◈ Episode 186. What is engraved in history


The capital city of Antonium is home to many talented individuals, but not all of them are mages. The most talented of the continent’s mages made their way to the Magic Tower.

The common wisdom was that if you were an adept mage in the Tower, you could be considered a high ranking mage outside of the Tower.

Nash William, the highest ranking mage in the Empire.

Nash bit his nails in the corner.

He thought of his one and only brother, Bensch William.


When we were kids.

He was considered to have the talent of a fire dragon.

Regardless of his talent, he was not afraid to go anywhere.

Brother Bensch, you were always so modest for your age.

Though he was not gifted enough to enter the Magic Tower like his brother, Nash did his best.

He studied magical texts day and night, gaining knowledge in many areas of magic.

His abilities were recognized and he rose to become the highest ranking mage in the Empire.

But today.

He realized his limitations.

“What can I do, big brother……!

He missed his brother terribly today.

He couldn’t help it.

Before the emperor’s eyes.

The ministers came to the corner and whispered.

“Lord Nash, can you guess?”


I don’t know.

Nash felt the irresponsible words rise in his throat.

What the hell!

What is this spirit that is in the presence of His Majesty?

Elegance, itself.

One could almost call it a spirit king for the grace that exudes from its appearance.

Okay, let’s just say that after dozens of concessions, the Spirit King has made an unusual appearance.

The problem is, it’s visible to everyone.

including himself!

The foundations of Spirit Magic.

Spirit magic is the magic of the chosen ones.

To witness a spirit in its natural state, one had to fulfill a number of requirements.

‘But being seen by everyone means…….’

A contract spirit was a spirit that had made a contract with someone.

Nash’s confidence seemed to crumble.

‘A contract with a spirit king!’

What kind of mage could do that?

Or, for that matter, would Brother Bensch know?

My ugly brother wouldn’t even guess.

Nash shuddered, but recovered his composure.

After all, this was good news.

Nash coughed loudly and spoke.

“Looks like the gods haven’t abandoned the Empire.”

The deputies whispered.

” ……I asked about the spirits, what are you talking about?”

Brother Bensch!

Unlike my brother, I guess I still lack power… … .

Swallowing a sigh, Nash spoke up.

“What the spirit brought was the banner that Lord Harkon presented to your Majesty before he left on his northern expedition. Perhaps the spirit sought out your Majesty with news of Lord Harkon and the Knights of the Lionheart.”

Only then did the faces of the ministers brighten.

“No, was that flag that important?”

“Does that mean Sir Harkon is alive?”

“Then you should have told us, Lord Nash!”

The voices of the ministers pierce my ears.

Nash’s eyes grew wistful.

“Brother Bensch, where have you disappeared to with Magic Tower? Apparently, I’m not built for government. Please, if only you would take your ugly brother Nash on as an apprentice mage…….’

Nash was pondering his predicament.


The door to the throne room opened.

The Emperor’s voice drifted out.

“You may all enter.”


The generals, the ministers, and finally Nash stepped into the Realm.

The spirit was still there, floating gracefully through the air.

The Emperor opened his mouth.

“The spirit’s name is Hiel…….”


Surely, there was no spirit king with that name in the books.

Even as Nash pondered, the words continued.

“……Chrysiad Four Seasons Leaf.”

Now, excuse me, Your Majesty?

I know it’s disrespectful, but did you hear me right?

Are you telling me that’s actually the name of a spirit?

Nash couldn’t judge a spirit’s rank by its name, but it was an odd appearance and name to say the least, and he began to wonder if it might be the case.

Nash couldn’t help but look to his brother once more.

‘Big Brother ……, is there a Spirit Emperor above the Spirit King?’

The younger brother didn’t know.

Nash shook his head, but the emperor continued to speak calmly. Of course, it didn’t take long for Nash to snap out of his reverie.

“Ma, Magic Tower?”

Magic Tower.

His brother, Magic Tower, is safe.

He wasn’t the only one.

