Chapter 203 – Do you also have pride?

◈ Episode 203. Do you also have pride?

The Great Alliance.

Water and oil were mixing in their own way.

[Wolfdog biting a famous sword].

As expected from a level 650 Named Monster, its movements were bizarre.


The wolfdog moved through the forest.


The old trees around it fell down in an instant.


A drone floated in the air.

Watching the battle, Nam Cheolmin said.

“Clever. They’re changing the battlefield to their liking.”

He wasn’t the only one with a sword in his mouth.

Wolfdog was like a field commander.

He was turning the terrain to his and his kind’s advantage.

Hisagi made an uncomfortable sound.

“Is it because it have wolf blood mixed in? It’s not like a dog.”

The changed terrain restricted their actions.

But as I said.

Water and oil, which seemed to never mix.

Gaon and Inazuma were slowly merging.

Nam Taemin raised his eyebrows.

“You’re mistaken, assholes.”


“Well, wolfdog, how can you know what wild nature really is?”

Barbarian warriors.

Barbarian, the Nam Taemin declared to Hisagi.

“I take charge of the guy holding that sword. It’s the nature of beasts that they become demoralized when their leader is beaten. From then on, one by one, do you understand?”

The terrain created by the falling of the giant trees was not at all easy.

No matter how agile you are, you can’t walk on two feet.

However, this did not apply to Nam Taemin.

But that didn’t apply to Nam Taemin.


Upon activating a unique skill.

As if running on all fours.

Nam Taemin leaps out of the way while crouching down.


Indeed, a move that resembles a wild beast.

The power was enough to make even the wolves snap in surprise.

Hisagi muttered.

“Really, you’re like a dog.”

No swearing, no metaphors, just a straightforward appreciation.

Like a hound that had caught its prey.

He ran toward the boss.

Hisagi didn’t stand still.



A sharp stream of magic power poured from the tip of the spear.

His spear sliced through the air, splintering the giant trees in its path.

At Hisagi’s command, the players in the giant alliance began to surround the wolf dog pack.

Nam and Hisagi.

And the guild.

Though each would never want to admit it.

“They’re rivals.”

What, rivals?

If it weren’t for Hoyeol, we wouldn’t even be in a relationship?

It’s not even funny anymore.

“If you’re going to talk bullshit, at least do it convincingly.”

Nam Taemin and Hisagi.

It’s not just the two of them.

Gaon and Inazuma.

The entire guild complements each other’s weaknesses.

Of course, that was only possible when they were at odds with each other.

It’s hard to understand the feelings of a third party, a European, when you’re looking for weaknesses in each other.

The Berserker Guild members spoke softly.

“Don’t you think we feel left out sometimes, sis?”

“You’re talking about crazy, lonely feelings.”

“Of course, you don’t feel that way.”


The Berserker is a class that gets stronger with solitude.

It was a class that grew stronger the more alone it was, the lower its health, and the longer the battle went on. Not many players could keep pace with a berserker’s breathing anyway.

Leonie held up her hands.

“If you’re lonely, why don’t you take two at a time?”

Maybe that’s why I was drawn to the dual swords.

Soon, a great alliance of people began to rampage.

It was the Second Sun that was stunned by the sight.

Zachary, an executive member, speaks up cautiously.

“Shh, Schreig. I think we’ve come to the wrong place.”

For a moment, Schreig almost nodded.

Second Sun had officially joined the Holy War.

He’d followed them, hoping to catch up with the great alliance.

What I saw was not what I expected, but it was too different.

Zachary spoke up again.

“Can you call that a alliance?”

Even if each person has a strong personality, isn’t it too strong?

Second Sun.

They were able to recognize themselves because they were a top guild.

There was no organized commitment or breathing on this battlefield.

But to Schreig, it was starting to show.

“……No, maybe that’s for the best.”

Gaon, Inazuma, and Berserker.

The three were unique among the top guilds.

Especially with the exception of the European Berserkers.

Gaon and Inazuma were based in Korea and Japan.

They were two of the most dominant guilds in both countries.

As much as they rose through the ranks in their own way.

Their styles would not change easily.

“Are you saying it’s a rule within no rules?”

A contradiction in terms.

Is that really possible?

It’s a sight that would make anyone doubt.

But Schreig laughs it off.

“Well, maybe pride can make it happen.”

Indeed, Schreig was not wrong.

The battle is over.

Schreig informed the guild masters of the Great Alliance of his intention to join them.

The story was one of pride.


“Of course, it’s pride.”

“It wouldn’t be a bad idea to work together.”

Except for one person, Leonie.


Ah, those things.

It’s a code word, something only they know.

Leonie was at a loss for words.

Suddenly, there was a sound.


It was Alexander’s hooves.


He turned away from the players, including the Shining.

Skal rushed forward.

Finally, he came to a halt in front of the great alliance.

Leonie panicked for a moment.

‘Who the hell is this?’

His mind was already racing with questions of pride.

And then.

A Skal out of nowhere.

‘This is my first time seeing the real thing.’

Leonie and Berserker were players and guilds that had grown significantly in recent years.

No wonder they had no contact with Skal, the mysterious number one ranked player.

But not the other three.

‘The monster has begun to move in earnest.’

When Arcana was just a game.

For Skal to remain the strongest?

I thought it was quite possible.

‘Hidden class advantage, whatever, somehow.’

But after the Cataclysm.

Before the rise of Hoyeol.

The thoughts of Nam Taemin and other rankers had no choice but to change when they saw Skal not coming down from the highest rank.

It was a natural progression of experience.

