levels.’

Levels in the Arcana system?

Each level up is worth one point.

It’s safe to say that level 1 is worth 1 stat point.

That’s why items with stats were worth astronomical prices in Arcana.

But experience taught me otherwise.

Training rewards. The effects of herbs. I realized that stats can be grown in other ways. Of course, maybe that’s just me.

But it doesn’t change the idea.

From now on, I need to grow my vessel, my fundamental ability, rather than my level. I’ve been feeling it for a while now, actually.

Even if I didn’t necessarily realize it, I could tell by looking at the demons.

“Strength is something that numbers cannot overcome.”

Just like normal mobs and boss mobs on the same level are different.

Ordinary demons and demon kings have a different weight to them.

In that sense, it’s a concern.

Great Evil

What kind of strength do they have?

Thinking about it makes me quite nervous.

‘Certainly not like the demon kings.’

From Decarabia to Yulah, who ate the Simuard family. The Demon Kings made their own moves.

From Grandfell’s point of view, they had gone too far.

‘Except for reborn greed…….’

On the other hand, the great evil was too quiet.

Whether the High Ranking Demon King, Gamigin, had been sent to hell or not.

From the beginning to now.

That’s right.

That’s what I’ll always be.

I couldn’t bemoan my lot.

If this peace is the calm before the storm, then…….

For me.

No, humanity and the continent of Arcana won’t have much time.

Well, I guess that’s another way of saying that the level system is pointless.

You see, it would give players something to compete for, something to motivate them.

I opened my mouth.

“Raymond Sean.”

That’s Raymond Sean.

I wonder if that’s why he added the Arcana system to the players.

I, Lee Hoyeol, cannot know.


“I don’t need any arrangements.”

As I said, you’ve been photographed by Grandfell.

“Don’t you dare try to measure me with numbers.”

Of course, that’s his business.

I need to fully utilize the system I’ve been given.

I need to get the most out of it for the least amount of money.

To that end, let’s start by leveling up.

[Tenacity: Converts mental strength into stats; each increase in Tenacity grants additional stats].

If only to calculate the effectiveness of my tenacity.

‘My man.’

In that sense, it is truly a new chapter in the history of life.

During my working years.

Getting my ass kicked by my manager.

It looks like you got to go on all the weekend hikes you didn’t get dragged into, Hoyeol…….


Iron Castle ship.

The survivors of Dredsen Village have made it safely to Antonium.

The bustling Iron Castle has quieted down.

Flowing Silence─

Dwarves are naturally reticent?

Not quite.

Alcohol was as much a part of their lives as metal.

The one thing they can’t live without is boisterous laughter. In short, there’s a reason for the silence.


“……something you guys?”

A battle of pride with Gwicheol.

The best blacksmith in the dwarves.

Wallswale had been sick for days.

Dwarves are known for their strong bones, even if they are short.

And if that weren’t enough, smithing is as familiar to them as breathing.

Wallswale realized how much he had been working on the forge, and how much he was tired of it. It was surprising.

And then.

“No, why is everyone sprawled out like that?”

All the dwarves, including the Chainwalkers, were lying on the cold floor of the Iron Castle. One of the younger dwarves, who still had the strength to react, raised his head and said.

“……Mr. Wallswale, are you awake?”

“Aye, I am. But more than that, what is this, my friends?”

“That…….It burned white.”

“Burned it white? Burned what?”

“I finished refining it while you were resting.”


While an exhausted Wallswale rested.

The dwarves poured all their energy into crafting Hoyeol’s armor. Tirelessly hammering, gemming, and even sewing.


Wallswale couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

He’d smelted his own metal, and it was so rare and damned rare……. No, even if it was rare. Wasn’t there anything else in the armor that could be compared to noble iron?

Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s a poor quality material.

Magical platinum.

High-purity magic stones.

Indigo Butterfly Thread…….

This was the equipment for the best against dragons.

In the past, when the Arcana Continent was still intact. If any of those materials were to be released on the continent, their value would be equivalent to a large estate.

In other words.

“You guys, how much did you push yourself?”