“Is Harkon and the Knights of the Lionheart……?”

“Frost didn’t just disappear without a trace!”

“Of course not, Muon, the Goddess’s Holy Land could not have fallen!”

They disappeared without a trace from the continent.

Not on the continent of Arcana, but in another world.

They are alive and breathing.

The Emperor opened his mouth.

“I do not know what you will make of me.”

Hiel, the spirit spoke.

The continent of Arcana and the world of adventurers.

There is a ‘rift’ between the two worlds.

I didn’t immediately understand, but it was enough for now.

“Shamefully, I am relieved.”

For failing to protect them as Emperor.

I should blame myself for not recognizing it.

The overwhelming emotions boiled up, too much to contain.

But the Emperor did not forget his task.

“And the unbelievable stories are just beginning.”


He had to tell the story of Hiel’s heroism.

It was too good to keep to himself.

“Listen, and be sure to write it down.”


Soon, the Emperor’s words were inscribed on the parchment.

“Do you mean to say that you saved Frost from the clutches of the Demon King, and that the adventurers who hid their identities on the Arcana Continent risked their lives to……?”

“Magic Tower, those snooty mages have begun to move, and they do so not at the word of His Majesty, not at the command of their predecessors, not at the command of anyone……!!!”

“The dwarves are helping the Empire, helping humanity……?”

All of that unbelievable news was becoming history authorized by the emperor. That included what happened just yesterday.

“Dozens of vassals under Grand Duke Yumir besieged Antonium, and Shegwin the Sword Saint and Grand Swords Master retreated…….”


The feathered pen was scribbling wildly.

Someone among the officials said.

He didn’t dare to doubt the Emperor’s words.

“Your Majesty, this is a feat that cannot be easily believed.”


The emperor nodded.

‘Indeed, one might think so.’

But here is the greatest guarantee of all.


The Emperor unfolded a flag.

It bore a lion, the symbol of the Lionheart.

On the back of it, in different handwriting, were the words.

『Yessica Bright.

Enoch Lorraine.

Kazet Owner…….』

Harkon, the last Knight Commander.

The names of the Knights of Lionheart.

The man who had raised the question looked at the names carefully.

Then, his eyes narrowed.

He doubted, not wanting to be disappointed by false expectations.

It was obvious.

This handwriting was…….

“……Kazet, my son, you are safe.”

It was his son’s, he was sure of it.

“I beg your pardon, Your Majesty, and withdraw my suspicions.”

The Emperor looked over the last line again.

『I hope you are safe, my lord.』

How could I forget your handwriting, Harkon?

The Knights of the Lionheart on their northern expedition.

Ever since their demise, the Emperor has been torturing himself.

‘How many times have I pondered and regretted the trip reports you posted?’

But the Emperor said.

‘It was in vain, but I’m glad it was, Harkon.’

He was smiling now.

From the corners of his mouth came the words.

“And since all these accomplishments are attributed to a single man, let the scribe write his name correctly.”



In suspense.

“The Savior of the Empire.”

The name.

“A ray of light in an infinite darkness.”

It rang out from the Emperor’s mouth.

“Lee Hoyeol.”


Indeed, I realize that time on the Arcana Continent is faster than reality.


The moment I put down the teacup with the tea bags, my vision flashed.

[Your relationship with the Capital City, Antonium, has increased dramatically].

[Your influence in the Capital City, Antonium, has increased dramatically] …….

The banner of Harkon and the Knights of the Lionheart.

It seemed that Hiel had safely delivered the news to the Emperor.

But what happened to Hiel…….

You, what news did you deliver and how did you deliver it?

I would have expected a rise in relations and influence.

Circumstances aside.

After all, I did succeed in driving out the rebels, including Shegwin.

As if to prove it, the quest objectives have been updated.

[Main Quest: Warring States Period]

A time of upheaval.

Is it mere power that is at stake?

Is it the Emperor’s incompetence.

Or an irresistible destiny.

The great powers of the continent covet the throne.