‘It doesn’t change the fact that it’s a monster.’

It’s a rift you have to risk your life to enter.

Even with the most trusted guildmates, they couldn’t let go of the tension. But Skal didn’t have a guild to which he belonged.

If you were to ask him if he had any players he could call his own, he didn’t.

He rarely showed himself in the first place.



The Skal stopped in front of them.

Clearing its throat.

It was clear it had a purpose.

Of course, it wasn’t always a favorable one.

Everyone was on high alert.

Ska’s lips parted, waiting for the moment.

“There’s something I wanted to ask you.”

Skal said, his face as serious as ever.

“What, exactly, is pride?”

My mouth opened and there was a snap.

A string of tension released.

Leonie stuck out her tongue.

……No, really, seriously, even you, pride?


“It’s a hindrance to my pride.”

……Don’t misunderstand.

Those are not my words.

That’s bullshit he spit out.

Every time Diend said something, I had the urge to just send it back to the Arcana continent. Well, it’s not like I’m wrong because I’m giving in 100 times.

He was actually getting in my way.

‘The heat is unbearable.’

What awaited me in the dungeon called [Lava Siren] was a sea of crimson lava, but what the hell does that have to do with pride!

‘Enough. Talking about it will only make me tired.’

I quickly turned away from Diend and looked around the sea of lava.

It finally dawns on me that this is no ordinary cave.

Nor is it a lake of lava.

There’s a reason they call it an sea.

Like the sea, there is no end in sight.

“You hold on to what you don’t deserve.”

……Thank you, Grandfell, for at least omitting the subject.

That way I don’t look like a crazy person talking to a mountain range.


It’s nice to have some new equipment at the right time.

Even without enchantments to mess with my fire affinity, I don’t feel the heat of the lava.

I guess that’s the power of being Epic.

Materials are materials, so the basic defense and attribute affinity were more than enough.

‘By the way.’

I don’t see a way out.

It’s not another place, and it’s nothing to panic about in a dungeon.

Just like any other dungeon.

There must be a hidden mechanism for crossing the lava sea.

‘I don’t need an explorer in this dungeon for nothing.’

My eyes can’t see anything on the walls, under my feet, or around me……. In the end, I have no choice but to cross the sea of lava on my own terms.

He recognized my thoughts.

“My darkness is capable of consuming even the intense heat of lava, my lord.”

Diend spoke first.

“I’m sure you know more about plants that feed on flame than I do, my lord, but if you ever need my blessing, let me know.”

And with that, Hiel continued speaking elegantly.

Hiel, a unique spirit.

And the kind that makes even the higher spirits nervous.

This much lava, I’m sure I can turn it into cold porridge.

I feel reassured.

I feel confident.

But, reassuring as it is, you guys…….

Now that you guys are talking about it.

I’m getting a little confused.

‘At every word of Diend, lord, lord… … !’

You both color each other, really.

‘This is why I was so reluctant to summon them both.’

Nevertheless, Hiel and Diend.

The reason for summoning the two spirits was simple.

Why, to become more familiar with spirit magic.

[Transcendent: Your transcendent state is enough to be called a transcendent. – Current Achievements: Circle (1,000% increase to all magic manifestations) / Incomplete Quick Swordsmanship / None / None…….]

Spirit magic is another branch of magic.

I wanted to utilize my increased manifestation with Circle.

Someone as dedicated to learning as a mage in a magic tower would ask.

Spirit magic {Nature} abilities.

And isn’t 『magic』 a different concept?

A sharp question.

The kind of question that would have caused Grandfell to offer a green tea bag as an injury along with his praise.

That’s right, because spirit magic was actually just magic that assisted the spirits’ {natural} abilities.

”Senior Feiyan’s magic couldn’t escape that concept either.”

I can’t help it.

It was a magical limitation that could not be overcome without using {『Anomaly』}.

But me and Grandfell must take at least one more step.

I’ve come to realize.

Maybe this is it.

Even if the bubble is completely burst.

Maybe it’s the only thing I’m better at than everyone else.

‘Do you think I would neglect such a skill?’

After all, it’s a technique that has worked for the High Ranking Demon King, Gamigin. My conclusion is that it is necessary to diligently cultivate multiple concepts from now on.

“Hiel, Diend.”

“Hiel, I am listening.”

“Honor, my infinitely deep darkness.”

……What a long answer.

For some reason, it seems like I’m already losing strength because of the answer.

There’s no point in wasting energy on lava, either of you.

“Reserve your power.”


“Lava is not your concern.”

I don’t know about the other players or the Arcane.

This is what lava means to me, a pioneer of anomaly.

It doesn’t matter if it’s flowing like the sea.

I also wanted to see how my new equipment performed.


No, that doesn’t mean I’m going to look thrilled.

In the midst of all the pressured glances from both sides.

I channeled my magic.


A jacket fluttered.

The platinum embroidery fluttered in response to the magic.

What I manifested was the [『Anomaly, Absolute Zero』].

The effect was amazing.

It retained its bubbling form and light.

The lava rapidly froze.

The landscape created by Absolute Zero could not be more beautiful.

I could feel it in my gut.

[Aesthetic: High]

It seems that my aesthetic has gone up a notch.

But this damn snout is not honest about its joy.

I blurted out as usual.

“Not too much heat. No need to heat the tea.”

Cold water works well in this situation.

Don’t brag about your new green tea purchases, Grandfell.

Forget it, I’m struggling to walk…….


Suddenly, a message popped up in front of me.

[The effect of aesthetics that has reached the high level is activated.]

……Wait, additional effects open!