Just enough to exhaust them.

Walshall couldn’t wait to see the results.


“……Hmm, are you awake?”

“Where is it? The equipment you said you forged!”

“Ah, that’s already been delivered by Hiel to Lord Hoyeol.”

“What? Already?!”


The question is not answered.

Wallswale took out his frustration on Chainwalker by grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and shaking him. Chainwalker, who barely escaped his grasp, laughed.

“Uh-huh. Nothing to worry about.”


“I’ve forged armor that rivals the Ego Sword you forged. I assure you. We may not be able to match your dexterity, but…….”

Chainwalker’s eyes gleamed with determination.

“I really tried my best. Believe me.”


“Besides, we wanted to be of service to Lord Hoyeol.”


Dwarves, you don’t get the title of best blacksmith for nothing.

This means that the fact that he fought a war of nerves with Gwicheol for dozens of days without giving an inch was not due to unnecessary pride.

But for once, Wallswale gave in.

“I suppose so, if you say so.”

Chainwalker breathed a sigh of relief.

“Well, I was afraid you’d hear it from me, too.”

“Even to you? Why, who else said anything?”

“You must have really passed out.”


Chainwalker whispered.

“I thought I was seeing Gwicheol.”

“……What does that mean?”

“It refers to the two spirits.”

Chainwalker thought again.

Hiel and Diend echoing in his ears.

The two spirits’ exacting demands.

-“It’s not enough to convey the infinite deep darkness.”

-“I think it needs a little more ornate workmanship.”

-“Then it needs to be extravagant.”

-“I’m of the same opinion.”

They don’t lie when they say they burned it white.

Chainwalker’s face is white as a sheet.

Wallswale’s chest tightened at the reaction.

A barely suppressed curiosity flared up again.

A gnarled hand grasped the Chainwalker’s shoulder once more.


“What the hell do you think you’re doing, you!”

“Please, will you stop shaking it?”

“Explain it to me, now!”

“……Seriously motion sickness. Woof!”

Indeed, dwarves are a race full of excitement.




A hundred thousand caves.

If you think a hundred thousand means they’re all over the Zero Mountains, you’re wrong.

The area is the size of Australia, and the height is so grand it could easily pierce the stratosphere.

‘If you don’t know where it is, it’s hard to find.’

As proof, the players hadn’t found a single cave out of 100,000. Even though they were given the exact same information by the AAU.

Of course, this story doesn’t apply to me.

Because I had “magic.”

A light that radiated across the mountains.

Navigating that mass of power.

‘When you add in vision sharing in the interference process…….’

This is how we can find out

the location of the cave.

The coordinates of the portal are in front of the cave I found.


I immediately manifested the portal and entered.

This sounded very easy, but it was a magic manifestation that even Marcelo would be shocked to hear.

After all, the entire process of interfering with vision sharing was inspired by the Telescope of Evil Eyes.

‘Magic isn’t enough, it can even mimic the effects of items to some extent.’

The circle is amazing.

By forming a circle.

I feel like I’m finally utilizing Grandfell’s talents.

It’s easy to get cocky with Grandfell’s personality.

Well, I wasn’t in the mood for that.

A message pops up as I stand in front of the cave.

[Dungeon: Lava Siren]

[Suitable Level : Lv.800]

[Collapse Progress : 0%]

As expected, the cave was a rift.

The difference is that the collapse progress is stuck at 0%.

It’s probably because the Zero Mountain Range has already collapsed.

‘A level 800 dungeon with no natural enemy.’

If it was just a monster, I wouldn’t have to worry about it.

I had experienced the dangers of dungeons in London.

Given the variables in a dungeon, it can be overwhelming for one person.

But who’s ever alone?

I have company.

No, I have three alter egos.

Hiel, Diend, and Gwicheol.

The only problem is that no matter where you put it out there, it gets a little embarrassing …….

I walked straight into the cave.

I called out Hiel’s name first.

Soon, she appeared out of thin air.

And that thing in her arms.

Is that my new armor, Hiel?

No, but wait.

What kind of armor is so shiny?!