Your choice will set a new course.

Defend Antonium. (Success)

In the end, you saved the empire from the brink.

I expected a quest reward of that magnitude.

But this is too much of a reward!

[Your friendship with the Empire has reached its maximum].

Maximized already?!

Hiel’s past suddenly comes to mind.

I realized that I was the one who had caused so many bubbles among the dwarves because of Hiel’s bullshit, which resembled Grandfell, and I could feel it in my gut.

‘You’ve over-seasoned this one, Hiel.’

……Yes, let’s be positive about the mess we’ve already made.

Keep it simple.

Where the hell is Diend that he didn’t step in?

“At last, your ugly plan has been foiled.”

……I can spit the word “bubble” and not get poked.

Indeed, your skin is getting thicker by the day, Grandfell.

But it’s not over until it’s over.

Another renewed quest.

[Quest: Futile]

Shegwin considers hunting demons a futile endeavor.

Talk to Shegwin,

and learn the truth about his behavior.

Meet with Shegwin. (Success)

Discover the connection between Shegwin and the demon. (Success)

Hunt down Shegwin, the Demon of True Origin. (Ongoing)

Shegwin was not possessed by a demon.

He had been corrupted by the demon himself.

He thought he had simply regained his youth, but those jet-black pupils belonged to a demon. And there would be no proof, as there had been when [Natural Enemy] was triggered.

Spacetime Social Hall.

That rule made it impossible for me to succeed in the quest.

I grumbled.

“Unreasonable rules need to be revised.”

You may not know this, but I am completely against you, Grandfell.

Shegwin is a demon.

[Natural Enemy] No matter how you slice it.

There are other transcendents.

He’ll say anything and everything!

Above all, there was no reason for Grandfell to think well of the Transcendents.

In fact, even to me, they seemed sleepy.

For being so powerful.

Allowing the continent of Arcana to be overrun by demons.

And they did nothing.

‘I suppose there may be circumstances like the Magic Tower.’

How could Grandfell even consider such a thing!

Only this time it was about Shegwin.

And even if he got away with it, what about next time……?

‘I can only imagine.’

Transcendents have no pride.

Imagine giving them a free pass……!

Once again, I’m grateful for the social hall’s procedures.

‘Of course, Shegwin, you are an exception.’

You’re not possessed, you’re not stolen, and you turn yourself into a demon?

And not for any great purpose.

Just to regain your youth?!

“How foolish.”

Someone said.

Just hearing the sound of eternal life.

I am so scared that I will suffer from dark history for the rest of my life!!

Shegwin, you are…….

‘…… It’s a really good deal.’

Even I can’t forgive you.

I don’t need to tell you how Grandfell feels.

A man of Shegwin’s caliber shouldn’t have to lose his life to someone else.

One day, we’ll have to face each other.

‘I shouldn’t be proud that I liberated the circle.’

A circle that amplifies the power of magic by 1,000 percent.

But Shegwin was a transcendent, too.

That means I can’t know what effects he’ll unleash with his swordsmanship and sword force. What is certain is that it has a tremendous effect that is comparable to that of Circle.

‘In other words, we need to be prepared.’

My way.

You have to be prepared in every way.

That includes the sword, of course.

Suddenly, I remembered Shegwin’s Famous Sword.

It looked pretty good.

Well, I don’t think my weapon will be far behind.

“I look forward to our reunion, Gwicheol.”

The Ego Weapon is being forged by the greatest Dwarven Blacksmith of all time, Wallswale! All you need is the swordsmanship to match the weapon, and a vessel of flesh.

And I know a great teacher who can impart that.

No, I don’t know him well enough to call him a teacher, but…….

I wasted no time.


I immediately scribbled with a feather pen.

The addressee is Fabian Delon, President of the Explorers’ Federation.

The object is the Explorers’ Federation’s magic tool, the [Torch of Hell].





Akshan’s Upkeep: Summons an Akshan demon hunter from the Hellfire.