Chapter 185 – Appreciate the Process

◈ Episode 185. Appreciate the Process

The air froze in an instant.

I felt it at the magic tower and in the AAU conference room, but it is clear that my snout is equipped with a cooling function.

How is it that the mere mention of the word makes the atmosphere cold?

But more than that.

Backing down is not a great picture either.

‘You can’t be bullied.’

One rule of the spacetime social hall.

All hostile behavior toward each other is prohibited.

Of course, there’s no rule that says what happens in a social hall stays in a social hall.

You never know, you might end up paying a price for your big mouth self outside of the social circle.

But that doesn’t concern me.


Because unlike other Transcendents.

I’m in the real world, not on the continent of Arcana!

I can’t go to Arcana even if I wanted to.

I don’t have to worry about the aftermath right now.

That’s why I’m not afraid of your glare, Shegwin.


Shegwin made no reply to my call.

He knows his sins.

In fact, he probably thinks it’s bullshit.

However, there is no way for this side to back down since it has already been committed.

I made a promise to myself.

‘What’s done here is done here.’

Yes, porridge or rice.

The price of my big mouth must end here.

Even if the continent of Arcana is cut off from the rest of the world, there’s still the matter of the Rift.

Imagine if Shegwin emerged from the rift with a grudge.

‘……I don’t even want to think about it. Just.’

With that complication, I continued.

“I will allow you to sit across from me.”


Don’t be so dramatic with your words, Grandfell.

Just be nice and let it go.

The social hall is so big and grand that it’s hard to have a proper conversation from this distance.

So why don’t we sit down and talk to each other?

You could even say something nice, really.

But even if you do, it’s too late.


Shegwin started walking towards me.

I’ve never felt that before.

The aura around the Transcendentals was no joke.

It wasn’t just Shegwin, it was everyone in the social hall.

For one thing, it was out of the ordinary. To use a phrase from the days when Arcana was just a game, they looked like carefully crafted named NPCs.

Of course, so did their behavior.


Shegwin slammed his sword down on the table.

He’s so good at recognizing luxury items at times like this.

I resent Grandfell’s aesthetics.

‘No matter how you look at it, it’s at least unique, right?’

From the splendid design on the scabbard, it says, ‘I am not an ordinary sword.’

I’m a sword, and I’m the only Grand Swordmaster on the continent, so I’m supposed to be amazing.

Of course, I know he didn’t put it on the table to show off.

It must be an expression of feeling uncomfortable. But the thing that makes me uncomfortable is the same here.

I stare at the sword and murmur.

“Is this the sword.”


“The one that cut down the Quernberg Machine Tower.”


Shegwin’s eyebrows twitched.

How did you know that?

First, finish listening.

“Do you realize that the Quernberg machine tower you destroyed had hunted tens of thousands of demons until just before, also, the fact that it would have hunted demons until its pride was spent.”

You destroyed that machine tower, Shagwin.

You saved the lives of tens of thousands of demons on the continent of Arcana.

I lost a whopping 5 levels.

I did.

Antonium is important.

But first, we need to hear about his story.

[Quest: Futile].

Shegwin considers hunting demons a futile endeavor.

Talk to Shegwin,

and learn the true nature of his actions.

Meet with Shegwin. (Ongoing)

As I said.

Depending on its truth.

My, Grandfell’s, disposition will be different.

I looked into Shegwin’s eyes and said.

“Why are you.”


“Did you cut down the machine tower I activated?”






Shegwin placed his symbol, his sword, in front of his opponent.

It was a sign of strength. It was a trick he often used to gauge his opponent’s strength in social settings with pesky rules. It was also a trick he’d used himself.

‘Bare your teeth.’

There’s a lot to be gained from baiting.

If your opponent’s expression reveals hostility.

That means you’re ignorant of the rules of the social hall.

But if they remain expressionless, as they are now…….

‘You seem to know the rules.’

I’m not sure how you know the rules of the social hall on your first entry.

I shouldn’t be surprised.

He hadn’t taken the bait himself yet.

Soon, the man’s gaze was on his sword.

Shegwin was puzzled by the gaze.

” …… You didn’t recognize me by my sword.’

The sword, the Atlas Sword.

Shegwin’s sword, his alter ego.

That’s why when he pointed the Atlas Sword at someone.

the other person had to react like this.

-“……Who are you?”

-“Why would Shegwin give this brat……?”

-“I didn’t hear that Shegwin had children?”



Few, including the Transcendents, knew that he had regained his youth, and so he raised his sword to meet them face to face.

You can’t think of yourself as Shegwin when you’re rejuvenated.

But what is this?

“This is the sword. The one that cut down the Quernberg machine tower.”

……How does he know that?

Was it around at the time?

The thought crossed my mind, but I shook it off.

‘No, there’s no way I didn’t feel it.’

Now, with his body back in its prime.

His senses were sharper than ever.

Moreover, the strong recognize the strong.

How could I not recognize a transcendent of this caliber…….


Shegwin paused as he searched his memory.

He was thinking of a High Ranking Demon King.

An existence so different, so unfathomable.

He was the man who had sent such a High Ranking Demon King to Hell.

If he thought he had the same rank as the High Ranking Demon King.

‘You mean, it’s a power that I can’t fathom?’

Hoyeol’s words continued.

But Shegwin didn’t hear him correctly.

Shegwin didn’t really hear him, though, because another possibility popped into his head.

‘There is only one place to watch it.’

Antonium, the towering monastery.

From there, he could look down on everything……!

For a split second, Shegwin made a judgment call.

‘A mistake.’

The reason Antonium hadn’t fallen to the onslaught of demons and fiends wasn’t because of anything else.

It was because of this man. Because there was this man, a man whose power even he could not fathom……!

As if to acknowledge that fact.

The man asked nonchalantly.

“Why did you. Did you cut down the machine tower I activated?”


The Quernberg Machine Tower, currently operating on the Arcana continent.

Its existence was questioned even among the Transcendents.

It was a dwarf who built it.

Only dwarves, or those with close ties to them, would be able to operate such a machine.

But weren’t they the same dwarves who had disappeared from the continent of Arcana because of their hatred for humans?

The answer to the question that had been nagging at my mind was right in front of me.

‘It all makes sense.’

‘They were ruling the continent.’

‘Hi-Hi. You got caught in the wrong place. Grandpa Sword Saint.’

Shegwin swallowed dryly.

If he replied that he didn’t like the noise.

-“Your answer will determine your disposition.”

There was no telling what the other man across from him would do.

But one thing was clear.

The man said he had already endured enough.

This was evident from the fact that he did not immediately appear in the siege of Antonium.

“I don’t understand your words, but I would welcome them.’

Shegwin had already made up his mind.

He would retreat from Antonium.

Trust with numerous feudal lords?

Better to turn them into enemies, no doubt.

It was more dangerous to turn this man into an enemy.

So Shegwin gritted his teeth.

“It is time for me to be patient, as he has been patient.’

Shegwin finally spoke.

“I did not know. I admit my mistake.”

How long had it been since he’d spoken those words?

Shegwin, he thought to himself.

You had a lot at stake in this siege of Antonium. The loss of the Milky Way Whetstone, a magical tool lying dormant in the palace warehouse, was particularly painful.


“I will also withdraw from Antonium.”

I can’t give up my life to get it.

More than anything, I don’t want to strain my body.

Shegwin thought to himself.

“I’ll admit it. You are stronger now.’

But I have regained my youth.

Even if it is youth that was obtained in an ugly way.

In the end, time is on my side.


Shegwin reached for his sword to leave.

A voice called out.

“The throne was not your goal, was it?”

Shegwin snorted.

A transcendent.

Even though he is a transcendental person of a different class, he asks such a question.

Spit out your honest purpose.

There was no reason he couldn’t tell him, now that the plan was out the window.

“It’s none of my business who wears that crown. I merely lent my power to the lords in order to acquire a magical item, the Milky Way Whetstone.”

The Milky Way Whetstone.

When I confessed my specific purpose, the man said.

“I will take you at your word.”

“Thank you.”

“Now, my next question.”


But what came next made Shegwin clench his fists.

‘…… is not enough humiliation for you?’

For a moment, anger flared.

But Shegwin held back.

Right now, his priority was to get back to Antonium safely, without offending the men.

Shegwin nodded, and the next question came quickly.

“Shegwin, why did you…….”

It was a question I hadn’t expected in the slightest.

“Smell like an ugly demon?”